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In the St. Clair court house records in Ashville, Ala. on Nov. 18, 1824, Jacob Buzbee gave a deed for personal property to sons Jacob Buzbee and Jeremiah Buzbee.

John & Caroline BUZBEE -- Wm. BUZBEE -- 11/1/1871
Wm. & Mary C. BUZBEE -- Wm. ADKINS -- 8/6/1880

Patentee Land Office Doc. Date Base Line TWP Range Section Acres
JACOB BUZBEE HUNTSVILLE 8771 1838/09/10 HUNTSVILLE 14S 3E 13 40.1300
JACOB BUZBEE MONTGOMERY 12972 1858/03/01 ST STEPHENS 22N 19E 11 40.0400
JACOB BUZBEE MONTGOMERY 13261 1858/03/01 ST STEPHENS 22N 19E 11 40.0400

Patentee Land Office Doc. Date Base Line TWP Range Section Acres

JOHN BUSBY DEMOPOLIS 2940 1837/03/15 ST STEPHENS 20N 2W 36 160.4000
JOHN BUSBY DEMOPOLIS 2941 1837/03/15 ST STEPHENS 20N 2W 36 160.4000
JOHN BUSBY TUSCALOOSA 23544 1840/11/10 HUNTSVILLE 21S 2W 21 40.0325
JOHN BUSBY TUSCALOOSA 24956 1849/09/01 ST STEPHENS 24N 13E 11 39.8350
JOHN BUSBY TUSCALOOSA 30389 1858/06/01 HUNTSVILLE 16S 7W 28 0.0000
JOHN BUSBY TUSCALOOSA 30389 1858/06/01 HUNTSVILLE 16S 7W 27 80.6000
JOHN BUSBY TUSCALOOSA 37614 1860/07/02 HUNTSVILLE 16S 7W 26 0.0000
JOHN BUSBY TUSCALOOSA 37614 1860/07/02 HUNTSVILLE 16S 7W 27 120.8750
JOHN BUSBY LEBANON 8488 1847/04/10 HUNTSVILLE 7S 7E 36 40.6400
JOHN BUSBY LEBANON 15692 1854/07/15 HUNTSVILLE 5S 9E 8 39.6900
JOHN BUSBY HUNTSVILLE 18274 1854/06/15 HUNTSVILLE 2S 8E 10 40.0400


BUZBEE, JOHN D. 12 13S 14W 80 1904/03/30
BUZBEE, JOHN D. 25 13S 14W 0 1861/04/01
BUZBEE, JOHN D. 26 13S 14W 80 1861/04/01
BUZBEE, JOSHUA L. 20 13S 13W 40 1859/07/01
BUZBEE, MARTHA J. 21 13S 13W 40 1894/08/10
BUZBEE, STEPHEN 13 4S 15W 0 1856/09/01
BUZBEE, STEPHEN 13 4S 15W 0 1856/09/01
BUZBEE, STEPHEN 14 4S 15W 160 1856/09/01


BUSBEE,              PLEASANT                       31    14N  16W 0   1900/08/09
BUSBEE,              PLEASANT                       31    14N  16W 0   1900/08/09 
BUSBEE               PLEASANT          Searcy       31 14N 16W  160.2  1900/08/09 

