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John Locke Bible

This bible was generously loaned to me by my father's first cousin, Kay (Day) McDonald of Thorburne, NS.   It had been in the possession of her grandmother, Catherine Longhurst, passed down probably through Catherine's stepfather, Jonathan Locke, the youngest son of John Locke.   It was transcribed circa 1980 by Ann Capstick.   Another John Locke Bible has been recorded in the Nova Scotia Genealogist Vol. VIII/3, submitted by Mrs. Helen Ghent, PO Box 205, Lockeport, NS B0T 1L0.   The NSG Bible contains additional information, but regarding the children's births, with some minor differences, the information is essentially the same.

John Locke married to Miss Mary Harlowe March the 7th 1804.
Samuel B. Lockeborn, December 23rd 1804
Eliza Allinaborn, January 14th 1806
John Winslow Lockeborn, March 20th 1807
Olivia Harlowe Lockeborn, Dec. 7th 1808
Priscella Perry Lockeborn, July 31st 1810
Mary Eliza Lockeborn, Oct. 1st 1812
Enos Churchill Lockeborn, April 28th 1814
Jerusha Collins Lockeborn, January 11th 1816
George James Lockeborn, Sep. 12th 1819
Jonathan Lockeborn, Sept. 18th 1821
Patience Lockeborn, Sept. 27th 1825

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