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CCFHA Research Library

The CCFHA Research Library serves to identify, collect, organize, preserve, and share information and items relevant to genealogy, especially those relevant to the history of Corson/Colson families. It is charged with developing collectable resources and making them available to members and researchers, present and future.

Because the collection is focused on "Corson" families, it is unusually comprehensive within the chosen scope, and yet fairly small overall. There are well over 100 known variants to the name "Corson" plus related families such as Colson, Corsa, Vroom, and their respective variants, and many of them are distinctly separate families. With that potential, the collection continues to grow despite its seemingly limited scope. Almost everything being submitted for the 300+ Project, for example, will eventually find its way into the Research Library; opportunities for adding histories and other background publications are extensive; and onomastic variability is attracting attention. It is clear that other significant materials remain to be collected and preserved. The collection therefore continues to be improved through additions as interests, donations, and budgets allow.

The Research Library is currently small enough that we are able to avoid the expenses of buildings and librarian staff. The tradeoff, however, is that the collection cannot be visited at a local reading room. Instead, the collection is being housed by several CCFHA members who have volunteered to serve as custodians.

Circulation Policy

CCFHA members are eligible to borrow selected materials from the CCFHA Research Library. Originals of items that are rare or irreplaceable will not be circulated, and reproductions will not be made of materials that are under current copyright; but inquiry should be made about alternative ways to obtain desired information including making copies when appropriate, providing lookups, or directions to local libraries or to online sources offering digitized electronic images.

At the present time, relatively few items have been authorized for direct circulation: usually where commercial replacements are readily available or more than one copy is already in the collection.

When materials are borrowed from the Library, a refundable deposit will be assessed to assure their safe return. All reproduction, handling, distribution, and other costs are the responsibility of the borrowing member. Services are provided free by volunteers; timing of responses therefore depends on the availability of the volunteers.

Any inquiry for a specific item should be directed to the person shown in the catalog as the custodian for that particular item.


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