BUSBY                ALDRIDGE          Montgomery   7   4S 25W    0    1905/05/05 
BUSBY                ALDRIDGE          Montgomery   7   4S 25W   120   1905/05/05 
BUSBY                BUREL             Nevada       12 16N 20W   160   1883/06/07 
BUSBY                BUREL             Newton       12 16N 20W   160   1883/06/07 
BUSBY                CASSEL          C Craighead    1  14N  3E  40.24  1860/05/01 
BUSBY                DUKE            S Sevier       13  7S 29W    40   1860/04/02 
BUSBY                JACOB             Benton       36 19N 31W    40   1861/07/01 
BUSBY                JACOB             Ouachita     29 15S 19W    40   1849/11/01 
BUSBY                JAMES           M Howard       10  7S 30W    0    1894/09/07 
BUSBY                JAMES           M Howard       10  7S 30W   160   1894/09/07 
BUSBY                JAMES           W Montgomery   7   4S 25W    0    1905/05/05 
BUSBY                JAMES           W Montgomery   7   4S 25W    0    1905/05/05 
BUSBY                JAMES           W Montgomery   7   4S 25W  161.25 1905/05/05 
BUSBY                JOHN            J Craighead    12 14N  3E    0    1859/07/01 
BUSBY                JOHN            J Craighead    12 14N  3E    0    1859/07/01 
BUSBY                JOHN            J Craighead    12 14N  3E   240   1859/07/01 
BUSBY                JOHN            R Sevier       34  8S 30W    40   1905/05/02 
BUSBY                JOHN            R Sevier       34  8S 30W    40   1905/05/02  CANCELED DOCUMENT
BUSBY                NORMAN          B Stone        26 16N 11W    160  1891/02/13 
BUSBY                ROBERT          P Nevada       13 16N 22W    0    1906/08/10 
BUSBY                ROBERT          P Nevada       14 16N 22W    0    1906/08/10 
BUSBY                ROBERT          P Nevada       23 16N 22W   160   1906/08/10 
BUSBY                ROBERT          P Newton       13 16N 22W    0    1906/08/10 
BUSBY                ROBERT          P Newton       14 16N 22W    0    1906/08/10 
BUSBY                ROBERT          P Newton       23 16N 22W   160   1906/08/10 
BUSBY                STEPHEN           Nevada       15 16N 20W    0    1898/02/09 
BUSBY                STEPHEN           Nevada       22 16N 20W    0    1898/02/09 
BUSBY                STEPHEN           Nevada       22 16N 20W   120   1898/02/09 
BUSBY                STEPHEN           Newton       15 16N 20W    0    1898/02/09 
BUSBY                STEPHEN           Newton       22 16N 20W    0    1898/02/09 
BUSBY                STEPHEN           Newton       22 16N 20W   120   1898/02/09 
BUSBY                WILLIAM           Faulkner     12  7N 11W   160   1859/06/01                             GRADUATION S&C
BUSBY                WILLIAM           Faulkner     12  7N 11W   160   1860/03/01 
BUSBY                WILSON          W Lincoln      30  7S  8W    0    1860/07/02                   LANDS LOCATED S OF BAYOU BARTHOLOMEW
BUSBY                WILSON          W Lincoln      30  7S  8W  182.16 1860/07/02                   LANDS LOCATED S OF BAYOU BARTHOLOMEW

Georgia Journal and Messenger (Macon)
Wednesday, September 13, 1848
ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Macon County 1st Tue in Nov. Land: #50 in 2nd district, originally Muscogee now Macon; 202 1/2 acres. Sold as property of James Buzbee, deceased, late of Bibb County. Middleton McDonald, Admr, Elizabeth Buzbee, Admx Sept 6 

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Bibb County 1st Tues December. part of Land # 94 in
SE corner, 70 acres; part of land lot #95, east side 125 acres; Lot #58 177 acres; land #59 75 acres west line of lot; All lying in 4th District of originally Houston, now Bibb County. James Buzbee, deceased, embracing all his land in said lots, except such part thereof as has been assigned to the widow for her dower. Also, the following Negroes: Isaac, a negro man about 25 years old; Winney, a Negro woman 35 years old; Edy, a woman about 18 years old and her child, Penny, about 2 yrs old and her infant child not named. Middleton McDonald, Admr, Elizabeth Buzbee , Admx. 
Taken from "Miscellaneous Estate Records of Houston County, GA. Annual Returns Book "A" 1824-1833. Appraisements & Sales Book "A" 1824-1834. Volume I by William R. Henry". (One Book)
McKey, Thomas (Estate)
Page 10-13, 5 Sept. 1825; Purchasers at sale on 24 Mar. 1825; Ely McKey, B. B.Tiller, Perry Wimberly, P. V. Guery, Jacob Little, Tho. Knight, Willey Hall, John M. John, Martin Mimms, John Barnes, Wilson Collins, William H. Busby, R. E.Brown, J. S. Brown, William Barker, John Harvy, Jacob Holland, Clemment Clemments, Adam Clay, Eli Nelson, B. Wade, S. Mixon, l. Mimms, F. Busby and B.Stovall. Purchasers at second sale on 5 July, 1825: Wiley Hall, Daniel John, Bartholomew Stovall, Peter V. Guerry.........(follow up with page 16)
This is from page 16
page 31-33 8 May 1827
Return of debts paid by Peter V Guerry Adm
to Jacob Holland, Charles MacDonald and Lewis Yarborough.
Return of credits to
Jacob Holland
John M john
B Stovall
James Bateman
W Collins
J. Wimberly
Lander Mims
Martim Mims
Daniel Johnson

