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Subject: Re: Arkansas Elam's
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 01:18:44 EDT

Hi Pat:
Peter and Nancy of Laurel Co., Ky. were my 4th g. grandparents. Unless something is missing
that I don't know about, they didn't have a son name Richard.
Kids: 1. Branch William Elam b. abt 1815
2. Epaminondas Rannels Elam b. 1818 d. aft. 1880 in Madison Co.
3. Thomas Elam b. abt 1825
4. Daniel D. Elam b. 28 Mar 1826 d. 12 Feb 1916
5. Sarah E. Elam b. 1827 d.17 Oct 1855
6. Theophilus Peter Elam b. 1828 d. 18 July 1918

I do need to mention though that in Peter's will the only child he named
was the youngest, Theophilus. But I have never found anything about a Richard.
Do you have a definite date of when Epam went to Madison Co.? I could use that if you do.
records have about 1870's
Do you by any chance have the maiden name of Nancy, Peter's wife? I have never found
who has it.
Hope this help you some. Maybe we will be able to help each other.

Kay Chappell

Subject: John Elam/Martha Dudley
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 01:18:43 EDT

I don't have any answers for you about children of John and Martha, especially since I don't
the names of any children. Evidently Martha did not have any children since she left her estate to
brother John Archer and her nephew Wm. Archer -- Will Book 3, Page 148 Chesterfield Co.
Could I have the names of the children that you have?

Kay Chappell

Subject: W. M. Elam
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 08:37:29 -0600
From: "Patricia Medford" <>

Thnaks for the info. Richard Elam's son, Alford Richard "Uncle Dick" Elam settled north of
Greenville, Texas in Hunt County. While researching in the Greenville Public Library I found and
copied a death notice for W. M. Elam. It said he was 93 years old and had been living with his
daughter Mrs. Henry Fletcher near Floyd but he had recently went to Whitesboro to visit other
children and while there was stricken and died. He was buried in Caddo Mills. If anyone
this line would like a copy of this article, send me your snail mail address and I send you a copy.

Subject: Re: John Elam/Martha Dudley
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 12:14:11 -0500 (CDT)
From: (Ruth monteleone)

Cassie & Kay,
1769 Chesterfield C. Bk6 p173
John Elam to son Samuel of Dale Pa, Henrico Co during said Sam'l's life,
land where John lives

1774 Chesterfield Co Deed Bk #7 p398
June ll
Samuel Elm of Chesterfield Co to John & Martha, his wife of same--150
acres on east side of Surline Branch being part of land whereon Samuel now lives.


Subject: ELAMs Mecklenburg, VA>SC>GA>TX?
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 1998 16:08:26 -0400
From: "Steve Strickland" <>

See below my note of 12 May, which Annette Wetzel kindly answered. Can anyone elaborate on
Elam/Vaughan connection in Mecklenburg. What is the source of the marriage date? As my
birth year - from census - seems fairly consistently ca. 1806, therefore she may be too old to be a
product of this marriage. Could she have been a child of Peter by a first marriage and simply
the Vaughan kindred? Any helpful advice is appreciated!

On Tue, 12 May 1998 10:22:22 -0400 "Steve Strickland"
<> writes:
>Steve Strickland's Elam lineage--see #39 for my Elam mystery!

>1. Steven Wayne Strickland, b. 1961 Chattooga County, GA
>2. Father, Harold Wayne Strickland, b. 1938 Chattooga County, GA wed Jacqueline Gale
>4. Grandfather, Paul Eenezer Strickland, b. 1911 Chattooga County, GA, died 1950 Hamilton
TN, wed Thelma Louise Crow.
>9. Great-grandmother, Jodie March Drennan, b. 1875 Chattooga County, GA, died 1940
County, GA, wed William Mounteville Strickland.
>19. Gr-gr-grandmother Parthenia Ann Seay, born 1837, Dekalb County, GA, died 1906,
County, Georgia.
>39. My great-great-great-grandmother was Sarah Oliver ELAM, who was born, according to
records 1806 in Virginia. She wed, ca. 1825, Ransom SEAY (1 July 1796-27 May 1862).
and the SEAY family had been residents of Spartanburg County, SC for sometime prior to his
marriage to Sarah, so I the likelihood of the marriage having taken place in that area seems great.
Ransom and Sarah ELAM SEAY show up in U.S. Census: 1830 Spartanburg County, SC; 1840
Dekalb County, GA; 1850 Chattooga County, GA; 1860 Whitfield County, GA; Sarah, a widow
is still in Whitfield 1870. She is alleged to have gone to TX with a daughter shortly after the 1870
census. We have yet to locate her grave.

In 1840 and 1850 censuses, Ransom and Sarah lived near Sarah's brother Willis ELAM. The
name of the mother of Sarah ELAM SEAY and Willis ELAM is said to have been VAUGHN.
anyone know of a VAUGHN-ELAM connection? Can anyone identify an ELAM family with
Spartanburg connections? Any helpful advice in this search is greatly appreciated! We have not
connected this line with the George ELAM descendants of Dekalb County, GA. Steve Strickland,
1039 Seven Springs Circle Marietta, GA 30068

One Polly Vaughan, daughter of Willis Vaughan, married Peter Elam August 7, 1811 in
County, Virginia. Peter Elam was probably son of Joel Elam, who died in 1799 in Mecklenburg
County. Annette Elam Wetzel

Subject: Alfred and James Elam
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 98 18:45:44 PDT
From: "Peg Powell" <>


Alfred and James Elam show up in the 1850 Clark co., Ill census.

Alfred M(artin) then shows up in about 1857 in Dakota Territory. Serves in the CW, moves to
Cherokee co., KS in about 1867, died there, but is buried in Jasper co., MO.

James serves in the CW. (I have a copy of his CW record). He is buried in Centerton Ark.

Both men were born in Campbell co., VA. I don't know if they are brothers or cousins. Can
help me?



Subject: ELAMs Mecklenburg, VA>SC>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 13:25:33 -0400
From: Vickie Elam White <>

Steve Strickland wrote --

<< We have not yet connected this line with the George ELAM descendants of Dekalb County,

Have you and I compared notes yet? My ancestor, George Phillips ELAM,
lived in DeKalb Co. GA. He was born ca 1779 in VA and married in Chester Co. SC in 1800.
migrated there from Chester Co. SC by 1820,
and he died there ca 1855. His wife's name is unknown.

The VAUGHN and SEAY names aren't familiar to me, but who knows... <G>
Vickie Elam White

Subject: Re: John Elams
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 22:44:13 EDT

I don't have much specifically on John, but am interested due to an article I have that says my
came to America from Scotland bef 1780 with his brothers John and Samuel. Have you come
a John/Richard/Samuel combination yet?

I know this Richard (d abt 1806) had a son named Samuel and may have had one named John (b
about 1793?).

Subject: Vaughan/Elam Marriage
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 00:01:09 EDT
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

See "Mecklenburg County Marriages, 1765-1853," compiled by John Vogt & William Kethley,
Iberian Publishing Co., Athens, GA, page 47:
"Elam, Peter & Polly Vaughan 3 Aug 1811; daughter of Willie Vaughan - b. John J. Norment.
- William Richards - 7 Aug 1811."

On Tue, 01 Sep 1998 16:08:26 -0400 "Steve Strickland"
<> writes:
>my note of 12 May, which Annette Wetzel kindly answered.
>What is the source of the marriage date?

Subject: John Elam/Martha Dudley
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 23:42:50 -0500
From: Cassie Elam <>

I have the following 6 children for John Elam, husband of Martha:

William, b. 1732, Charlotte County, VA
Edwart, b. abt 1734, Charlotte County, VA, d. 1810, Charles City County,
Joel, b. abt 1736, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie or Charlotte County, VA, d. 5
Sep 1798, Mecklenburg County, VA
Alexander, d. abt 1789
Unknown first name and sex


Subject: RE: Arkansas/Laurel County KY Elam's
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 21:04:03 -0600
From: "Janet E Crowley" <>


FYI, the Thomas you have listed is my ancestor. I had him first as Thomas
Joshua, but Dorothy Oxendine found a document in the Laurel County records where he signed
name as Joshua Thomas Elam. I've got his birth year as circa 1829 based on the 1860 census.
never heard of a son Richard, either, although one person showed a son Socrates Plato Elam in
list. I've never found any trace of this son, but the name fits with the other strange ones! I've also
seen Theophilus' middle name as Moab without any info as to where that name came from. Can
tell me the source of the connection of Branch William Elam to Peter? I've never found this one,
although Branch Elam had a son named William Branch Elam.

