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Master Reference Source List
Corson / Colson Family History Association
This List is intended to be a dynamic (changing) file of publications, other materials, and resource people with information about "Corson" and "Colson" family histories, about the people who made that history, and about references that help explain their life and times.  Included are related maternal and spousal families, and variant spellings such as Courssen and Coulson.
Entries in the first field are titles and names. They begin with a key word, in alphabetic order. An additional field provides author, publisher, date, and/or other supplemental information that  may be available. A final field shows a numeric identifier.
The list was initiated by former CCFHA President Stan Colson and by CCFHA Secretary Iverne Corson Rinehart. Some of the entries are now somewhat obscure, and for others the location or availability is currently unknown.  The accuracy of the information has not been verified by CCFHA, and changes may be made at any time.  The list is maintained by the CCFHA Librarian or Librarian's designate. Please help the maintenance and improvement of the list by sending any revisions or additional references via email to: .  Please include the complete title and supplemental information, and importantly, where the source can be located.
File updated 26 Feb 2005. 
List # Title Author Date Publisher Obtain From Division Names Period Abstract Notes
41 Abbe-Abbey Genealogy Abbe, Cleveland and Nichols, Josephine Genung 1916 Tuttle Morehouse & Taylor, New Haven, CT CS71.A1 1916a       In Memory of John Abbe and his Descendants 73 pp
1047 A Bit of History Ross, George E.               CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
672 Abstracts of Colonial Wills of the State of Georgia, 1733-1777 Wight, Willard E. 1962 The Reprint Co, Spartanburg, SC (1981)     1733-1777    
1019 Abstracts of Culpepper County VA Court Records                 p 435
677 Abstracts of North Carolina Wills - from about 1760 to about 1800, Supplementing Grimes' Abstract Olds, Fred A. 1925 Clearfield Co, Oxford;       c 1760-1800 Names approximately 135,000 individuals who are cited in wills, administrations, and inventories recorded in the probate records of North Carolina between 1665 and 1900. Probate records are among the very best genealogical sources because they provide "proof" of family relationships.  
Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD (1990)
655 Abstracts of Strafford County, New Hampshire, Inferior Court Records Hulslander, Laura Penny, ed 1990 Heritage Books Inc, Bowie, MD KFN1716.S77A7 1990          
112 Abstracts of the Probate Records of Strafford Co., N.H. Evans, Helen F. 1983 Bedford, NH LCCN 3301775         372 pp
Heritage Books Inc, Bowie, MD
967 Abstracts of Wills in Solano, County, CA 1873-80       Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT   Charles Corsen 1873-1880   CW1982May
1009 Account of the Quitt Rents of the Province of East NJ to the 25 March 1696 New Jersey Historical Society               p 1049
604 Achievements Limited from charts and reports prepared at Canterbury England for Canon Robert Werden Stump Stump, Canon and Robert Werden   Canterbury, England         Achievements Limited from charts and reports  
927 A Chipman Genealogy Chipman, John Hale, III, compiled by 1970 Norwell, MA       c 1583-1969    
638 Achorn Cemetery Tombstones     Rockland, Maine            
831 Ackley, Richard H.                 Resource lookup volunteer
203 Addison Maine Town Register 1905       Town Clerk, Addison, ME     1905    
727 A Family of the Bagaduc Myers, Albert E. 1976 Harrisburg, PA         The Ancestry and Genealogy of William Conner, Jr (1807-1884) Penobscot, Maine  
50 Agee Register Agee, Louis N. 1982 Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD CS71.A24 1982       A genealogical record of the descendants of Mathieu Agee, A Huguenot Refugee to Virginia 737 pp
819 A Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight, and Hight Families with Some Account of the Earlier Hyatt Families – A List of the First Settlers of Salisbury and Amesbury, Mass., Etc Hoyt, David Webster 1871 Providence Press, Boston, MA On CD from;       Contents: The Hoyt Family;Additions and corrections pertaining to the descendants of John1 Hoyt of Salisbury, Mass.;The Hoyt Family Meeting: Record of proceedings;Roll of members present at the Hoyt Family Meeting;Letters from members not present;The Hoyte Family in England;Origin of the family;Orthography of the name;Family characteristics;The Hoyt and Haight families of America;Unclassified families;The Hyatt Family;General index;Index of places;Index of surnames 706 pp
Picton Press, Rockport, ME;
Research Library of the Stamford Historical Society, Stamford, CT 929.2 Hoyt
LCCN 273100
202 A Genealogical Sketch of a Dover, New Hampshire Branch of the Leighton Family Leighton, Walter L., PhD 1940 University Press, Cambridge, MA Willow Bend Books         42 pp
Quentin Books
CS71.L429 1940
44 A Genealogy of the Nye Family Nye, George Hyatt, and Best, Frank E., comp 1907 Nye Family of America Association LCCN 5876228         4 vols
On CD from
738 A Historical Sketch of Cherryfield and Harrington - Together with the Int of Marriage from 1814-1842 Willey, A.S. 1893 Cherryfield, ME 04622       1814-1842    
1007 A History of Shenandoah Couty Virginia Wayland, John W. 1980 Regional Pub Co, Baltimore, MD F232.S47W3 1980          
696 Alachua County Marriage Records 1852-1855     Alachua County, FL       1852-1855    
818 Albany Township Cemeteries : Including the Borough of New Albany, Bradford County, Pennsylvania English, Linda C. and Hampsey, Paula S. 1991 Mirror Publ, Bradford County, PA F159.A32E54 1991          
742 Aldermans in America Parker, William Alderman 1957 Edwards & Broughton Co., Raleigh, NC CS71.A363 1957         714 p
797 Aldrich, Paul M.                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
1036 Allegheny County PA History                 CW1980Nov, CC2002Oct, CW1981Jan, CC2003Jan
510 Allenson, Dorothy A. Ware                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
782 Alley, Mollie Colson                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
370 Alton New Hampshire Town Records       Town Clerk, Alton, NH          
191 A Memorial of the Town of Hampstead, New Hampshire Noyes, Harriette Eliza 1899 George B Reed, Boston, MA On CD from Willow Bend Books         Volume I; 469 p; 2 vols
F44.H2N9 Harriette Noyes provides the history of the founding of the town, details of the proceedings of the Centennial Celebration, background to the foundation of educational, religious, military, and civic organizations as well as biographical sketches including the following families: Bailey, Bartley, Bragg, Brickett, Carter, Crocker, Davis, Dickey, Eastman, Emerson, Flint, Garland, Gordon, Grover, Hadley, Hoyt, Hyde, Heath, Irving, Jenness, Johnson, Keazer, Kent, Kimball, Little, Marble, Morgan, Moulton, Nichols, Noyes, Ordway, Peabody, Pillsbury, Pressey, Putnam, Randall, Sanborn, Sawyer, Smith, Stickney, Tabor, Tewksbury, Webber, Williams, Woodman and more. She also provides information on births and marriages from the First Book of Records. An everyname index provides easy access to information and numerous illustrations add historical and personal interest.
848 American Bible Society Bible Records, Family Records Beard, Janet Colson, transcribed by         Volume 2
865 American Genealogist and New Haven Genealogical Magazine   1936-1937             CT; Volume XIII
421 American Merchant Ships, 1850-1900 Matthews, Frederick C. 1930-1931 Marine Research Society, Salem, MA VM23.M3     1850-1900 This classic two-volume study by a famous marine historian is one of the most revealing documents of the great age of sailing. It recounts in a finely detailed narrative the histories of 322 late 19th century merchant vessels depicted in a stirring series of photographs and works of art with 64 ship captains peering forth from an imposing gallery of portraits. This book is both a work of great scholarship and enormous appeal. It is filled with information and factual data about the ships, but is interesting enough to be a wonderful browsing book. With the first-hand accounts of human drama aboard the vessels and countless other stories, you will not be able to put this book down.
459 Amsterdam Municiple Archive     Amsteldijk 67, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1074HZ            
758   Evelyn, Florence 1979 By author, West Paris, ME LCCN 0885742          
Ancestors And Descendants Of Asa Freeman Ellingwood And Florilla (Dunham) Ellingwood
760 Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Clements Clement, Percival Wood 1927 Patterson & White, Philadelphia, PA On CD from Willow Bend Books;       Leicestershire and Warwickshire, England, First Settler of Haverhill, Massachusetts,  
CS71.C625 1927
136 Ancestors of Joshua Williams and John Collar Brown, Christine R., ed 1984 Cambell Inc, Knoxville, TN       From 1632   289 pp
318 Ancestry of Philip Howard Gray Gray, Philip Howard                
503 Anderson, Lois I. Corson                  
467 Annals of Lancaster, Massachusetts Thompson, Mary P. 1892 Durham, NH           Lancaster, Massachusetts
985 Annals of Staten Island : from its discovery to the present time Clute, John Jacob 1877 Charles Vogt, New York, NY Staten Island Library F 127.S7 C6 1986         CW1982Aug; 464 pp;
Reprinted by Interlaken, NY: Heart of the Lakes Pub., 1986. Clute’s narrative history of about 136 pages is supplemented by over 334 pages of appendices. His history focuses on the Revolutionary, Colonial, and pre-European settlement periods. Although he refers to documentary sources and includes some of them in his appendices, much of what he has written is based on tradition (some of it oral tradition he received directly from living people who had been on Staten Island during the Revolution.) The 1986 reprint includes a personal name index.
190 An Old River Town, Being a History of Winterport Littlefield, Ada Douglas 1907 Winterport, ME F29.W83L7          
1061 An Outline History of Orange County with an Enumeration of the Names of its Towns, Villages, Rivers, Creeks, Lakes, Ponds, Mountains, Hill and Other Known Localities and the Etymologies or Historical Reasons Therefore; together with Local Traditions and Short Biographical Sketches of Early Settlers, Etc. Eager, Samuel 1846 S.T. Callahan, Newburgh, New York,, NY NY         CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
808 Anthony, Otis Dale                 Resource lookup volunteer
791 Appleton's Moses Obituary Book                  
771 Archer Association     P O Box 6233, McLean, VA 22106 Archer, George W., President          
1035 Armstrong County PA History                 CW1980Nov, CC2002Oct
339 Aroostook County Maine Register of Deeds     Deed Records, P. O. Box 787, Houlton, ME 04730            
521 Artlip, Elaine C.                 Resource lookup volunteer
684 A Tenth Generation Yankee from Maine Nicholson, Nattie Gove 1971 A&R Printing and Stationers, Inc,WFB, FL CS71.G7151972   Includes Carr,      
Chase, Cole,
Curtis, Gove,
Haynes, Herrin,
Hough, Huff,
142 Athens, Maine Cemeteries, Somerset County Maine Prince, Elaine Bush, prepared by                
930 Athens, Maine - Historical Sketch of Sesquecentennial, 1804-1954 Athens Victory Club, ed 1954 Skowhegan Press            
286 Athens, Maine -History of from the East Somerset Country Register, 1911-1912 Chatto, Clarence I. 1954 Skowhegan Press            
796 Athens, Maine - Records of marriages performed Leavitt, Philip, Esq J.P.                
812 Athens, Maine Town Records     Athens, Maine            
922 Athens (Somerset County) Maine Marriages, 1892-1955 - From the Brides Index     Maine State Archives            
232 Atkinson, Kathryn Hawley                  
664 Atlanta and Environs - Family and Personal History Garrett, Franklin M.; 1954 Lewis Hist Publishing Co Georgia Historical Society;         3 vols.: Vol III
Georgia Historical Society F294.A8G3
1055 Attendance Roster, Myres School, Porter Township, Clarion County, PA       Clarion County, PA         CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
649 Averell-Averill-Avery Family, 1637-1914 Avery, Clara A. 1906 Plymouth MA         Descendants of William and Abigail Averell of Ipswich, MA Vol I & II
99 Avery, Enoch III, The Family of                  
476 Baker, Larry                 Resource lookup volunteer
856 Baker, Laura (Corson)                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
886 Bamford, Louise                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
795 Bangor Daily News     Bangor, ME            
79 Bangor Historical Magazine Porter, Joseph W., ed 1885-1886 Joseph W. Porter, Bangor, ME F16.M21         Volumes 1-9; ME
613 Barker Genealogy Barker, Elizabeth Frye 1927   Barker Books;         553 pp
Higginson Book Co, Salem, MA
Morris, DE Library
CS71.B26 1927
481 Barnstable County (Mass) Probate Records     Barnstable, MA            
776 Batchelder, Dana A.                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
516 Battleson, Ed and Helen                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
194 Belfast Maine, Vital Records to 1892   1919 Maine Historical Society       1773-1892 Belfast, Maine is located in Waldo County and was incorporated in 1773. It is located on the coast of Maine  
and has about 6,000 residents. This database includes Belfast death records between 1773 and 1892. However,
there are several deaths included in this database prior to 1773 (hence the dates in the database title). There are
more than 5,500 entries in the database, and each includes first, middle, and last names, and maiden names
in brackets. The entries also include spouses' names and/or parents' names, cause of death, date of death,
place of death (if other than Belfast), and age at death. There are several sources for the information, and variants
of data are given in brackets. Variants would include dates, names, and ages. The sources include church,
county, and town records, along with more than 150 private sources.
