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Appendix F

Miscellaneous Data

Inasmuch as the following memorial  was discovered during our research, although not pertinent to this report, it is being included here due to its importance in verifying another Breakey connection to Lisgillan.  It is also of interest in that there is another Breakey/Crowe connection: see ‘Early Records of Scotshouse, Currin Parish, Monaghan’ in  The Breakey Collection.   

7 August 1776 – ROD 318 8 209178

To the register Appointed by Act of Parliament for registering deeds wills conveyances etc.

A memorial of an indented deed of mortgage indented and bearing date the seventh day of August one thousand seven hundred and seventy six made between James Breakey of Stuartsbrook in the county of Cavan of the one part and Cha/s Crow of Cavanreagh in the county of Monaghan Get of the other part Reciting that the said James Breakey in consideration five hundred twenty eight pounds sixteen shillings there to him in had paid by the said Cha’s Crow the receipt whereof he hath acknowledged Did grant bargain sell afsign convey and make over unto the sd Cha’s Crow his heirs, executors, administrators and afsigns all that and those the bleach yard mills and other lands thereunto belonging being part and parcel of the lands of Galbolly and [appears as] Srahlaeka in the Manor of Baileboro and county of Cavan with the appurtenances As also all that and those the half of the farm of Lisgillan with the half of the dwelling house and offices therein situate in the Parish of Aughnamullen and county of Monaghan with their appurtenances to Hold tot eh said Cha’s Crow his heirs executors administrators and afsigns for and during and until the full [illegible] term of the [illegible] for lives and years yet to come and unexpired of sd lands and premises w’ch he the sd James Breakey his heirs executors administrators or afsigns then had a right or were entitled unto under or by virtue of the therein recited indenture of lease or deed poll.  W’ch said deed of mortgage whereof this writing is a memorial and this memorial are witnefsed by Andrew Young and Samuel Mitchele both of the city of Dublin, Attorneys.

                                                            Signature and seal:  Ja’s Breakey

Signed sealed and delivered (being first duly stamped)

In presence of

Signature: Sam’l Mitchele

Signature:  And/w Young

The above named Samuel Mitchele maketh oath that he is a subscribing Witnefs to the deed of a mortgage of which the above writing imports to be a memorial, and also to the said memorial, and saith he saw the said deed and a memorial duly executed by the above named James Breakey and that the name Sam’l Mitchele thereto subscribed as a Witnefs is this deponents name and proper handwriting; and saith he delivered the said deed and memorial to Mr. John Macabe Deputy Register at or near the hour of ¾ after  [illegible] in the forenoon on the twelfth day of August one thousand seven hundred and seventy six.

Signature:  Sam’l Mitchele

                                                Sworn before me the 12th day of August 1776

                                                Jn’o Macabe  Dep’y Reg

[An unanswered question:  who was this James Breakey?  It would not have been James Breakey, son of Isaiah Breakey of Milford, since according to family tradition he was born in 1768].

                                                *                      *                      *

The following items, many discovered during our investigation, have been compiled in order to verify Breakey families of the late 1600s and early 1700s in Ireland. [In the following deeds where the ages of certain sons have been given, circa birth dates for the fathers have been conservatively estimated as 25 years prior to the estimated birth years of the sons].

1692:  Sarah Breakey born in Dunluce, Antrim, Ireland, married Joseph Gillespie. [International Genealogical Index]  This is of interest in that Mary Breakey, born 1824, sister of Thomas C. Breakey of Drumskelt, married John Gillespie [see Appendix B].

1703: Circa birth date for James Brakey who married Jane McFarrin in 1728.

[International Genealogical Index]

1710: Circa birth date for Margaret Breakey who married 1st Henry Addison in 1730.

[Clogher Diocese Marriage License Bonds (McElroy to author 11 May 1980)].

1712:  Circa birth date for William Breakey, Sr. of Lisgillan.  [Deed reference 158 408 106508] Authors’ note:  this deed will be transcribed in its entirety due to what we consider its importance to the very early Breakey lineage.

