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Faces and Places

A listing of things and places named after individuals with the surname 'Corson' and any of its variant spellings.


Corson Mine Corson Shipyard Corson's Inlet Henry Corson Place
Corson Lane Corson Auditorium Corson Avenue Corson Street
Courson Island/Eddy U.S.S. Corson Coulson Corson Field
Corson Hall Corson Siding Coulson's Corners Courson Park and Pool
Corson Park Corson County Petersburg  



Nottingham, Rockingham County, New Hampshire
 3.9 miles N. 45 deg E. of Raymond village.
"The Corson feldspar mine is in one of the most important permatites in the Raymond region. ... The mine was operated by the Whitehall Co., Inc. during their postwar activity in the Raymond region, and until operations ceased in 1948 ..."

(No indication of how this mine was named was included.)
Originally submitted by Dana Morong and printed on page SR-2 of the April 1993 "Corson Cousins" Source: page 16 of "Beryl Resources of New Hampshire" with the subheading: Corson Mine
Lewistown, Mifflin Co., PA
Corson Lane has two residences on it.  It was named by David W. Corson for his family which occupies one of the residences
Originally our address on the now named Corson Lane was, RD3  Box 84, which was changed to1263 Back Maitland Road  because of the 911 emergency system needs. Then, when it was realized that confusion might occur because our lane didn't shoot straight out to the road, and we had to change it again.  There are only two houses here, one when you first turn into the lane, that's 1 Corson Lane, and ours which is 9 Corson lane.  So actually it wasn't really named after someone for a special reason, it just that's what we decided on.
          - David W. Corson <>
Warren County, PA
In the Allegheny River
Lat/Lon 414055N 0792246W

Located in the same vicinty at:
Lat/Lon 414056N 0792304W
(Name not shown on two maps consulted)

Click here for aerial photograph
Click here for topo map
Courson Island, is located directly across from the old Courson homestead in Tidioute (in the Allegheny National Forest).

Reportedly named after Anthony Wayne Courson (b.13 Mar 1788, NJ?);(m. Elizabeth Jane Goetz/Gates) who was an early settler of Tidioute, Warren County, PA. He was a lumberman, innkeeper, and farmer. He came in 1806 from Centre Co. PA, first settling in Forest County, then to Tidioute by 1825.
Submitter: Debra Johnson Richardson <> Source:
History of Clayton County, Iowa 1882
(re Samuel W. Courson, son of Anthony)


Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Named for Dale Raymond Corson, Physicist and President of Cornell University from 1969 until 1977.
Submitter: Lawrence Staib <> A lengthy biography can be found at:
Millville, New Jersey

It is located along East Main Street (Route 49) between 14th Street and Wade Boulevard.

Photo - general view (taken 2000)

Corson Park was named in honor of past Mayor Benjamin H. Corson.  It features a pond for fishing and ice skating; a small band shell/stage; a large variety of swings, slides, and climbing devices; walkways around the pond; picnic benches; and several tennis courts...all with ample parking. The park is always attended by a large variety of ducks and geese. 

Ben was born in Millville on 27 Jul 1888 to Lewis Reed Corson/Sarah Turner.  He married Bertha Phifer of Millville on 5 Aug 1909. Bertha was the daughter of William C. & Elizabeth Phifer.  The wedding was held at the home of the bride on S. 3rd St. Rev. C. S. Lawrence of Trinity Church performed the ceremony.  In May of 1965 he was elected to his fifth consecutive, four year term as a Millville City Commissioner. In two of these terms he was chosen as Mayor.  Ben died on 3 Aug 1965.

Submitter: Glenn J. Bingham <> Source: email from Jack Kelley, Millville Historical Society <>
Camden, New Jersey

Some aerial photos can be found below.
The former Corson Shipyard is the section that sticks out in the water the farthest, parallel to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge (formerly Camden Bridge).