1024 Belgium, her Kings, Kingdom & People MacDonnell, John de Courcy 1914 J. Long, London University of Minnesota: TC Wilson Library 949.3 M14          
645 Belgrade Maine Congregational Church Records                  
644 Belgrade Maine Vital Records     Town Clerk, Belgrade, ME            
392 Belgrade Maine Vital Records   1936- 1937 Winthrop, ME           Books 1-5
Whiting, Mabel and Lilly, Georgiana, compiled by
382 Belize Government Information Services     Belmopan, Belize            
474 Bell County Vital Records     Court Clerk, P. O. Box 156, Paineville, KY 40977 KY          
691 Bermuda Settlers of the 17th Century Mercer, Julia E. 1982 Baltimore Gen Publ Co., Baltimore, MD Genealogical Publ Co;     17th c 276 p;  
CS261.B4M47 1982 These "Genealogical Notes from Bermuda" were published serially in Tyler's Quarterly between 1942 and 1947 and have lain largely unnoticed by the genealogical researcher. The collected "Notes" consist of abstracts of the earliest known records of Bermuda settlers, and their value cannot
  be exaggerated, for many of the early settlers of Bermuda--or their descendants--removed to the mainland and were among the pioneer settlers of the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia. The records given here are arranged by family and appear thereunder in chronological sequence. They consist of a progression of abstracts of wills, administrations, deeds, court orders, indentures, arrival records, and so on, pertaining to every member of the family from the original immigrant up to as near the year 1700 as the records allow. Originally published 1942 in Tyler's quarterly historical and genealogical magazine as 'Genealogical notes from Bermuda,' volumes xxiii-xxix (1942-1947).
285 Berry, Clyde Greenleaf     P. O. Box 5578, Augusta, ME 04332            
297 Berwick Maine Town Census Enumerations Prior to 1790     Berwick, ME            
391 Bickford, Mahlon C. - The Belgrade Bickfords     2745 29th Street NW, #309, Washington DC 20008            
939 Biographical Annals of Montgomery County Pennsylvania Containing Genealogical Records of Representative Families, Including Many of the Early Settlers and Biographical Sketches of Prominent Citizens Roberts, Ellwood, ed 1904 T.S. Benham & Co and Lewis Publishing Co, New York, Chicago;     Civil War Contains genealogical sketches on several hundred families with an index to principals. 2 vols ; CW1982Aug
Pennsyvania State U
Special Collections
Library F157.M7R6 1904;
Willow Bend Books;
349 Biographical History of the Town of Milton (NH)                  
1026 Biographical Sketches for Cornelis Pieterse Vroom; and for Joh Vroom m. 1781 Jane Ditmars               History of the county of Annapolis  
676 Biographical Souvenir of the States of Georgia and Florida Georgia DAR 1889 F A Battery and Co., Chicago, IL ;         875 pp
332 Birch, Shirley E                  
1046 Black Hawk County Iowa Marriage Records                 CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
306 Blaisdell Papers     The Blaisdell Assoc       1883/1917   Volumes 10 and 11, 1883/1917
419 Borough, Austin B.                  
447 Boston, Massachusetts Records - Town Records, 1634-1648     Boston, MA            
881 Boston Evening Transcript, Microfiche Records     Boston, MA            
248 Boston Post Newspaper, Microfilm Records       Boston City Library, Boston, MA 02201          
276 Bovey Family, England to Wisconsin Bovey, Byron D. 1985              
43 Brackett Genealogy Brackett, Herbert I., Compiled by 1907 H.I. Brackett, Washington, D.C. Washington, DC       Descendants of Anthony Brackett of Portsmouth and Captain Richard Brackett of Braintree. With biographies of  
CS71.B797 1907 the immigrant fathers, their sons, and others of their posterity
717 Bradford County, Pennsylvania - Marriage Records     Bradford County Courthouse, Towanda, PA 18848            
263 Bradford County, Pennsylvania - Probate Records                  
715 Bradford County, Pennsylvania - Register of Births     Bradford County Courthouse, Towanda, PA 18848            
401 Bradford County, Pennsylvania - Register of Deeds-Deed Records       Bradford County Courthouse, Towanda, PA 18848          
68 Bradford County (Pennsylvania) Historical Society     19 Maine St, Towanda PA 18848            
175 Brakeman, Mary Hawker                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
699 Brazell, Charlene Walker                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
520 Brindley, Robert J.                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
383 British Honduras (now Belize) and its Beginnings Winderling, E.O. 1946              
701 Britton, Ann H.                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
329 Brooklyn City Directories     Brooklyn, New York            
513 Brooks, Joseph M.                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
485 Brooks Family of Woburn Massachusetts Cutter, William and Loring, Arthur   New England Genealogical Register, Vol 58            
858 Brooksville, Maine Gravestone Inscriptions                 Copy of typed records October 1942
Limeburner, Grace, comp
181 Brooksville, Maine Vital Records as Publ in the New England Historical Genealogical Register Limeburner, Grace 1941              
28 Brown, Minetta                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
48 Brownell, Richard J.                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
184 Brownville, Maine Vital Records     Town Clerk, P. O. Box 658, Brownville ME 04414            
117 Brunswick, Maine Burials, Pine Grove Cemetery Davis, Mrs. Howard Leslie, & LaMack, Mrs. Lester J., Compiled by   Maine State D.A.R.            
287 Buchanon, Gordon A                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
103 Bucksport, (Maine) - Vital Records, Volume 1 Hoffman, D., ed 1982 Cay-Bel publishing Co            
218 Bucksport, Maine Misc Records - Births 1700-1800 Maine DAR, compiled by                
214 Bucksport, Maine Town Records       Town Clerk, Drawer X, Bucksport, ME 04416          
869 Bucksport Clipper, The Newspaper     Bucksport, ME            
606 Burgess Genealogy - Descendants of the four sons of Thomas and Dorothy Burgess, Thomas Burgess, Jr. of Newport, Rhode Island (those descendants who returned to Massachusetts), John Burgess of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, Jacob Burgess of Sandwich, Massachusetts, andJoseph Burgess of Rochester, Massachusetts, whose parents were settled in Sandwich in 1637 Burgess, Barry Hovey, MD 1941 Charles E Fitchett, New York, NY CS71.B9551997          
621 Burkhardt, Judi                 Resource lookup volunteer
361 Burlingame, Betty Sidwell (Or Sidell)                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
969 Buschmann Family, Germany       Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT   Corssen     CW1982May; Book 929.243 B961L film 0477292 item 2
764 Butcher, Joan                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
453 Butler, Thomas - Descendants of, 1674-1886 Butler, George H., MD 1886 New York, NY            
991 Butler County OH Orphas & Testamentary Records 1814+             1814   CW1982Win
93 Butterfield Family and Other Maine Records                  
511 Butzow, Marguerite                 Resource lookup volunteer
53 Cabana, Ralph Cabana, Ralph               Resource lookup volunteer
900 California, Historic Spots in Hoover, Mildred Brook, Rensch, Hero Eugene, and Rensch, Ethel Grace 1966 Stanford University F868.A15R43       A great resource for the researcher of early California, 597 pp
Press, Stanford, CA the Gold Rush, geography and history of each county. Richly detailed and illustrated accounts of the people and
    places which make California unique. The authors provide
    details of history which make the lives of the early settlers
    understandable and interesting.
898 California Death Index Microfilm Records                  
903 California Vital Records, Department of Health Services     Sacramento, CA            
867 Canaan, Maine - Old Village Cemetery Tombstone Records     Canaan, ME            
290 Canaan, Maine Vital Records       Town Clerk, Canaan, ME         (Also see Source #314)
314 Canaan, Maine Vital Records       Town Clerk, Canaan, ME          
32 Candage, Charles S                 (Also see Source #290)
410 Canney, Robert                 Genealogist
480 Cape Cod Historical Society                 (Notebooks)
612 Cape Cod Pioneers Colson, Stanton Darnbrook   Unpublished            
725 Cape Jellison Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions       Near Fort Point on Cape Jellison, Stockton Springs, ME          
509 Carlson, Geneva Tuttle, Dr.                  
751 Carr Book - The Descendants of Robert and Caleb Carr from 1635 Carr, Arthur A. 1947 By author, Ticonderoga, NY Quintin Publications, Pawtucket, RI     From 1635    
750 Carr Family Records Carr, Eson I. 1894 Herald Printing House, Rockton, IL LCCN 9595176          
493 Carter Carter, Clara A., comp 1887 W J Coulter, Clinton, MA LCCN 8239046       A genealogy of the descendants of Samuel and Thomas, sons of Rev. Samuel Carter. 1640-1886.  
752 Carver Family of New England Carver, Clifford N., comp 1935 Privately printed, Searsport, ME Quintin Publications, Pawtucket, RI          
724 Castine, Maine Marriage Records Mosher, Elizabeth, copied from notes of   Belfast, ME            
887 Castine Maine Tombstone Records                  
23 Cataldo, Madelyn R                 Resource lookup volunteer
294 Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1800 Nugent, Nell Marion 1934 Virginia State Library and Archives, Richmond, VA Virginia Genealogical Society, Richmond, VA     1623-1766   Vols 1-3 (1623-1666)
Amazon Details all of the patents and grants issued to colonial Virginians from 1623 to 1776. Included with these early records were the lists of headright names attached to each grant for which land was given based on ownership of headrights. Nugent's first volume named over eighty thousand immigrants to Virginia. It quickly became the principal source for all Virginia genealogical and historical researchers searching for the immigrant origins in this colony. The information in this book, while providing headright names of early immigrants also took on several incorrect and misleading traditions that have led researchers astray in their efforts to identify origins and relationships of their ancestors. It became common belief that the headright lists attached to the grants were perhaps the earliest record of a person arriving in American, and that they date of the grant indicated the approximate arrival date. It was also believed that the person receiving a grant in return for his list of headright names, was the person who transported those people. It was assumed that each list of people came to America as collective groups.
