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CCFHA: 300+ Project Hard-Copy Submissions
300+ Project:  Catalog of Hard Copy Materials Submitted  9 Jun 2005 (updated with one entry on 12 Oct 2005)
      Hardcopy materials received, with brief descriptions and file number.  Disks and electronic files are listed in a separate catalog.
Abbreviations used:          Ltr. = letter                   Ch. = Chart
                                      G.S. = group sheets      Rpt. = report
1 William E. Corson Muncy, PA Oct 2001 II Ltr 1p., G.S. 9p.; Ch 2p
2 Mrs. Memma (James C.) Kilgannon   Audubon, PA   Feb 2001, Jan 2003 IV  [#misc] Ltr 1 p.;Descendant Rpt 1 p.; Copy of ltr to Orville Corson dated 1952 1p.; response to ltr 2p.; 2nd ltr to Orville 2p.; response to 2nd ltr 2p.  Info extracted from FTM CD#1 which supposes Jan Carstenszen (aka John Corson) was the son of Carsten Jansen the son of Jan Snedick 3p.
3 Dr. Daniel F. Stramara, Jr.       Lee's Summit, MO Aug 2002 IV  [#21122] Ahnentafel for Judith Corson 3p.; Photocopies of pgs from "Mayflower Descendants in Cape May Co." Corson relating to Eldredge lines pp. 234-237; 246-247; 330-332, 5 shts
4 Kit Corson     Durango, CO   Jul 2002   I Misc charts history and info 12p
5 William B. Corson     Lakewood, NJ   Jan 2002   III  [#531b3] Ancestor and descendant reports 7p  [Comfort]
6 Wilfred A. Corson     Maiden Rock, WI   Dec 2001   X G.S. 2p
7 John Parker Corson  . Nobleboro, ME   Apr 2003   I ? G.S. 5p
8 Margaret Corson Armstrong Cambria, CA  Nov 2002   II G.S. 10p.; newspaper art.-subj=Gordon Corson foil bank robbery in Chicago, shootout kills getaway driver & wounds two others later captured 2p.; copy of ltr written by Verne Corson w/ fam. info dated 1947 4p.; copy of death cert. for William Hutchinson Corson d1943 
9 Richard H. Corson   Batesville, MS   Jan 2002   IV 14221 Personal resume of Richard 2p.; ltr 1p.; descendancy of Joel Somers Corson of the Cape May line 6p
10 James M. Corson  .  Sparta, NJ   Nov 2000   I Chart (22" x 34") of descendants of Cornelius Corson (Div I); Ltr 2p
11 John Edmund Corson  . Bakersfield, CA   Apr 2001   X G.S. 2p
12 Linda Hoffman Mignerey   E. Moriches, NY   Dec 2000 . X Desc rpt for Daniel Corson of Carmantown, NJ 3p
13 Joy D. Corson   College Place, WA   Feb 2002   IV  [#1213] G.S. 73p.; Ltr 1p.  Cape May line
14 ?? ?? Mar 2000 III  [#5112] Large descendant chart for Derrick Corson printed on 22p. (8 1/2 x 11 shts not assembled)
15 Jack B. Corson   Dec 2003 III  [#5197434] Ltr 2p. which details desc. of 5197434 Vol I. pg 187
16 David F. Corson   Jan 2004 III  [#5312] G.S. of immediate family 1p.; Large (18" x 30") family tree chart of ancestors of Joseph and Hannah Dickinson-info derived from Hiram Corson's book of 1906, chart drawn by S. Cameron Corson Feb 1912
17 Wilbur Gene Corson   Jan 2004 X Ltr 2p.; G.S. 19p.
18 Freda (Tash) Corson   Jan 2004 IV  [#1213141] Ltr 1p.; G.S. 6p. descendants of Joseph K. Corson
19 Donald Wise (husb of Betty Lou Corson).   Jan 2004   X G.S. 6p
20 James Corson        Feb 2004, Mar 2004 IV  [#12119] Ltr detailing connections to Ithamer Corson 12119 4p.; Ohio land record photcpy 5p.; G.S. 29p.; Misc info 2p.; G.S. 8p.; Ltr 1p.
21 Jeff Owens-from email recd          May & Jul 2003 X Images of newspaper obits of Esther Corson & Addie Corson of Penna.