[It should be noted that, due to the time period elapsed, it is very likely that none of the present shipyard structures and piers are the same as when this was a Corson operation.  Also, note that they were 'ship's carpenters'.  Ships from that era were emerging from wooden hulls to steel hulled sailing ships and were outfitted with a large amount of wood being utilized.]

"In that year [1852] David Corson, with his brothers Andrew and George, ship-builders at Millville, came to Camden and opened a yard that then extended nearly from Shaxamoxon Ferry to the rolling-mill. He remained in the business until 1868, when he sold to Bartlett & Tilton..." *
Camden directories and birth records and Millville census records indicate that this is not quite correct. David came with his brothers Joseph and Isaac who show in the Millville census as "carpenters" in 1850. Their father Andrew showed as the same.  No brother Andrew has been found for David, and brother George ("ship carpenter") seems to have vacated Millville by 1840, but reappeared in Millville through the 1860-1870 period.
According to the Millville 1850 census, David did have sons named Andrew and David.
Submitters: Glenn J. Bingham<>
                    & Priscilla Dietrich
*Prowell in "The History of Camden Co, NJ" (1886)
Aerial Photos:
Camden & Philadelphia riverfront, Aug 1995
Camden, circa 1925
Camden, date unknown
Interlochen Center for the Arts
Interlochen, Michigan

The Center is associated with the University of Michigan system.

The auditorium was a gift of Thomas H. Corson of Middlebury, IN.  He is an Honorary Emeritus Trustee for Interlochen Center for the Arts.   Built in 1978, it is a design by architect Alden Dow, and a replica of a building by Dow in Midland, MI.  The cement exterior has the appearance of wood grained boards.  The cheerful, life-sized sculpture of a bear, by Marshall Fredericks, guards the entrance and completes the link to the surrounding natural setting.
Submitter: Cathy Compton <> Sites with more info:
The Interlochen Center
[A number of campus photos can be found including a few thumbnails of the auditorium.]

The architect's firm:

(AVP-37 Decommissioned)
U.S. Navy Seaplane Tender
Named for Corson's Inlet in New Jersey
Submitter: Gale Corson / Jeff Owens Source and Details:
[or Corson's Siding] 
Bexley Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada 
On the high point of Trent Canal System "about an hour northeast of Toronto near Fenelon Falls"
Corson Siding  was settled by and named for William Henry Corson (1824-1906) who went there from Grimsby, Ont. to cut timber for a Toronto distiller and for ties the local railroads needed for expansion. William and his wife Cordelia (Comfort) had 12  children.
Submitters:  Corson Ellis, 
and Lily Corson
Cited:  The Mercantile Agency Reference Book, Dun  & Co. (Dun and Bradstreet), Jan 1901.
South Dakota

Population (1990): 4195; land area 2473 square miles

Named for Dighton Corson (1827-1915).  Member of Wisconsin State Legislature, 1857; Delegate to Nevada State Constitutional Convention, 1885, 1889; Judge of South Dakota State Supreme Court, 1st District, 1889-1913. 
Submitter:  Jeff Owens Source: Corson County, SD USGenWeb page 
Cape May County, New Jersey

Aerial photo
It is said that John and Peter Corson sailed into the Corson's Inlet area to pursue whaling.  They and other whalers settled there in caves and other types of make-shift homes, or shacks.  On the peninsula on the south side of the inlet, the land became known as "Corsons".  It changed to Strathmere in 1912.   Peck's Beach, another piece of historic real estate is located on the north side.
Submitter: Carol Y. Reese, Sources: '300 Years of Corsons', vol. II; and "Corson's Inlet or Strathmere" by Katharine J. Carmona a story from "A History of Upper Township and Its Villages", compiled by members of The Historical Preservation Society of Upper Township in 1989.
Seattle, King Co., Washington
(south side)


Named in 1911 for Dr. Willis H. Corson of Seattle. Dr. Corson (1879-1943), physician and surgeon, served in the US Army medical corps during WW I, later went into private practice in Seattle, on staff of St. Luke's and Providence hospitals, Superintendent of the King County Hospital for several years, and served as coroner. He was the son of Dr. Hiram R. Corson of Old Town, Maine; married Ann [or Anna] Z. Snyder in 1924; and by an earlier marriage had twin sons (Willis H. 2nd and Jack B. Corson) in 1909. Siblings: Patricia A. and Kenneth P.
 Submitter: Gale Corson: Corson Cousins, Jul 1985, p4 (from Madelyn Cataldo).

