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Presbyterian Congregation, Ballybay[1]

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Each individual entry will be listed in the following order:

Baptismal date

Child’s name

Birth date

Father’s name

Mother’s name


If data is lacking for any of the above categories, it will be indicated by the following symbol: [x].[2]



11 Jun 1800; Andrew; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Derry

11 Feb 1801; William; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Corryhagen

20 Sep 1801; Elizabeth; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Edenanean 

4 Oct 1801; James; [x]; William Brechey; [x]; Drumacreeve 

11 Oct 1801; James; [x]; Isaiah Breakey; [x]; Lismagonway 

14 Dec 1801; Ellen; [x]; John Breakey; [x]; Cordevlis 

20 Mar 1803; Ellen; [x]; Isaiah Breakey; [x]; Drumgavny

[x]; Isaiah; [x]; Isaiah Breakey; [x]; Lismagonway

19 Feb 1804; Jane Sarah; [x]; George Breakey; [x]; Mount Carmel

4 May 1804; James; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Corryhagen

11 Aug 1804; Jane; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Derry

12 Aug 1804; David; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Drumrooghill 

16 Oct 1805; Isaiah; [x]; George Breakey; [x]; Mount Carmel 

20 Dec 1805; James; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Corryhagen 

5 Mar 1807; Letty; [x]; Joseph Breakey; [x]; Drumrooghill 

10 June 1807; Andrew; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Cordevlis

19 Jul 1807; Bridgett; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Drumrooghill 

20 Jul 1807; Margaret Ann; [x]; George Breakey; [x]; Derry 

4 Mar 1809; William; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Cormeen 

1 May 1809; Joseph; [x]; Joseph Breakey; [x]; Drumrooghill 

11 Jun 1809; Sarah; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Drumrooghill

29 Aug 1809; John; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Ballidian 

31 Aug 1809; Jane; [x]; Isaiah Breakey; [x]; Lismagonway

8 Jan 1810; Verner; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Cordevlis

8 Apr 1811; Will; [x]; Will Breakey; [x]; Ballidian 

12 May 1811; Margaret; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Cormeen 

26 May 1811; Matilda Sophia; [x]; George Breakey; [x]; Derry 

27 May 1811; James;  [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Drumrooghill

18 Sep 1812; Margaret; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Cordevlis

11 Dec 1812; Elizabeth; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Drumskelt 

15 Aug 1813; Martha; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Drumrooghill

5 Dec 1813; Susanna; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Cormeen

17 Jan 1814; Mary; [x]; George Breakey; [x]; Derry

17 Aug 1814; William; [x]; John Breakey; [x]; Ballidian

30 Sep 1814; Sarah; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Ballidian 

19 Dec 1814; John; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Cordevlis 

7 Apr 1815; James; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Cordevlis 

13 Sep 1815; Isaiah; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Drumrooghill 

27 Mar 1816; Andrew; [x]; John Breakey; [x]; Caddagh

26 Jun 1816; Margaret; [x]; John Breakey; [x]; Ballidian

12 Jan 1817; James; [x]; James Breakey; [x]; Cormeen

26 Oct 1817; Eliza; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Drumrooghill 

4 Mar 1818; James; [x]; John Breakey; [x]; Ballidian 

29 Apr 1818; James; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Corryhagan 

24 Aug 1819; Alicia; [x]; James Breakey; Sarah; Cormeen

20 Dec 1819; Thomas; [x]; John Breakey; Elizabeth; Ballidian

30 Apr 1820; William; [x]; William Breakey; Elizabeth; Drumrooghill

12 Jan 1821; Archibald; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Ballidian

14 Oct 1821; Elizabeth; [x]; John Breakey; Elizabeth; Ballidian 

29 Oct 1821; Letty; [x]; William Breakey; Letty; Drumrooghill

13 Jan 1822; James; [x]; William Breakey; Mary; Dunmaurice 

14 Apr 1822; Sarah; [x]; John Breakey; Elizabeth; Lismagonway

1 Sep 1822; Martha; [x]; William Breakey; Martha; Ballidian 

11 Nov 1823; [x]; [x]; John Breakey; Elizabeth; Ballidian 

28 May 1824; Jane; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Ballidian 

4 Oct 1825; Sally; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Bellatrain

26 Oct 1825; John; [x]; John Breakey; Bess; Ballidian 

12 Feb 1826; James; [x]; John Breakey; Elizabeth; Lismagonway 

22 Feb 1827; John; [x]; William Breakey; [x]; Drumrooghill

4 Apr 1828; Martha; [x]; John Breakey; Elizabeth; Ballidian 

17 Mar 1829; Mary & Jane;[3] [x]; Andrew Breakey; Anne; Ballybay 

13 Jan 1830; Mary Ann; [x]; William Breakey; Mary; Drumurcher 

30 Jan 1830; Florinda; [x]; Isaiah Breakey; Mary; Ballybay 

16 Feb 1830; George; [x]; James Breakey; Anne; Corryhagan

3 Aug 1830; David; [x]; John Breakey; Elizabeth; Ballidian

15 Sep 1830; Sarah; [x]; Andrew Breakey; Anne; Ballybay


[1] “Records of Baptisms of Breakey Children,” copied by Nettie C. Breakey from “A Registry of Children Baptised by the Rev. James Morell, M. A.” who was ordained to the charge of the Presbyterian Congregation, Ballybay, August 6, 1799.  This Registry of Baptisms is presently, May 14, 1968, in the Library of the Presbyterian Historical Society, Church House, Fisherwick Place, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

[2] Unfortunately, the Rev. Morell’s records are not as complete as we would have them. EPB.

[3] Twins.