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CCFHA has assembled two lists which may help in your research of Corson and its variant spellings.   These lists are under revision, but in a effort to continue to present something that might still be of use, they can be accessed in their current formats until full revision is complete.

  • Master Reference Source List - from the original compilation of all sources which have been discovered to contain at least something relative to the above research  focus.  (Note: this is a large file, 930 KB)
  • Resource Lookup List  - list of holdings in the personal libraries of members.

This list is under active revision.

Members' input is needed to make this list usable for “lookups” again.  Please take the time to help us help you.

In  1991 CCFHA members were invited to submit information about  reference books and materials for the purpose of creating  a good bibliography for ‘Corson’ and Colson: researchers.  Along with trying to identify any source of related information, a specific goal was to identify those materials held in possession of members who would be willing to share. While not obliged to lend out items or materials, those volunteering would do lookups and try to answer research inquires. This would make information from these materials available to those not able to find the materials elsewhere, or to personally add them to their own collection.

Eventually the list grew to about 900 entries. A past version has been offered as one of the publications available for purchase from the CCFHA. During 2002 it was made available to CCFHA members free of charge on the CCFHA website, in the members-only section.

Some revisions had been made because the original contacts became out of date, but the list was reviewed and it was found to be in need of thorough revision.

Both goals depend on member input. We hope you will want to help with one of the goals or both.

A form has been developed to help you submit those sources that you have found, and to identify those from which you can do lookups.  A lookup is an easy task if the source is in your own personal library, but if you have found a 'Corson' source which might be rare or unique in a repository near you, then this would be very helpful to someone having no other way to access such isolated information.

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The CCFHA web site originally created by Jeff Owens (CCFHA Member M-260).

This page updated 03 Dec 2011

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