F225.N842 1934  
862 Caverly/Caverleigh Family Genealogy Caverly, Robert Boody 1888              
718   Phillips, Ralph, transcribed by 1935   Nassau, NY         On Route #203, Nassau, New York,
Cemetery Inscriptions of the Nassau-Schodack (New York) Cemetery
966 Cemetery Records Batavia Township, OH       Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT   Corson, Paul, C.     CW1982May
997.179/B1 V22m;
919 Centenial History of Waterville (Maine)   1902   Waterville, ME          
236 Centennial History of Norway, Oxford County, Maine, 1786-1886 Lapham, William Berry 1886 B. Thurston & Co, Portland, ME F29.N8L3     1786-1886 An account of the early grants and purchases, sketches of the grantees, early settlers, and prominent residents, etc. : with genealogical registers, and an appendix. 822pp
Picton Press
66 Chalmers, Veronica S                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
756 Chandler Family. The Descendants of William and Annis Chandler who settled in Roxbury, Mass., 1637 Chandler George, comp 1883 Charles Hamilton, Worcestor, MA CS71.C456 1883     From 1637 The Descendants of William & Annis of Roxbury MA 1637 1266 pp
346 Charlotte County, New Brunswick                 Canada Miscellaneous Provincial Records (provided by Source #345)
162 Cherryfield, Maine Vital Records       Town Clerk, Cherryfield, ME 04622          
25 Cherryfield-Narraguagus Historical Society       Margery Brown, President          
P. O. Box 96, Cherryfield, ME 04622
739 Cherryfield Town Register Mitchell and Campbell 1905 H E Mitchell Co, Brunswick, ME ME          
709 Church-Colston Genealogy                  
1066 Citations for James and Theotiste Corson           James Corson, Theotiste Corson     CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
163 City Register of Boston, Massachusetts - Vital Records     Boston 1 City Hall Sq, Boston, MA 02201            
1067 Clarion County Atlas Caldwell, J.A. 1877             CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
1033 Clarion County PA History                 CW1980Nov, CC2002Oct
1034 Clarion County PA History                 CW1980Nov, CC2002Oct
365 Clark, Rosetta                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
683 Clarke, Robertson                 As reported in The Dinghy April/May 1991 Issue
20 Cleland, Ruth                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
118 Clinton, Maine Vital Records to 1892 Fisher, Carleton Edward 1967 authorized for publication by the Maine Historical Society       To 1892    
497 Cloyes, Katherine Sands                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
689 Coalson, Robert E.                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
508 Coalson, Stanley L.                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
647 Coffin Family, The Coffin, Louis, ed 1962 Nantucket Historical Nantucket Historical Association          
Society, Nantucket, MA CS71.C675 1962
343 Colby's Atlas of Somerset County, Maine Colby                
754 Colcord Genealogy - Descendants of Edward Colcord of New Hampshire, 1630-1908 Colcord, Doane B. 1908 Mahlon J Colcord,     1630 to 1908   199 pp
Coudersport, PA CS71.C687 1908
454 Colcords, The - of Waldo County, Maine Colcord, Timothy A. 1968              
400 Cole, Hiram S - Family Bible                 From Downeast Ancestry
157 Cole Cemetery Records, Winterport, Maine Macdonald, Jernigan, and Jackson 1972              
376 Coleman, Ruby                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
275 Col James Scammon's Foot History of 13th Regiment (Maine) Gould, Nathan 1899 Portland, ME            
1029 Collections of the NY Genealogical and Biographical Society                 CW1981Jan, CC2003Jan
259 Collier, Mike                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
680 Colon, John A                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
963 Colonial Families of the United States Munsell               Vol 8, p 163; CW1982Feb
111 Colonial Gravestones Inscriptions in the State of New Hampshire Goss                
674 Colony of North Carolina: Abstracts of Land Patents Hoffmann, Margaret M. 1982 The Roanoke News,       1735-1775   Vol I 1735-1764 & Vol II 1765-1775
Waldon, NC
769 Colson, Barney R                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
435 Colson, Charles W c/o Prison Fellowship Ministries       P O Box 17500, Washington D C 20041-0500          
832 Colson, Edward F                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
375 Colson, Francis R                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
415 Colson, George Penrose                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
842 Colson, John                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
800 Colson, Lemuel Jr.                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
849 Colson, Margaret Burton (Sweetser)                 Transcript of a letter to her Brother-in-Law, Albert Ballard Colson (unedited)
636 Colson, Mrs Clifford "Barbara"                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
641 Colson, Onnie Mae                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
71 Colson, Richard                 Resource lookup volunteer
1 Colson, Stanton Darnbrook                 Founding Member CCFHA #M001
706 Colson-Beville Genealogy 1730-1850 Herring, Dorothy Holland     P. O. Box 232, Morrow, GA 30236     1730-1850    
722 Colson Family Bible of Josiah Colson of Monroe Maine Belfast, Elizabeth Mosher     In possession of Jane & Rachel Prescott of Milo, ME         Copied from notes of Elizabeth Mosher Belfast ME)
763 Colson Family History Ross, Jesse Samuel 1980 By author, Murray, KY            
707 Colson Papers, Andrea, Leonard, comp 1949 South Carolina State Archives Columbia, SC          
205 Columbia, Maine Town Records Colton, Margaret Kelley Ashe, copied by 1963   Town Clerk, Columbia, ME         From Records of the Town Clerk, publ by D.A.R. 1963 (by Source #67)
844 Columbia Falls Town Records       Columbia Falls, ME         Town Clerk
997 Comfort Families of America Botting, Cecelia and Botting, Roland 1971             CW1982Win, CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
662 Commemorative Biographical Record of Wisconsin Counties of Rock, Green, Grant, Iowa and Lafayette   1901 J F Beers & Co.,            
402 Compendium of American Genealogy Virkus, Frederick A., ed 1987 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, Baltimore, MD (reprint)     1925 - 1942 First families of America Vols 1-7 1925 – 1942; Vol 7, p 142
Genealogical Publ Co The Compendium of American Genealogy is the most important collection of American lineage records ever published, easily deserving its reputation (as well as its subtitle) as the genealogical encyclopedia of the first families of America. Originally a project of Marquis's Who's Who in America, though later taken under the wing of the Institute of American Genealogy, the Compendium was the brainchild of Frederick A. Virkus, who guided its publication for more than two decades with the express purpose of producing a standard genealogical history of the United States. In keeping with its stated aim, the Compendium contains the lineage records of the first families of America, with records extending in both male and female lines from the earliest-known immigrant ancestor to the then (1925-1942) living subject of the record.
Barnes & Noble  
Hunterdon County Library NJ R929.1 Note: data from Virkus 'needs to be treated with care'.
295 Confederate POWs who died in Federal Prisons and Hospitals in the North Ingmire, Frances and Ericson, Carolyn 1984 Ericson Books, St Louis, MO       There are a number of errors in this listing, both in names and dates (as compared to the original Louisville Military Prison listings); most of these mistakes are from the original 1912 Register. CW1982Win, CW1981Jan, CC2003Jan, CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
E548.I55 1984 (microfilm in Kentucky State Archives); Register of Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Citizens 525 pp
  Who Died in Federal Prisons and Military Hospitals in the North, 1912, National Archives.  
455 Congress Biographical Directory of the United States, 1774-1989   1989 U S Government Printing Office       1774-1989    
961 Contemporary Authors 1975             1975   CW1982Feb
164 Cook County, Illinois       County Clerk's Office, Chicago, IL 60602          
656 Copp, Jeanne Emily                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
883 Cornville Town Records       Cornville, Maine          
792 Corson, Alfred Clifford                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
719 Corson, Archie - Family Cemetery Plot Tombstone Inscriptions and Family Records       Lebanon, ME          
502 Corson, Blake                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
389 Corson, Bruce Earl                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
859 Corson, Charles - Account Book information Corson, Charles,                
abstracted by Corson, Mabelle and Gray, Roger
895 Corson, Charles H. & Carol R.                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
789 Corson, Dana R                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
5 Corson, Dorothy W                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
716 Corson, Helen Lee                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
932 Corson, Joyce Leila Chamberland                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
522 Corson, Joy D                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
657 Corson, Lloyd Orley                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
4 Corson, Melvin Norman                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
910 Corson, Moses - The Descendants of (1769-1869) Davidson, Robert, comp 1955         1769-1869    
7 Corson, Olive G                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
766 Corson, Philip James                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
642 Corson, Rebecca Jean                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
302 Corson, Richard Charles                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
785 Corson, Robert M                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
806 Corson, Robert Wilson                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
518 Corson, Wilber "Gene"                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
874 Corson, William R.                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
308 Corson, William - To America from Scotland: Cumberland County Virginia Line Corson, Blake W.                
811 Corson, Willis A                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
762 Corson, W Michael                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
6 Corson. Lynn Alan                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
1060 Corson-Coursens from 1612-1912 with the Staten Island Branch     Higginson Book Co           88 pp
10 Corson Cousins Rinehart, Iverne Corson, ed/publ   Corson Cousins, 9311-P Golden Way, Richmond VA 23294           (Newsletter)
Founding Member CCFHA #M010
826 Corson-Cummings, Margaret                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
720 Corson Family Gravesite Tombstone Inscriptions                 [Orig prop or Samuel Corson (A1a1)] [Current prop Laterno
Fam (1991)] Lebanon ME
970 Corzine research       Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT         CW1982May; film 035836
781 Coulson Genealogy Coulson, Henry J.                
420 Counties Cities Towns and Plantations of Maine, A Handbook of Incorporations, Dissolutions, and Boundary Changes   1940 Maine Historical Records Survey Project Maine State Archives, Augusta, ME       An exhaustive compilation based on historical records. Extensive information on the formation and boundary changes of Maine's counties. Important sections include "Plantations," "Towns," and "Cities". Helpful, but not complete for identifying extinct settlements and places.  
639 Courier Gazette, Rockland Maine                  
458 Coursen and Lambrect families of Recife, Brazil       National Genealogical Society Library, Arlington, VA         Extracts from an undocumented book
972 Coursen Families in New Jersey       Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT         CW1982May; film 0172987
506 Courson, William M                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
457 Cousin-Cousins-Cousens-Cozzens Families Ridlon, Gideon Tibbetts 1910              
748 Crockett Genealogy, 1610-1988 Candage, Charles Samuel 1989 Picton Press, Camden, ME ;     1610-1988 Some Descendents of Thomas and Ann of Kittery, Maine. Thomas Crockett (1611-1679) came from England in 1631 on the Pied Cow and settled first in various places in New Hampshire and finally in Kittery, ME. His descendants are legion throughout northern New England today, having spread into every nook and cranny. Charles Candage's arrangement of this book is similar to his Heard-Hurd Genealogy; however, here he generally follows descendants of daughters for only one or two generations 632 pp
Lane Memorial Library out of the Crockett name.
Hampton, NH There are 900 separate family sections and the Register numbering system is used. Mr. Candage's original index has been replaced with Picton Press's standard. Every Name Index following reformatting of the entire manuscript. By doing this reformatting the book has been sized down to a more manageable size for the researcher to handle. All the original text from the earlier printing.
512 Cross, Ina L                 Resource lookup volunteer
501 Crummer, Dr. Larry                  
340 Cumberland County, Maine Register of Deeds – Deed Records       Portland, ME 04101          
794 Cummings, Margaret L                 Resource lookup volunteer
1011 Curry Collection 1665-1943       Southern Historic Collection, niversity of North Carolina Library         Colledftino of Miss Cory C. Curry
658 Curtis, Elaine       c/o Tidewater CPGR, 160 Layfayette Rd, Hampton NH 03842          
472 Curtis, Lincoln and Mary P - Family Bible       Penobscot Marine          
Museum, Searsport, ME
1002 Daily Breeze   Jan-84   Torrence, CA         Newspaper
1003 Daily Record   01-08-82   Morris County, NJ          
439 Daily State Gasette, Green Bay, WI                 Newspaper
685 Daines, Linda Osowoski                 Resource lookup volunteer
1022 DAR Application Records                  
767 Darlingtoniana Ervin, Eliza Cowan and Rudisill, Horace 1976 Reprint Co., F277.D2D37 1976       A History of People Places & Events in Darlington Co  
Fraser, ed Spartansburg, SC SC; Published in cooperation with the Darlington
    County Historical Society
1068 DAR Patriot                 CW1981Apr, CC2003Apr
917 Daughters of the American Republic – Application Form     Daughters of the            
American Republic
Washington D.C.
369 Davis, Roy L                 Resource lookup volunteer
305 Dean, Dionne Leona                 Resource lookup volunteer
734 Death Notices from the Machias Union Day, Clarence Albert, comp   By author       1853-1873   (Newspaper) Volumes 1 & 2,1853-1873
822 Death Notices From the Morning News, 1811-1851 Taylor, Robert and Young, Daniel 1985         1811-1851    
1025 Declaration for Civil War Pension Courson, Hamilton 1912   Georgetown, MI          
115 Deer Isle, Maine - First Congregational Church Records Noyes, Benjamin lakes 1950 DAR            
850 Deer Isle, Maine Vital Records       Town Clerk, Box 46, Deer Isle, ME 40627          
350 Del Giorno, Shirley Colson                 Resource Lookup Volunteer
603 Dennis-Yarmouth (MA) Register   Oct,              
912 Dennys River Historical Society       Hubert, Rebecca W., President, Rte 31 Box 388, Dennysvill ME 04628          
377 Derick, Burton N                 Resource lookup volunteer
47 Descendants of George Little who Came to Newbury, Massachusetts in 1640 Little, George Thomas 1882 By author, Auburn ME Higginson Books         632 pp
CS71.L777 1882
803 Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson through Seven Generations Chamberlain, Mildred and Clarenbach, Laura, comp 1990 Clarenbach Publ, Madison, WI Roswell P. Flower Library, Watertown, NY          
New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA
42 Descendants of Jasper Blake, Emigrant from England to Hampton, N.H., ca. 1643, 1649-1979 Blake, Carlton E. 1980 Gateway Press Inc., Baltimore, MD;     1649-1979    
CS71.B646 1980
729 Descendants of John Knowles, 1660-1978 Hufbauer, Virginia Knowles, compiled by 1979 By author, La Jolla, CA; Cape Cod Genealogical Society     1660-1978   426 pp
Edward Brothers, Ann Arbor, MI LDS-FHC Greentree (Pittsburgh) PA
  Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, NH * NH REF 929.2 KNO
451 Descendants of William Lamson of Ipswich, Massachusetts 1634-1917 Lamson, William J. 1917 New York, NY Cherry Hill NJ 08002       William Lamson is said to have immigrated to North America from England and first appears on list of Freeman at Ipswich dated May . Covers generations of his male descendants and includes the husbands and children of his female descendants. The Rev. John Williams Captive of the Indians from - - John Williams and George Sheldon . John Williams was a Puritan minister in Deerfield MA at a time of intense hostility between English settlers and the local Indian tribes. On February Williams himself became a victim when a French and Indian raiding party sacked Deerfield. He spent two and a half years as a captive in Quebec. Williams wrote this account of the ordeal in and it remained for many years one of the most popular Indian captivity accounts. With a new full name index. Heredity and Early Environment of John Williams "The Redeemed Captive" - George Sheldon . This valuable record provides biographical details of John Williams' youth education and early adulthood as well as background information into the Puritan faith.
