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Margaret Day


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John Day

1. Harriet Day

2. Margaret Day

3. William T. Day

4. Allen Day

5. Robert T. Day

6. Mary (Caroline?) Day

7. Martha (Clarissa?) Day

8. Lewis B. Day

9. George Day

NOTES: 1790 Census, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, lists a John Day with one son under 16 and 3 females. This may be John's father. Redstone was on the migration route from Essex County, New Jersey, to southwestern Ohio. Part of the Stevens family settled there for at least a time, and many Essex County migrants are known to have passed through Redstone. There was a sizable Day family in Essex County; it is likely that our Days are a part of that family.

Mary and Martha so called by Richard Carl Stevens, "Stevens-Day Genealogy," (1954), and in "History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana," (Weakley & Co., 1875). Clara A. Day on marriage to Truesdale.


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Ruth Terry


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Robert Terry

1. Reuben Terry

2. Rhoda Terry

3. Ansel Terry

4. Ruth Terry

5. John Terry

6. Nancy Elizabeth Terry

7. Barbara Terry

8. William Terry

9. Robert Terry

10. Harriet Terry

NOTES: 1850, 1860 censuses, Ripley and Vigo Counties, Indiana. Ripley County marriage records, Pipe Creek Cemetery, Hamilton County, Campbell County research by G. Julian, Hixson, "Terry Trails," (1986).

Robert's Pipe Creek tombstone reads "17 February 1858, Aged 91 years 6 months 5 days." However, see 1860 census, where he gives his age as 90 years. An earlier copyist wrote that his stone read "16 February 1862 Aged 90 y 6 m 5 d," whih fits other known facts. The tombstone was repaired in 1988; an error in the date may have occurred then.

Constable in South Bend (later Delhi) Township, Hamilton County, by 1799. Canstable at the Hamilton County Court, 1800 & 1801. With Chloe, organizing members of the South Bend Baptist Church, 1803. Overseer of the Hamilton County poor, 1806.

In 1825 & 1826, Robert and Elizabeth, his second wife, sold much of their Ripley County acreage to various family members. One sale, 2 January 1826, was a part of Section 20, T10 R13, to John Day of Delhi Township, Hamilton County, for $1.00 (Ripley County Book A, page 311)


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John Terry

1. Enos Terry

2. Reuben Terry

3. Robert Terry

4. John Terry

5. William Terry

6. Elizabeth Terry

7. Mary Terry

8. Judeh Terry

9. Sarah Terry

NOTES: John and Ruth were organizing members of the Dividing Creek Baptist Church, Cumberland County, New Jersey, 20 May 1761. Baptized there, as adults, 1765. They may have gone there with Reverend Samuel Heaton, from Cape May County

John was among 35 citizens meeting at Bridgeton, Cumberland County, 22 December 1774, to decide the disposition of a confiscated shipload of British tea. While the committee met, others took action and destroyed the tea. There are some eternal truths.

In 1786, John served as attorney, Lincoln County, Virginia (now Kentucky), for Abraham and Liddy Garrison, charged to represent them in an estate settlement in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Will, 19 January 1791, Hamilton County. Ohio (Will Book 1, page 177). Tax list, 1773 & 1774, Downe Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey.

Enos Terry is listed with John Ross, Jr., as a purchaser of lot # 162, Losantville (Cincinnati). John Ross was of the Essex County, New Jersey, Ross family. Enos was listed with the Kentucky militia, 1782. Osee Clark probably part of the Essex County Clark family.

Julian; Burress,"Hamilton County, Ohio; A Collection of Pioneer Marriage Records, 1789-1817," (1978); "History of Cumberland County, New Jersey."


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Chloe Worrell


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William Worrell

1. Wiley Worrell

2. William Worrell

3. Rhoda Worrell

4. Chloe Worrell

NOTES: Possibly the William Worrell found on the list of recruits for the Continental Army, Captain Pawling's Company, Botetourt County, Virginia, 31 August 1782.

Virginia land grants, 1785, 269 acres in Lincoln County (now Kentucky). Fayette County tax list, 1787. Signed a petition in Fayette County, Kentucky, 1787, requesting the Virginia House of Delegates to establish a tobacco inspection warehouse. Singed petitions to divide Woodford County, Kentucky, into smaller units in 1790 & 1791, and to have Lebanon village made a town, 1790.

Barbara administrix of estate. Left entire estate unless she should remarry, in which case the estate was to be divided between the four surviving children: to William, a Negro girl named Jane; to daughters Roedy Cullum and Cloey Terry, a man named George about nineteen years of age; to Wiley, a Negro boy about twelve, and the 200 acres of land he lived on.

William, Jr., signed the October 1791 petition along with his father. He received the Gunpowder Creek farm, which he later sold, apparently to invest in a tavern.

Wiley had land on Woolper's Creek, which he sold bits of in 1818, 1823, and 1828. Sued in 1823, again in 1825; indicted for assault, 1825, again in 1827, but acquitted the following year. His estate was sued, May 1829.

Julian; Burress,"Hamilton County, Ohio; A Collection of Pioneer Marriage Records, 1789-1817," (1978); "History of Cumberland County, New Jersey."


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