To the Register appointed for registering of all deeds, wills Conveyances and so forth…

A memorial of an indenture of lease bearing date the seventh day of September one thousand and seven hundred and fifty made Between Thomas Verner of the city of Dublin Gent of the one part, and William Breachy of Lisgallinan in the County of Monaghan of the other part, Whereby the said Thomas Verner both demise and sett unto the said William Breachy All that and those twenty eight acres three roods and ten perches now in his actual pofsefsion/ be the same more or lefs/ as the same was lately limited and surveyed by John Bell land Surveyor being part and parcell [sic]  of the town and lands of Lisgillan, situate in the County of Monaghan aforesaid / excepting as therein is excepted/ To hold sd demised prem’es with the appurtenances/ except as  therein is before excepted/ unto the said Andrew McKeage his heirs exec’ors  admn’ors and afsigns from the first day of May then last past for and during the natural live and lives of William Lee, son of William Lee late of Curraghastee in the County of Monaghan dec’ed,  aged eighteen years or thereabouts, John McKeage, son to Andrew McKeage aged fourteen years or thereabouts, and William Breachy son to William Breachy aged thirteen years or thereabouts ~ and their survivors and survivor of them  at the yearly rent fees and duties therein mentions, which said indenture of lease is witnefsed by Charles Akie of Lisnalong Gent and John Mullan of Corryhagan, farmer, both of the County of Monaghan aforesaid, and this memorial is witnefsed by the said Charles Akie and John Mullan.                                                 Signature:  William Breakey

Signed and sealed in presence of

Signature :  Charles Akie

Signature:  John Mullen

The above named Charles Akie maketh oath before [faded word] that he saw the above named Thomas Verner and William Breachy duly execute the above indenture of lease/ whereof the above writing is a memorial/ and also saw the said William Breachy duly sign and seal the above memorial and saith that this depon’t is a subscribing Witnefs to the sd indenture for lease and memorial and that the name Charles Akie thereto respectively sins as a Witnefs is his the deponents proper handwriting.

            [Signature] Charles Akie

Sworn before us in open court at  … of the peace held at Monahgan in the County of Monahgan this 9th day of July 1753.

Signature:  illegible

Signature:  Alex Montgomery

1714: Circa birth date for John Breakey of Corduffles.  [Deed reference   158 409 106510] A memorial of an indenture of lease bearing date 7 September 1750 between Thomas Verner of the city of Dublin Gent of the one part, and John Breachy of Corduffles in the County of Monaghan, weaver, of the other part whereby Verner demises to Breachy “all that and those eighteen acres, two roods and twenty two perches now in his actual pofsefsion…for and during the natural life and lives of William Breachy, son of the said John Breachy, aged about eleven years, Charles McGill, son of Andrew McGill aged about eight years and of Robert Akin of Corduffles aforesaid farmer…at the yearly rent fees and duties therein mentioned…”  Witnessed by Charles Akin and John Mullen.

                                                            Signature: John ‘X his mark’ Breachy

Deed registered 9 July 1753

1715: Circa birth date for Joseph Brekey of Corryhagan.  [Deed reference 158 407 106506]  A memorial of indenture lease bearing the date of 7 September 1750   between Thomas Verner of the city of Dublin Gentleman of one part and Joseph Breachy of Corryhagen in the county of Monaghan, farmer of the other part whereby Verner demises to Breachy  “all that and those ten acres two roods sixteen perches now in his actual pofsesion…for and during the natural life and lives of John Leeky, son to John Leeky, aged twelve years or thereabouts, Hugh Foreman, son to Robert Foreman, aged two years or thereabouts, and William Breachy, son to  Joseph Breachy, aged ten years or thereabouts…at the yearly rent aforesaid.”  Witnessed by James Willson [sic] of Ballybay, Gent and John Mullan of Corryhagan, farmer.

                                                            Signature:  Joseph Brekey

Deed registered 9 July 1753

1712 - 15: Circa birth date for James Breakey, farmer, Corduffles. [Deed reference 158 407 106505] Although authors do not have copy of original deed, this reference is being included here in that the deed date, or registration date, is similar to the previously mentioned two deed references.  Per author Ken Breakey’s notations: James Breakey, farmer, Corduffles.  James the younger, David, Sam – sons of James.