Willow Bend Books
27 Dictionary of American Biography Johnson, Allen and Malonel, Dumas, ed -1943 Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, NY         CW1982Feb  
626 Diller, Corinne                  
700 Dinwiddie County, Virginia Data, 1752-1865 Hughes, Thomas P., comp, ed 1975 Thomas P Hughes Jr, Memphis, TN Virginia State Library, Richmond, VA     1752-1865    
465 Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families - 1620-1700 Compiled by Holmes, Frank R. 1974 Genealogical Publishing Co Inc, Baltimore MD       1620-1700    
92 Documentary History of the State of Maine     Maine, D.A.R.       1869-1916   24 vols
319 Dover, New Hampshire Cemetery Records MSS Scales, John                
129 Dover, New Hampshire Historical Society     Dover, NH            
267 Dover, New Hampshire - Records of Births and Marriages, 1693-1838     Danbury House Books, reprint Oakland, ME       1693-1838    
344 Dover Gazette and Strafford County Advertiser, 1813   1813   NH     1913    
894 Dow Genealogy Dow, Robert Pierce                
757 Downeast Ancestry - Various Issues       Machias ME          
770 Dresser Ben                 Resource lookup volunteer
876 Drew, Mary Lou                 Resource lookup volunteer
355 Drisko, Marjorie C                 Resource lookup volunteer
55 Dunning, Leslie L                 Resource lookup volunteer
1063 Dutch Systems in Family Naming, New York – New Jersey Bailey, Rosalie Fellows 1954   National Genealogical Society         21 pp; CW1981Apr, CC2003Apr;
Frontier Press An extremely helpful book to anyone researching early Dutch families and the origins of surnames.
317 Dwyer, Violet Horne                 Resource lookup volunteer
176 Early American Series – Maine     Indexing Systems, Bountiful, Utah           Volume 1
270 Early Kentucky Settlers: Records of Jefferson County, Kentucky Bentley, James R. 1988 Filson Club Quarterly, Baltimore, MD LCCCN 87-83670     1781-1833 Transcripts of early Jefferson County records: wills, deeds, surveys, administrations, inventories, poll lists. Over 10,000 entries of early settlers from Minute Books (1781-1785),, Will Books (1784- 1833), Bond & Power of Attorney Book (1783- 1798), (1988), 505pp.  
Frontier Press Bookstore
1057 Early Pennsylvania Births 1675-1875 Fisher, Charles A. 1947, 1975   Genealogical Publ Co     1675-1875 Although the actual coverage of this magnificent collection of birth records is confined principally to the counties of Berks, Northumberland, Snyder, and Union, it does, in instancing several thousand births from eastern and southeastern Pennsylvania and the middle and southern sections of the Susquehanna Valley, encompass a significant portion of the state of Pennsylvania.  
Lancaster County Historical Society LC 310.31 F533 The text is arranged alphabetically in each of the several sections by the surname of the principal subject. As a general rule data given include the name of the child, date of the birth or baptism, names of the parents, and names of sponsors (often relatives). By any conservative estimate at least 10,000 persons are mentioned in the text.
215 East Machias, Maine Historical Society                  
417 Eastport Maine Vital Records       Town Clerk, Eastport, ME          
1062 Elder John Crandall of Rhode Island and his Descendants Crandall, John Cortland 1949 Privately published, New Woodstock, NY         797 pp; CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul;
Crandall used A.P. Crandall and his 1888 work, Elder John Crandall, and his Descendants, as a springboard for his own 1949 work, and by so doing has perpetuated many of the myths of the earlier work. Again much is said about Elder John’s early years in New England with absolutely no documentation.
974 Elizabeth, Daughter of John Corson       Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT   Elizabeth, daughter of John Corson     CW1982May; Film 860457, part 2
1040 Elizabethtown/Jefferson Township NJ                 CW1980Nov, CC2002Oct
838 Ellsworth American Newspaper     Ellsworth, ME            
384 Encyclopedia Britannica   1950 edition              
296 Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Hinshaw, William Wade 1948 Edwards Bros, Inc, Ann Arbor, MI Guilford College Library, Greensboro, NC         Vol 1 & 2, of 6 vols;
Marshall, Thomas W. Each volume deals with a different region, and is supplemented by Willard Heiss’s Abstracts of the Records of the Society of Friends in Indiana in seven parts. Volume 1 of Hinshaw is the abstract of the early records of North and South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.
254 End of the Line Bracy, Ernest L. 1988 Readfield ME Ernest L Bracy, P. O. Box 8, Readfield, ME 04355          
CS71.B7957 1988
711 England and Holland of the Pilgrims Dexter, Henry Martyn and Dexter Morton 1905   Genealogical Publ Co ;         673 pp; (See Spring 1991 issue of Ellis Cousins Newsletter);  
Willow Bend Books Divided into six books accompanied by appendixes, indexes, and scholarly appurtenances, this work attests to Henry Dexter's remarkable expertise with respect to the source records of the English and Dutch backgrounds of the Pilgrim Fathers. The six books together constitute an encyclopedic history of Pilgrim affairs in England and Holland, a systematic examination of every facet of Pilgrim life from the shaping of the Protestant conscience to the history of the Separatists--their persecutions in England and their churches in Amsterdam and Leyden--to summaries and particulars of those who set out to America on the Mayflower, the Fortune, the Anne, and the Little James. The author succeeds in mastering more than one discipline, for in addition to describing the Reform movements in general and the Pilgrims in particular, he turns his hand to doctrinal study, government, biography, and genealogy.
BR375.D49 1905  
1000 Enterprise News   06-12-83 Apparently, Fremont, NC            
492 Entertaining Satan - Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New England Demos, John Putnam 1982 Oxford University Press (reprint)       In the first edition of the Bancroft Prize-winning Entertaining Satan, John Putnam Demos presented an entirely new perspective on American witchcraft. By investigating the surviving historical documents of over a hundred actual witchcraft cases, he vividly recreated the world of New England during the witchcraft trials and brought to light fascinating information on the role of witchcraft in early American culture. Now Demos has revisited his original work and updated it to illustrate why these early Americans' strange views on witchcraft still matter to us today. He provides a new preface that puts forth a broader overview of witchcraft and looks at its place around the world--from ancient times right up to the present. 566 pp
BF1576.D42 1982
246 Eping, New Hampshire Town Records     New Hampshire General Recorder, Epping, NH            
968 Epitaphs, Hadley, MA       Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT   Ebeneezer Corse, Sarah Corse     Film 186 or 2554, pp 163-164; CW1982May
390 Essex County, Massachusetts Probate Records   1920 The Essex Institute, Salem, MA            
Vol 2, 1675-1681
714 Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions       Evergreen, Albany Township,          
Bradford County, PA
893 Exeter, Maine Marriages       Exeter, Rockingham County, NH          
821 Exeter Newsletter     Exeter, NH            
975 Families in Northern NJ and Southern NY, including Corzine       Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT         CW1982May; book 974 D2bp
298 Families of Shapleigh and Action, Maine       Shapleigh and Action, ME          
351 Family Bible Records from New Hampshire Compiled by Poor, 1970 New Hampshire DAR Farmington, NH          
Rose Wilkenson
784 Farmington, New Hampshire Town Records                  
1045 Father Corson       Methodist Book Room         CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
990 Fayette County OH Common Pleas Minute Book E 1826-1831             1826-1831   CW1982Win
1052 First Reunion of the Corson Family Association   06-03-16   Valley Park, PA         CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
156 Fish Scales and Stone Chips Winslow, Sidney L. 1952 Machigonne Press Vinalhaven, Portland, ME         256 pp
670 Florida Pioneers and their Alabama, Georgia, Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia Ancestors Avant, David A., Jr 1974 by author, Tallahassee,FL LCCN 3152425          
40 Folks of Majorbigwaduce Limeburner, Grace 1948/ Maine, D.A.R. Bangor (ME) Public Library          
46 Folks of Orphan's Island Limeburner, Grace                
1029 For Danbury PA: Miscellaneous Manuscripts Historical Society of Pennsylvania             Hill reports unclassified papers on Monroe County, PA  
160 Fort Pownall, Maine Wast Book, 1750-1785 Transcribed by Books, Robert C.                
1024 Founders and Patriots 1607-1657 Colket           1607-1657   CW1981Jan, CC2003Jan
9 Frankfort, Maine Vital Records Hopkins, Frank L.             From Notebook of Frank L. Hopkins, Frankfort, Maine  
29 Fraser, Marion                  
322 Freewill Baptist Publications Death Notices, 1811-1851 Young and Taylor 1985         1811-1851    
839 French, Goff R.                  
429 Friendly, Natalie                  
710 From the Dennis Side of the Family Whittaker, Jean 1983              
119 Gardener, Maine Vital Records by 1892 Webster, Henry Sewall 1914 Authorized for publication by The Maine Historical Society, Portland, ME       1892    
504 Gardner, Margaret Fenton                  
712 Genealogical & Biographical Record Howald, Charles Roscoe               (Info publ Ellis Cousins Newsletter, Spring 1991 Issue)
14 Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine Little, George Thomas 1909 Lewis Historical Publ Co, New York, NY F18.L77          
726 Genealogical Data Concerning the Descendants of Ellis, John Ellis, Thomas, Sturdevant, Cordilia M. (his daughter), and others Mar 1877             Unpublished notebook
2 Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire Noyes, Sybil., Libby, Charles Thornton, and Davis, Walter Goodwin 1928-1939 Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD Genealogical Publ Co;       Contains extensive biographical and genealogical data on every family established in Maine and New Hampshire before 1699. Listed are the births, marriages, and deaths of the settlers through the third generation, and sometimes into the fourth. Also included are data on places of origin, residences, wills and deeds, court cases, and highlights of lives and careers. CC2005Jul; p 163; 795 pp
Frontier Press;
428 Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England Savage, James 1965 Genealogical Publishing Co Inc Baltimore MD F3.S2 1965         4 Vols
90 Genealogical History of Deer Isle, Maine Families Noyes, Benjamin lakes 1950             Vol 1-26
91 Genealogical History of the Families of Morrill, Maine Morse, Theoda Mears, White, Charles, and White, Nellie 1983              
733 Genealogical History of the Pioneers of Brooksville, Maine Compiled by Snow, Walter A. 1967 By author           Vols 1 & 2
238 Genealogical History of the Quinby ( Quimby ) Family in England and America Quinby, Henry Cole 1915 New York, NY Quinby Publ          
Tuttle Antiquarian Books
Willow Bend Books
192 Genealogical History of the Town of Reach       Reach, MA          
775 Genealogical Index of the Sawyer Family – Prior to 1900   1983              
761 Genealogical Memoirs of the Extinct Family of Chester of Chichelery and Their Ancestors and Descendants     Robson and Sons Printers, Pancras Rd NW London, England            
614 Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families Otis, Amos 1888 Goss Publications and Printers MA         2 vol
490 Genealogical Notes of Charles Dyer Parkhurst     Hartford, CT Connecticut State Library          
226 Genealogical Records of Antrim New Hampshire 1877-1940 Tibbals, Rev. R.H. 1967   Town of Antrim, NH          
1021 Genealogical Records of the St. Nicholas Society of the City of New York                 Vol IV, p 60
309 Genealogies and Family Histories of the State of New Hampshire Stearns, Ezra S. 1908             Vol 4
242 Genealogy of John Hayes of Dover New Hampshire Corson, Julia Hanscom                
753 Genealogy of Runnels and Reynolds Families in America Runnels, Rev. M.T. 1873 Alfred Mudge and Sons, Boston, MA CS71.R943 1873         354 pp
744 Genealogy of the Arey Family Arey, Donald W. 1982 By author, Hopedale, MA LCCN 2864843          
273 Genealogy of the Buck family which settled in Cambridge, afterwards Woburn, Mass., in the year 1635 Richards, Elizabeth S. 1913 Reading, PA CS71.B921913          
433 Genealogy of the Davenport Family - and Connections Davenport, Henry B., compiled by 1947   LCCN 7417579         [see source 429]; 99 pp
437 Genealogy of the Descendants of Nicholas Hodson-Hodgdon of Hingham MA and Kittery ME 1635-1904 White, Almira Larkin, ed 1904 Andrew Jackson Hodgdon, Haverhill, MA       1635-1904    
888 Genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Gleason of Watertown Wilson, Lillian May and White, John Benson, ed 1909 Haverhill ,MA       1607-1909    
84 Genealogy of the Greenleaf Family Greenleaf, James Edward 1896 Boston, MA Heritage Books       A male-line genealogy showing nine generations of the descendants of Edmund Greenleaf who settled in Newbury Mass. in . There is a short chapter on inconnected families.  
