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Appendix E

Various Legal Signatures of Interest

The following signatures are facsimiles of those as they appeared on various documents.  Each will be cross-referenced by date of deed reference, and number,  as noted in  the chronology section of the report. 

10 March 1767 - ROD: 305 55 200458

3 November 1794 - ROD: 473 576 310289

3 December 1794 - ROD 489 541 312016

13 May 1807 - ROD 589 226 401400

Authors' Note: Although not as readily discernable in the above facsimiles, it was noted on the original deed copies  that the final 'e' in Breakey was missing in illustrations one and three.  Also, on the original document copy, it was noted in illustration three  that there appeared a different ink and handwriting for the surname Breakey.

13 May 1807 - ROD 589 226 401400

[Andrew Breakey of Millford, son of Isaiah Breakey of Millford]

[The '+' just below Andrew Breakey's name precedes the signature of Mary Breakey, wife of John Breakey]


3 November 1794 - ROD 473 576 310289

The preceding seal appeared following Isaiah Breakey's name in the above mentioned deed reference.  Although other waxed seals appeared following his name in other deeds, in this particular one a raised pattern is discernable.