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CCFHA: 300+ Project Electronic Submissions
300+ Project:  Catalog of Electronic Media Materials Submitted
updated to 7 Jun 2005
100 Derek Vroom San Mateo, CA Apr 2001 Div III  Material assembled by uncle of submitter: Alan Heard Vroom. submitted via email attachment (138K) Family Tree Maker, v6.0, .GED FD
101 Marsha Courson Van Slyke  (deceased) (no address included) Aug 2002 Div X  Descendant Report 59 p: COURSON's from Venango, Clarion, Warren Cos., PA.  5 generations approx 1765-1920 - living generations purposely omitted COURSO~2.RTF FD
102 J. Stewart Corsa (no address included) Jan 2003 Div II  Descendant Report (4p.) - 6 generations from Jan Corszen to approx 1881 .BMP in .ZIP format FD
103 Ken Grace Mar 2000 Div IV  Gedcom Approximately 125 people in 6 generations starting with Parmenas Corson Family Tree Maker, v6.0 '.FTM (514K), GED (31K) FD
104 Kathy Wolfe Davenport, PA Mar 2000 Div IV  Gedcom (57K) .ZIP is a series of dBASE files - not examined, could not open after unzipping. .GED created by Family Origins for Win.v.6 FD
105 Jim Corson Seattle, WA Mar 2000 Div III  Gedcom Oldest Corson= Derrick Corson Family Tree Maker v7.0. .GED (112K), FTW (676K) FD
106 Melvin N. Corson Glenburn, ME Sep 2002 Div I  PAF file; two Ancestor Charts early Div I .PAF (18,924K) [.GED file wouldn't open] not examined-see file items #111 & #112 FD
107 Bonnie Corson Glasier   Nov 2000*, Jan 2004 Div III  6 - generation Descendant Report starting from Derrick Corsen b abt 1765; *107A original file submitted on separate disk .RTF (350K), SQZ* FD
108 Susan DeChant Kettle Falls, WA ? Div IV:  Re: Elias Corson disk corrupted-unreadable FD
109 Diane Corson Rosenberg Bettendorf, IA Jul 2001 Div IV  5 generation Descendant Report beginning with 141125 Edwin Corson Works Word Processor.  .WPS FD
110 Leslie W Buirch Wallace, CA Mar 2001 Div IV  Gedcom PAF v4.0.  .GED (435K) FD
111 Melvin N. Corson Glenburn, ME Apr 2002 Div I-a  Gedcom PAF VERS; GED (8,167K). CD
112 Melvin N. Corson Glenburn, ME Oct 2004 Div I-a  Gedcom .ZIP (3254K) of PAF file CD
113 Karen Lucas   Mar 2000 Div IV  Gedcom Family Tree Maker v.7.0  .FTW (7,317K) not examined, .GED (145K) CD
114 Steven S. Courson Beamsville, Ont Jul 2003 Div X  Gedcom: Courson/Orr Family Tree Maker v.8.0 FD
115 Nina Phillips Sep 2004  Feb 2005 Div I  New England Corsons: "necorson" file TMG v.4.0 CD
116 Bonnie Lafferty Sep 2002 Div I  Bonita Longley's ancestors - charts 4&5 [#Samuel]  .jpg (409 & 475K) FD
117 Michael Corson State College PA Feb 2004 Div I  Gedcom [#Samuel]  Family Matters 97 v.4.21b FD