CS71.G814 1896
153 Georgetown, Maine Vital Records Hill, Mary Pelham 1938   Maine State Historical Society, Portland, ME          
413 Georgia, Priscilla J Haverhill       MA          
675 Georgia Historical Collections of the Chapter's National Society Society of the D.A.R. 1926 Atlanta, GA           Vols I & V
663 Georgia Historical Quarterly   1927             Volume II
671 Georgia Intestate Records Austin, Jeannette Holland 1986 Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, MD Frontier Press Bookstore          
F285.A8895 1986  
  This work contains abstracts of the intestate records of the fifty-seven Georgia counties formed before the 1832 433 pp;
  Land Lottery, plus those for Fulton (1853), White (1857), Dawson (1857), and Webster (1853) counties. The material was extracted from such records as letters of administration, guardianship bonds, administrators' bonds, minutes of the Inferior Court, loose and original papers, minutes of the Court of Ordinary, Superior Court minutes, writs, and miscellaneous estate papers.
  Besides the name of the deceased and the dates of the various court papers, information in the abstracts includes the names of the administrators, sureties and guardians (often relatives of the deceased), names of the surviving spouse and children, the names of orphan children and heirs, and, where a will is recorded, the names of the legatees. An ambitious and successful attempt to organize a great deal of previously hard-to-find information!
669 Georgians in the Revolution: at Kettle Creek (Wilkes County) and Burke County Davis, Robert Scott, Jr 1986 Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC F292.B95D39 1986       Pt. 1 is an amplified ed. of his Kettle Creek battle and battlefield; pt. 2 is reproduced in part from the Waynesboro True citizen. Includes bibliographies and index. Kettle Creek & battlefield -- St. George Parish : Burke County, Georgia dedication -- Addenda and commentary. 255 pp;
673 Georgia - The Black Book - Morbid, Macabre & Sometimes Disgusting Records of Genealogical Value Davis, Robert Scott, Jr 1987 Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC LCCN2848293         Vols VI & II
929/.3758 19
646 Gibson County, Illinois Probate Records                  
414 Giffin, Sheila N                  
835 Gifford, Robert G                  
227 Gilford, New Hampshire Cemeteries Compiled by Turner, Mrs. Henry c 1951-1952 Thompson Ames Historical Society, Gilford, NH            
868 Girard, Sheryl Lee                  
16 Godfrey, Frances                  
815 Goodwins of Kittery, York Co., Maine Goodwin, John Samuel 1898 Orrin Sheller Goodwin, Chicago, IL Higginson Book Co, Salem, MA         125 pp
Quinton Publications
CS71.G657 1898
723 Gordon Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions       Searsport, ME          
623 Gould Genealogy Hickley, Mabel Gould Demers   New England Historic Genealogical Society, Framingham, MA           See Aileen J Larsen - Source 496
737 Gouldsboro, Maine, Early Families of Johnson, Muriel Sampson 1990 Picton Press, Camden, ME         Muriel Johnson has compiled a research tool which will help generations of genealogical and historical researchers working on Gouldsboro and vicinity. Working from films of the original, unpublished, vital records of the town of Gouldsboro, and those of neighboring towns, plus the town records, cemetery records, census reports, and all manner of published genealogies of families from in and around Gouldsboro, Mrs. Johnson has compiled accurate genealogical summaries on well over 1,000 family groupings. 416 pp
The families are arranged alphabetically, with the added benefit of a great many cross-references- vitally needed since so many of the early families intermarried. Sources are documented and references given, paving the way for future researchers to expand this data further. In addition the beauty of the book has been enhanced by the inclusion of three dozen attractive line drawings of early scenes from the Gouldsboro area, commissioned by Mrs. Johnson especially for this book. We feel you will find the book extremely useful and very enjoyable.
505 Graham, Ron                  
918 Grandmaison, Pat                  
179 Grant, Peter Scotch Exile, Kittery and Berwick, Maine: Genealogy Bushman, Leola Grant 1976              
CS71.G762 1976
8 Graves, Nancy Lord                  
12 Gray, Roger D                  
440 Gray Family, The Hancock County, Maine Snow, Walter and Gray, Almon A. 1976 By authors            
356 Gray Family of Hancock County, Maine                  
914 Green County, Wisconsin, History of   1884 Union Publishing Co., Springfield, IL            
916 Green County, Wisconsin, Vital Records of       Green County, WI          
17 Griffiths, Lois M                  
1056 Grimsby Historical Society       Grimsby, Ontario         CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
426 Grindle, David C                  
427 Grindle Family of Hancock County, Maine Snow, Walter , Wescott, Elizabeth C., Grindell, David C. and Gray, Almon A. 1978              
765 Haines, Priscilla Blake                  
366 Hall, Carroll Carmen                  
132 Hampden, Maine, Marriage Records of Non-residents       Town Clerk, Hampton, ME          
833 Hampden, Maine Town Records       Town Clerk, Hampton, ME          
165 Hancock County, Maine Register of Deeds – Deed Records       60 State St, Ellsworth, ME 04605          
134 Hancock County, Maine Register of Probates – Probate Records       Ellsworth ME          
151 Hancock Gazette and Penobscot Patriot (July 1820-June 1826)   7/1820-6/1826   Microfilm Records, Belfast Free Library, Belfast, ME          
653 Handley, Robert R                 see The Dinghy Feb/Mar 1991 Issue
799 Handspicker Jared W .                
629 Hanson Relatives: Ancestors and Descendants of Love, Susan, Nahum, and Chares Hanson, and Ancestors of Some of the Spouses of Hanson Descendants Nicely, Charlotte 1977 Gateway Press Inc., Baltimore, MD LCCN 4140671          
198 Harper, Alice                  
325 Harrington, Maine Marriage Records       Town Clerk, Harrington, ME          
328 Harrington Maine Town Register 1905 Town Clerk Marrington Maine   1905   Town Clerk, Harrington ME     1905    
89 Harrington-Millbridge-Steuben (3 Booklets) Colton, M.K.A.                
515 Harris, Harriet                  
679 Harris, Henrietta Corson   06/30/30   Springfield, MA       Excerpt from a letter dated 30 June 1930 to Mrs Everett  
631 Hastings, Linda                  
19 Heaney Marjory Stubbs                  
282 Heath, Joann                  
326 Henry D Moore Library       Librarian, Stueben, ME          
688 Henry III Sacarisbrick, J.J. 1968 Univ of California Press, Berkely & Los Angeles CA            
183 Henry Tibbetts of Dover New Hampshire and some of his Descendants Jarvis, May Tibbetts 1939 San Diego, CA Classbook         Volume I & II
144 Hermon, Maine Roots News Brooks, Thelma Eye, ed   Koby Eyes Co, Waterville, ME            
977 Highland County, OH Cemetery Inscriptions McBride, David     Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT   Christopher, Mary, and betsy Coursen and family groups including Heinrich Corssen     CW1982May, CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul; Book 977.184 v22m
976 Highland County OH Marriages       Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT   Wilson and Jane Coursin and several Coursons     CW1982May; Book 977.184 v25m
1049 Highland County Pennsylvania Tax Lists 1826-1860             1826-1860   CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
519 Hill, Carmen                  
978 Histire Genealogique et Chronologique de la Maison Roayale de France De Courcy, Pol Louis Potier 1726             CW1982Aug
336 Historical & Biographical Record of Southern California Guinn, James .M. 1902 Chapman Publiishing Co California State Library History Room 979.49 G9 ;       Containing a history...from its earliest settlement to the 1295 pp
Sutro Library, San Francisco, CA F867 .G96; opening year of the twentieth century.
188 Historical and Genealogical Sketch of the Gookin Family Gookins, Richard N. 1952 By author, Tacoma, WA            
265 Historical Memoranda Concerning Persons and Places in Old Dover, NH Quint, Alonzo, et al; 1900 Dover, NH F44.D7H57 1983       Published in the Dover Enquirer from 1850 to 1888 ;  
Scales, John, ed republished, in part, in the Dover Enquirer from
  December 10, 1897, to January 5, 1900
114 Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army, April,1775 to December, 1783 Heitman, Francis B. 1914 Rare Book Shop Pub Co On cd from     Revolutionary 698 p; The standard reference containing over 14,000  
Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD (1967) E255.H48 War officers of Continental Army and State militias during the
    (1777-1783) American Revolution (1775-1783), arranged alphabetically,
      with service records.
      Information provided includes: rank; dates of service; where
      and when wounded, taken prisoner or killed in battle; etc.
      Heitman was allowed access to all records in the War
      Department pertaining to the American Revolution which
      forms the basis of his original work. Included in the list are
      officers from France who served in the American
277 Historical Sketch and Roster of the Aroostook War- 1839   1904 Augusta, ME     1839 In the spring of 1839 the simmering border dispute between the United States and Britain in northern Maine erupted into armed conflict. This database is a brief history of the war and listing of American men 95 pp
Genealogical Publ Co who served in the Aroostook War. Each entry provides the volunteer's name, rank, enlistment date,
Lebanon Genealogical Society, Lebanon, OR 974.1 and date of discharge. Additionally, locations of enlistment and discharge are included. Originally
  published in 1903, it contains the names of over 3,000 men. For researchers of early Maine history
  and ancestors, this can be an illuminating and interesting database.
228 Histories and Genealogies of Littleton, New Hampshire Jackson, James R.; 1905   Town of Littleton, NH         Vol 3
Stearns, Ezra S., rev
943 Historie une Maison Bretonne DeCourson de la Villeeuve, Robert FHC, SLC c 1880     EU       Chronologie Des Courson Nomands-Bretons
695 History and Genealogy of the Boykin Family Murphy, Anne Jacobs Boykin 1964   CS71.B79251964a         148 pp
728 History of 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, 1862-1865 Shaw, Horace H. and House, Charles J. 1903 Portland, ME E511.7 1st     1862-1865    
234 History of 26th Maine Regiment Maddocks, Elden B. 1899 Charles H. Glenn & Co., Bangor, ME LCCN 06021246   Levi Corson, Civil War   374 pp Moses P.
694 History of Alachua County, 1824-1969 Davis, Jess G.     FL     1824-1969   69 pp
478 History of Barnstable County Deyo, Somon L., ed 1890 H W Blake & Co., New York, NY MA       Descendants of James Barker of RI Volumes I & II; 1010 pp
607 History of Cape Cod Freeman, Frederick 1862 Rand, Avery & Cornhill, Boston, MA F72.C3F7         Volumes I & II
77 History of Cass County Perrin, William Henry, ed   O L Baskin & Co., Chicago, IL Illinois State Library 977.3 CASS4* 977.3 CASS4 1967         Cass County, IL, 1852; 357 p
MICROFILM 977.3 ILLI8 Reel 9, No.29
LCCN 8194240
131 History of Castine, Penobscot, and Brooksville, Maine; including the ancient settlement of Pentagöet Wheeler, George Augustus, MD 1875 Burr & Robinson, Bangor, ME Wilson Museum, Castine ME         Castine, ME
971 History of de Cours Houses in France       Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT         CW1982May; film 1187525 item 4 and 1187526 item 1
266 History of Dover, New Hampshire Scales, John 1923 Heritage Books, Bowie, MD, 1989     1835-1928 Historical, genealogical and industrial data of the early settlers of Dover, NH, their struggles and triumphs  
F44.D7S22 1923 408 p
222 History of East Rochester, New Hampshire Stone, Arlene M.                
1042 History of Fayette County OH Dill 1981             CW1980Nov, CC2002Oct, CW1981Jan, CC2003Jan
1064 History of Johnson County, MO   1881 Kansas City Historical Co, Kansas City, MO         CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul;
Including a reliable history of the townships, cities, and towns, together with a map of the county, a condensed history of Missouri, the state constitution, an abstract of the most important laws, the physical features of the county, the early settlers and pioneers, the political and war history, the religious and educational history, the portraits of prominent citizens, illustrations of state and county institutions, biographical sketches, a history of the agricultural interests, statistics and miscellaneous matters, etc., etc.
