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Who can participate in the 300+ PROJECT?

You are cordially invited to participate in the 300+ PROJECT.  Anyone with relevant family history information is welcome and urged to submit data. 

What is the 300+ PROJECT and what is it trying to accomplish?

The basic goal is to update (correct, extend, expand) the two volume work, Three Hundred Years with the Corson Families in America, by Orville Corson (1939).

What is the timeframe of the project?

Initially we are creating a new electronic database with all the information we can get. Details about the form, timing, and other decisions about publication will be made later. While we may set some deadlines for various phases of preparing a published work, the database is an ongoing, long-term project with open ended time constraints. 

How do I know if I should participate?

If even one of your ancestors was a "Corson" (or variant spelling), your family history is relevant to the 300+ PROJECT.  No distinction is being made between fathers and mothers, or between sons and daughters - all are equally part of the family. Several overall Corson families trace back to independent roots; all are welcome. We are interested in all and any descendants, regardless of surname, who can trace their lineage directly to any one of the 'Corson' lines.  Also, other additional individuals, or small family groups, who's lineage connections are not fully established, but are likely to be connected, are also solicited for inclusion as explained on our Known Lines page.  Some branches even changed their names (e.g., Colson, Vroom), but that makes no difference. All will go into the database. 

What should I do if I know someone else to contact for this Project either as a volunteer or as a data submitter?

Please contact Gale Corson ( 

Who is paying for this Project?

The CCFHA has a small line-item in its budget, and several contributions have been received in addition, but people are donating their services, and so far the costs have been very low. There is no charge to submit data. Publication costs will be more substantial and people will eventually be asked to pay for their own copies of whatever is published. Presently, we are considering book form and compact disc, but technology may offer other options to consider. 

How can I help?

Members and Non-members who wish to help further with the 300+ PROJECT, please check the web site for information or contact Gale Corson ( There are many opportunities to participate.

What about supporting history and other exhibits?

To an extent not yet determined, the final publication will seek to relate family history to the broader historical milieu, using relevant sketches of history, events, people, and places. We welcome writers with those interests. 

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions and need assistance before submitting data, try any of the following:


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