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[S000001] Birth Certif. in possession of author.

[S000002] Bapm.Certif in possession of author.

[S000003] TEDM;

[S000004] EACM;V.J.McGillivray Funeral Homes Ltd.:Proof of Death ipoa

[S000005] EACM;

[S000006] Birth Certificate in possession of author

[S000007] Baptismal Certificate ipoa Spon:Joseph Duggan,Anne F. Newman

[S000008] 1871-1;1881-11;1891-21;1901-32;

[S000009] 1871-p ,dwell34,fam34;

[S000010] 1881-p30,dwell118,fam118;

[S000011] 1891-p15,fam63;

[S000012] 1901-p5,Mariner,fam32;

[S000017] CAPB;

[S000018] 1891-p2,fam 5,Grade C Teacher

[S000019] CAPB;TEDM;

[S000020] E.A.(Ted)-on her death,Ted & Marj.came to Sherbrooke,NS

[S000021] CAPB;LYDC;TEDM;Birth Certif.ipoa;

[S000022] 1891-p2,fam5,Bank Agent;

[S000023] CAPB;LYDC;

[S000024] LYDC;

[S000025] L-LB;CAPB;

[S000026] 1891-p2,fam5;

[S000027] 1871-32;1881-42;1891-52;1901-62;STGR;

[S000028] STGR;

[S000029] 1871-p ,dwell34,fam34,Farming&Fishing;

[S000030] 1881-p30,Seaman,dwell118,fam118;

[S000031] 1891-p15,Ship Captain,fam63;

[S000032] 1901-p5,Farmer,fam32;

[S000033] 1871-22;1881-34;1891-42;1901-53;

[S000034] 1881-p30,dwell118;fam118;

[S000035] 1901-p5,"Lizzie",fam32;

[S000036] STJC;1871-63;1881-73;1891-84;

[S000037] 1838-41-p56,LIVISTON,carpenter,3m<6,1f<6,1f>14,tot6;

[S000038] 1871-p ,dwell32,fam32,Seaman;

[S000039] 1881-p30,Ship Captain,dwell119,fam119;

[S000040] 1891-p15,Ship Captain,Widower,fam62;

[S000041] STJC;

[S000043] 1871-p ,dwell32,fam32;

[S000044] 1881-p30,dwell119,fam119;

[S000085] 1838-41-Liviston,Farmer,1 m >14,1f>14,tot3;

[S000091] 1871-8;

[S000092] 1871-p84,fam295;

[S000093] 1871-40;1881-55;1891-65;1901-60,b.ruralNS;

[S000094] 1871-p84,fam295,Labourer;

[S000095] 1881-p ,fam122,Labourer;

[S000096] 1891-p66,fam285,Farmer;

[S000097] 1901-p11,fam97,Mine labourer;

[S000098] 1871-35;1881-44;1891-55;LKL believes gmother was a McIntyre

[S000099] 1871-p84,fam295;born NS

[S000100] 1881-p ,fam122;

[S000101] 1891-p67,fam285,parents born Scotland;

[S000163] TP;

[S000168] L-LB;

[S000169] L-LB"...lost in The Trident P(onnuss)ing from the Islands as

[S000170] L-LB;LYDC-b Aug 28 1819;1891-72;

[S000171] 1891-p24,fam116,mother born PEI;

[S000172] L-LB;LYDC;

[S000186] JTNLB;

[S000187] ROOD;

[S000205] TEDM - 24 in July 1809;

[S000220] PANS MSS

[S000221] PANS MSS;History of the County of Queens;

[S000243] PANS MSS;

[S000244] Identified as a Planter of Hampton,NH in 1727

[S000246] PANS;

[S000303] VSN;"73",A.R. Sat. 25 Feb 1826

[S000304] VSN;"Left Widow,5 children"

[S000534] Marr.Cert.ipoa,Wit:Florence Livingston,G.R.Robertson

[S000535] Marriage Certificate

[S000536] Divorce Decree

[S000538] CAPB;NSMA;wit:G.N.Longhurst,Annie Johnson;

[S000542] L-LB;ANGL;

[S000563] Cape Breton Land Grants

[S000565] 1992, Steven Hopkins sketch #340 ii;

[S000567] 1992, Steven Hopkins sketch #340 ii; Secondary source: 1974 NGSG p. 115

[S000570] Kathryn Graham: Wing.txt

[S000572] Kathryn Graham: Wing.txt

[S000574] purported by Hills,pt 2,pp. 59-60

[S000578] Rankin: History of Antigonish County, p.291

[S000581] St. George's Records; Rankin: History of Antigonish County, p.291

[S000582] Sketches of Guysborough County p.319; Rankin:History of Antigonish County,p.291;

[S000583] Guysborough Sketches and Other Essays by A.C. Jost pp.306-307.

[S000585] Rankin: History of Antigonish County, p.209

[S000598] Christ Church Records, Guysborough; STJC; 1871-60; 1881-71;

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