471 History of Leeds                 Leeds, ME
1027 History of Lycoming County Meginnes               CW1981Jan, CC2003Jan
212 History of Machias, Maine Drisko, George W. 1904 Machias, ME            
923 History of Madison, Maine Clark, Emma Folson 1963   F29.M3C58 2003          
464 History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, with Biographical Sketches of Many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men Hurd, D. Hamilton 1890 J.W. Lewis & Co, Philadelphia, PA F72.M7H9         3 vols
321 History of New Durham, New Hampshire Jennings, Ellen CloutmanJennings, New Durham, NH 1962              
452 History of Norfolk County, Massachusetts 1622-1918 Cook, Louis Atwood 1918 S.J. Clarke Pub Co, New York and Chicago F72.N8C7     1622-1918 History of Norfolk County, Massachusetts, 1622-1918 2 vols
Walpole, MA Library Reference 974.47 H
74 History of Penobscot County, Maine Ford, Henry A. 1882 William Chase & Co, Cleveland, OH           Vols I & II
208 History of Prospect, Maine Ellis, Alice V. 1980   F29.P95E4          
106 History of Rochester, New Hampshire from 1722 to 1890 McDuffee, Franklin 1892 John B Clark Printers, Manchester, NH F44.R6M1     1722-1890   Vols I & II; 688 pp
1006 History of Rockbridge County Virginia Morton, Oren F. 1920 The McClure Co., Inc F232.R68M9         P 479
Reprinted by Baltimore Regional Publishing Co (1973)
1059 History of Rock County, WI   1879 Western Historical Co., Chicago, IL           CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
310 History of Rockingham and Strafford Counties , with Biographical Sketches of Many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men Hurd, D. Hamilton 1882 J.W. Lewis & Co, Philadelphia, PA F42.R7H9         Vol 1 & 2
424 History of Rollingford, New Hampshire, 1623-1977 Catalfo, Alfred, Jr 1973 New Hampshire Printers, Somersworth, NH       1623-1977    
1069 History of Ross and Highland Counties   1880 Williams Publ           CW1981Apr, CC2003Apr
130 History of Salisbury, New Hampshire, from Date of Settlement to the Present Time Dearborn, John J. 1890 W.E. Moore F44.S15D2          
897 History of San Joaquin County, California with Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified with Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present Tinkham, George H. 1923 Historic Record Co, Los Angeles, CA            
687 History of Strafford County, New Hampshire, and Representative Citizens Scales, John 1914 Richmond-Arnold Pub Co, Chicago, IL            
1032 History of Sussex County, NJ   c 1881             CW1981Jan, CC2003Jan
83 History of the City of Belfast in the State of Maine Williamson, Joseph, ed 1877 and 1913 Loring, Short and Harmon; F29.B5W6     1875-1900 A comprehensive and entertaining account of Belfast of the  
Houghton Mifflin late 19th and early 20th centuries; with a complete
Picton Press, Rockport, ME genealogy section. Biographical sketches, necrology, even
  the complete birth and marriage records for the city have
  been transcribed verbatim. This newest reprint includes a
  new Consolidated Name Index.
938 History of the City of Nashua Parker, Judge Edward E., ed 1897 Nashua, NH           CC2005Jul
353 History of The Congregational Church of Hampstead, New Hampshire, Noyes, Harriette Eliza 1903 Boston, MA       1752-1902   Volume II, 1752-1902
1027 History of the County of Annapolis Calnek, W.A. 1897 William Briggs F1039.A2C35 1980       Including Old Port Royal and Acadia; Calnek gathered information for this book for at least two decades, drawing heavily on government records and diaries. Chapters cover French exploration and settlement, English occupation, expulsion of the Acadians, Loyalist settlements, township inhabitants, local government, churches and buildings. Details of public careers and services were gleaned from the journals of the legislature and public records in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A later publication titled, Supplement to the History of Annapolis County, is an essential companion to this volume. 650 pp
Reprinted by Global Heritage Press (1999)
906 History of the Dore Family Dore, Walter 1908 Thomas P Hughes Jr, Memphis, TN CS71.D694 1908         27 pp
1014 History of the Fowler Family Fowler 1950   CS 71.F786 1950 MHS          
399 History of the Richard Hussey Family                  
746 History of the Settlement of Bucksport, Maine 1760-1800 Buck, Rufus               Reprinted handwritten account
456 History of the State of Maine - from its First Discovery, AD 1602, to the Separation, AD 1820, Inclusive Williamson, William Durkee 1832 Glazier, Masters, and Smith, Hollowell, ME F19.W722     1602-1820    
230 History of the Town of Durham, New Hampshire (Oyster River Plantation) with Genealogical Notes Stackpole, Everett S. and Thompson, Lucien 1913 Town of Durham NH F44.D96S7         Volumes I & II
736 History of the Town of Frankfort Erasmus, Archibald, Jones 1897 Advertiser Job Print, Winterport, ME LCCN 8662187          
87 History of the Town of Goffstown, 1733-1920 Hadley, George Plummer 1922 Rumford Press NH     1733-1920   Volumes I & II
149 History of the Town of Lebanon, Maine Jones, Samuel Wingate 1873 Unpublished            
250 History of the Town of Morrill in the County of Waldo and State of Maine Robinson, Timothy Wymouth 1944[57] Belfast, ME F29.M85R6     1794-1887 History of the town of Morrill in the county of Waldo and state of Maine : from its first settlement in 1794 to 1887, embracing almost 100 years  
45 History of the Wingate Family                  
82 History of Thomaston, Rockland, and South Thomaston, from their First Exploration, 1605; with Family Genealogies Eaton, Cyrus 1865 Masters Smith & Co., Hallowell, ME ME     From 1605   2 vols
628 History of Wells and Kennebunk       Wells and Kennebunk, ME         ME
942 History of Westchester County, Including Morrisania, Kings Bridge, and West Farms, which have been Annexed to New York City Scharf, J. Thomas 1886 L.E. Preston & Co., Philadelphia, PA F127.W5S334 1988 SU       Vol V (1927) re: Corsa
338 History of Weymouth, Massachusetts Chamberlain, George Walter 1923 Weymouth, MA           4 vols
1018 History of Wilkes-Barre Harvey, O.J. 1903 Wilkes-Barre, PA F159.W6H3   Isaac Barre   The best historical source for a study of frontier Wyoming; exhausting and masterful in detail. Harvey also provides a full treatment of the various spellings and pronunciations of Wiles-Barre. Harvey's work contains a large chapter on Wilkes. His chapter on Isaac Barre may be the most extensive history of Barre available anywhere.  
57 History of Wolfeborough, New Hampshire Parker, Benjamin Franklin 1901 Wolfeborough, NH F44.W8P2          
441 History of York (Maine)       York County, ME         Volume I
96 History of York County, Maine - 1800       York County, ME          
135 Holmes, Mary D                 Resource lookup volunteer
69 Honey, Mark E                 Resource lookup volunteer
444 Horne Family of Dover, New Hampshire Ham, Dr. John Randolph 1902              
892 Hull, Helen E                 Resource lookup volunteer
836 Humphreys, Marthann                 Resource lookup volunteer
788 Hunt, Joanna S                 Resource lookup volunteer
931 Hunter, Vivian B.                 Resource lookup volunteer
484 Hurd-Heard Genealogy, 1610-1987             1610-1987    
779 Hurst, Josephine J                 Resource lookup volunteer
443 Hutchinson, Dorothy M                 Resource lookup volunteer
386 Illinois Historical Library                  
398 Illinois Marriages, Menard County       Menard County, IL         Volume 1 & 2
379 Illinois Probate Records, Menard County                 Register of Probate, Menard County, IL
998 Illinois Sesquicentennial Edition of Christian County History Gardner, Thelma B., Chairman 1968 Production Press, Jacksonville, IL F547.C5I4         P 475 (part LI of Henry L. Fowkes's 1918 History?); 2 vols, 693 p; 977.3 CHRI2
Book 1 is a reprint of History of ChristianCounty, Illinois, published in 1880 by Brink, McDonough.
360 Illinois Vital Records, Menard County, Illinois       Town Clerk, Menard County, IL          
617 Index to Pensioners - War of 1812 Whitet, Virgil D., transcribed 1989 National Historical Publ Co, Waynesborot, TN       War of 1812    
959 International Who's Who 1975-76             1975-1976   CW1982Feb
982 Iowa Genealogical Society Surname Index       Iowa Genealogical Society         CW1982Aug
394 Ipswich, Massachusetts Quarterly Court Files and Records       Ipswich, MA          
407 Ipswich, Massachusetts Vital Records to 1849   1910-1919 Essex Institute, Salem, MA       To 1849 Records of births, marriages and deaths include all entries to be found in the books of record kept by the town clerks; in the church records; in the returns made to the Salem Quarterly Court; in the cemetery inscriptions; and in many private records found in family Bibles. These records are printed in a condensed form in which every essential particular has been preserved. All duplication of the town clerks' record has been eliminated, but differences in entry and other explanatory matter appear in brackets. Parentheses are used when they occur in the original record; also to indicate the maiden name of a wife.  
When places other than Ipswich and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy. Marriages and intentions of marriage are printed under the names of both parties. Double-dating is used in the months of January, February and March, prior to 1752, whenever it appears in the original, and also whenever from the sequence of entry in the original the date may be easily determined. In all records the original spelling of names is followed, and in the alphabetical arrangement the various forms should be examined, as items about the same family may be found under different spellings.
Many baptisms appear on the town records, between 1700 and 1800, in some cases supplementing a family record in which several of the births are missing. In the following pages these are incorporated and treated as town records.
870 Islands of the Mid-Maine Coast , McLane, Charles B. 1989 The Kennebec River Press, Inc. Falmouth, ME       Vol II, Mount Desert and Machias Bay; 406 pp, 2 vols The McLanes have delved into a wealth of primary sources, using old tax assessments, court records, and early maps, to spin their tales of the early settlers of Maine's islands and their descendants. Here is history as it too seldom is in textbooks: colorful, human, downright irresistible. Each volume is replete with rare vintage photos and dozens of maps and will delight all who love islands, or simply a good read.
934 Jackson, Dassie Andrews                 Resource lookup volunteer
61 Jacob Perkins of Wells, Maine, and his Descendants, 1583-1936 Perkins, Thomas Wllen 1947 Record Publ Co, Haverhill, MA Willow Bend Books     1583-1936 247 pp  
CS71.P45 1948
1028 Jacobus Jansen Van Etten Scott, Eva Allen 1950 edition           P 22-75, 128-141, passim; Notes recorded in bible of Mrs. J.O. Mask  
787 Jaekel, Jean M       17015 S E Newport Way Issaquah WA 98027          
449 John Hayes of Dover, New Hampshire Richmond, Katherine F., comp 1936 Katherine F Richmond, Tyngsboro, MA Piscataqua Pioneers       Volumes I & II  
CS71.H418 1936
264 Jones, Priscilla Collection Jones, Priscilla                
Priscilla A. JONES collection of research includes materials on 1,000 Waldo County families.
121 Journals of Rev. Thomas Smith, and the Rev. Samuel Deane, 1st church in Portland Willis, Williams, ed 1849 J.S. Bailey, Portland, ME F29.P9S61       Pastors of the First Church in Portland, Maine with notes and biographical notices, and a summary history of Portland and surrounding areas. 483 pp
Scarborough Library, Scarborough, ME ME REF 974.1 SMI
855 Kelder, Thelma Zoradia Corson                 Resource lookup volunteer
200 Kennebec County, Maine Probate Court – Probate Records     95 State St, Augusta ME 04430            
201 Kennebec County, Maine Registry of Deeds - Deed Records       Augusta, Maine 04330          
921 Kennebec Journal                 Skowhegan, ME Newspaper (Kennebec County)
288 Kennedy, Dennis                 Resource lookup volunteer
487 Kettler, Phyllis P                 Resource lookup volunteer
24 Keyes, Dorothy                 Resource lookup volunteer
307 King, James C.                 Professor of German, George Washington University, Washington D C
627 Kirkorian, Doris           19960 American Ave. , #36 Wilmar CA 95324      
438 Kittery, Maine Town Records       Town Clerk, P. O. Box 808 Kittery ME 03903          
249 Knox County, Maine Register of Deeds - Deed Records       Rockland, ME 04841          
262 Knox County, Maine Registry of Probate – Wills/Probate       Rockland, ME 04841          
878 Kunish, Randy Lee                  
778 Lafferty, Bonita Lea                  
1030 La Maison de Courson en Bretagne et Angleterre to 1881 Thomson, R.R., compiled by   Charles E. Tuttle Co.           From a catalog of British family histories
72 Lamson, Darryl                 Resource lookup volunteer
872 Lancaster Family Ware, Josephine-Grozier (Sanford) 1934 Tuttle Co., Vermont, CA            
261 Landmarks in Ancient Dover, New Hampshire Thompson, Mary P. 1892 Republican Press Association,Concord, NH University of New Hampshire Library       gazetteer covering Dover, Durham, Lee, Madbury, Rollinsford, Somersworth, Newmarket, Newington, and Greenland. Identifies many localities both prominent and obscure, the people that lived there, ancient folklore and traditions, name origins, etc. Interesting reading and a useful reference for interpreting deeds.  