1718: Andrew Brekey [sic] was born.  [Deed reference 261990 for1788  – Andrew Breakey of Lismagonway, age 70].

1718: circa birth date for William Breakey who married Sarah Wilson 1743/44. [Clogher Diocese Marriage License Bonds (McElroy to author 11 May 1980)].

1731:  Circa birth date for David Breakey, father of James, baptised 20 August 1757 & Joseph, baptised 27 January 1761 (Ematris, Church of Ireland).

1740: Circa birth date for Samuel Breakey. [Andrew Breakey, fourth son born/baptised 18 October 1772 to Samuel Breakey & wife Margaret Steen of Urcher: Cahans Register].

18 July 1764:  [Deed reference 250 618 166160] A memorial of a deed of lease bearing the date 18 July 1764 between Reverend Robert Smith of Lakale, County Down, and William Breakey Junr of Lisgillan whereby said Robert Smith did demise sett and to farm lett unto the said William Breakey that part of Carrickneveagh remaining of the lower half tate of Carrickneveagh Mr. William Armstrong…and being in the estate of Ballibea. Witnessed  by William Daly of Ballibay Gent Andrew Wilson of Durinalubnagh and Isaiah Brakey of Derry Merchant all in the County of Monaghan.  Memorial witnessed by the said Isaiah Breakey and David Williamson of Lisgillan aforesaid linen draper.

                                                            Signature & seal:  William Brekey

Signed and sealed in presence of David Williamson, Isaiah Breakey.

Reg’d 30th June 1767 at half an hour after 10 o’c in the forenoon.

                                                *                      *                      *

The following deed references are from documents obtained at the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).  Each indenture includes the clause that the said Breakey   does agree to sell all corn and grain at the mill at Portatrave, and by default will pay William Verner one shilling for each bushel of corn and grain ground at any other mill.

Deed reference: [236/175]. 18/5/28 December 1807.  An indenture between William Verner of Church-Hill, Esq. County of Armagh and John Breakey of Corduffles for part and parcel of the town and lands of Corduffles in County Monaghan containing fourteen acres, two roods and four perches for the yearly rent of twenty six pound two shillings and ten pence to be paid half yearly. 

Deed reference: [236/189]. 28 December 1807.  An indenture between William Verner of Church-Hill, County of Armagh and James Breakey  & Sarah Brakey both of Moninton for part and parcel of town and lands of Moninton containing nine acres twenty six perches for the yearly rent of fifteen pounds twelve shillings seven pence to be paid half yearly.

Deed reference: [236/223]. 18 January 1812.  An indenture between William Verner of Church-Hill, County of Armagh and James Breakey of Corryhagan for all that part and parcel of the town and lands of Corryhagan now in his possession contain six acres ten perches for the year rent of thirteen pounds 8 pence to be paid half yearly.

Deed reference: [236/226]. 18 January 1812.  An indenture between William Verner of Church-Hill, County of Armagh and Phillip Diamond, William Breakey & Isabella Breakey all of Corryhagan for that part and parcel of the town and lands of Corryhagan contain twenty acres twenty perches for the yearly rent of forty three pounds seven shillings to be paid half yearly.

Deed reference: [236/308].  18/7/8 May 1820.  An indenture between William Verner of Church-Hill, County of Armagh and Andrew Breakey of Corryhagan for that part and parcel of the town and lands of Corryhagan containing nine acres one rood thirty eight perches for the yearly rent of nineteen pounds eighteen shillings six pence to be paid half yearly.

                                                *                      *                      *

The following items are additional abbreviated notations compiled by author Ken Breakey during the two weeks he spent researching early Breakey surnames at the Registry of Deeds in Dublin.  Most are taken from the townland index and a few from the names index.  They are in no particular order, and  are included here solely for further research purposes.  Deed reference numbers  will be provided when possible, otherwise deed dates will be given.  When two dates appear in the entry the last date given is to be considered the date the deed was registered.  Please note that we have utilized the term ‘deed reference’ for all entries inasmuch as the memorials we have at hand all commence with “To the Register appointed for registering of all deeds, wills, conveyances, and so forth…” Our apologies if in the transcription from notes we have entered two similar references.