I did quite a bit of research to tie Peter back to Branch Elam of Chesterfield VA, but I found no
of Nancy. It's interesting that she was mentioned in the census as Nancy S Elam though. The "S"
could be for a middle name, but perhaps it's from her maiden name instead. Ever since I found
there was a surname Stanifer in Chesterfield, I've thought I would check to see if Nancy might be
connected to that family (since one of her grandchildren was named Stanifer). I also want to
the Rumels/Rannals family -- there's a connection there with Epam's middle name and with the
that a Wm Rumels/Rannals (age 18) was living with Daniel Elam and family during the 1860

Janet Elam Crowley

Subject: RE: Arkansas/Laurel County KY Elam's
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 22:19:55 -0500 (CDT)
From: (Ruth monteleone)

Janet , Kay et al,
I show :
Peter Elam b 1788 Powhatan Co.
to laurel Co. Ky 1835
M. Nancy b. 1792 VA
Children all b. VA
E.P b 1818 M mary F. Laurel Co KY
Socrates Plato m/ Eliza Edwards to
Apaloosa Co Iowa by 1860
Theophylus b. 1832 m. Margaret Laurel Co KY 1850
Daniel b. 1826 VA m Jane Strusberry Lauarel Co. y 1850
Peter b. 1830 VA m Frances Laurel Co. KY 1850
(I guess those three 1850 marriages mean they showed up in the Census
that way RM)


Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 20:33:07 -0700
From: Harry Wareham <>

I received my family information (undocumented) from an uncle (now deceased) I'm now trying
prove info. I feel fairly confident about information from John Elam Jr. (1710 - forward; not
as confident of link from John Sr. (Abt 1680-) back to Martin Elam Sr. (Abt 1635-abt 1691) I
welcome any corrections and any information on any of these Elams. I'm specifically looking for
following information.

Where was Edward Sr. born?
Was his wife's name Jane?
Does anyone have a copy of the Elam book by Bryte Elam Lane of Ramseur, N.C.?
Where did Anderson Samuel die? He was evidently buried in a "New Bethel Cemetery" but I
know location of cemetery.

Thanks for any help; and a BIG thanks to Cassie for taking over list. I was another who was too
intimidated to ever post to the Helm list.
1 JOHN ELAM JR. -1710
...2 William Elam - 1732-1809
...2 EDWARD ELAM SR. - 1734-abt 1810
......3 EDWARD ELAM JR - 1765-1840
.........+Martha Smith - abt 1769-1810
.........4 John Elam - 1787-1806
.........4 Susana Elam - 1789
.........4 ANDERSON SAMUEL - 1792-1878
..............+Letitia Wetherford - 1795-1881
.............5 Francis G. Elam - 1815-
.............5 Thomas J. Elam - 1817-
.............5 William Thomas Elam - 1819-
................6 George Francis Elam -
.............5 SILAS SHELBY ELAM - 1821-1885
................+Nancy Rosalind - 1828-1898
.................6 RICHARD B. ELAM - 1858-1925
....................+Rosa Lee Walker - 1861-1941
....................7 CHARLES RALPH ELAM - 1882-1948
.......................+Mary Elizabeth Evans - 1882-1915
........................8 Roy Shelby Elam - 1904-1987
...........................+Zida Wanda - 1910-1993
........................8 EDGAR BASCOMB ELAM - 1906-1965
...........................+Amy Kathleen Berry - 1911-1978
...........................9 AMY BLANCHE ELAM - 1941 (ME)
..............................+Harry Blake Wareham - 1936
............................9 Suesan Barbara Elam - 1944
............................9 Joice Beverly Elam - 1948
.........................8 Blanche Mae Elam - 1908-1993
............................+Howard Jackson Runnion Sr. - 1907
.........................8 Ralph George Elam - 1910-1983
.........................8 Benjamin Guy Elam - 1914-1976
.........................8 Sadie Lee Elam - 1915-1915 (twin)
.........................8 John Witsell - 1915 - (twin)
........................7 Walker S. Elam - 1884 - 1975
..........................+Mamie Stegall - 1896-
.......................7 Leonora (Nora) Elam - 1888-1963
..........................+Hill (2nd husband)
........................7 Ernest B. Elam - 1890-1973
..........................+Nora Davis
........................7 Annie Elam - 1894-1974
..........................+Walter Overcash
........................7 Sadie R. Elam - 1897-1897
........................7 Herbert L. Elam - 1900-1975
.....................6 Harper John Elam - 1856-1938
.....................6 Lester Price Elam
.....................6 Daniel M. Elam
.....................6 Charles W. Elam
..................5 Sophia Jane Elam - 1824-1905
.....................+Charles Simon Gold
.....................+Francis Lattimore (2nd husband)
..................5 Samuel Weatherford Elam - 1826-1907
.....................+Martha Jane McCall
..................5 Nancy Ann Elam -
.....................+Lawson Greenhill
.....................+Houser (2nd husband)
..................5 Elizabeth N. Elam - 1830
..................5 Phillip R. Elam - 1832-1921
.....................+Mary Barber
..................5 George Anderson Elam 1835-1862
.....................+Mary Margaret Ford
...............4 Thomas S. Elam - 1794-1878
...............4 Edward Elam - 1798
...............4 Elizabeth Elam - 1800
...............4 Daniel Elam - 1802
...............4 Sarah Elam - 1805
...............4 unknown
.................+Lettice Wallace (2nd wife of Edward Elam Jr.
..................5 Peter Elam - 1811
..................5 Martha Barksdale Elam - 1815
..................5 Joel Elam
.............3 Daniel Elam
.............3 John Elam
............ 3 Samuel Elam - 1780
...............+Martha Garner
.............3 Mary (Polly) Elam - 1809
...............+James Elmore
.............3 Sarah Elam
.............3 Elizabeth Elam
...............+Obediahy Edge
.............3 Nancy Elam - 1780
...............+Seaton Duffer
.............3 Rebecca Elam - 1782
...............+ Lewis Dunn
..........2 Joel Elam - 1736-1798
..............+Phebe Hill - abt 1744
..............+Mary Ann Easter - (2nd wife)
...............3 James Easter Elam - abt 1791
..........2 Alexander Elam - 1738 -abt 1799
.............+Jane Norment - 1814-
...............3 William Elam
...............3 Mary Elam
...............3 Elizabeth Elam
.................+John Elam - 1787
...............3 Joel Elam
...............3 Alexander Elam Jr.
.............. 3 Thomas Elam

Subject: Re: Arkansas/Laurel County KY Elam's
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 00:24:19 EDT

I have never seen anything connecting a Socrates Plato as Peter's son. If this is true I sure hope
someone out there will send me the info. on it.
My records show that Branch William is a son of Peter, but I guess I
will need to go back and find out where that info. came from.
You mentioned not knowing where Theophilus' middle name "Moab" came from. Peter had a
brother name Moab.
In a reply from Ruth Monteleone she shows Daniel married to Jane Strusberry, but it should
Stansberry. Also, she shows a Peter b. 1830
Va married a Frances Laurel Co., Ky. 1850. I don't know who this is either.
Do you have the will of Branch Elam. I have it if you need anything from it.
I am sure interested if you do find Peter's wife Nancys last name. I don't know of anyone who
has it.
Thanks for your info., and please lets us keep in contact about Peter and
his family. Daniel and Jane had a son name of Jefferson b. 1848 (and of
course he is my gg grandfather) but I can not find when/where he died. I can go back and
about 12 generations of my Elams, but Jefferson is the only one I do not have death date, etc. for.

My direct line of Elams:
1. Robert 2. Ann 3. Gilbert, Jr. 4. Robert, Sr. 5.
Robert, Jr. 6. Branch 7. Peter 8. Daniel 9. Jefferson 10.
Daniel 11. George Washington 12. Gayola "Elam" Mills (my mother) (and then of course,
myself, my daughter, and my grandson).

I have all my direct line of Va. Elams wills (from Harvey Elams book)
and I ordered Branch's will from Va. myself. I also have the will of Peter,
and his son Daniel. Since I don't have any info. on Jefferson I don't know if he left a will or not.
Jefferson's son Daniel did not leave a will (per
his son who is presently living in CA) and then of course I have the will of
my grandfather, George Washington.

I hope we will be able to help each other gather all the info on Peters family. Especially if
are kids we don't know about.

Kay Chappell

Subject: Re: Arkansas/Laurel County KY Elam's
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 00:24:20 EDT

Hi Ruth:
Thanks for the info on Peters family. I have never seen anything about a son name Socrates
If you have more info about him, could you please sent it to me. I sure thought I had all his kids
named, but if you found another one then I am really in for some more hard searching.
Anyway, please let me hear from you about this. I really appreciate it.

Kay Chappell

Subject: RE: ELAMs Mecklenburg, VA>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 10:02:36 -0400
From: Vickie Elam White <>

Marjorie Rainwater wrote --

<< This is the first time I've ever seen any mention of Elams in Georgia! My great-grandmother,
Louise Elam was born in Canton, Georgia in1845. Her father was Colonel George Elam of Ga.
mother's name is unknown. My cousin thinks she had a brother named George also, but we're not
sure. We believe the family came from Virginia. Louise married Charles Edward Brown in
Americus, Georgia in 1866. Is there any chance your George is connected to my line? >>

I'm sorry but I don't think there is a connection. I don't see the name Louise ELAM in my line at
nor do the locations Canton GA or Americus GA ring any bells.