Heritage Books
496 Larsen, Aeleen J       704 Walnut St SW, SleepyEye MN 56085          
882 Lawrence, Roger W.           67 LawrenceRd Merrimack NH 03054      
405 Leaves from a Family Tree                  
3 Lebanon, Maine Genealogies, 1750-1892 Chamberlain, George Walter 1976   Maine Historical Society, Portland, ME     1750-1892   Typed from original 4 volumes at the Maine Historical Society
698 Lee, Johnnie                 CCFHA #S152
Resource lookup volunteer
422 Lee, New Hampshire Vital Records       Town Clerk, Lee, NH          
473 Leeds, Maine Town Records       Town Clerk, Leeds, ME          
31 Leighton, Perley M       177 Myrtle St Westbrook ME 04092          
817 Leighton Genealogy Frost, Tristram 1885 Jordan Press of Joel Munsell's Sons, Albany, NY CS71.L429 1885       An account of the descendants of Capt. William Leighton of Kittery, Maine : with collateral notes relating to the Frost, Hill, Bane, Wentworth, Langdon, Bragdon, Parsons, Pepperrell, Fernald, Nason, and other families of York County and its vicinity : to which are added brief memoirs of Major Charles Frost of Kittery and Captain John Hill of Berwick  
368 Length and Breadth of Maine Atwood, Stanley Bierce 1946 Kennebec Journal Print Shop;            
Reprinted by Univ of Maine Press (1973)
1031 Letters of Administration for the Estate of William Courson   1846       William Courson     CW1980Nov, CC2002Oct
330 Levant, Maine Town Records       Town Clerk, Levant, ME          
820 Libby Family Rodgers, Wilma Libby and Trafton, David Jotham, comp and ed 1993 Libby Homestead Corp           Volume II, Book 1 & 2
54 Libby Family in America Libby, Charles T. 1882 B. Thurston & Co, Portland, ME Chicago Genealogical Society 929.2 LIB     1602-1881   8 vols, 628 pp
Jonathan Sheppard Books
Willow Bend Books
CS71.L694 1882
498 Library of Cape Cod History and Genealogies Hawes, James W. 1812 C W Swift, Yarmouth MA           (Number 100 – Busby)
Reprinted by Leonard H. Smith, Jr., Baltimore: Genealogical Publ Co, 1991
479 Library of Cape Cod History and Genealogies Hawes, James W. 1912 C W Swift, Yarmouth MA           (Number 49 – Atkins)
1058 Life of Mrs. S. J. C. Downs   1892   HV5218.D697         Temperance Union; CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
166 Lincoln County, Maine Register of Deeds - Deed Records       Wiscasset, ME 04578          
367 Lincoln County, Maine Register of Probate – Wills/Probate       Wiscasset, ME 04578          
790 Lineage of the Coulsons Coulson, H.J. 1921 Coulson, H.J.            
610 Lisbon, Maine Vital Records                 Lisbon, ME (as publ by "Corson Cousins" October 1990)
924 Lisbon, Maine Vital Records Prior to 1892 Groves, Marlene Alma Hinley, ed 1995 Picton Press, Camden, Ma F29.L68V58 1995          
620 List of Pensioners of the Roll, 1883   1970 Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, MD       1883   Volume I
39 Littlefield Genealogy Kernaghan, Marquerite Fleury               Resource lookup volunteer
37 London, Jean M                 Resource lookup volunteer
86 Longer, Phyllis                 Resource lookup volunteer
304 Loomis Genealogy, Joseph Loomis in America Loomis, Elisha S. 1909             Berea, OH
425 Lord Family History Lord, Charles Edward 1913 Privately printed            
59 Lowell Genealogy Lowell, Delmar R. PhD 1899 By author, Rutland, VT            
418 Lubec, Maine Vital Records       Town Clerk, Lubec, ME          
713 Luzerne County, Pennsylvania Naturalization Index - Prothonotary's Office     Luzerne County Courthouse, Wilkes Barre, PA            
1037 Lycoming County PA Wills Book                 CW1980Nov, CC2002Oct
284 Mace, Asa R ,Jr.                 Resource lookup volunteer
289 Machias, Maine Vital Records       Town Clerk, Machias, ME          
52 Machiasport Historical Society     Ruth P Page, Machiasport, ME 04655            
221 Machias Union Newspaper     Machias, ME 04654            
866 Macleod, (Mrs) Harvey K                 Resource lookup volunteer
801 Macleod, Harvey K                 Resource lookup volunteer
994 Madison County OH Death Records                 CW1982Win
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648 Maine Families in 1790 Gray, Ruth, and Anderson, Joseph C. II, ed 1988 Maine Genealogical Society     1790 These volumes contain comprehensive 3-generation studies of families resident in Maine at the time of the 1790 census, complete with meticulous documentation and the addresses of the researchers who compiled the material. Vol I-IV; 6 vols, 384pp
Picton Press, Camden, MA (1990) F18.M18 1988
830 Maine Farmer                 Newspaper
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145 Maine State Archives Reference Services     State Capitol, Station 84, Augusta, ME 04333            
211 Maine Towns and Counties: What was What, Where and When Denis, Michael J. 1982 Danbury House Books, Oakland, ME F18.D46       Includes brief information on the formation and boundary changes of Maine's ancient and present counties. Extensive historical information on changes of county memberships of Maine's Maine minor civil divisions, as well as on mergers, dissolutions and annexations of towns, places and settlements. Includes a comprehensive index to Maine place names, keyed to the text. Volumes 1-18, 73 pp
1071 Male Descendants of John & Peter Corson   1865   CS71.C88         CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul;
97 Marcus, Joanne K                 Resource lookup volunteer
735 Marriage Notices from the Machias Union     By author       1853-1873   Newspaper Volumes 1 & 2, 1853-1873
Day, Clarence Albert, comp
965 Marriage Records, Sacramento, CA       Family History Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT   G.A. Coursen     CW1982May
copied from Court House, Sacramento, CA
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Southern Ohio Genealogical Society
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926 Marriage Returns of Penobscot County, Maine Prior to 1892 Gray, Ruth, ed 1994 Picton Press, Camden, ME F27.P38M37 1994     Before 1892   Vol 1 & II
Penobscot County, Maine was established 15 Feb 1816 as Maine's 9th county and the last one created prior to Maine's separation from Massachusetts. These two volumes give all marriage returns for the county up to 1892 - a period of immense growth in the county due to the timber boom and the growth of Bangor. Ruth Gray's exacting standards are already well known to Maine researchers from her editing of early volumes of the popular Maine Families series, and
from her Abstracts of Penobscot County Maine Probate Records 1816-1883. This title together with the Abstracts,offers genealogical researchers the bulk of the answers they need from the county.
667 Marriages and Obituaries from Early Georgia Newspapers Huxford, Judge Folks, abstract 1989 Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC F285.H79 1989     Late 1700' to late 1800's    
292 Marriages of Some Va Residents Wolfeck, Dorothy Ford 1986 Genealogical Publ Co, Baltimore, MD       1607-1800    
507 Marshall, Shirley Ford                 Resource lookup volunteer
291 Maryland Marriages, 1634-1777 Barnes, Robert 1975 Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, MD Willow Bend Books     1634-1777 This is a compilation of all marriages recorded from 1634 to 1777 in a variety of church records, other contemporary documents, and printed sources. In all, about 24,000 person are mentioned, and there is an index of brides' names 233 pp
798 Mason, Ronald                 Resource lookup volunteer
98 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the War of the Revolution Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1896 Wright and Potter, Boston, MA     Revolutionary War   Volume IV, COS-DRY; 17 vols;
Prepared by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, this is an indexed compilation of the records of the Massachusetts soldiers and sailors who served in the army or navy during the Revolutionary War. This series contains an alphabetized list of all surnames. There are over 175,000 records in this database, which give, when available, the name and age of the individual, town of residence, the date and location of enlistment, areas and length of service, date of discharge, and description of their physical features.
170 Massachusetts State Archives at Columbia Point     220 Morrisy Blvd, Dorchester, MA 02125            
133 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives     1300 Courthouse Rd, Boston, MA 02108           Elizabeth Bouvier - Archivist
681 Master Tate's Diary       Somersworth, Strafford County, NH         Martin Tate's Diary/Register
101 Matthews, W Carey (Mrs)                 Resource lookup volunteer
634 Mayflower Quarterly   Aug              
173 McClellan, Joseph S                 Resource lookup volunteer
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Elmsford, NY
F127.W5W7 no. 4-5
237 McIntire Ancestry McIntire, Robert Harry 1950 Norfolk, VA            
13 McNeal, David                 Resource lookup volunteer
780 Mellander, Grace Dyer                 Resource lookup volunteer
123 Memorial History of Hampstead, New Hampshire Church               Vol II
1070 Memorials of the Huguenots in America Stapleton, Ammon 1901 Huguenot Publ Heritage Books         CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul; 164 pp
Memorials of the Huguenots in America, with Special Reference to their Emigration to Pennsylvania – Rev. A. Stapleton. The emigration of the French Protestant Huguenots to Pennsylvania is intimately related to the great Palatine exodus. The latter movement had its origin in much the same causes which led the Huguenots to flee from their homes and seek a new destiny in unknown lands. Hence, both Huguenot and Palatine, with an almost identical faith, tired of murder, rapine, fire, sword and spoliation under the guise of the Christian religion, seem to have joined in heart and purpose in working out a common destiny in the New World. There are many more Huguenot names among us with a very thin Teutonic veneer over it and which the keen eye of genealogical research will yet uncover. There are also many German family names with Huguenot traditions. This work contains comprehensive genealogical data on many emigrants and lists over 1000 Huguenot refugees with their dates of arrival and places of residence. An indispensable work for anyone with Huguenot or Pennsylvania ancestors.
70 Microfilm Records of the Belfast Republican Journal       Belfast Free Library, Belfast, ME 04915          
371 Middleton, New Hampshire Town Records       Town Clerk, Middleton, NH          
56 Milbridge, Maine Records Colton, Margaret Kelly Ashe   Middleton, NH            
204 Milbridge, Maine Town Register,1905       Town Clerk, Milbridge, ME     1905    
225 Military Operations in Eastern Maine and Nova Scotia during the Revolution Kidder, Frederic 1867 J. Munsell, Albany, NY Higginson Book Co, Salem, MA       Chiefly compiled from the journals and letters of Col. John Allan, with notes and a memoir of Col. John Allan 336 pp
871 Miller Richard K. & Mickie Miller Richard K. & Mickie               Resource lookup volunteer
423 Milton ,New Hampshire Town Records       Town Clerk, Milton, NH          
299 Milton Mills Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions     Milton NH            
94 Miscellaneous Records of Maine, 1772-1773 Maine D.A.R., comp           1772-1773    
138 Monroe, Maine Town Records       Neally, Judith M., Town Clerk, Monroe, ME 04951          
777 Monroeton Cemetery Tombstone Records                 Monroeton, PA
333 Montgomery County, North Carolina Deed       Court House Deed Room, P.O.B. 425, Troy, NC 27371          
279 Morgan, Janet Niles                 Resource lookup volunteer
241 Morman Church     Salt Lake City, Utah           Microfiche and CD-ROM Records
416 Morons, William H Jr.                 Resource lookup volunteer
786 Morrison, Aurie W                 Resource lookup volunteer
139 Morrone, Frank C. MD                 Resource lookup volunteer
206 Morse Cemetery Tombstones at the Upper End of the Ridge District Mosher, Elizabeth,               Cherryfield, Maine
244 Mosher, Elizabeth                 Genealogist – Maine
231 Mount Hope Cemetery Records, Bangor, Maine, 1939-1947             1939-1947   From D.A.R. Miscellaneous Records
491 Mousall, John of Woburn (Mass) Cutter, W.R.                
104 Murray, Dorothy                 Resource lookup volunteer
940 My Dear Jennie Corson, William Clark; 1982 Dietz Press, Richmond, VA;       A Collection of Love Letter from a Confederate Soldier to his Fiancee During the Period 1861-1865. This book tells of life in the Army. Corson first entered the Virginia Militia in the 17th VA Riflemen - he later joined the Cavalry of the Cumberland Light Dragoons, Wickham’s Brigade. 151 pp
Corson, Blake W., Jr.,;
  E581.6 3rd.C67 1982
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873 Names Changed in Massachusetts, 1780-1892                  
845 Narraguagus Historical Society       Director/President, Cherryfield, ME          
78 Narraguagus Valley Milliken, James A. 1886 C.O. Furbush, Machias, ME ME; LCCN 6345340       Covers towns of Steuben, Milbridge, Harrington, and Cherryfield.  