Deed reference: [305 55 200457/8].  Boyd to Boyd.19/4/1774; 6/5/1774.  Isaiah Breakey of Derryard, Parish of Aughnamullen. Witness William Breakey of Drumskelt, linen draper.

Deed reference: [307 59 202993].  Lackey to Breakey. 12/4/1774; 20/1/1775.  Isaiah Breakey of Milford, merchant.

Deed reference: [321 346 216628].  Dawson. 13/7/1778; 9/1/1778. William Breakey of Drumskelt, linen draper; witness Isaiah Breakey of Milford, linen draper.

Deed reference: [347 241 232067]. Breakey to Humphrey Thomson & another. 18/5/1782; 31/5/1782.  Isaiah Breakey of Milford – Humphrey Thompson & William Breakey of Drumskelt.  Derry & Millmore 31/5/1782.

Deed reference: [347 241 232068]. Breakey to Thompson. 18/5/1782; 31/5/1782. John Breakey of Milford, linen draper; William Breakey, Milford, linen draper. Lisnagalliagh.

Deed reference:  [391 502 261990].  Montgomery to Breakey. 20/4/1783; 29/6/1788.  Andrew Breakey of Lismagonway, farmer; James Breakey, of Ballintra, eldest son of Andrew Breakey; witnessed  by William Breakey of Lismagonway, linen buyer.

Deed reference: [395 353 261989].  16/3/1785;15/4/1788.  Andrew Breakey, Lismagonway.  David Henning married Elizabeth Breakey, daughter of Andrew, farmer, Ballarobin.  Witness:  Edward Breakey of Napa, Co. Monahgan, William Breakey of Lismagonway, linen buyer.  Witness: James Breakey, James Breakey junior ( now James Breakey of Napa 29/1/1788; 20/6/1788.

Deed reference: 9/1/1788; 15/4/1788. Gibson to Breakey. Andrew Brakey, land – Drombrolish?, Boggin? Parish of Mollagh?, Co. Meath.  Lissball – Mary Breakey, James Breakey of Napal aged 20 [born 1768].

Deed reference:  [427 153 270409].  16/7/1790; 20/1/1790. William Breakey, Drumskelt, linen draper; James Breakey, Drumskelt; James Leckey; Witness Isiah Breakey of Milford.

Deed reference: [489 541 312016]. 3/12/1794; 11/2/1795. Isaiah Brakey Milford, Barony of Dartry; John Breakey.

Deed reference:  [821 79 552615]. 5/2/1827. John McDowell Scott, Ballybay, married Jane Breakey.

Deed reference:  [1833 12 54]. 10/7/1833.  William Breakey, Carnaveagh, eldest son of James.

Deed reference: [1845 19 122].  21/11/1845.  William Breakey, Annvill, farmer & Margaret Breakey, nee Mills.

Deed reference:  [1895 39 280].  9/7/1895.  Josiah Breakey, Mullanagore, Rockcorry, farmer.

Deed reference:  [1901 95 71].  11/12/1901.  William Breakey, Corleck, Laknamard (?), Newbliss.

Deed reference:  [1834 4 285].   1/3/1834. Marriage settlement. Robert Harwood junior, Dublin to Mary Breakey, widow, Dublin.

Deed reference:  [1836 22 196]. 19/12/1836. Robert Breakey, Birr, Kings Co.  Two brothers: John & Francis.

Deed reference:  [1837 3 112].  11/2/1837. Reference to William Breakey, USA.

Deed reference:  [1837 8 207].  4/5/1837. Robert Breakey, Birr, Kings Co. Two witnesses: Obadiah Breakey and John Breakey, both Birr.

Deed reference:  [1846 6 161].  9/4/1846. Humphrey Thompson Breakey, Monaghan town, merchant. Reference to townland of Carrickneveagh & William Breakey deceased.

Deed reference:  [1846 15 38].  10/9/1846.  William Breakey and wife Martha Mitchell.

Deed reference:  [1848 20 152].  24/11/1848.  Marriage settlement for Rev. William Breakey, Loughbrickland & Jane Crothers, Banbridge; also reference to Rev Edward Breakey and Robert Luther Breakey, Dublin.

