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Corson Cousins

A Ten-Year Collection of Newsletters

1991 - 2000

Iverne Corson Rinehart, Editor

Compiled and indexed by Gale Corson

Corson / Colson Family History Association
Richmond, Virginia

Copyright 2002


October 2003

A milestone in the CCFHA Libraries Program was reached when full sets of Corson Cousins were distributed to each of the CCFHA Depository Libraries.

The Corson Cousins newsletter has been in publication since 1981. Depository Libraries have been selected more recently. Although all of them get current issues of the newsletter, most had only scattered copies of earlier issues and none had the new 10-year indexes.

Each CCFHA Depository Library now has a set of two attractively bound books. The first volume contains all issues of the publication from 1981 through 1990, together with its 10-year index. The second volume contains all issues from 1991 through 2000, plus index. Each book has somewhat less than 1000 pages. The combined collection, index, and bound book means your newsletter has become an even more important research source.

The volumes were donated to the depository libraries as part of the CCFHA public service outreach program (although one library offered to contribute toward theirs and we accepted). An additional book set is being retained in the CCFHA Research Library. The total cost of the current effort was approximately $1000. Costs would have been higher except for donated services of volunteers. Thanks go to all who have participated.

A small portion of CCFHA member dues each year is set aside for efforts such as this. Those little amounts add up to something worthwhile. Your continued support is important. Together we can.

You can reference these collected Corson Cousins books at one of the following CCFHA Depository Libraries (listed with the family Divisions each represents):

New Durham Library, New Durham NH Division I
New Jersey State Library, Trenton NJ Divisions II and VII
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Division III
Gloucester County Historical Soc, Woodbury NJ Division IV
Family History Center, Salt Lake City UT Divisions V, VI, IX, XIV, X
Allen County Public Library, Ft Wayne IN Divisions VIII, XI, XII, XIII

More details about the CCFHA libraries and Library Program

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