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Directory of Early Breakey Families – Marilyn J. Breakey,  (2003)


    After more than twenty years of family research, files overflowing with thousands of Breakey names, hundreds of pages of correspondence, numerous genealogical charts and copies of land deeds, considerable raw data for documented lineage lines, an enormous amount of research data sent to me in the past two years by Ken Breakey of Northern  Ireland, yet to be re-read and organized, and unlimited access to internet sources, in most cases any clarification or documentation of the Breakey lines for the first fifty to seventy five years after their arrival in Ireland is still sadly lacking.   With the large amount of material in my possession making it almost impossible to make any connections, short of what is stored in my head, a few years ago I undertook to compile what I refer to as a directory of early Breakey families, the format being one to which new material could easily be added [this is my working  directory and it will be upgraded as I go through my files] , and  data more easily cross-referenced.    It was done with the hope of facilitating documentation of the early lines.  I am including the ‘Directory’ in The Breakey Collection with that express purpose in mind,  hoping others may utilize the material to further the research.  However, I must caution the reader:  the Breakey surname appears throughout the four sub-directories  with  various spellings and as  it  originally appeared in the documented source; the directory is far from complete. 

    The directory will consist of four sections:

-         earliest known documented dates for appearance of Breakey surname

-         documented  dates of residence

-         documented dates of  marriages and deaths

-         documented dates of births and baptisms by residence

    I wish to thank David McElroy of Northern Ireland,  whom I engaged to research professionally for me in 1980, as well as Peadar Murnane of Ballybay, and  all family members who shared their research with me over the years.  The reader will note those contributions in the column devoted to  the documented annotations.

                                                                        Marilyn J. Breakey