I hope someone on the list will be able to help you. Also, have you posted a query on the GA
USGenWeb site at I have had good luck there. I see that you've posted a
message on the ELAM Genforum page, and I hope you get some responses.

Good luck.

Vickie Elam White

Subject: Arkansas to Oklahoma
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 09:29:53 -0600
From: "Patricia Medford" <>

A nice lady told me that about 1900 a group of settlers from Arkansas crossed into Oklahoma and
settled just southeast of Tulsa in what was to
become Tulsa County. They called their settlement ELAM. They tried to get the railroad to
through their little village but when it bypassed them, about 1902-1903, the ELAM folks just
up and moved to the new station site at what is now Broken Arrow. They put their homes and
on skids and dragged them across the prairie, travois style. They had to lease their new property
the Creek indians until they could arrange proper sale with the indian agents. What was once
is now incorporated into the city limits of Broken Arrow. Industrious little devils, weren't they!!
Looking at a map, they probaly came out of Benton or Washington County, AR. Ah, another
to look for the elusive Elam's.

Subject: elam plantation
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 11:59:08 EDT

looking for information about a slave named DOLPHUS ELAM, who at the age if 15 in the year
1865, was on the Elam Plantation somewhere in either McCormick County, S.C.

Does anyone out there know of the ELAM PLANTATION. The origninal plantation was in

aNY information would be appreciated.

Subject: Red Faced Elam
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 10:11:12 -0700
From: Harry Wareham <>

I'm so embarrassed! I realize that in all the excitement of my first posting, I didn't even sign my

Thanks for the great information already posted by LaDonna.

Amy Elam Wareham
1684 Via Isola
Monterey, CA 93940

Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 14:26:47 EDT

Is there anyone doing research on the above names in Missouri? All three received land patents in
the territory of Missouri as follows:
ELISHA - 1-4-1819 He was in Bradley Co. 2nd reg. of Infantry
LEMUEL - 5-1-1845 in Pulaski Co.
SAMUEL - 5-1-1845 IN Pulaski Co.

Looking for connections. Thanks for checking.

LaDonna Elam McKelvey

Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 15:45:00 -0700
From: Harry Wareham <>

Guess I did get a little carried away. Shorter version of my family follows.

1.EDWARD ELAM JR. - 1765-1840
+Martha Smith - abt 1769-1810
2 ANDERSON SAMUEL - 1792-1878
+Letitia Weatherford - 1795-1881
3 SILAS SHELBY ELAM - 1821-1885
+Nancy Rosalind - 1828-1898
4 RICHARD B. ELAM - 1858-1925
+Rosa Lee Walker - 1861-1941
5 CHARLES RALPH ELAM - 1882-1948
+Mary Elizabeth Evans - 1882-1915
6 EDGAR BASCOMB ELAM - 1906-1965
+Amy Kathleen Berry - 1911-1978
+Harry Blake Wareham

I think this makes Anderson Samuel my ggggrandfather? My information
shows he had the following children:
Francis, Thomas J., William Thomas, Silas Shelby, Sophia Jane, Samuel
Wetherford, Nancy Ann, Elizabeth N,., Phillip R., George Anderson and Sarah Dobbins. Could
possibly be correct? Seems a very large family. Are there other children?

Marilynn, would you mind posting your line to Anderson Samuel so I can
see where we connect?

Do you know if Alexander Elam - 1738 - abt 1799 was a brother of Anderson Samuel, Joel and

Thanks again to all of you for great info I haven't even finished reading all the great info LaDonna
has sent.


Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 20:24:45 EDT

In a message dated 9/4/98 1:30:02 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> Is there anyone doing research on the above names in Missouri?

I have an Elisha but the 1819 date doesn't fit. Others on the list are researching Lemuel, and I'm
researching one of his "thought-to-be" brothers, Reuben ELAM. Reuben had twin sons; Elisha
Elijah, born 26-Jan-1829. Lemuel and Reuben's families went to Missouri from Warren and
County, TN.

Let me know if this is a connection and we can follow-up.

Regards, Bob Walker

Subject: Richard Elam, Campbell co VA - will
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 98 18:44:15 PDT
From: "Peg Powell" <>


Does anyone have a copy of a will for Richard Elam of Campbell co, VA? Does anyone have
absolute proof as to who is children are?



Subject: Re: Walter Elam
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 20:42:31 EDT

I don't have much on the Elam/Elum line, but would appreciate any help
available. The 1860 Census, Hopkins Co. KY shows Walter Elum age 57 born TN and wife
Margaret age 56 born KY and the following family:
Almary 80 (Maybe mother)
Elizabeth 21
BC (f) 18
Liddra A. 13
I believe there are two more children to this family, a son, James age 22 who is married to Martha
C. and another daughter, Martha E. Stevens who is married to Henry S. Stevens (sometimes C.)
They are also on that census. Martha and Henry were married at the home of James Elam 20 Oct
1857. That's all I have. The family disappears in the 1870 census and by then I believe Martha E.
had died following the death of her husband Henry Stevens in 1863.


Subject: Re: Richard Elam, Campbell co VA - will
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 21:28:51 EDT

Richard Elam of Campbell County, Virginia died intestate between 1801 and 1806. He makes a
in 1793 that lists these children:

Frances Elam b abt 1770 M. Garland Staples
Lewellen Elam b 1779/80 M. Mary (or Nancy) Eanes
Mary Elam b abt 1781 M. John Moore
Samuel Elam b abt 1783 M. ?
Elizabeth Elam b abt 1785 M 1st Enoch Watkins, 2nd Alexander B. Walthall
Martha Elam b abt 1787 M Hartwell M. Doss
Obedience Elam b 10 May 1789 M James L. Moore
Susannah Elam b abt 1791 M?
a son John was probably born after the deed was made:
John Elam b after 1793 M. Polly Tolbert

I believe these are the children of Richard Elam and wife Susannah (Lewellen?) of Campbell

Hope this helps....
Gregory McReynolds

Subject: Re: George Elam
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 23:50:36 EDT
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

George B. Elam, Sr., of Edgefield District, SC, had the following children: William F., George B.,
Jr., Martin B., Patrick H., Carolina P., and Cornelia M. Elam. I know of only two George Elams
originated in Virginia and were associated with SC/GA - one is the above George B., and the
is Vicki White's George P. Elam. It is possible that George B. Elam, Jr., may have been the father
your Louise Elam. If so, George B. Elam, Sr., was the son of Martin Elam who was the son of
William Elam of Charlotte County, VA. Hope this helps you get started! Annette Elam Wetzel

Subject: Re: elam plantation
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 23:50:35 EDT
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

"Dolphus" was one of the nine slaves willed to Patrick H. Elam by his father George B. Elam in
Edgefield District, South Carolina in a will dated November 12, 1845. That "Dolphus" would
been at least 20 years old in 1865. The actual wording was "unto my son Patrick H. Elam and his
heirs forever the following negro slaves, viz. Oliver, Abram, Dolphus, Reuben, Violet, Matilda,
and her two children Peter & Betsey and the future increase of the females."

As for the location of the Elam Plantation, George B. Elam, by his will, left to his four sons, to be
divided equally among them, "my tract of land lying in Lincoln County in the State of Georgia on
Savannah River adjoining lands of John Hardy, Nally & Walker & Sistrunk, near Ferguson Ferry,
containing Nine hundred and ninety acres more or less."

As far as a where the slaves willed to Patrick Elam lived or were taken, Patrick Elam was an
when his father died. He may have owned property other than that left to him in his father's will.
Deeds might indicate the location of any property Patrick owned.

The Savannah River forms the border (mostly) between Georgia and South
Carolina. George B. Elam, who died in 1847, lived in Edgefield District, SC. I have not seen him
referred to in any other way except as "Edgefield District." I believe that the present-day town of
North Augusta, SC, is in present-day Edgefield County, SC. Don't know how nor when the
of South Carolina and Georgia were divided, but all the counties/districts/towns mentioned in this
post - Edgefield, McCormick and North Augusta, in SC and Lincoln, in GA - are in the same

Let me know if this information helps you to locate your ancestor.
Annette Elam Wetzel

Subject: Elam of Campbell co., VA
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 98 23:59:39 PDT
From: "Peg Powell" <>

Thank you for sending the information about the will and the children.

I am planning a trip to Clark co ILL next month looking for further proof of Alfred M to

I am gathering this information for my husband, who is a 3rd great grandson of Alfred. We have
become an active family here in Northwest Iowa with DAR (Daughters of the American
SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) and C.A.R. (Children of the American Revolution).