22 Joseph K. Corson   Nov 2001 III  [#53129] Ltr 1p.; G.S. 4p.; Ltr 2p.; Ltr 1p.; G.S. 3p.
23 Richard J. Browell   Nov 2000 I Ltr 3p.; G.S. 1p.
24 Burton A. Corson   Aug 2001 VI G.S. 3p.; photocopy of image of Frederick John Corsen 3 Jul 1889
25 William B. Corson M-347   Feb 2004 III  [#531b38] email from submitter with addt'l data 3p. [see file #005]
26 Mrs W. Guerin Corson   Dec 2003 X Handwritten note on the original letter sent by James M. Corson 2p.
27 William E. Corson     Muncy, PA   Dec 2003   II Desc. cht of Jan Corszen 1p.; G.S. 9p.
28 William L. Corson     Bryon, NY   Nov 2003   X G.S. 4p.
29 Kay Corson Pease   Nov 2003 Oct 2003 II Ltr 1p.; G.S. 9p.; Ltr 1p.; Desc Cht 2p.; G.S. 22p.; photocopy of family photo dated 1901 w/22 persons pictured.  029 
30 Constance B. Corson     N. Quincy, MA   Aug 2003   X Ltr & correspondence 6p.; G.S. 3p.; Chart 2p.; Other notes and info 6p.
31 Judy Farrell Getts, NY Jan 2002   X Ltr 1p.; G.S. w/ anc & dsc cht 1p.
32 Olivia Corson          Mar 2001 IX Handwritten note on the ltr from James M. Corson-relates the immigration of Ukranian grandparents who's name was originally KORSUNSKY.
33 Dorothy S. Holmes    Schaumburg, IL Jun 2001 IV  [#211256] Register rpt desc. of Robert Corson b1809 Cape May, NJ 22p inc. index.; Ltr 1p.; Misc. notes 3p.; photocopies of photos, memorabilia & early correspondence 11p.
34 William Corson     Hendersonville, NC Sep 2001 III  [#5354] Written family history, 1989, 39p.; addt'l dat and charts 8p.(11"x17")
35 Laura C. Jones     Parker, CO Oct 2003 II Misc notes & family info 6p.; ltr 1p.
36 Margaret Corson Armstrong  Cambria, CA Nov 2002  II Letter written by Verne Corson with family info 4p.; G.S. 10p.; ltr 1p.; misc info 3 p.  Like #008
37 Lee Martin          May 2003  III  [#51956s] Desc rpt. 13p.; ltr 1p. 
38 ??Melvin Corson??     ? III  [#5354] approx. 50p. 
39 James Thomas Corson     Covington, VA Dec 2003 X G.S. 1p.; SSDI listings 2p. 
40 John Barton Corson     Bellevue, WA   Apr 2001   I ? Ltr 1p.
41 Jack Corson     Nobleboro, ME   May 2003   I ? Ltr 1p.
42 Marian Fraser Salvador, Bahia, Brazil Nov 2000 I Ltr 2p.
43 Kimberly (Filkins) Corson Walker, MN Dec 2001 IV  [#12246142] G.S. 1p.
44 Fonda Rae (Niemann) Corson Bettendorf, IA   X G.S. 1p.  [Comfort]
45 John E. Corson Bakersfield, CA Nov 2001 X Ltr 1p.  [see file # 011]
46 Bryan Murphy   Apr 2003 IV  [#121314:12:1] ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````
47 Cathy R. Webb (Courson)   Feb 2002 II ? Email ltr 1 p.; G.S. 4p. IGI: Elizabeth Shanafelt+Benjamin Courson c.1800; also "Illinois Courson Family Genealogy", 5p. from unknown source.
48 Dan William Corson Boulder CO Mar 2004 III [#519532; 51962] Ltr 2p. family of Orville Corson
49 Martha Dustin Zaverson Celestres Kent WA Apr 2004 I [#Samuel] Ltr 1p.; G.S. 24p., photocopy 1p.
50 Nina Phillips Sep 2004  Feb 2005 I Ltr 1p.; transmittal of materials for data entry purposes.
51 SDGENWEB archives   May 1998 I Narrative, 3p; Judge Dighton Corson (1827-1915) bio.
52 Carrol Mick Apr 2005 X Ancestors and Descendants of alexander Corsen: 33p. Email ltr 1p.
53 Robert J. Brindley Indianapolis IN Aug 2002 II Desc. of Peter Corson; starts w/ Abraham (1779-1851), 13p.
54 William E. Corson Muncy, PA   Sep 2002 II Ltr. 2p. Charles Corson. census 4 sht. pension & misc. 20p.  see also #001
55 Myrna Deasy   Aug 2005 IV? Information about families of Clara Corson and Ralph Corson.  Will of Joshua Corson; additional information.
* Division identification per Gale Corson: Advise him if corrections needed