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From a Drumskelt House Letterhead


  Champion and Leader of the Protestants in Europe



            The Huguenot Regiment of Cavalry, sent to Ireland in 1689 by H. M. King William III, was commanded by Frederick, Duke de Schomberg, member of the Ducal House of Cleves and a military leader of great distinction.  He, too, was a Huguenot refugee from France, having forfeited the truncheon of a Field Marshal rather than yield to his king’s tyranny.  He was killed at the Battle of the Boyne, 1st July (old style), 1690.  The Huguenot Breakeys (de Brequet), two brothers and a cousin, were members of this regiment of cavalry (Schomberg’s French Horse), one of the brothers falling at the Boyne.


Dr. Edward P. Breakey

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