I found information in a Virginia book 2 years ago that said Richard Elam of Campbell co VA
involved in the American Revolution. If I can gathered proof of relationship to Lewellen and then
to Alfred, Dave can join SAR. To my knowledge, no one has joined for this Patriot.

I appreciated all the help and advice that anyone can give me.



Subject: RE: Arkansas/Laurel County KY Elam's
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 15:11:56 -0600
From: "Janet E Crowley" <>

Kay Chappell wrote:
> I have never seen anything connecting a Socrates Plato as Peter's son.
> If this is true I sure hope someone out there will send me the info. on it.

Ditto on this for me. The one source who mentioned this name to me said
Socrates supposedly married in Laurel County, so perhaps there's something in the marriage
to connect him to Peter.

> My records show that Branch William is a son of Peter, but I guess I
> will need to go back and find out where that info. came from.

I also have him as a son of Peter, but I suspect that info came from you. Again, the name makes
for this family.

> You mentioned not knowing where Theophilus' middle name "Moab" came from. Peter had a
brother name Moab.

I know about Peter's brother Moab. But I have seen Theophilus' middle name as both Moab and
Peter. One of these middle names came from a descendant who had a document with the middle
name on it. But I've been switching genealogy programs over the last year and somehow I've lost
source that tells me which one is which.

> In a reply from Ruth Monteleone she shows Daniel married to Jane Strusberry, but it should
Stansberry. Also, she shows a Peter b. 1830
Va married a Frances Laurel Co., Ky. 1850. I don't know who this is either.

Yes, although I've also seen Stansberry as Stansbury. The Peter who married Frances is probably
Theophilus, who married Frances Brock. This may be the source of the middle name Peter.

>Do you have the will of Branch Elam. I have it if you need anything from it.

I have both the will of Branch Elam and of his brother Peter. It was important to me to make sure
that none of the children who listed Peter as their father were actually the children of my Peter's
But Peter, the brother of Branch, listed only three daughters in his will: Dinah B Elam, Mary A
and Martha B Elam.

The will of Branch Elam mentions a wife Mary [Snellings] and these children (in this order):
Branch, Diannah B Cheatham, Bartlett (deceased, will mentions his sons Madison and Daniel
Elam), Robert, Joshua, Peter, Phebe B Godsey, Moab, Ammon, Hodijah, and Cinderella. Branch
selected William to be guardian to Hodijah; William, Robert and Joshua were selected as
I have some limited info from Chesterfield records about some of these children other than Peter.

I have these proven and possible children listed for Peter, son of Branch:

Sarapha Ann -- married John Thomas Godsey 1831 Powhatan VA (I show five daughters for this
Branch William -- married Lucy Moore 1837 Laurel KY
Epaminondas Rannals -- married Mary F Godsey 1842 Laurel KY, married Mary Jane Coleman
Laurel KY (9 children for "Epam")
Socrates Plato -- married Eliza Edwards
Sarah E -- married John W Shotwell 1847 Laurel KY (3 children)
P. Daniel D. -- married Jane Stansberry 1845 Laurel KY, married Elisa Roberts 1893 Laurel KY
Joshua Thomas -- married Margaret Delia Hodge 1858 Laurel KY (my line, 9 children)
Theophilus Peter -- married Frances Jane Brock 1855 Laurel KY (4 children)

Of this list, Theophilus is a proven son because he was named in Peter's will. Daniel's death
named Peter and Nancy as his parents. Joshua Thomas was given permission to marry by his
Peter. Epam is not proven that I know of, but one of his descendants has collected strong
circumstantial evidence to connect him to Peter. I'm fairly sure that Sarapha Ann and Sarah E
Peter as father in their marriage records, but I don't have those handy at the moment. So, Branch
Socrates are the only real question marks here as far as supporting data I've collected or that
have told me about.

There WAS a William Elam (age 20-29) in the 1840 Laurel KY census (the only Elam found in
county in 1840), so perhaps that was Branch William. There's too many children in that
for someone who had only been married 3 years, plus a number of adult women (Males: 2 under
1 age 5-10, 1 age 20-29; Females: 1 age 5-9, 1 age 10-14, 1 age 15-19, 1 age 20-29, 1 age 30-39,
and 1 age 40-49). Interestingly, the 40-49 age group is the one that Nancy Elam should have
appeared in. So perhaps Peter left Nancy with son William and then went off somewhere the
takers couldn't find him!

Janet Elam Crowley

Subject: Charlotte Co., VA Land Record
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 17:16:19 EDT

In the search for my Edward Elam b. 1798 NC I obtained a Charlotte Co., VA Land Indenture

This Indenture made this fourth Day of July One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Eight
James Watkins of Charlotte County of the one part and William Elam of the same County of the
part, etc. It is a long document but states that William Elam paid the full sum of fifteen pounds
current money of Virginia to James Watkins for the land in question.
Hope this aids in Elam research.

Subject: RE: Arkansas/Laurel County KY Elam's
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 18:55:34 -0500 (CDT)
From: (Ruth monteleone)

Janet & Kay,
My info on children of Peter Elam b. 1788 Powhatan Co to Laurel Co. Ky
by 1835 comes from my old notes from 1980 . I think that the references
to when married were that they were in the Census as listed. Strewsberry was probably a typo as
Stansbury is an old VA name.


Subject: Re: Edward Elam/Anderson Elam and your questions
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 00:58:51 EDT
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

I will try to reply to your questions as best I can.

1. I have found no proof of Edward Elam's birth place or birth date.

2. I have found no record of the maiden name for Jane, wife of Edward.
Further, I have found no record of their marriage date. I know of no proven dates for the births
their children, only speculation and "best guess" estimates.

3. Bryte Lane is my cousin. She has probably collected - and probably knows - more Elam
information than any one of us. We owe her a great debt, but she did not write a book about
Her health prevents her participation in today's discussions re: Elams. She did prepare a
for one of the Elam family reunions. That manuscript contains
no documentation.

4. Per his widow's pension application, Anderson Samuel Elam died at his
home in Rutherford County, NC. He and his wife, Letitia Weatherford, sons Samuel and George,
daughters Elizabeth and Sophia, as well as many of their descendants, are buried in the cemetery
New Bethel Baptist Church near Fallston, NC.

You asked for comments on the line you have posted.

1. You show John Elam, born 1710 as married to Martha ?. Do you have
Martha's maiden name, or where their marriage record is filed? Several John Elams have married
women named Martha, but I have not been able to find a marriage record of the right period for a
John Elam married to a
Martha. There was a John Elam who married Martha Dudley in Chesterfield County, VA, but that
marriage occurred in 1774.

2. You show William, Edward, Joel and Alexander as sons of John Elam. I have not been able to
any documentation to support that conclusion,
and would certainly like to know the source of your information.

3. You show William, Edward and Joel as brothers. Again, I know of no
documentation to support that conclusion, and would certainly like to know where to find same.

4. You show Alexander Elam as son of John Elam and brother to Joel Elam. The Alexander
who married Jane Norment was Joel Elam's son, not his brother. See the will of Joel Elam in
Mecklenburg County, VA.

5. According to Edward Elam's will, filed in Charlotte County, VA, his children were Daniel,
John, Samuel, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Nancy and Rebecka. I know of no proof for the birth dates
of any of them other than Edward. Since the original Bible no longer exists, we would have
proving even that date.

6. Anderson Elam's children, according to his Bible, were Francis G.; Thomas J.; William T.,
(1)Cornelia Royster (2)Sarah Pruett; Silas
S. married Nancy Fennel(l); Sophia Jane married (1)? Lattimore(2)Charles
Gold; Samuel W. married Martha Jane McCall; Nancy A. married (1) Lawson Greenhill(2) ?
Elizabeth H.; Philip R. married Mary Barber Crawford; George A. married Mary Margaret Ford;
Sarah Dobbins married Rufus Webb Gardner. I don't know Francis and Thomas's history; William
moved to Yellville, Arkansas; Silas moved to South Carolina, then to Charlotte, NC; Sophia's first
husband is believed to have died during TWBTS; Samuel made a trek to California before
to Rutherford County; Nancy's first husband died of wounds at Chancellorsville; Elizabeth died at
16; Philip Ramseur, a Baptist minister, served as a Lt. in Co. C, 55th NC Infantry during TWBTS;
George Anderson was killed at Gaines Mill 27 June 1862 while serving as a Sgt. in Co. F, 34th
Infantry during TWBTS; Sarah's husband served in Co. F, 55th NC Infantry. The above spouses
history is according to Bryte Lane's records.

7. My lineage is John Elam to Richard Fuller Elam to Philip Ramseur Elam
to Anderson Samuel Elam to Edward Elam, Jr. to Edward Elam. And that is according to me!

