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Anyone whose research has been stymied by documents in a foreign language will welcome the CCFHA's Document Translation Project.  With your help we are trying to identify foreign language texts that warrant translation. And then we're trying to get them translated inexpensively.

One example is the wonderful support Michael Corson has been giving by translating information in French about Coursons in France and England from as early as the eleventh century. Details were published in the CCFHA newsletter of Jan 2004.

William DeCoursey has given us another example, because several years ago he located a set of books in French that looked interesting to him, although he had no way of telling for sure. Recently he copied a sample page from one of the books and now - again with Michael's help - he has an English version of the page that will let him decide if the source warrants further attention or not.

So if you run across something promising in French or Dutch or any other language, share it with the Translation Project. No guarantees. It may take a while. But if there is enough potential interest we will work with you to get it translated if at all possible.

The other side of the coin is for you if you have foreign language skills. Let us know.  Sooner or later someone will submit a document you can translate.
If there is a particularly promising document and the translation "exchange" doesn't work, the CCFHA Board could decide to authorize a small purchase of translation services.

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