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Sarah Jane Legg


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Owen D. Legg

1. John C. Legg

2. William Owen Legg

3. Sarah Jane Legg

4. Mary E. Legg

5. Clarissa Legg

6. Benjamin M. Legg

7. Hartzell H. Legg

8. Constance Ann Legg

9. Margaret Rebecca Legg

NOTES: Owen Legg died of cholera, leaving Temperance with children as young as eleven months of age to care for. She applied to the courts for relief in 1864 (Court of Common Pleas, Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana, June term, 1864)


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John Lee Legg

1. Richard Legg

2. Claressa Legg

3. Margarette Legg

4. Elizabeth Legg

5. Mary Legg

6. Owen D. Legg

NOTES: John Lee Legg, private in the Mexican-American War. Mulford Quarterly is a source for this family, but errors have been made. Constance Ward was a native of Scotland (see 1850 Dearborn County census), not John. Child 6, Owen, was never married to Lucy Davis: that was his uncle, also named Owen.


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Thomas Legg

1. William Legg

2. Margaret 'Polly' Legg

3. John Lee Legg

4. Altha Marie Legg

5. Arthur Legg

6. Thomas Legg

7. Owen Legg

8.Aletha (or, more likely, Althea) Legg

9. Harriet Legg

NOTES: Altha Marie being born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, followed by Arthur born back in Frederick County, Maryland, and then Thomas back in Pennsylvania again suggests an error. Note the marriage of Owen Legg to Lucy Davis, 1807; prior to the birth of the younger Owen Legg, who was his nephew. Thomas Legg is supposed to have married a Rebecca (_____) following Anna's death. Then, John dying a short time after, she married (_____) Northcraft.


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John Legg

1. Charles Legg

2. Arthur Legg

3. Thomas Legg

NOTES: The Dumfrieshire birth location was accepted for years; Spurlock and others now believe Mapperton is more likely, however firm proof for either location has not been put forth. All agree that John originally settled in the Mohawk Valley of New York, and subsequently removed to Frederick County, Maryland. The story has been put forth that the move was caused by his discovery in the Mohawk Valley by British forces sometime during the French & Indian Wars, and that he had originally left England or Scotland because he had been a supporter of Bonnie Prince Charles. Evidence is lacking, to my knowledge, but the story has taken on its own currency, and of course, may be based in fact. If he was born in Mapperton, then his father may have been Henry Legg, who was born 18 October 1697, in Mapperton, and died before 1716; son of another Henry Legg, born 1663, who was married to Julian Foord, born 1667. A Jonh Legg is found in "The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage 1644 - 1775," by Peter Wilson Coldham (genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1988: p. 494), transported December 1740, Ship Vernon from Port of London. Whether this is the same John, who according to proponents of the Mapperton lineage would have been but eight year old, is not proven. "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to the USA," by Donal Whyte (page 199) notes "Legg, John. Jacobite. To New York, Ca. 1746, settled Mohawk Valley, moved Ca. 1753 to Maryland. Son John." This fits what is known of the American family, and on the surface seems to contradict the first source, at least in the assumption that these are one and the same man.


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Constance Ward

NOTES: Mulford family bible, in possession of Jeanette, nee Mulford.


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Temperance Mason

NOTES: Dearborn County census records, 1880, Temperance states that her parents were both natives of Pennsylvania. She was occupied as a weaver, living in the home of Cass and Emily Burroughs, but not as a part of their family. Mason bible, in possession of Chester Henderson, gives the births of Temperance and her siblings, but not the parents. Last two entries are faded beyond legibilty. Birth dates of Jess and Rhonda are also too faded to read.


1. John Mason

2. Jesse Mason

3. Samuell Mason

4. Rhonda Mason

5. Sally Mason

6. Abraham Mason

7. Temperance Mason

8. Asbury Mason

9. Isaac Mason

10. William Mason

11. Rebecca Mason

12. Benjamin Mason

13. James Mason

14. Illegible

15. Illegible


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