Please let me hear from you regarding your sources. I may have missed a
great deal during all these years of searching for Elams! Annette Elam Wetzel

On Thu, 03 Sep 1998 20:33:07 -0700 Harry Wareham <> writes:
>I received my family information (undocumented) from an uncle (now
>deceased) I'm now trying to prove info. I feel fairly confident about
>information from John Elam Jr. (1710 - forward; not nearly as
>confident of link from John Sr. (Abt 1680-) back to Martin Elam Sr.
>(Abt 1635-abt 1691) I welcome any corrections and any information on
>any >of these Elams....

Subject: ELAMs in Chesterfield county, VA
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 18:40:06 EDT

In 1978, George Andrew Beadles, Jr. and Harriette Mooring Horner published a book called
HICKMAN'S HALF-ACRE: An Illustrated History of Skinquarter Baptist Church, 1778-1978;
Cemetery Interment Records, 1880-1977. The book contains the following references to

Richard ELAM and Elam FARMER were among the men who established a Sabbath School for
eighty pupils in Skinquarter [Chesterfield county, Virginia, just south of Richmond] in 1828 [pp.

Richard ELAM was a delegate from Skinquarter Church to the Middle District Association
[of Baptists] in 1835 [p. 33]

R. ELAM was one of the church members authorized in April 1837 to clean out and fix the spring
at Skinquarter. [p. 40]

Brother Richard ELAM was elected Clerk and Treasurer to keep the church minutes in 1842 [p.

James ELAM was one of a committee to investigate the cost of putting backs on the benches in
meeting house [church] in 1842 [p. 42].

Richard ELAM, clerk of the church, died "Sometime between the June and July meetings in
The minutes do not contain a tribute to him, but we know by the records he kept that he had a
and beautiful handwriting." [p.45]

James ELAM was elected a deacon in 1843. [p. 45]

In the cemetery lie the remains of Nellie ELAM Wilkinson, 1867-1958.
It is not clear who her husband was. The closest in age is Pleasant Eli Wilkinson, 1867-1938.

As you can see, these are only fragments of data from a book that really concerns Skinquarter
itself, not its members. But I hope they may be of interest to someone.

"My" Elam was Phebe or Hannah Phebe ELAM, who married Samuel FLOURNOY in 1804. She
seems to have been the daughter of Richard ELAM and Hannah WOOLDRIDGE.
Any relatives out there?

Laura Keyes Perry

Subject: Re: elam plantation
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998 20:39:03 EDT

Thank you so much for all this valuable information. There is so much here. I will have to digest
compare with my information.

I will let you know what I find out.

Marcia Elam-Moore

Subject: Elams in Military records
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 98 22:24:32 PDT
From: "Peg Powell" <>


Back in the early 80's, I copied the following Elam names while looking for my CW relatives.
they will help someone. There are 74 names, so I will divide this up. Starting with A.

Military Records Available
numbers are for application #, Certificate #

1. Abner
served F77 Ill inf
served F130 Ill Inf
invalid 1879 October 24 317734, 268004

2. Alexander
served H. 35 Ill Inf
invalide 1879 June 14 379284, 220489

3. Alexander
C or E 6 Va Inf
1899 Sep 5 1234970
attorney J. Cralle Ca

4. Alfred M.
43 Ind Inf.
wid Mary F.
1884 Dec 17 528148, 553670
1924 June 14 widow 1214245, 947000 Idaho
note: I have a copy of this record

5. Alfred M.
served F 2 Neb Cav
1890 Aug 25 invalid 945208, 673108 Missouri
attorney H.C. Mintzer
note: This is my husband's 3rd great grandfather. I have a copy of this record.

6. Andrew F.
service, teamster Q.M. Corps U.S.A.
1925 Oct 2 invalid 1525487
remarks: C2329511

7. Calvin
served M. 13 Ill Cav
widow Clara I
1882 Feb 8 invalid 439167, 282062 Ill
1928 Mar 7 widow, 1607256, A4-7-28 Ill

8. Charles
served B62 En Mo. Mrt
1892 Nov 17 invalid 1137994 Mass
attny G.M. Irwin

9. Charles B.
served C 15 N.S.I. Inf
widow Laura F
1863 Mar 12 widow 14339, 188452

10. Charles B.
served C29 U.S. Inf
1911 Dec 19 invalid 1400619 Virginia
attny: Wm Fletcher & co

11. Charles Miller
served U.S. Marine Corp enlisted 1927; discharged 1930
1931 July 14, sailor 1698171, Law. Re, St. NCo.
remarks: C-2589273

12. Eldridge A.
served Wg Tr., 5 U.S. Cav. Wg Batty 12 U.S. - Art
1932 Mch 9 soldier 1714126
remarks: C2617065

13. Eli
served I 6 Miss Cald Inf I 59 USCInf
1890 June 2 779136, 558904 Miss

14. Elisha L.
served A 72 Mo En Mil Inf
1876 Feb 19 214659, 505471

15. Frank, alias John Franklin
served Topeka, Detroit, Wabash, 1901 1905
1931 Sep 5 1702024----A-8-1352 Kansas

16. Ernest Lynn
S-1"cl 1923 1926
Henerson Child's Pittsbury
Whitney, 'Concord' Joh D------
1930 Aug 21 1676367 Law Re A-6-15-31, Alabama
Remarks: C2-605918



Subject: Butler Co. KY Records
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 08:31:45 -0600
From: "Patricia Medford" <>

Where should I write to try and find a marriage record 1830-1840 in Butler
County, KY? Still trying to find the egg Richard ELAM (1819-?, KY) hatched from. He's on the
1840 and 1850 Census for Butler County. LDS says his wife was Barbara A. ENGLAR (1824-?,
KY). Children were: Mary Catherine (1841-?, KY) m: Thomas D. Armstrong Apr 3, 1859,
Co. AR; Jane (1843-?, KY); John T. (1845-?, KY); Florence (1847-?, KY) m: John S. Armstrong
Nov 6, 1865, Ashley Co AR; Alfred
Richard (b:Feb 19, 1849, KY-d:Dec 8, 1911, TX) m: Hariett Elizabeth Runnion(Runyan).

Subject: Re: Butler Co. KY Records
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 11:09:53 EDT

Dear Pat

Thought that mystery had been solved. Here's a copy of an email I sent Annette Wetzel:

John Elam would have married about 1815 in Butler Co., Ky. His wife Polly Tolbert was the
of a well-known and much loved pioneer Baptist preacher Benjamin Tolbert. I believe they had
son Richard Elam, the RIchard who married Barbara Engle/Engles. John Elam died before 1823
that is when Polly "Elm" married Lott W . Harper in Butler Co. It appears Lewellen and Samuel
moved on to Clark Co., Ill in the late 1820's, leaving sister Obedience Elam Moore and Polly
Elam's son Richard as the only representatives of Richard Elam's children in Butler Co., Ky.

The marriage records for Butler County have been published as a book by the Butler Co
and Historical Society in Morgantown. By the way I believe Lott W. Harper's mother was also an
Engle/Engles and probably kin to your Richard's wife Barbara.....someone may be researching that
line in Butler, check with the society....hope this helps.

Gregory McReynolds

Subject: Laurel Co., KY Elams
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 01:38:43 EDT

I have several questions for you regarding your last e-mail to me.
1. As possible children for Peter and Nancy S., you showed Sarapha Ann who m. John Thomas
Godsey 1831. I show Branch's daughter Phoebe Baugh m. a Thomas Godsey March 6, 1800
Chesterfield Co. at Skinquarter Bapt Church (also her father consents to marriage) Also,
& Phoebe Baugh had a son named John T. Godsey who married May 14, 1835 to a Sarephina
Are we talking about the same people here? I haven't seen anything abt a Sarapha Ann been the
d/o Peter and Nancy.

2. Sarah E. married John Shotwell (you said 3 children - Could you share
their names with me)? Also, I show Sarah died Oct. 17, 1855 Laurel Co., do you show also?

3. Daniel and Jane (you said you show 8 children, there were 9 (let me know if you need for me
name all.

4. You had Joshua Thomas & Margaret married 1858 -I show 1848 - (which is right) Also you
they had 9 children. Could you share that with me, I don't have that info.

5. Also, just a bit of interesting tibit -- A man in Ohio sent me a picture that he said was of
Theophilus, s/o Peter and Nancy.

6. Did Peter sale any land, etc. to Thomas? Thomas and Epam witnessed deed where Peter sold
to Daniel D. I have copy of two Ky. land grants (warrants) Peter received from Commonwealth
Ky. Later Peter sold some of this land to Daniel. Peter also sold land to Epam for $50.00 April
17, 1848. I don't have anything showing Peter (sold) land to Branch W.W., but I do have where
love, affection, and for services rendered he gave Branch hogs, hoes, bushels of oats, etc. on Jan.
1838. And then of course he willed Theophilus land. Do you have exact date Peter died. His
was produced in court for the May term 1864, and I have a deed where Theophilus sold land
25, 18--4 (The General Deed Index in Laurel Co. shows this date as April 25, 1864) And the
states that this was land left to him from Peter except 50 acres sold to Daniel.

