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Pioneer Cemetery

The record of this cemetery is transcribed from an anonymous manuscript at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, titled "History of the Locke Family." Based on the mention of people living at the time,it must have been written prior to 1908. The two living people mentioned were Jonathan Locke, son of John Locke, and his wife, Bethia West (Locke) (Longhurst) Locke, daughter of James Locke.

I have tried to faithfully reproduce the record as I found it, including any obvious errors. Here is the author's introduction:

On a bluff facing Cranberry Island, in the property of Mr. Colin C. Locke of Lockeport, there is a small private burying ground which has been allowed to become overgrown with bushes. Four stones of comparatively recent date are still legible and in good condition but beyond these no person now living could say with certainty how many graves there are or to whom they may belong. Gathering together the reminiscences of the oldest inhabitants, I think all but 3 of the 16 graves are now accounted for . . . .

The identity of 6 and 7 is vouched for by a grand daughter and the length of the graves determines the order. As to 7, 8, and 9, the oldest Lockes now living positively assert that Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan and their daughter Ann lie here (and indeed there was no other place); the great length of the middle grave identifies it as the man's and the fact that spaces were evidently reserved for his children on the South side would indicate that his wife lay to the North and his daughter to the South of himself.

11 and 12, are young children, a sister of the present Mr. Jonathan Locke, and a brother of Mrs. Jonathan.

The rest are, from their position, evidently not members of the Locke family, except 10, and as there is not a shadow of doubt about Black Luce being buried on the Bluff, this must be her grave. To Captain Mason there is a flat horizontal stone, carefully engraved ( probably by his shipmates): S.M. of Kennebunk died May 18, 1833.

(T)he first four graves have legible stones, in this order:- 1. Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan (son of Dr. Jonathan) d.1844, age 82 2. Jonathan, son of Dr. d. 1852, age 94 3. Laetitia, wife of Samuel (grandson of Dr.) d. 1839, age 89 4. Samuel, son of Dr. d. 1844, age 89
The rest have stones without inscriptions, but are almost certainly as follows:- 5. Rev. John Craig 6. Mrs. Craig (Daughter of Dr. Jonathan) 7. Ann 8. Dr. Jonathan 9. Mrs. Dr. Jonathan 10. "Black Luce", an old family servant 11. Eliza Aline, d. of John (Granddaughter of Dr.) d.1814 12. Henry Ryder, son of James (grandson of Dr.) d. 1810 13, 14, 15 -- Three stranger children, one of them named Belcher, from across the harbour. 16. Captain Sam Mason, of Kennebunk, Mass., died 1833.

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