Return of debts paid by
Perry Wimberly to Nathan Brady
Wm H. Busby for E. Busby
Wm H Busby for John Altmon
William R Busby for Spencer Riley
George Dyess for James H Rodgers
BB Tiller for Robert Smith, Amos Horton, Eli Nelson, William Cloud, BS
Hatley, Lewis Yarborough

Services to Macon and Knoxville three days for self and horse,
Matthew Sikes
A Dorough
Bullock & Wells
Samuel Lawthe
Samuel Chapman per R Johnson
Frederick Busby

Return of credits by Perry Wimberly
rec'd from: Jacob Holland
Henry Jackson
William H Busby
Elisha Busby
William R Busby
George Dyess
Clem Clements
John P Glover
BB Tiller
Eli Nelson
Abel Cain
William Clines
Daniel John
William Barker
Willy Hall
Frederick Busby
Nathan Busby
Theodore Guerry
Isaac S Brown
John & William Wimberly

Bibb Co. Ga    8 Jan 1824
Grantor:    Jesee McNeil of Collubay (probably Columbia Co)
Grantee:   Rese Busby of Bibb Co. GA
$250.   Lot 14,  202 1/2 Acres,   4th District Houston, now Bibb Co
Lottery draw of Landal Die
pg 104
signed:  Jesse McNeil
Witnesses: William Reed, John Spam (?)

William Reed, sworn, saith he saw Jesee McNeil subscribe his name to within
deed and he himself signed as witness.
signed: William Reed
Witnesses:  Josiah Chain, JP  10 Jan 1824

Twiggs Co. Ga 20 Feb 1823 Grantor: Nathan Busby of Twiggs Co. Ga Grantee: William Snelgrove of Houston Co, Ga page 109 $260 Lot 256 202 1/2 Acres, 3rd Dist Houston Co. Ga signed: Nathan Busby Ruth (x) Busby Witnesses: Robert (x) Pearson, James Pearson, J.P. Recorded 12 Mar 1824
Wilkinson Co. Ga 7 Feb 1823 Grantor: Samuel Meridith of Wilkinson Co. Ga Grantee: Nathan Busby of Twiggs Co, Ga $100 Lot 256, 202 1/2 Acres, 3rd Dist. Houston Co. Ga Page 110 Signed : Samuel Meredith Witnesses: Jesse Brown, John Hatcher Recorded 12 Mar 1824

Land Deed Records (Grantees) Crawford Co, Ga Frederick (1825-1835) District 7, lot 93, 123, 154 District 8 Lot 44 William H. (1835) District 7, Lot 152 " (1840) District 4, Lot 3

Georgia, Houston County This indenture made & entered into this Fouteenth of January, in the year our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-five, between heirs of W.R. Busbay, late of said county deceased of the ____ & Nimrod Jackson and John Johnson of the other ____ & all of the same___; Witnessed that said heirs of William R Busbay deceased to wit; Mary Busbay, James Busbay, Allen Busbay, Inmon Busby, Wheaton Jones,& Phillip Scofield, hath this day bargain and sold unto the said Nimrod Jackson and John Johnson a certain tract an parcel of land it being ___ & lying in the fifth district of said County & known in the ____ of said Dist. by___ no. [62] Sixty-two, containing [2021/2] two hundred and two and ahalf acreas more or less. Now for & in considerationof the sum of Three Hundred dollars in hands, ___ the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged at and before the signing of the same, for which __ binds ___, our heirs, execrutors, and administrators, all jointly and, severally, by these presents forever, to warrent and defend the right tittle and claim of the ______ premises, from us, our heirs,executors, & admistrators & every other person, whatsoever fee simple unto said Nimrod and John and their heirs, executors & _____ forever seals the above this day & year written, in presenceof M J Boatwright [not sure of spelling] James Lewis J.P. Imon Busbee Allen Buzbee Wheaton Jones Phillip Scofield* Mary Busbay* Imon Busbee Recorded May 23, 1846 *note Mary Busbay and Phillip Scofield used their mark the rest signed I think the first two blanks the word is consort but am not sure.