This is all the questions I will ask you right now. I just want to make
sure I get everything straight on my records.
Thanks for your help.

Kay Chappell

Subject: FW: [KYLAUREL-L] Excerpts from the Mountain Echo 1895 (37)
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 08:18:18 -0500
From: "Debbie Mauelshagen" <>

Reprinted with permission of the Laurel County Historical Soc.
August 2, 1895


Died-At his home in the South-eastern portion of this county last Tuesday
morning of consumption, Mr. Robert Elam, one of the most highly respected citizens of the
He leaves a wife and one child to mourn his death. His remains were buried at the Union church
burying grounds Wednesday, with Masonic honors. He was a member of Robinson Creek Lodge,
591, F.A. M. The accustomed resolutions by his lodge will be published in our next issue.

Subject: Seldon Elam
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 08:05:20 -0400
From: kennie <>

I am looking for any information on Seldon Elam from Breathitt County Ky. He was married to
Mullins. Seldon died a very young man. he is my husbands grandfather and ANY info would be
Thank you in advance,
Joy Honeycutt

Subject: Re: Monday Night Football
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 20:44:45 -0400
From: "Bill Cherepy" <>

-----Original Message-----
From: Harry Wareham <>
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, September 08, 1998 8:19 PM
Subject: Monday Night Football

>Right! What a "cousin" . Who's line gets to claim Jason?

Jason Douglas ELAM
b. March 8, 1970 Ft. Walton Beach, FL
(my daughter's brother-in-law)

Ralph Carlton ELAM
b. Aug 27 1925 Georgia

William Carl ELAM
b. Sept 19, 1897 Stone Mountain, Georgia
d. Dec 22, 1977 Carroll County, Georgia

Joel Thomas ELAM
b. 1874 Stone Mountain, Georgia
d. Nov 1, 1950 Stone Mountain, Georgia

John Franklin ELAM
b. 1840

Ned Elam
b. 1815

That's all I have so far.

>Also, I'm often asked if I'm related to actor Jack Elam. Anyone know
>who's line he belongs to?

Can't help there.

Bill Cherepy
Grayson, GA

Subject: Lineage of Richard Elam
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 09:55:50 -0600
From: "Patricia Medford" <>

Could someone e-mail me (or tell where I can find it on-line) the lineage
(ascendents and descendents) of Richard Elam and Susannah in Campbell Co. VA? Their children
that I know (thanks to this list) are Samuel, John and Llewellen (how many different spellings to
one!). I'd also like to
make contact with anyone else doing Richard's children.

I'd like to thank everyone on this list who has helped me find my Elam family. It would be nice if
other family name lists were as great as this one!

Patricia Elam Medford

Subject: Re: Elams in Military records
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 15:07:30 EDT

In a message dated 9/6/98 11:24:27 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> Hi...
> Back in the early 80's, I copied the following Elam names while looking for my CW relatives.
Maybe they will help someone. There are 74 names, so I will divide this up. Starting with A...
Hi, Peg.

Great going and I'm anxiously awaiting the posting of the E's, G's, and T's.
Namely; Elijah, George, and Tillman. Their brother, Elisha, served with the
72nd Enrolled Militia of Missouri and is number 14 on your list.

Thanks for sharing your information.

Regards, Bob Walker

Subject: Military records G-J
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 98 17:59:25 PDT
From: "Peg Powell" <>

18. George
widow Frances
served F4 USC HA
1892 May 17 invalid 1098570 763058 Tenn
1918 Apr 5 widow 1118297 855293 Tenn

19. George Dunn
Minor Copeland, John F. Gdsn
served M 3 Iowa Cav
1879 June 23 invalid 399940 576105
1893 Oct 28 minor 854726 917311 Missouri

20. George A.
Shelby, North Carolina

21. George J
served F 1 Tex Cav
1887 Aug 16 619319 467642 Texas

22. George F
widow Ella
minor Robert W. gdn
served C 1 Ark Cav
1900 Feb 17 invalid 7244252 1060469 Ark
1922 Dec 11 widow 1197550 927053 Ark
1933 Sep 5 minor 1735310 Ark
remarks: L.C. Wood & Co

23. George W.
widow Jane
served - 32 Ill Inf
1866 July 29 widow342778 290829 ILL

25. George M.
werved A 72 En Mo Mil
1891 Feb 24 1003661 Kansas
remarks: J W Morris

26. Harry B
served B 12 U S Cav 2 M Corps USA
117 Co US Coast Art Corp
1916 Apr 3 1423349 1177917 Ark
remarks: R.M. Sefton

27. Hendricks
served I 15 US Inf
1920 Dec 6 1444242 Ohio
remarks: C 916082

28. Henry (alias) Smith, Henry
widow Smith Bettie
minor Manning, James gdn
served D 118 USC Inf
1899 Sept 20 invalid 729545 617845 Ky
1895 May 15 widow 613986 423865 Ky
1900 Apr 17 minof 717350 521030 KY
Note: I will need to check the 1899 and 1895 dates, they don't look right

29. James
served A 54 Ky Inf
1885 Oct 23 288335 550564

30. James H.
widow Mary E.
1865 Feb 20 invalid 61692 298009
1887 July 18 widow 357976 Ill

31. Jerimah
widow Mary A.
served F 29 Ill Inf
1875 Jan 14 199309 315557
1876 June 6 635095 486004 Illinois

32. Jesse
widow Margaret A.
served E 1 M Co S.M. Cav
1879 Dec 27 invalid 324585 500950
1876 June 6 635095 486004 Illinois

33. John
served C 41 USC Inf
1879 Mar 16 345047

34. John (alias) Brown, Weeden
widow Brown Harriet
served H 55 USC Inf
1885 April 17 invalid 537789 918235
1916 Oct 5 widow 1076100 A-4-23-28 Tenn

35. John
widow Frances
served D 118 USC Inf
1885 June 14 invalid 576969
1896 Sep 29 widow 640904 Ky

36. John B
widow Emma L
served D 110 Ohio Inf
1916 Jan 27 invalid 1422425 1175033 Ind
1916 May 15 widow 1066132 813539 Ind

37. John Franklin
served Rand S caman
Topeka, Detroit, Wabash 1901 1905
1932 Sep 8 1702024 Law 8230 A8-13-32 Ga
remarks: C(-)18726

38. John J
served E o Va Inf
1905 Dec 23 1343495 Virginia
remarks: J.-. Cralls & Co

39. John W
widow Freelove

served Capt D & C 87 Ind Inf
1901 Sep 23 invalid 1275443 1086929 Ind
1911 Jan 9 widow 955647 916373 Ind

40. John W
served K & C 1 Mo Ca
1889 Aug 26 7224528 797374 Kansas

41. Joseph F
served E 5 Ky Cav
1891 Jan 18 1032288 940409 Kansas

42. Joshua
widow Elizabeth
served C 31 Wis Inf
1891 Jan 29 widow 497795 342409 Wisc



Subject: Re: Military records G-J
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 20:44:58 EDT

In a message dated 9/9/98 6:58:47 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> 21. George J
served F 1 Tex Cav
1887 Aug 16 619319 467642 Texas

> 25. George M.
> served A 72 En Mo Mil
> 1891 Feb 24 1003661 Kansas
> remarks: J W Morris

Thanks, Peggy.

That's two down and two to go, with an unexpected one thrown in.

I assume that the number 1003661 is his pension file number. Is that correct?

For those of you researching the Reuben ELAM and Leah LANCE family, number 25 is another
their sons. For those of you researching John ELAM, first born son of Reuben ELAM and Sarah
VANCE, number 21 is George Jasper ELAM, son of John ELAM and Nancy Stacy ELAM.

Regards and many thanks, Bob Walker

Subject: Re: Military records G-J
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 07:17:49 EDT
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

On Wed, 09 Sep 98 17:59:25 PDT "Peg Powell" <> writes:
>20. George A.
> Shelby, North Carolina
> R-37859
This is George Anderson Elam (my great-great uncle) who was a miller in
Rutherford (now Cleveland) County, NC. He was born 13 JUne 1835 and
married Mary Margaret Ford on 19 Aug 1858. He enlisted as a volunteer in Company F, 34th
Carolina Infantry, CSA on 17 Sept 1861. He was promoted from private to sergeant by January,
1862 and was promoted to First Sergeant on April 18, 1862. George Anderson Elam was killed at
Gaines Mill, VA on June 27, 1862. He has a headstone at New Bethel Baptist Cemetery, Fallston,
NC which reads: "Elam, Sgt. Geo. A., Co. F,
34th NC Inf., Killed at Gains Mill, VA June 17, 1862 and was buried there." Annette Elam Wetzel

Subject: ELAM, Susan (1778-1826)
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 15:06:00 -0600
From: Marlin and Joyce Aker <>

Hello all ELAM searchers,
I am looking for any informtion on Susan, have any of you heard of her?
Name: x Susan (Susanna) ELAM
Sex: Female

Individual Facts
Birth Dec 14 1778 in KY?
Death 1826 in Russell (now Wise) Co., VA

1. x Oliver I. POWERS
Marriage: Mar 19 1805 in Russell (now Wise) Co., VA
Jeremiah POWERS (born Nov 29 1807)
Lucy POWERS (born Jul 11 1810)
Harmon POWERS (born Aug 4 1812)
x Reuben H. POWERS (born Jun 19 1814)

Marlin Aker Jr
Albuquerque NM
505 299 7420 FAX 505 237 8375 e-mail

Subject: Re: Elam, Arrena Victoria 1860
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 06:35:45 -0700
From: "S Hall" <>

I am searching for Arrena Victoria Elam's parents. She was born about 1860 in Searcy ? county,
Arkansas and was married to a Hignight (Hignite) and had 1 son John Henry Hignite. Later she
married Lewis Marion Henderson and had a large family.