Seattle Times, obituary 20 Aug 1943.

Biography from History of King County, Washington, vol. III, by Clarence B. Bagley, S. J. Clarke publishers, Chicago and Seattle, 1929.(qR979.72 / B146Hk, pp.694-5)

A Village in Medonte/Oro Township, Simcoe County,Ontario, Canada
near Horseshoe Valley. 
Miles to: Orillia 10, Barrie 20, Toronto 86
Population (1869), 40; (1901), 25
Named by and for James P. Coulson, pioneer of 1864, grist/sawmill owner, general merchant, and Postmaster. Coulson United Church, founded 1881 
Submitter: Lily Corson Cited: The Province of Ontario Gazetteer & Directory, publ Robertson & Cook, 1869; The Mercantile Agency Reference Book, Dun & Co (Dun and Bradstreet), Jan 1901; Corson Cousins, Jan 1995, p. 3, and Apr 1995, p. 3
Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
No data has been offered about the community's name origin.
Submitted: Lily Corson Cited: The Province of Ontario Gazetteer & Directory, publ. Robertson & Cook, 1869; The Mercantile Agency Reference Book, Dun & Co (Dun and Bradstreet), Jan 1901
Cape May County, New Jersey
 It is located in the central part of Upper Township and is bordered by the Cedar Swamp Creek on the east. 
The town of Petersburg was named in 1834 after Peter Corson(1795-1873), its first Postmaster (apptd. 14 Apr 1856).  It was originally named Littleworth by the VanGilder family in the early 1740's.
Submitter: Carol Y. Reese, Sources: '300 Years of Corsons', vol II, p. 80; and "Petersburg", by Joyce Van Vorst, a story from "A History of Upper Township and Its Villages", compiled by members of The Historical Preservation Society of Upper Township in 1989.

Markham, York County, Ontario, Canada
(northeast of Toronto)

Named for Henry Ryan Corson (1823-1909), the youngest son of "Father Corson" - a circuit riding Methodist minister in 1820 to 1860 when Canada was wilderness.  Corson was for many years the owner publisher of the Markham Economist and Sun, a liberal Newspaper. At various times he owned a tannery, served as clerk of Markham village, and was a close friend of political figures.  He was much admired by the people of the town and his political friends and foe alike. Married to Nancy Reesor, they had five children including Robert John Corson.
Submitter:  Corson Ellis
Henry Ryan Corson was his great grandfather.
Whitby Reporter. Markham Historical Society. 

Pasadena, California


Named about 1900 for Joseph Baneth Corson, who lived nearby. Corson was instrumental in rescuing the community library from bankruptcy in 1890 and in organizing construction of the second library building. He was also active in the anti-saloon movement and served as a deacon in the First Universalist Church in Pasadena.
The record seems to say that Corson and his wife Flora were born in Maine about 1834 and 1840, respectively. They appear in the 1880 Wisconsin census with four children, Maud, Estella, Flavilla, and Ralph. Joseph apparently died in Pasadena between 1900 and 1910, when the census shows his widow living with daughter Flavilla, son-in-law Reginald Bland, and their children. As a respected educator and musician, Bland continued the family tradition of community service in Pasadena.
 Submitter: Gale Corson History of Pasadena by Hiram A. Reid, 1895.

Pasadena Public Library Annual Report, 1964-1965.
Library research e-mail report, 1999. 
US Census returns, 1880-1910

Andover, New Hampshire
Baseball field at Andover Elementary School, named after George Harold Corson, former coach and principal there 1937-1952, 1970-1979.
Submitter: Michael Corson; George Corson was his grandfather.