Grantee list of Busbee from Bibb County Grantee Land lot......................Grantor Allen Busbee Lot 95 4th District Jas Witcher Wm.R. Lot 94 4th district Alexander Richards Wm.R. Lot 98 4th district Winney White Wm. R. Lot 135 4th district Wm. Henderson Inmond Lot 98 4th district Wm. R Busby Jas. Lot 95 4th district J.R. McElmurray Jas. Lot 94 4th district Jacob F Heard Jas. Lot 96 4th district Middleton McDonald Elizabeth Lot 97 4th district Asa Marshall Elizabeth Lot ? 4th district L.S. Avant Wm. R. Lot 170 4th district Jno. B Grace 1850 Wm. R. et al Lot? 4th district M. Minchew 1857 W.R. Lot? 4th district Thos Simmons 1858 W.R. Lot ? 4th district S.S. Dunlap 1859

Name Type Section Sect Township Range Meridian Acres Price Total Date Month Date Day Date Year Reside Volume Page Blank SocStat ID Corr-Tag BUSBY JAMES H RR NWNW 22 14N 10E 3 4000 1000 40000 April 30 1868 000 791 404 455202 0

Miami County Indiana Landowners
BUSBY TM Jackson
BUSEY JF Washington
BUZBEE L Harrison

Names:  Jesse J. BUSBY of Bossier Parish LA (From Sumter Co. AL)
        James M. BUSBY of Bossier Parish LA (From Sumter Co. AL)
        John J. B. BUSBY of Panola County TX (From Sumter Co. AL) 
        Charles Carroll BUSBY of Panola County TX
Wife:   Amanda M. F. Jones

Date: October 22/1855

The following in a transcription of a Gift/Deed recorded in Bossier
Parish LA.  This document is also on file in Panola County, TX.

The State of Louisiana, Parish of Bossier. Be it known this day before
me Elbert Richardson Herring, a Notary Public duly commissioned and sworn
in and for the Parish of Bossier said State of Louisiana personally
appeared James M. Busby and Jesse J. Busby who to me the said Notary said
and declared that for and in consideration of the natural love and
affection which they have for Charles Carroll Busby minor son of John J. B.
Busby a resident of Panola County State of Texas do by these presents give
donate and convey unto him the following described slave to wit; Bob a boy
of black complexion about ten years of age unto him the said minor Charles
C. Busby, his heirs and assignees forever by these presents - conditioned
that if the father of said minor dies without any other legitimate issue of
his body, then in case the said minor charles C. Busby dies without any
legitimate ???? of his body then the said slave Bob is to return to them
the said Donors - also personally appeared on the same time and place the
said John J. B. Busby who to me the said Notary declared that he does for
and in behalf of his said son accept the property herein donated.

In testimony whereof I have caused all the said parties to this note to
sign in person in the presence of the subscribing witnesses who are
competent and such together with me the said Notary on this the twenty
second of October A.D. One thousand eight hundred and fifty five. D. J. Elder Jesse J. Busby Austin Miller James M. Busby John J. B. Busby E. R. Herring Not. Pub. Recorded in Notarial Book "A" on page 132 Witness my official hand and seal of office 22nd Oct. a.d. 1855 E. R. Herring Notary Public


Some Lawerence Co., MS, Court House Records

Deed Book "J", pg. 145-0, property from Aaron DAVIS to G.W. BUSBY
Marriage Book 4, pg. 21, 29 Oct 1866, George Washington BUSBY to Mary J.
Deed Book "K", pg. 423-4, 20 Dec 1867, property from George W. and wife Mary 
	Jane BUSBY to Aaron DAVIS
Deed Book "K", pg. 34-5, 27 Mar 1868, property from Ezekiel BUSBY, Jr. and 
	Claudia to Harriet P. and Daniel MC EWEN
Deed Book "K", pg. 176-7, 11 Apr 1868, property from Ezekiel BUSBY, Sr. and
	wife Sarah to Ben HILBURN