Deed reference: [1850 4 269].  1/3/1850. Marriage settlement Humphrey Thompson Breakey & Isabella Gillis, Belfast; also reference to James Breakey, Carrickneveagh.

Deed reference:  [1853 27 237].  28/10/1853. Humphrey Thompson Breakey; Carrickneveagh; witness William Breakey.

Deed reference: [1854 11 283].  8/5/1854.  John Breakey, Drumskelt, linen draper; witness Jane Breakey.

Deed reference:  [1854 13 299].  6/1854. Humphrey Thompson Breakey; William Breakey, deceased.

Deed reference: [1854 20 96]. 7/8/1854.  Humphrey Thompson Breakey; Carrickneveagh.

Deed reference:  [1855 5 106]. 20/2/1855. Samuel Breakey, Balladian, farmer.

Deed reference: [1855 32 247].  20/12/1855.  Rev. Andrew Breakey, Killyleagh, Presbyterian minister, guardian of Anne Sweeney re marriage.

Deed reference: [1856 9 133]. 1/4/1856.  Humphrey Thompson Breakey; Carrickneveagh.

Deed reference: [1856 19 80]. 5/7/1856.  Robert L. Breakey, Dublin & Isabella Breakey, nee Meares.

Deed reference: [1856 27 183].  30/9/1856. James Breakey, Carrickneveagh, farmer & Humphrey Thompson Breakey, Carrickneveagh; William Breakey, deceased.

Deed reference: [1857 8 116].  12/3/1857.  Rev William Breakey, Lisburn, Rev James Breakey Sheffield, Presbyterian minister, now trustee.

Deed reference: [1857 17 178].  15/6/1857.  Marriage settlement Humphrey Thompson Breakey & Jemima Graham, Belfast; reference to Carrickneveagh & William Breakey deceased.

Deed reference: [1861 34 45].  1861.  William Breakey, Lislea, County Monaghan, farmer & Jane Breakey, widow, nee Renwick, his mother.

Deed reference: [1862 31 229].   9/9/1862.  Humphrey Thompson Breakey, Isabella Gillis, deceased.

Deed reference: [1863 27 213].  13/8/1863.  Humphrey Thompson Breakey, mortgage.

Deed reference: [1869 4 292].  9/2/1869. Rev Samuel Leslie Brakey [changed spelling of his name], parish of Magheracross, County Fermanagh & Frances Louisa Matilda Crowe, Ennis, County Clare.

Deed reference:  [1871 37 58].  8/12/1871.  Humphrey Thompson Breakey re Carrickneveagh & Henrietta Frances Montgomery (otherwise Chornlery), widow, of Carrickneveagh; also reference to William Breakey, linen draper, & James Breakey.

Deed reference:  [1876 39 72].  23/8/1876.  John Breakey, Drumskelt & Thomas, son, Elizabeth Ferguson, nee Breakey, wife of Isaiah, Mary Gillespie, nee Breakey, wife of Rev John Gillespie.

Deed reference: [1902 4 148].  14/1/1902.  James Breakey, junior, farmer of Cornanure, Ballybay.

Deed reference: [1908 68 80].  11/9/1908.  James Percival Russell Breakey, rectory, Armoy, County Antrim.

Deed reference: [1916 44 152].  17/11/1916.  James Breakey, Ballydian [sic], farmer.

Deed reference: [1916 26 41].  29/6/1916.  Reference to Elizabeth Breakey, Drumskelt House, widow.

                                                *                      *                      *

In his Extracts from a Ballybay Scrapbook, John McIvor notes that one T. Brakey [sic] of Aughnamullen had 10,000 linen webs in 1801  [McIvor, 33].  He annotates the above in “The Bleach Greens around Ballybay in 1801” and further states that “all the statistics relating to 1801 are from Coote’s Statistical Survey of Co. Monaghan.