Does any one have any info or clues? There is rumor that she had Native
American heritage that was hidden. Her and Lewis lived in Pike county,
Arkansas and later I have found some of her old records using the name Rena instead of Arrena.

Thanks for any help.


Subject: Military records, K - T
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 98 17:36:04 PDT
From: "Peg Powell" <>

Here is the 3rd set.

I have tried to put all in alphabetical order even though a few were out of order on the original
microfilm. When it said mother, gdsn, minor, widow, etc.; this means the veteran is deceased or
disabled. Certificate numbers were given to each receipent, that is the reason for more than one
number. If you order the original pension file under the soldier's name, you should receive some
papers that would tell you who all received monies under this soldier. GSA will send only those
papers they think you will want. If you want the entire file, you must print at the top SEND
COMPLETE FILE. They will still send only those papers they think you want, then tell you the
for the rest of the file. The price has gone up considerably. Back in 1980, 130 pages was copied
$30.00. But in 1987, the cost had risen to $105.35 and did not give a total of pages that would

I hope this explanation will help those who had questions. And many thanks to those who have
emailed to tell how they were related to some of the soldiers listed.

43. Kenneth F
mother Faitha
served (Aer Ter. USA)
4 Oho Sq 5 Comp Grp Hg A C & USA
6 Purk Sq A.C. USA
1932 Apr 20 mother 1716477, A-21432 Illinois
remarks: XC2649720

44. Lemuel A
mother Calvert, Martha
served A 33 Wis Inf
1822 Mar 2 mother 368522 Wisconsin

45. Lorenzo D
widow Sarah
served A 54 Ky Inf
1889 Aug 22 widow 402759 Ky

46. Matthew McC.
widow Emma G
served A 54 Ky Inf
1891 June 1 1029984, 798108 Ky
1923 Nov 24 1212466, 945595 Ky
remarks: MV. Tierney XC2712466

47. Nicholas (alias) Vaughn, Nicholas
widow Vaughn, Kitty
served D 118 USC Inf
1890 June 11 780888, 1048107 Ky
1906 July 11 852034, 614407 Ky

48. Patrick
widow Alsop Tarthenia
served C 100 USC Inf
1889 Jan 26 widow 387890, 260368 Ohio

49. Patrick
widow Phebe
minor W.S. gdn
served D 118 USC Inf
1866 Sep 7 133172 94492
1868 May 2 161334, 109009

50. Richard
served F 31 En Mo Mil
1891 July 10 1041084 Missouri
remarks: WR Penich

51. Richard 2nd
served D 118 USC Inf
1889 Oct 12 733142, 648982 Ky

52. Richrd 1st
served D 118 USC Inf
1901 Feb 4 1285153, 1068146 KY
remarks: E.F. Gaddis

53. Richard M.
mother Frances
served I or J 14 Ky Inf
1863 Aug 24 mother 62189, 131161

54. Robert
served B12 USF Art I4USA Art
1931 Aug 8 1699418 Ky
remarks: C2-605-901

55. Robert A.
served L 1 Ky Inf
1899 Apr 3 1223413, 1120653 KY
remarks: Wm. Teague

56. Shelby C
widow Lydia
minor Lydia gdn
served F 2 Ky Inf
G 5 US Vet Vol Inf
1882 Oct 30 invalid 463606, 498789 Ky
1916 Oct 5 widow 1080166, 899196 Ky
1902 Apr 22 minor 761279, 574533 Ky

57. Stephen
served D 118 USC Inf
1889 Oct 14 734224, 854686 Ky

58. Thomas
widow Caroline
served D 118 USR Inf
1866 Sep 7 widow 133171, 112116

59. Thomas J
widow Ruth A
served A 10 Tenn Cav and G 1 Mo L.A.
E & I 3 US Cav
Signal Corp USA and Old War
1899 Mch 14 widow 693767, 485233 DC

60. Thomas T
served D 27 US Vol Inf & Navy
C.P. Richmond, Minneapolis
1902 Jan 20 1279810, 1287627 DC
remarks: JH Dewes

61. Tilman C
widow Mary A
served D 19 Kan Cav
1902 Aug 8 widow 768057 Okla Ter
remarks: See Indian Wars WO-12.233wc8944

62. Tilman C. (alias) Elim, Tilman C.
served M 4 & D 14 Mo S M Cav
1888 Aug 7 667411



Subject: Military Records, W
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 98 17:46:53 PDT
From: "Peg Powell" <>

This is the 4th and last installment. I hope this helps some of you.

63. Wesley
Martin, Wesley (now known as)
served G 29 USC Inf
1899 Jan 14 685141, 688655 Ind

64. William
served K 77 & K 130 Ill Inf
1876 Jan 20 213276, 221447

65. William
widow Rachel
served I 1 Ill art
1863 Mar 6 186, 3798

66. William
widow Lettie R
served G 154 Ohio n.s. Inf
1902 Nov 11 invalid 12922673, 1059197 Ohio
1913 Mar 31 widow 1005006, 826845 Ohio
remarks: R. J. Lockwood

67. William
served A 2 Tenn Inf s
1928 Feb 18 1605454 Ky

68. William A.
served D 22 Ill Inf
1876 June 15 221081, 295441

69. William H.
served i 6 US Inf
1928 Jan 30 1603757 Texas
remarks: C22879934

70. William K
served F 2 Ky Inf
1877 Dec 6 245431, 377910

71. William L
widow Elizabeth J
served H 79 Ill I
1885 Sep 16 widow 330866, 286464 Ind

72. William T
widow Sarah
minor Marks, David K gdn
served H 14 Ill Inf
1863 July 3 invalid 1021 3717
1864 June 18 widow 54631, 69228

73. William M
served E 21 M Co Inf
1866 Aug 112842, 246745

74. Wirt
served L 1 Ky Inf
1904 Feb 26 1309211, 1208464
remarks: S.M Va-fir



Bahr, Bartz, Lechelt, and Thiel (Posen Prussian)
Campbell and Curel from Hawick Scotland before 1819
Craig, Boone, Van Bibber
Kearnes/Kerns, Lee, Daniels
Leedom, Dimond, Morgan, Thorn
Mayberry, Chambers, Crockford, Hesser, Peasley, Winter(s)
Bolte, Kahler and Ranniger

Subject: James A. Elam/Rutherford Co., TN
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 11:34:17 EDT

Does anyone connect to James A. ELAM born about 1817 in NC, married Catherine Miles
in about 1845 in Rutherford Co., TN? He later married her sister, Margaret A. LINGO on
in Rutherford Co., TN. Their children were:
Edwin 1856, Ella 1857, Archie 1858, Louisa 1863, and Minnie 1866. Would love to share


Subject: My lineage...both sides..Elams and Belcher
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 13:44:09 +0000
From: "Herman D. Belcher Sr." <>
Please check it out..

Subject: Re: Richard Elam, Campbell co VA - will
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 21:04:19 -0600
From: Marlin and Joyce Aker <>
To: wrote:
> Richard Elam of Campbell County, Virginia died intestate between 1801 and 1806. He makes a
deed in 1793 that lists these children:
> Frances Elam b abt 1770 M. Garland Staples
> Lewellen Elam b 1779/80 M. Mary (or Nancy) Eanes
> Mary Elam b abt 1781 M. John Moore
> Samuel Elam b abt 1783 M. ?
> Elizabeth Elam b abt 1785 M 1st Enoch Watkins, 2nd Alexander B. Walthall
> Martha Elam b abt 1787 M Hartwell M. Doss
> Obedience Elam b 10 May 1789 M James L. Moore
> Susannah Elam b abt 1791 M?
> a son John was probably born after the deed was made:
> John Elam b after 1793 M. Polly Tolbert
I notice above the Susannah ELAM b abt 1791. Wonder if she could be my mystery woman:
Name: Susan (Susanna) ELAM
Sex: Female

Individual Facts
Birth Dec 14 1778 in KY
Death 1826 in Russell (now Wise) Co., VA

1. Oliver I. POWERS Mar 19 1805 in Russell (now Wise) Co., VA
Jeremiah POWERS (born Nov 29 1807)
Lucy POWERS (born Jul 11 1810)
Harmon POWERS (born Aug 4 1812)
Reuben H. POWERS (born Jun 19 1814)

I have seen a lot of ELAM information but have not been able to find a link to my Susan. Any
or lead will be appreciated,

Subject: Re: Richard Elam, Campbell co VA - will
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 01:17:29 EDT

Sorry Marlin,

I have no further info on this Susannah. However one Susannah Elam married a Preston Gilbert in
Campbell Co., VA. I don't know whether this is Richard and Susannah Elam's daughter or not.
your Power's have any connection with Campbell County Va?