Ezekiel BUSBY first mentioned 7 Nov 1798 as having property on Drowning Creek.
5 Feb 1798 William BUSBY sold 2 tracts of land (the plantation whereon that 
	Ezekiel now lives) to Ezekiel BUSBY and also livestock and household
1 May 1822 Ezekiel BUSBY gives to his loving daughter, Ruth JONES and 
	grandson, Moses JONES, Jr., a negro woman by the name of Jane
	(Jane was bought from Ishiam COX, 22 Aug 1822)
5 Sept 1822 Ezekiel BUSBY gives (when deceased) to Elizabeth PITTS all land
	he possess in the Spring Branch, a negro girl, Eliza, and household 
	witnessed by Levi Jones, Jr. and Alfred BUSBY
19 Oct 1822 Ezekiel BUSBY, Jr. conveys land to Clarke HANES which he
	acquired from Ezekiel BUSBY,Sr.
11 Apr 1823 Ezekiel BUSBY, Sr. conveys to Levi JONES, Jr., grandson, 
	598 Acres of land adjacent to William BUSBY
	witnessed by George TEDDER and Benjamin BUSBY
6 DEC 1823 Samuel TEDDER to Reuben JONES 100 acres formerly owned by 
	Ezekiel BUSBY, DECEASED, which said land he deeded to his 
	granddaughter, Elizabeth PITTS. (Elizabeth married George TEDDER)

4822 - Jno. Busby, Lawrence, Kan., nw 24 9 10 (Can. by Rel. Oct. 21)EL RENO, OK-Land District.
3468 - Wm. F. Busby, Mangum, O. T., ne 28 6 20 EL RENO, OK-Land District


DEED 19th of 1st mo. (March) 1707 JOHN CADWALLADER, co. of Phila., yeoman, to JOHN MORGAN, Abbington , county Phila., tailor. 45 pds. PA money.

Tract of land in County Philadelphia, adjoins said JOHN CADWALLADER, the Manor of Moreland; contains 70 acres, part of 192 acres which WILLIAM SALSBERRY, late of Phila., carpenter, by deed poll dated 27 Dec 1700, granted to said JOHN CADWALLADER. (Signed) JOHN CADWALLADER
Wits: DAVID LLOYD, EDWARD BUZBY, HENRY WILLIS Ack. 29 Mar 170 ? Rec. ?? Book E 3, vol. 6, p. 93

Index to Land Grants.
Busbey, Benjamin    County  Br. Bush River     p.358   29 Apr 1768
  "   ,    "        County  "    "    "        p.506   21 May 1772
  "   ,  Henry      County  Craven             p. 21   24 Aug 1770
  "   ,  John       County    "                p.596   24 Dec 1772
  "   ,  Miles      County    "                p.201    9 Sep 1774
  "   ,  Simon      County    "                p. 55   10 Jan 1771
  "   ,  William    County    "                p.569   27 Aug 1764
  "   ,    "        County  Santee River       p.378   18 may 1751
Buzbee, John       Edgefield        1835
      , Henry S    Lexington        1835
"     , James N       "             1832

Orangeburgh County . ( Records start 1865?)
Bk 1  539  Land sale.  Benj. Buzbee to John Hall  Feb 29 1866.   Dist of
Orangeburgh Great Branch and its Branches of North Edisto River. original
grant of 972 acres. Wife is listed as Rachel.

Please note these are from Edgefield, SC.
Page 75
Benjamin Buzbee to Adam Lagrone.  Deed of Converyance.  15 Feb 1809, Three
hundred dollars, 50 acres on Clouds Creek of Little Saluda River.  It being
part of land originally granted to Lewis Powell, adj Agnes Norris, Adam
Lagrone.  Witnessed Stephen Norris, Wm Deshazo /s/ Benjamin (x) Buzbee.  10
June 1809. /s/ Susannah (x) Buzbee.
Proven 10 June 1809 by Stephen Norris, Wm Deshazo
Drury Fort, JQ Rec 26 March 1810

pg 76
Benjamin Buzbee to Nathan Norris. Deed of Converyance.  15 Jan, 1810.  Three
hundred dollars.  50 acress on Wests Creek of Little Saluda River, being
part of a tract of 100 acres originally granted to  (word in binding) Daniel
24 August 17 (word lost in binding) and conveyed to sd Buzbee by deed from
George Sawyer 9 Dec 1805 adj Adam Lagrone, Nathan Norris, Agnes Norris
wit William Norris
Shadrack Ward (x)
/s/ Benjamin Buzbee

