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  Alternate Spellings include: Claffee, Claffy, Clafy, Chappy, Cleffey, Cloffey

Claffey Families in CANADA
     Many Claffey/Claffy/Cloffy etc. ancestors went to Canada from Ireland--passage was cheaper than to US ports, trip was shorter, less paperwork hassle since it was part of UK.  Some stayed there, some drifted down to US.  Some who came directly to USA from Ireland were lured to Canada when they arrived at US ports by the promise of the outrageously high wage of $1.00 per day.  They moved freely back and forth between the two countries.  Below are some of the families.  I have additional information on most of them.  If you have additions or corrections, please email

     Does anyone know of a Father John Claffey who emigrated to Canada after WWII ?  There is a book "Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican" which mentions him a few times as being in a network of priests that helped rescue POW's, Jews, etc.  A film (The Scarlet and the Black) starring Gregory Peck is based on that book.  His body was sent back to Ireland when he died.

01-Thomas Claffey b Ireland
02+Ann Claffey b Ireland @ 1799
03------Bernard Claffey b 1821 in Ireland
04------+Elizabeth MacArdle b. 1841 in Quebec
05-----------Thomas Claffey b 1861 Ontario
06-----------Mary Claffey b 1864 Ontario
07-----------John Claffey b 1866 Ontario d 22 Mar 1945 MN
08-----------Willie Claffey b 1868 Ontario
09-----------Nellie Claffey b 1870 Ontario
10-----------Edward Claffey b 19 June 1872 Ontario 6 Mar 1939 MN
11-----------Eliza Claffey b 1874 Ontario
12-----------Lena Claffey b 1876 Ontario
13-----------Edmond James b. 1879 Ontario d 6 Jul 1958
14------Mary Claffey b 1826 d 1892
15------Jane Claffey b @1838
16------Elyra b @1840
17------Ellen b@1842

01-Thomas Claffey on 1835 Cumberland Assessment Rolls
02-Ann Claffey was a widow in 1861 and farmed in Cumberland Township
     in 1861.
03-Bernard Claffey a farmer in Cumberland, Russel, Ontario
04-Elizabeth MacArdle Claffey
05-Thomas Claffey
06-Mary Claffey
07-John Claffey, lumberman, married Aurelia, moved to Duluth, MN
     around 1926, died of heart disease 22 Mar 1945.
08-Willie Claffey
09-Nellie Claffey
10-Edward Claffey, timber agent, did not marry, came to USA @1904, lived
     Duluth, MN, died of heart disease
11-Eliza Claffey
12-Lena Claffey
13-Edmond James Claffey died in Humboldt Co. CA age 79
14-Mary Claffey married Dennis Madden on 7 Jan 1845 in St. Gregoire de Nazarience, Buckingham, Quebec.
15-Jane Claffey
16-Elyra Claffey
17-Ellen Claffey
A Thomas Claffy is shown in Vaughan Township, York Co, Ontario, Canada in 1861 as a laborer from Ireland, Catholic.
Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register of Toronto lists Daniel Claffy Higgins born to Samuel and Ann Higgins 19 Feb 1861, baptized 27 March 1861.
Richmond Hill, York West, Ontario

01-Mary Claffey b @1830 Ireland
02-+unknown Claffey (deceased by 1881)
03-----James Claffey b @1847  Ontario
04-----Margaret Claffey b @1853 Ontario
05-----Nellie Claffey b @1855 Ontario
06-----Bridget Claffey b @1857 Ontario
07-----Sarah Claffey b @1860 Ontario
08-----William Claffey b @ 1862 Ontario
09-----Agnes Claffey b @ 1864 Ontario
10-----Louis Claffey b @ 1866 Ontario
11-----Francis Claffey b @ 1868 Ontario
12-----Henry Claffey b @ 1870 Ontario

01-Mary Claffey, widow, Roman Catholic
10-Louis Claffey.  I believe this is the same person as Louis M. Claffy, a
     Roman Catholic school teacher.
     Florida researcher needs help with the Claffy side of this family, has a
     lot of data on the Davison family.
01-Thomas Claffy
02-+Elizabeth C. Davison b @ 1841 d 2 Sep 1864
03-----Mary Lizzie Claffy b 30 Apr 1860 in Hamilton, Ontario
04-----+Samuel Francis Johnson b 4 Mar 1833 Canada
05----------Frances Mary Johnson b 16 Aug 1891 Victoria City, B.C.
06----------+Mr. Watkinson
07----------Nora Claffy Johnson b Feb 1893 SanDiego CA
08----------+Mr. Henderson, married after 1920, divorced

01-Thomas Claffy
02-Elizabeth C. Davidson Claffy drowned in Sandy, NY, buried in
     Newmarket, Ontario, daughter of John and Ann Davison

