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Library Program of the Corson / Colson Family History Association

The CCFHA believes it is important to collect, preserve, and make good use of relevant sources of information - both traditional sources such as books and other printed materials, and alternative media that include photographs, digital files, manuscripts, and artifacts. Our program is achieving the goal through what we are doing ourselves, what we are doing cooperatively, and by taking advantage of what others are doing.

The CCFHA Research Library. More than 1800 selected titles are contained in the CCFHA's own collection in one form or another, including print books, PERSI reproductions, book excerpts, and CDs. "Corson" and related surnames are central in the selections. But while the emphasis is on specific genealogical content, the collection also includes more general purpose topics in history, biography, techniques, technology, and onomastics, as well as materials representing the creativity of authors with the target surnames. It is arguably the most extensive special collection in the world with this focus. The collection is open ended and continuing to grow.

Library Catalog. The Catalog of the CCFHA Research Library is online. It is accessible to all users and may be reached through a link on this website. Researchers should take note that the catalog has two parts - the main sequence and a more extensive "Book of Books". Nominally contained within the main sequence is the Association's collection of Corson Cousins, Courson Cousins, and Colson's Corner periodicals - all of which are indexed separately and again available through links on this website.

Affiliate Libraries. The CCFHA has sought out respected libraries throughout the country to represent us as "Affiliate Libraries". Affiliates agreed to accept subscription to the Corson Cousins quarterly newsletter/journal and make issues permanently available to interested users. For the most part, CCFHA provides these libraries with subscriptions for free. Costs are borne by the general funds of our treasury.

Depository Libraries. The CCFHA has sought out a smaller number of respected libraries across the country to represent us as "Depository Libraries". In addition to receiving our newsletters, Depository Libraries have agreed to accept other suitable materials we may provide, and to maintain a collection of materials which are of specific interest to selected lines within our organization's focus (see the table below for specifics.) They were chosen for geographic factors based on concentrations of early members of the specific lines, and/or also for the services and general collections they offer.

External Sources. Many individuals and institutions have or are developing relevant resources beyond those contained in the library efforts described above. While it is impossible to identify all of them, two lists provided through this website make it easier to access many of them. The sources list identifies many publications of interest to researchers working in this field. The links list makes it easy for researchers to go to websites of interest that are created and maintained by others.

The Library Program is working on three goals:

1. Improve communications with all of our libraries; make sure the materials we are contributing are being made available to the public.

2. Reproduce and distribute the collected works of Courson Cousins (west). This is the newsletter that was edited by Margaret Gardner during the years 1980-1984. The goal is similar to what we have achieved for early issues of our own Corson Cousins except there were fewer issues, and therefore less cost and effort. The newsletters have already been indexed.

3. Increase attention to the CCFHA Research Library, containing the books and other materials held by the organization. Current acquisitions seek to support research and documentation efforts of the 300+ Project. Contributed photographs, manuscripts, artifacts, and other items of interest are encouraged.

CCFHA Affiliate and Depository Libraries

The next time you are in or near a community where one of the "CCFHA libraries" is located, stop in and take a look. Let us know what you find. When visiting, check locally with libraries for the days and hours they are open. Generally, details can be found on the web sites for each of them as linked in the table below. However, it is always a prudent policy to call ahead, especially when traveling any distance. Some libraries impose a small charge for admission.

All CCFHA Depository Libraries listed here should have bound copies (two volumes) of the collected Corson Cousins newsletters for 1981-1990 and 1991-2000 - including all issues of Colson's Corner. In addition the libraries should have loose-leaf copies of every issue since then. Some of the libraries have other relevant materials as well. Quite a few, for example, have the Orville Corson book, Three Hundred Years with the Corson Families in America.

CCFHA  Affiliate Libraries
Clayton Library
5300 Caroline Street
Houston, TX  77004
Dallas Public Library
Genealogy Section
1515 Young St.
Dallas, TX  75201
Lebanon Area Library
New Road
Lebanon, ME  04027
NY Genealogical and Biographical Soc
122 E. 58th St.
New York, NY  10002-1939
Sutro Library
   California State Library
480 Winston Drive
San Francisco, CA  94132
Email to:
Wisconsin Historical Society
816 State Street
Madison, WI  53706-1482
Dover Public Library
73 Locust St.
Dover, NH  03820
Ohio Historical Society
1982 Velma Ave.
Columbus, OH  43211


CCFHA Depository Libraries
New Durham Public Library
2 Old Bay Road
New Durham, NH  03855
   [ CCFHA  Division I ]
New Jersey State Library
Genealogy Section
185 West State Street
Trenton NJ  08625-0520
    [ CCFHA  Divisions II & VII ]
NJ State Library Genealogy Policies
Gloucester County Historical Society
17 Hunter St.
Woodbury, NJ   08096-4605
   [ CCFHA  Division IV ]
Family History Library
35 N. West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84103
Information phone: 801-240-2331
  [CCFHA  Divisions V, VI, IX, XIV, X ]
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1300 Locust Street
(2 blocks east of Rt. 611)
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5699
   [ CCFHA  Division III ]
Allen County Public Library
Genealogy Department
200 East Berry Street
Ft. Wayne, IN  46802
  [CCFHA  Divisions VIII, XI, XII, XIII ]

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