Justice Elijiah Watson certifies relinquishment of dower rights by Susannah
Buzbee, wife of Benjamin Buzbee
8 Feb 1810 /s/ Susannah (x) Buzbee Proven 22 March 1810 by William Norris
(bottom line of page is obliterated) REc 26 March 1810

Deed Book 19, Page 342-344
John Flick, Planter to Elijah Watson.  Deed, 3 January 1798 for 30 sterling, 195 acres being part of two tracts containing 235 acres on Clouds Creek bounded
on lands of Richmond Watson, McAfoose, Miles Buzbie, Moses Harris, Lewis
Wimberly, which land was sold at Sheriff Sale by Sheriff Jeremiah Hatcher as property of Willis Watson and bought by sd John Flick 7 May 1796.  Wit Isaac Foreman, John Wimberly.  /s/ John (x) Flick.  Proven 20 Feb 1799 by John Wimberly, John Spann J.P.  Rec. 2 Dec 1800.

Deed Book 19, Page 495-496
Anthony Funderburgh, yeoman, to his wife Susannah Funderburgh.  Deed of gift
(no date), after my death during here widowhood all my real and personal estate, about 100 acres whereon I now live, household furniture, livestock and at her death to be equally divided amongst my children;  daughter Rebecca and sons Peter Elijah and David Funderburgh.  But if sd Susannah should marry again, then above property to be given to my children above named.  Wit Edward Johnston, Shadrack Martin, John Buzbee.  /s/ Anthony (A) Funderburgh.  Proven 21 Nov 1800 by Shadrack Martin; John Spann J.P.  Rec. 23 March 1801.

Deed Book 28, Page 517
Darby Ragan to Thomas Warren Senr., Deed of Conveyance.  Plat for 56 acres
shows adjoining lands of Edwd Johnson, Clemt Cargill, Darby Ragen, Martin Witt.
One hundred fifty dollars, fifty six acres on Chinquapin, being part of two
hundred sixty acres originally granted to Samuel Messer.  Wit Edward Johnson,
Zachariah (x) Busby.  /s/ Darby (I) Ragen. /s/ James (x) Ragen.  Proven 9 January 1808 by Zachariah (x) Busbee;  William Hurtt J.P.  Rec 8 February 1808.

Deed Book 30, Page 450
Job Padget to William Jones, Deed of Conveyance, 9 December 1810,  Ten
Dollars, ninety two acres, being part of two tracts, one of 200 acres granted to John Smith 18 October 1774; the other of 57 acres granted to William Busby 19 October 1792 on Mores Creek of Clouds Creek, adj. lines of Samuel Dean, Wilkin Smith, Job Padget; saving nevertheless all the swamp land of Job Padgets mill pond overflows.  Wit Robert Gowan, Thomas Dean.  /s/ Job (P) Padget.  Proven 10 October 1811 by Thomas Dean;  Wm Hurtt JP.  Rec 9 November 1811.


Busby, Isaac - Aug.1,1809 Monroe Co.,VA.
70 ac on north side of Greenbrier River adjoining land of Richard Stockton and David Dick. Grants 59, Pg. 44

Busby, Simon - February 12,1742 Prince George Co.,VA
262 acres on upper side of Wigg Island & Branch adjoining Chichester Sturdevant, Patents 21, Pg 199

Busby, John April 16,1669 Charles City County, VA
194 acres "Beg. & c. by the run of the western branch of upper Chepokes Creek Patents 6, 1666-79 Pg. 273

Busby, John - November 28,1657
50 acres joining to a former dividend of the said Basbys of 350 acres. Beg,g & c in arrow road swamp. Patents 4, Pg 243

Busby, Isaac Aug. 1, 1809
Monroe County 70a. on the north side of Greenbrier River adjoining the land of Richard Stockton and David Dick Grants 59, p.44.

Thomas Busby purchasing land in Wisconsin on 10/3/1863 and Igal Busby purchasing land in Wisconsin on 6/24/1878 across the river from the Winona, Minnesota area. The records were recorded at the LaCrosse, WI land office and the land was purchased in Tremepeleau County, which is north of LaCross and LaCrosse county.


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