Palmdale, California

Named after Melville John Courson, son of William Courson and __ McCallister.  William's parents were John and Rebecca Courson, who were in Missouri in both 1880 and 1870.  He was born 31 Dec 1891 in MO.  He was married to Blythe McCormick in Tulsa Co., OK on 24 Jan 1920.  Melville was the president of the Palmdale Chamber of Commerce in 1946-1947.   He died 4 Dec 1952 in Los Angeles County, CA.
Submitter: Michael Corson and Gale Corson California Death Index, 1870 and 1880 U.S. Census, website info.
The CCFHA is seeking to identify place names, or other items of interest, that include the Corson surname, and the people for whom  they were named.  Please help expand this section by submitting any examples you find. If possible, include details about the location and the source of information that indicates who is the namesake.

Some places which require identifying details:
COURSON ALLEY, Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA, 1 block long between Washington Blvd. & Brandon Pl. - near the campus of Lycoming College
CORSON TAVERN ROAD, Seaville, Cape May Co., New Jersey
COURSEN (Street name), Stanhope Boro, Sussex Co., New Jersey
COURSEN ROAD, Sandystone Township, Sussex Co., New Jersey
CORSON AVENUE, Pennsville, Salem Co., New Jersey, intersects with South Broadway (Route 49).
CORSON TOWNSHIP, Walworth County,  South Dakota
CORSON AVENUE, Perris, California
CORSON'S HILL, Belgrade Lakes, Maine


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Feature Name St County Equivalent Name Type Lat. Long. USGS 7.5' Map
Corson Place CO Saguache locale 381927N 1064652W Sawtooth Mountain
Corson School KS Leavenworth school 392505N 0950617W Oak Mills
Corson Brook ME Somerset stream 445654N 0694155W Athens
Corson Corner ME Somerset populated place 445358N 0693610W Harmony
Corsons Corner ME Somerset populated place 445847N 0694056W Athens
Corson Bay NC Bladen swamp 344836N 0783536W Ammon
Corson Branch NE Johnson stream 402057N 0960946W Tecumseh
Corson Inlet NJ Cape May bay 391220N 0743858W Sea Isle City
Corson Sound NJ Cape May bay 391308N 0743953W Sea Isle City
Corsons PA Montgomery populated place 400630N 0751630W Norristown
Corson County SD Corson civil 454500N 1010730W Miscol
Corson SD Minnehaha populated place 433659N 0963417W Brandon
Corson, Township of SD Walworth civil 452908N 0995300W Lowry NW
Corson Peak UT Daggett summit 405820N 1095515W Phil Pico Mountain

U.S. Department of the Interior || U.S. Geological Survey
12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20192, USA
Last modified: November 1, 2000
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Feature Name St County Equivalent Name Type Lat. Long. USGS 7.5' Map
Coursens Landing Airport IL Jo Daviess airport 422525N 0903015W Menominee
Coursen Grove Cemetery KS Mitchell cemetery 391822N 0975845W Glasco SW
Coursen Grove School Number Two KS Mitchell school 391635N 0975804W Glasco SW
Coursens Grove (historical) KS Mitchell populated place 391636N 0975807W Glasco SW
Pellettown (Coursenville) NJ Sussex populated place 410941N 0744030W Branchville

Click on the feature name for feature details and for links to mapping services.

Feature Name St County Equivalent Name Type Lat. Long. USGS 7.5' Map
Courson Park CA Los Angeles park 343436N 1180635W Palmdale
Courson Pond GA Treutlen reservoir 322521N 0822743W Covena
Courson Cemetery IL Marion cemetery 384717N 0884329W Oskaloosa
Courson Lake MI Benzie lake 444640N 0855547W Burdickville
Courson Eddy PA Warren bay 414056N 0792304W Tidioute
Courson Island PA Warren island 414055N 0792246W Tidioute

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