     A Mary Cloffy (yes Cloffy) age 10 born in Ontario, origin Irish, Religion Church of England, Anglican is on 1871 census of Newmarket Village, York North, Ontario.  Is this #3 above perhaps being raised by her Davidson grandparents after her mother drowned?
The 1871 Census of Ontario, Canada, lists Thomas Claffey age 56 (b @ 1815) in Ireland, living in Halton, Massagaweya, Ontario.
Charles Claffey who married Anna Egan (probably married in Ireland) came to Canada in the 1820's and moved on to USA by 1840's.
Claffeys born in Canada who moved to USA:
Bridget Claffey b@1830 to Walla Walla, Washington.
Margaret Claffey b @1838 in Nova Scotia to Worcester, MA
Charles Claffy b 1834 Canada to St Louis, Missouri.
Plus others from family below to Sharon, PA.
01-Thomas Claffey b @1818 or 20 Ireland, d 6 Jun 1888
02-+Elizabeth Claffey b. Ireland, alive on 1880 census
03-----James Claffey b NY 1854
04-----+Elizabeth Herrman b @ 1860 WI, father & mother b VA
05----------Margaret Claffey b @1894 in PA
06----------Henrietta Claffey b @ 1897 in PA
07-----Susie Claffey b @1855 in Canada
08-----+William Howley, New Castle, PA
09-----Mary Ann Claffey b 1851
10-----+Albert Henry Albin m 14 May 1881 in Cook Co, IL
11-----Jane Claffey b @ 1850
12-----Jennie Claffey b @ 1861 in Ontario
13-----+Mr. Levake of Alliance, OH (Stark Co.)
14-----Thomas Claffey, Jr. b 1859 in Canada

01-Thomas Claffey, Catholic, probably from Dublin, Ireland, died in Sharon,
     PA, buried Newcastle, PA, Lived in Acton, Ontario, Canada (near
     Toronto) from 1850 to 1865. See Obit page.
02-Elizabeth Claffey-not the mother of these children as they all list that
     their father & mother were born in Ireland.  Elizabeth must have been a
     second wife.
03-James Claffey resident of Sharon, PA
04-Elizabeth Herrman, Catholic, daughter of Sebastian Herrman and Anna
05-Margaret Claffey and
06-Henrietta Claffey were living with their maternal grandfather, Sebastian
     Herrmann, in Sharon, PA in 1910.  See Obit page.
07-Susie Claffey (Susan)
08-William Howley, New Castle, PA
09-Mary Ann Claffey (name on marriage cert looks like Mary Claffie or
     Mary Claffae).
10-Albert Henry Albin
11-Jane Claffey
12-Jennie Claffey probably married prior to 1880 as she was not on that
     census with the rest of the family.  William Stanley Levake of Alliance,
     OH was born @ 1876 in PA.  His father was born in PA and his mother
     was born in NY.  Is this Jennie's son?
13-Mr. Levake
14-Thomas Claffey, Jr. lived in Sharon, PA
St. Lawrence Ward, Montreal, Quebec, working as housekeepers:
Catherine Claffy Irish Catholic b 1845 Quebec
Maggie Claffey b 1853 Ontario
St. Greg. of Naziance, Buckingham, Quebec
01-Bridget Claffy b 1824 in Ireland d 1887 Buckingham, Quebec
02-+Gabriel Foubert Cusson b 1815 Montebello, Quebec

01-Bridget Claffy, daughter of Thomas Claffy & Ann McCurran (or
02-Gabriel Foubert Cusson married Marguerite Larocque first and after she
     died he married Bridget Claffy on 24 Oct 1854.  Other records say
     marriage was on 21 Oct 1844.

Possible Claffey family of Buckingham, Papineau, Quebec looks like this:
01-Thomas Claffey
02-+Ann McGurray
03-----Bridget Claffey b @ 1824
04-----+Gabriel Foulbert
05-----Mary Claffey b @ 1824
06-----+Dennis Madden
07-----Ann Claffey
08-----+Daniel Ryan
How does a Bridget Claffey b @ 1824 who married Amos Donnelly fit into this family?
Patrick Henry Claffey b March 1832 died 20 Sep 1889, aged 57 years and 6 months.  Interred 22 Sep 1889 at St. Alphonse Roman Catholic Church in Windsor, Essex Co. Ontario, Canada.  (I think he is #22 on the Civil War page, married to Sarah Winters.)
Claffeys buried in Ontario:
Alma Gordon Claffey, (1901-1930) Beechwood Cemetery, Carleton Co, Ottawa.
Infant daughter of P.H. and Sarah Claffy, Longwood Cemetery, Middlesex Co, Caradoc.
Elizabeth C. Claffy, Newmarket Cemetery, York Co, Newmarket
Thomas L. Claffy (1931-1955) Beechwood Cemetery, Carlton Co, Ottawa.
Mary McKinnon Claffey married Mark A. Fay b Feb 1900.
Arriving by Sea:
Michael Claffey age 32 arrived 27 Apr 1929 at Port of Quebec.
Daniel J. Claffey, age 37 arrived 21 Apr 1928 at Halifax, Nova Scotia on White Star Ship ARABIC, nationality:  Irish.
Joseph Claffey age 30 arrived in NY on 10 Apr 1847 from Liverpool on ship Cornelia stating that he was headed for Canada.
Margaret Claffy on 1871 Ontario census at Brockville, Centre Ward, as 63 year old (b@1808) Irish Roman Catholic.  She died 08 Oct 1871.  A 2 year old William Claffey born in Brockville died 02 Feb 1872.
1901 census of Montreal City, St. Ann's Ward, Quebec Canada shows Mary Claffey age 67 (b @ 1834) immigrated to Canada in 1838.
01-Thomas Claffy
02-+Margaret Lowry
03-----Eliza Claffy married 30 Oct 1843, Notre-Dame de Montreal
04-----+Patrick Connolly
See the Ken Claffey page in the Index for a Claffey family who moved from MN to Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan, Canada.
William Claffey age 44 (b @ 1866) died 7 Sep 1910 in Nelson, British Columbia.
Research on the Claffey/Claffy families of Canada is in the very early stages.  If you can provide any information or clarification,
please email Jim-Ann

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