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Jan Sijmonsen Van Aersdalen, son of Sijmon
Jansen Van Arsdalen and Pieterje Klaasz Van
Schouw, was born about 1676 in New
Amersfoort, on Long Island, in the province
of New Yorke. He grew up in Flatlands, and
appears to have resided a long time in
Gravesend, and later removed to Jamaica. It
has been reported that he purchased land in
Somerset County, in the province of East
Jersey, and many of his children later
settled along the Raritans and Milstone
River Valley. Many records of his family
can be found in the Reformed Dutch Churches
of New Brunswick and Six-Mile Run, New
Jersey, and Jamaica, New York.

About 1695, Jan Sijmonsen Van Aersdalen
married to Lammetje Probasco, daughter of
Christoffel "Stoffel" Probasco and Eytie
"Ida" Strycker at New Lotts in Flatbush,
Kings County, province of New Yorke. It
would appear that they resided in Gravesend
until at least 1714/1715, and later removed
to Jamaica, where Jan Sijmonsen Van
Aersdalen died in 1756. His will is on file
in the Surrogate's Office of New York City,
Liber 20, p. 1, and the abstract of this
will can be found in the "Collections of
the New-York Historical Society For The
Year 1896, New York, p. 104. The will
written in 1736, and proved in 1756, named
eleven children as follows: Simon,
Nicholas, Uriah, Christophel, Cornelius,
John, Ida, Petronella, Maria, Heletie, and
The children of Jan Sijmonsen Van Aersdalen
and Lammetje Probasco in their approximate
birth order:

Christoffel Van Arsdalen born about 1696,
married about 1717 to Magdalena Van
Hengelen, daughter of Aucke Reyniersen and
Eytie "Ida" Vonk. Stoffel resided in
Somerset County, in the province of East
Jersey (New Jersey), where he later died,
perhaps near Six-Mile Run about 1752. I am
not sure about this date, but he does not
seem to be listed on the 1753 Freeholders
List in either the Eastern or Western
Precincts of Somerset County, New Jersey.
Simon Van Arsdalen born 16 August 1697,
married 30 October 1716 Jannetje Romeyn,
daughter of Christoffel Romeyn and Geertje
Wyckoff. Simon resided at Six-Mile Run, in
Somerset County, province of East Jersey,
and about 1730 removed to Southampton,
Bucks County, province of Pennsylvania,
where he later died in the winter of 1770.
His will is on file in Bucks Co., PA.
Cornelius Van Arsdalen was born about 1698,
married to Tryntje Bergen, daughter of
Joris Bergen and Sarah Strycker, and
appears to have settled at Six-Mile Run.

Ida Van Arsdalen was mentioned in her
father's will written in 1736. No further

Peternella Van Arsdalen was also mentioned
in her father's will, married Volkert
Sebring, son of Roelof Sebring and
Christyntje Volkerts. Volkert Sebring was
mentioned in his father's will in Somerset
County, province of East Jersey in 1756.
His father had been a resident of this area
a long time, and his son Volkert Sebring
was also likely a resident there also.
John Van Arsdalen, Jr. born about 1705,
married about 1730 Magdalena "Lena"
Dorland, daughter of Gerrit and Marytie
Dorlandt, and also appears to have resided
at Six-Mile Run.
Maria Van Arsdalen born about 1710, married
about 1728 Gerret Snediker, son of Isaac
Snediker and Catryntje Dorland, and they
appear to have remained on Long Island, in
the province of New York.
Heletie Van Arsdalen born about 1712,
married 13 March 1730/31 Gerrit Dorland,
Jr., son of Gerrit and Marytie Dorlandt,
and they also resided in Somerset County,
in the province of East Jersey. They were
early members of Milston DRC.

Nicholas Van Ausdalen born about 1716,
married first about 1740 Geertje "Charity"
Lott, daughter of Abraham and Marytie Lott,
and married second 1761 Jane Brinkerhoff.
Nicholas Van Ausdalen appears to have been
the only son who remained in Jamaica, where
he later died in 1784. His will is on file
in New York City, naming his children, and
some his descendants remained in Jamaica
for generations.
Uriah Van Arsdalen born 20 January 1719/20,
married 1743 Aaltje Terhune, daughter of
Roelof Terhune and Marretje Wyckoff, also
resided at Six-Mile Run, where his children
were baptized. He was also known as Jurian
Van Arsdalen, and Jurrie Van Arsdalen.
Sarah Van Arsdalen was probably the
youngest child, married 13 July 1743 at
Flatbush DRC Isaac Amerman. No further
The time has come for me to write bios on
all these third generation children of Jan
Sijmonsen Van Aersdalen and Lammetje
Probasco. From the descendants of this
family, I need biographical data on Jan
Sijmonsen Van Aersdalen and all of his
children. Specifically, I need property or
tax records, which locate the various
residences of Jan Sijmonsen Van Aersdalen.
It is my belief that all of his children
were born at Gravesend, although numerous
accounts suggest otherwise. Since, Jan
Sijmonsen Van Aersdalen was active in the
church at Gravesend, and helped to organize
the church in 1714, having been elected one
of its first elders; it seems reasonable
that his roots ran deep in this community.
I believe that his early life was spent in
Gravesend, and later after his children
were all born, he relocated the family to
Jamaica, and perhaps bought property along
the Raritans or along the Milstone River in
New Jersey for his children to settle on.
As Long Island became more crowded, I
believe many of the Dutch settlers sought
more room in New Jersey to ensure the
futures of their children on larger
plantations, and as a community they made
plans to resettle in the fertile river
valleys of New Jersey. I believe that Jan
Sijmonsen Van Aersdalen was part of this
community relocation to New Jersey in the
1720's to 1730's. Property and tax records
should support my belief.

Concerning the children of Jan Sijmonsen
Van Aersdalen and Lammetje Probasco, I also
need records that positively establish
residence for each of them. It appears that
Nicholas Van Ausdalen remained behind on
the family estate in Jamaica, while most of
the others removed to New Jersey. A good
biography of Simon Van Arsdalen, agrees
with actual records I have found on him and
his children. I have an index for his will
in Bucks Co., PA, but not the actual will
itself. I need a copy of it. For the other
sons, I need wills or administrations of
estates to approximate their dates of
death, and to check against the children I
have for them. If anyone has family Bible
records giving vital records, I would
appreciate hearing from you.
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