                                                *                      *                      *

E. Joyce Best, in Chapter IV of The Huguenots of Lisburn –The Story of the Lost Colony, provides another interpretation of the early Breakey history: 

"After the Battle of the Boyne, at which the younger brother was killed, the elder brother, Thomas, married an English lady.  Guillaume (now called William) married a Catholic neighbour who had followed the Brequets after seeing her father killed during the ‘Dragonade’ (occupation of homes by Dragoons with the idea of Forcing the occupants to change their religion)…They settled in Monaghan, where he died in 1698, leaving three sons, who subsequently used the name Breakey.  Isaiah became a linen manufacturer and bleacher, who built Greenvale Mills.  He married and had five children, two emigrating [sic] to Canada, two dying in infancy and the remaining son John going to Dublin.  William, the second son, married a Miss Soper whose bachelor uncle was a Coventanter [sic]; he left his property to William on his death.  They had thirteen children and it is from his son John that the Lisburn Breakeys are descended" (Best, IV).

                                                *                      *                      *

In February 2002 author M. Breakey received correspondence from Breakey descendant Gene Pearson of England.  In her letter she enclosed two pages of a Xeroxed copy of an article from the Clogher Record.  The article is not referenced as to date, but pages 346-347 are copied, and once again it provides another interpretation of the early Breakey history.  After relating the commonly recorded post-Boyne Breakey family history, it goes on to report:

"One brother and a cousin settled in Balladian when they retired for active service.  William Breakey built a house in Lisgillan.  Later his family moved to Drumskelt.  Initially they would appear to have been sub-tenants of the Dalys of Drumskelt.  Later on they became full tenants of land of the Ker Estate in the townland of Drumskelt, Balladian and Lisgorran [footnoted: Theo McMahon. Brendan O Neill – The Ker Estate. Newbliss. Monaghan. 1790-1830. CR 1985, pp.110-127]…They are said to have continued to spin and weave in the tradition of their Huguenot ancestry during their early years in that district, initiating their neighbours into the arts and fostering the growth of the trade in its early entirely domestic stage…Verner, the head landlord, leased land for 3 lives in 1750 to William Breakey of Lisgillen, John Brekey of Corryhagan and John Breakey of Cordevlis [footnoted: R. D. M. ref: 158, 407, 106506; 158,408,106508, 158, 409, 106510]…  The leases were for lands already in their possession.  The locations are significant: each townland has an extended border on the Ballybay river which provided them with a convenient source of water. William Breakey had portions of land also in Creeve and Carnaveagh…They do not seem to have built a bleaching mill until the 1780s when John Ker leased land in Lisnagalliagh to William Breakey and John Breakey [see above].  Traditionally they had bleaching mills before that date, which is rather late in the history of the linen trade in Aughnamullen.  Whether as linen drapers or bleachers, the family supported the linen market in Ballybay for all the years of their involvement in linen processing.  Their names do not appear on the memorials to the Linen Board or in it correspondence after 1806.  The y had sold the mill before that date.  Isiah [sic] Breakey described as a ‘linen draper’ in  [illegible] lived in the townland of Derry and is said to have built the first beetling mill in that townland.  It would have been located on the left bank of the river flowing through Aughnamullen village.  Isiah [sic] was William’s brother as was Obadiah who is also said to have been in the trade."

On page 347 of the enclosed copy there appears two linen seals, the first being that of Isaiah Breaky of Monaghan [see Chapter Six of “An Investigative Report on the Arms of Breakey (de Brequet) in The Breakey Collection.]  Thereafter follows a linen seal of John Speer of A’hnamull’n, Monaghan.  Within the rectangular, respectively mentioned lettering there appears an illustration of a spinning wheel below which is the date 1690.  The linen/Breakey/Speer connection is of interest in that a John Spear witnessed an application for an invalid pension for Civil War Veteran John F. Breaky [see entry for 25 November 1868 in “John F. Breaky, Civil War Veteran,” The Breakey Collection.].

Also enclosed in the Pearson correspondence was a copy to her from Stan Nesbitt, Ulster Ancestry, relating:  Marriage: #5 6 Mar 1846 Francis Breakey, full age, bachelor, merchant, Fullance?, King’s Co (Obadiah Breakey, farmer) m. Anne Breakey, full age, spinster, Lisball, Bailieboro (James Breakey, agent).  Both signed the register. Wit. Moses Cox, Hugh Gibson, William King.