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Instructions for Message Board Usage

Marilyn J. Breakey

© 2010

If this will be  your first visit to the Roots Web message boards, either to view previous Breakey  entries or you are about to make your first entry, you may wish to print this page. The   directions will be divided into two parts:  (1) how to view the Breakey message board; (2) what to do if you wish to make an entry.

Part One

Click on the following link: . You do not need to be registered in order to view the message board.

1. The home page window appears.  Click on the index tab at the top of the page that says Message Boards.

2.  A message board window appears. Go to:  Find a Board.  Type in the surname Breakey and click on the word “Go.”

3.   A second message board window appears. You will see an entry that says Boards below which appear the words:  Surname > Breakey.   Click on the underlined link to Breakey.  

Part Two

Click on the following link: .

 If you wish to make an entry you must register and I would suggest the following guidelines:

1.  The home page window appears.  Find the column labeled Help and click on “FAQs & Help-Related Sources.”

2.  A summary table of available sources appears.   Click on No. 4: How to register/login to message boards. From here you will be guided to the free registration process.

3.  Once you are registered refer back to the “FAQs & “Help-Related Sources” and click on No. 2: “How to post a new message.”  From my current guestbook entries, I am assuming most of my viewers would opt for “Begin New Thread.”  Since there are excellent tips offered   to help you be concise in your   search, you may wish to print off that particular section of No. 2. [Please be alert to the directions for your subject line as it will be from this entry that you may garner a response.]