877 Natale, Don and Eunice                 Resource lookup volunteer
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85 National Archives and Records Administration – Military Service Records     Washington D.C. 20408            
461 National Genealogic Society Quarterly   Dec             Vol 57, No 4, page 279
381 National Geographic Society Quarterly Magazine     National Geographic Society           (Various Issues)
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810 Naval Documents of the American Revolution                 Volumes 1-9
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345 New Brunswick, Canada, Provincial Archives     P. O. Box 6000, Fredericton, NB, Canada E3B-5H1            
372 New Durham, New Hampshire Cemetery Records                 New Durham, New Hampshire
257 New England Captives Carried to Canada between 1677 and 1760 During the French & Indian Wars Coleman, Emma Lewis 1926 Reprint Heritage Books E85.C72     1677 – 1760    
466 New England Genealogies                  
33 New England Historical and Genealogical Registers     New England Historical Society, Boston, MA           Volumes 1-137+
251 New England Marriages Prior to 1700 Torrey, Clarence Almon 1985 Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, Baltimore MD F3.T67 1985         1009 pp
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109 New Hampshire Genealogical Reporter                 (See Source #239)
860 New Hampshire Pension Records                 Volume 12
253 New Hampshire Register of Belknap Country Deeds - Deed Records     Laconic, NH 03246            
619 New Hampshire Soldiers and Sailors, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866   1895 Register of Publications, Concord, NH            
268 New Hampshire Vital Records     New Hampshire State Archives, 71 South Fruit St, Concord, VT 03301            
825 Newington, New Hampshire Families in the Eighteenth Century Hardon, Henry W. 1991 Heritage Books, Bowie, MD       1716-1783 A reconstruction of Newington families based primarily on Rev. Joseph Adam's manuscript record of baptisms and marriages, 1716-1783, but supplemented with material from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register; various volumes of the New Hampshire State Papers and other sources. 216 pp
1031 New Jersey Archives                 CW1981Jan, CC2003Jan
1013 New Jersey Magazine of History     Piscataway, NJ            
1012 New Jersey Marriage Licenses                 P 224
247 Newmarket, New Hampshire Town Records     New Hampshire Genealogical Recorder, Newmarket, NH            
255 Newton, Phinehas S                 Resource lookup volunteer
928 New York City, New York, Department of Health     Bureau of Records, New York, NY            
260 New York County Clerk and Supreme Court Division, Old Records Repository       Old Records Repository, 31 Chambers St, Room, 703, New York, NY 10007          
460 New York Genealogical and Biographical Record   Jan-83             Vol 114, No 1; CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
945 New York Packet                  
1016 New York Records                 NY Rec 57/216; NY Rec 9/58; NY Rec 59: p 35, 204 and various other NY records citations
1015 New York Wills                 Liber 12, p 130; Liber 8, p 130
1065 Niagara Frontier Genealogical Society       Buffalo, NY         CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
15 Nichols Genealogy Nichols, Charles J. 1944 Private printed Portland, ME            
499 Nickerson Families   1973 Nickerson Family Association, Yarmouth, MA Quintin Publications, Pawtucket, RI       The Descendants of William Nickerson – 1604-1689; Part I; First settler of Chatham, Massachusetts  
LCCN 318647
312 Nickerson Families of Maine Nickerson, Kermit S. 1984 Privately printed            
665 North and South Carolina Marriage Records Clements, William Montgomery, comp 1973 Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD       Includes 7,500 marriages giving groom's name, maiden name of bride, and date and place of marriage. 295 pp
Genealogical Publ Co
668 North Carolina Wills Mitchell, Thornton W. 1987 Raleigh, NC; Genealogical Publ Co (2001) Newberry Library, Chicago, IL oF253.M575     1665-1900 An index to more than 75,000 persons who died and left wills in North Carolina between 1655 and 1900, this volume represents one of the single most important finding-aids in North Carolina genealogy. Organized by surname, you'll find name of testator, county in which the individual's will was proved, date of probate, book and page number where you'll find a copy of the will, and location of the original will. The author also provides a concise history of the probate records of all 107 North Carolina counties. Within the history he details the date of the county's formation, the territory from which it was formed, the dates wills were first filed and recorded, the various record book designations, the status of the records, and the location of the original, recorded and copied wills. A Testator Index, 1665-1900; Vol I A-J; 630 pp
F253.M57 1987
1026 Northumberland 1790 Census                 CW1981Jan, CC2003Jan
960 Notable American Women                 CW1982Feb
354 Notable Events in the History of Dover, New Hampshire from the First Settlement in 1623 to 1865 Wadleigh, George 1913 Dover, NH F44.D7W12     1623 to 1865   334 pp
235 Noyes Genealogy McIntire, Robert Harry 1950 edition Norfolk, vA            
363 Oakford, Illinois Cemetery Stone Inscriptions       Oakford, IL          
809 Oak Hill Cemetery - Tombstone Records       Winterport, ME          
34 O'Brien, Patrick D                 Resource lookup volunteer
432 Oconto Pioneer       Provided by Wisconsin Historical Society, Oconto, WI         Newspaper
995 Ohio, Gateway to the West Bowers, Ruth and Short, Anita, eds               CW1982Win
362 Old Concord, Illinois Cemetery Stone Inscriptions       Old Concord, IL          
1005 Old Dansbury and the Moravian Mission Hillman, Ralf 1934 Kentworthy Printing Co, Inc, Buffalo, NY F159.S86H5   William DeCoursey     pp 10, 81-88, passim; 100 pp
625 Old Hollowell on the Kennebec Nason, Emma Huntington 1909 reprinted by Heritage Books - Bowie, MD, 1989       Hallowell, Maine, traces its origins back to an Abenaki Indian village by the name of Koussinok, which was visited by some Pilgrims from Plymouth Colony in 1625. This history emphasizes people; there are numerous chapters on representative citizens with a wealth of biographical data, and over sixty illustrations showing early homes and residents. Also describes libraries, schools, theaters, newspapers, social life, and shipbuilding. A very readable and informative town history.  
233 Old Kittery and Her Families Stackpole, Evett S. 1903 Press of Lewiston Journal Co, Lewiston, MA F29.K6S7       Stackpole narrates the history of this historic Maine town from its earliest days, taking great pains to locate by means of maps and citations from early documents all of the earliest settlers; tracking the separation of the towns as their economies matured. Stackpole commissioned the drawing of many maps for this book, many of which occupy a full page. Important passages in Stackpole's text are accompanied by dozens of photographs of landscapes, buildings, early documents and prominent family members who are subjects of detailed biographies. The author rode "with camera in hand throughout Kittery and Eliot and sailed up and down Spruce Creek and the Piscataqua" to photograph his subjects as he gathered historic details. Finally, Old Kittery is fully two-thirds a genealogical study of the early settlers and their descendants down to his day 822 pp
Reprinted by Picton Press
1054 Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly                 CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
608 Old Times, New England     The Bulletin of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities            
409 Old Times of North Yarmouth, Maine Corliss, Augustus W., ed 1877-1884 Picton Press (2003)         Originally published as a series of 32 quarterly magazines between 1877 and 1884. This reprint combines these thirty-two issues with the single issue published by Corliss in 1885 under the title The Westcustogo Chronicle. The original plantation of Old North Yarmouth included the Maine coastal towns of Yarmouth, North Yarmouth, Freeport, Cumberland, Pownal, and Harpswell 1300 pp
New Hampshire Publ Co, (1977) Yarmouth Historical Society, Yarmouth, MA
1051 Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records                 CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
843 Ordway, Harold F                 Resource lookup volunteer
999 Original Lists of Persons of Quality Hotten, John Camden 1874 J.W. Bouton, New York, NY E187.5.H794 LH&G         580 pp
1001 Original Narratives of Early American History: Narratives of Early Pennsylvania, West New Jersey and Delaware, 1630-1707 Myers, Albert Cook, ed 1912 Barnes and Noble       1630-1707    
199 Orland, Maine Town Records       Town Clerk, North Street , Orland, ME 04472          
256 Parkman Manuscripts       Massachusetts State Archives at Columbia Point MA          
651 Passenger & Immigration Lists Index Filby, William P., with Meyer, Mercy K. 1978         1600-1825 A guide to published arrival records of 300,000 passengers who came to the United States and Canada in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries 1st Edition & Supplements (Vol A-G); pp 237-249; CW1982Feb
1053 Passenger and Immigration Lists Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, WI               CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul;
Pre-1820 Lists, 1820-1891, Customs Passenger Lists, 1891-1954, Immigration Passenger Lists, Indexes
442 Passengers to America Passengers from the Port of London Tepper, Michael, ed   Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, MD         A consolidation of ship passenger lists from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register  
666 Passports of Southeastern Pioneers, 1770-1823 Potter, Dorothy Williams 1982 Gateway Press Inc, Baltimore, MD F208.P65 1982     1770-1823 The southern states east of the Mississippi were in a territory that was for a long time under Spanish or Indian jurisdiction. By law, only persons issued passports were allowed to enter the southeastern territories, and so the pastport records have the largest body of data relating to pioneers to the Southeastern United States. The records are from the War Department, the State Department, the archives of the individual states, as well as records of the Spanish and British in West Flordia. This is a complete collection of passports and travel documents issued to individuals and families going to the Mississippi Valley area from Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina. 461 pp
690 Pelow, Linda K                 Resource lookup volunteer
1043 Pennsylvania Archives                 2nd Series; CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
987 Pennsylvania Associators and Militia                 CW1982Aug; vol 2, pp 148 and 150
944 Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine     Philadelphia, PA            
986 Pennsylvania Historical Magazine                 CW1982Aug; vol 3, p 437
95 Penobscot, Maine Family Records Recorded on the Town Books Prior to 1875   1951 Akron (Ohio) Chapter            
105 Penobscot, Maine Historical Society Hutchins, Patricia, Vice President     Penobscot, ME 04476          
180 Penobscot, Maine Vital Records, 1700-1890 Hoffman, D. 1983 Cay-Bel Publishing Co, Brewer, ME       1700-1890    
210 Penobscot Bicentennial, 1787-1907 Mitchell, Frederick B. 1987 Penobscot Historical Society Penobscot, ME     1787-1907    
F29.P395M58 1987
186 Penobscot County, Maine Registry of Deeds – Deed Records     97 Hammond St, Bangor, ME 04401            
187 Penobscot County Main Registry of Probate – Wills/Probates     Courthouse, 97 Hammond St, Bangor, ME 04401            
814 Penobscot Pioneers Gray, Philip Howard 1992 Penobscot Press, Camden, ME Bangor Public Library, Bangor, ME 929.1 .G794p         Volume 1-3 of 6 vols
Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, NH
F29.P395G73 1992
320 Pensioners in the 1840 Census Blair and Ives           1840    
36 Perkins Genealogy Perkins, Thomas Allen 1947 Published privately Haverhill, MA            
316 Pickard, Gloria                 Resource lookup volunteer
159 Pierce's Register, Revolutionary War Pensions                  
11 Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, Pennsylvania Heverly, Clement F. 1913 Bradford Star Print, Towanda, PA F157.B76H53          
445 Pioneers of Massachusetts: A Descriptive List, Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns and Churches Pope, Charles Henry 1900, 1998 C.H. Pope;       Pope confined his enquiry to Massachusetts, and included only those who arrived before 1650, though he carried their records (including the births and marriages of their children), in some cases, through about 1730. 550 pp, 8 vols
Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, MD
834 Piscataqua Observer Newspaper                  
412 Piscataqua Pioneers, 1623-1775 Scales, John, ed 1919 C.F. Whitehouse Genealogical Forum of Oregon R 974.2 R683 P676 Biog 1623-1775     1623-1775    
Piscataqua Pioneers, Dover, NH
120 Vital Records of Pittston, Maine, to the Year 1892 Webster, Henry Sewall 1911 Reporter-Journal Press, Gardiner, ME New England Historic Genealogical Society F 29 P5 P6     To 1894    
489 Planters of the Commonwealth: A Study of the Emigrants and Emigration in Colonial Times to Which Are Added Lists of Passengers to Boston and to the Bay Colony, the Ships Which Brought Them, Their English Homes, and the Places of Their Settlement in Massachusetts, 1620-1640 Banks, Charles Edward 1930 Genealogical Publ Co F67.B19       Scrupulous in every detail, this work contains the names of 3,600 passengers on the ninety-six ships which brought them to New England between 1620 and 1640. Working with the same records employed by Savage, Drake, and Hotten, and with records unknown or inaccessible to them, Colonel Banks here pulls the several classes of records together to form the most complete and authoritative collection of passenger lists for the period ever published. In addition to the names of passengers and ships, places of origin, and places of residence in America, the book includes indexes to surnames, ships, English parishes, and New England towns 224 pp
1044 Portrait and Biographical Album of Branch County, Michigan Marshall, Dorothy Watts, comp 1883 Chapman Brothers, Chicago, IL Higginson Books         650 pp; CW1981Jul, CC2003Jul
635 Pratt, Helen M                 Resource lookup volunteer
616 Pratt Genealogy