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  Alternate Spellings include: Claffee, Claffy, Clafy, Chappy, Cleffey, Cloffey

Claffey Families in Massachusetts
Below is some information on families in Massachusetts which several people are researching. I 
have additional information on most of them and will gladly share what I have.  If you see a 
connection or have any information on any Massachusetts Claffey/Claffy/Claffie, etc. 
People please email Ann Claffee at
Claffey Family from Salem, MA (Essex Co.)

01 John Claffey b. 1838 Ireland
02 +Bridget Claffey b. 1838 Ireland
03----Bridget Teresa Claffey Hayes Flynn
04----Michael Joseph Claffey b. 21 Jan 1853 d. 1903
05----+1st wife Mary Walsh Claffey b. Ireland (died in childbirth)
06--------John Joseph Claffey, Sr. b.  1886 USA
07--------+Hannah Agnes Heffernan Claffey
08----+2nd wife Alice (maiden name unknown) Claffey
09----Ann Claffey
10----John Claffey
11----Charles J. Claffey, Sr. d. 1897
12----+Honora P. Sexton Claffey d. 1930
13--------Charles J. Claffey, Jr. d. 1983
14--------+Lorena M. Kelly Claffey d. 1993
15----Margret Claffey
16----Catherine Claffey b. 1870
17----Terrance James Claffey b. 29 Sep 1871, Galway, Ireland, d. 1942
18----Patrick J. Claffey b. 29 Sep 1873, Galway
19----Rose E. Claffey b. 1876

03-Bridget Theresa Claffey married 1st Thomas Hayes, 2nd James Flynn. 
          She and James Flynn had the following children:  William Joseph Flynn b. 1886, 
          James Joseph Flynn b. 1886-married Mary Curran, 
          Theresa Mary Flynn b. 1889-married Frank J. Fossa, 
          Edward Watson Flynn b. 1891 married Madeline Chaisson,
          Ann Elena Flynn b. 1893 married James H. Crowley,
          Arthur Leo Flynn b. 1895 married Mary Rock, 
          John Claffey Flynn b. 1897.
04-Birth year may be 1858, born in Ireland, died in horseback accident in 1903, lived 
          at  6 Roslyn CT., Salem, MA, became naturalized citizen 16 Oct 1889 in Salem
          District Court.
06-After father's death in 1903, stepmother sent him to live with his aunt Bridget 
          Theresa Claffey Flynn.
07-Hannah Agnes Heffernan was the daughter of Patrick & Catherine Shay Heffernan 
          of  Danvers,  MA.  Their eight other daughters were: 
              Catherine (died as an infant or young child), 
              2nd Catherine (named after the infant that died),
              Rose (died as an infant or young child) 
              2nd Rose (named after the infant that died), Mamie, Anne, 
              and two other daughters whose   names are unknown at this time.
11-Charles J. Claffey is buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Salem, MA.  A Charles 
          Claffey was b. 24 Oct 1864 in Gort, Galway to John Claffey and Bridget Guinon
          (some documents say Givinan) Claffey.
12-Buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Salem, MA.
17-Died Long Island, NY, address 56-1/2 Mason St., Salem, MA, became naturalized 
          citizen 11 April 1894 in Salem District Court.
18-became naturalized citizen 23 Oct 1894 in Salem District Court.
01-John Claffey immigrated with the six oldest children and his wife Bridget followed in 
      1884 with the four youngest children.  The family is supposed to be related to Claffey 
      families in New  York.
        Also buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Salem, MA are:
        Walter E. Claffey d. 1937 and his wife Ruth Tucker Claffey died 1956; 
       Mary C. Claffey d. 1967 (wife of Dunamore Mallow).
    I am researching a Claffey family from Ireland who came to USA @ 1863 and settled in the Lowell, 
MA area north of Boston. An "unknown first name" Claffey married Catherine Dolan in Ireland.
Their children were Catherine, Helen, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth (and two others- unknown at this time). 
The daughter Catherine b. @ 1863 in Ireland married Joseph McEvoy b. Ireland, who died in the Spanish American war.
QUESTION:  What was the father's first name?

William Joseph Claffey was born in Massachusetts 18 Nov 1888.  His mother's maiden name was 
Briggs.  He died in Los Angeles 01 Sep 1944.
QUESTION: Who were his parents?

There is a Claffey Avenue in Worcester, MA

     I have details on the following Claffey/Claffy immigrants who applied in Massachusetts to become Naturalized Citizens in the 1800's: Peter, Patrick, Michael, John, James, Hubert & Andrew

     James Claffee married Maria Horn in Roxbury (Suffolk Co.) 18 Sep 1842.
        Mary A. Claffee married James Caten 16 Oct 1842 in the same town.
           Bridget Claffy m. Thomas Harney 16 May 1841, Roxbury, MA

     The following people lived in Pittsfield, MA in the 1880's & 1890's: Claffey/Claffie:  John, 
John (Jr.), Maria, Martin, Peter, Elmer, Frank, William.
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