Gregory McReynolds

Subject: Re: My URL
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 18:33:36 -0700
From: "Tina" <>

I AM SO EXCITED.......I have just been to your URL, and looking over
your information on the ELAM family. I have known for a long time now that this is my line, but
until you came on with your URL, I hadn't viewed your site. Anyway, I have found a small error
one of your last names, but I can also add several more children to your lineage. Gilbert and
Catherine Elam had a daughter # 6 child named Francina (sina) Elam. Francina (sina) married
Dillingham KIDD (i.e. not KIFF). Dillingham is my 3G-grandfather.

Dillingham and Francina's children:

Nancy b. abt. 1851 d. 15 OCT 1857 Morgan Co., KY (for some reason I do not have a copy of
death cert. ?)

Samuel b. abt. 1855 d. 28 FEB 1924 Rowan co., KY is buried at Pervis Cemetary, KY (I have a
photo of his headstone) m. Mary Ann McBrayer b. 19 MAY 1852 Carter Co., Boyd?, KY d. 20
1926 Eastern State Mental Hospital and is buried on the grounds there. (I have her medical
at time of her death and a telegram.) Samuel could not be found. I have a copy of death cert. for

Lee Andrew (Leander) b. abt 1857 d. 29 SEPT 1933 Rowan Co., KY he is also buried at the
Cemetary and died from 'Leakage of the heart' age 76. No Doctor was present. I have a copy of
death cert. for Lee Andrew.

Census Records:
Elam--1850 Morgan Co., KY pg. 167 1117/1117
Kidd, Dillingham--1870 Wolfe Co., KY
Kidd, Samuel---death cert.
Kidd, Lee Andrew---death cert.

I would love to stay in touch with you, and also know if you have found any other info. on
I think if you thought Dillinghams name was KIFF, then maybe you don't. Hoping for a
Tina Houck
Astoria, OR
ICQ# 17439046

Subject: Kidd--Elam research....
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 09:22:34 -0500
From: Cassie Elam <>

Tina --

Thanks for your correction and for the additional information. As always, if anyone sees a typo
something that is just plain wrong, PLEASE let me know. I get my information from a lot of
different sources and since there's no way I can document it all myself, I have to depend on the
kindness of cousins. Also, if you know of any Elam descendants who don't appear in the
I would like to get them in there, too. You know where to find me, so please drop me a line.
up the good work!


Subject: Article on S.C. Elams
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 11:20:23 -0500
From: Cassie Elam <>
To: has an article dealing with John Elam and a slave named Lydia, from the South
Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. 5 in its "new databases" that you can search for
The article deals with a
lawsuit regarding to whom Lydia and her descendants belonged. I haven't
had a chance to read the whole thing yet, but anyone working on South
Carolina Elams might want to check it out.


Subject: Re: Article on S.C. Elams
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 17:46:39 -0700
From: "Tina" <>

Who's in charge of the Edgefield Co., SC Elams? Can you forward my letter, or should I send
one of there own? Talk with ya soon, EXCELLENT site too. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Subject: Re: Article on S.C. Elams
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 01:05:27 -0400
From: Vickie Elam White <>


No one is "in charge" of the Edgefield Co. SC ELAMs, although Earl Elam has done a lot of
on them. That is his lineage, so he probably knows the most about them. He subscribes to this
so why don't you just post your questions and lines? We would all be interested, I'm sure. Why?
Well, I for one need to separate the Edgefield Co. Martin ELAM from the Chester Co. Martin
ELAM, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. <G>

Take care.

Vickie Elam White

Subject: Re: Is anybody out there?
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 02:35:36 EDT

Hello Cassie,

Like Brenda I hadn't received any Elam emails since the crash either......though there was a flurry

Anybody have any leads on Richard Elam of Campbell Co., Va? How about his wife Susannah,
last name I believe may have been Lewellen, since thats what they named their oldest son. I think
descends from an Alfred Lewellen of Pr Edward County Va. I know this is the Elam forum but
are so many Richard Elam's I thought maybe I could establish his line if I knew some more about
wife's family. By the way Richard and Susannah had a daughter named Obedience (1789-1855)
married James L. Moore (1782-1852), they are my ancestors.......yep thats right I'm tracing
and Obedience Elam's......not many by that name! Yeah right!

Gregory McReynolds

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 18:47:19 EDT




Top 10 indicators that you've become a GENE-AHOLIC

10. You introduce your daughter as your descendent.
9. You've never met any of the people you send e-mail to, even though you're related.
8. You can recited your lineage back eight generations, but can't remember your nephew's name.
7. You have more photographs of dead people than living ones.
6. You've ever taken a tape recroder and/or notebook to a family reunion.
5. You've not only read the latest GEDCOM standard, but also you understand it.
4. The local genealogy society borrows books from you.
3. The only films you've seen in the last year was the 1880 census index.
2. More than half of your CD collection is made up of marriage records or pedigrees.
1. Your elusive ancestor has been spotted in more different places than ELVIS!



Subject: Re: Article on S.C. Elams
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 08:24:09 -0400
From: "Earl H. Elam" <>

-------------Forwarded Message-----------------

From: Earl H. Elam,
To: Tina,
Date: 10/10/98 7:08 AM
RE: Re: Article on S.C. Elams

Tina, I have tried to reply to your inquiry about Edgefield Elams several times, via and also via Elam-Roots-L and have had the message returned as
or saying that the address was unknown. So I will try again. Let me know if it gets through.

RE: e-mail conversation Edgefield Co. SC Elams. I don't know who is in
"charge," but I am a descendant and am writing a book on the extended family from their ancestry
in VA and England to Edgefield to GA and TX.
The slave Lydia was property of Mary Yeates Elam, wife of John Elam who lived on Beaversdam
Creek, ca. 1780-1824. They had no male descendants, but John had two daughters, Suzannah
Mary. His brother Martin lived below present Colliers with land on both sides of Martintown
Martin's son, George Barnes Elam, developed a plantation that had 1,675 acres at his death in
Charles Elam of Lincolnton, GA and I recently found the family graveyard in dense forest, graves
unmarked, near where the family house once stood. Five graves there are believed to be of
George, Judith (Martin's wife), and Martin B. and Patrick Henry Elam (sons of George and his
Mary Bugg). George and Mary had two other sons, William Francis and George B., Jr. Charles
a descendant of William Francis and I am a descendant of George B., Jr. George B., Jr. went to
in 1849, as did his mother Mary in 1853 and his sisters Caroline and Cornelia. They lived in
Co. MS. Mary Bugg Elam is buried in Springhill cemetery there. If you have info about the
please let me know. I am on chapter 6 of my book, having gotten them to TX. George B. Jr.'s
John H. Elam was my grandfather. He came to Fannin Co., TX in 1901 and one of his sons was
father, Pat Henry Elam. Regards. Earl H.Elam

Subject: Anderson Elam family reunion
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 13:57:05 -0500
From: Cassie Elam <>

Just received the following from Marilynn Masten:

"All Elams are invited to the 35th Annual Elam Reunion for descendants
of Anderson Elam and any other Elams who care to sit around and get stuffed on delicious food
which only Elams can produce, discuss Elams in
general and admire any new babies who show up.

It is to be held Sunday, Oct.. 18, 1998 at 1:00 in the Piedmont School Recreation Center,,
NC. Bring lunch and beverage. Lawndale
is in Cleveland Co. west of Charlotte. You all come!


There is also a Hiram Elam reunion today at the Spencer Church, Bear Creek Road in Brent AL.
Sorry for not getting Robert Champion's news
about this one out sooner, but I've had some software trouble and only got to my e-mails this

Subject: Another South Carolina Mag. of Ancestral Research Article
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 14:04:03 -0500
From: Cassie Elam <>
To: has another article in the "new database" section from the SC Mag. of Ancestral
Research, Vol. 9 that mentions an Elam. Richard Elam is mentioned in some court records as
been a witness and was
noted to have been living in Chester Dist., SC.


Subject: Re: Article on S.C. Elams
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 18:12:00 -0600
From: "Karen McClendon" <>

I'm a descendant of John through his daughter Mary who married Matt Scruggs, the son of Jesse
Scruggs, also of Edgefield Co, SC. Mary and Matt moved to Cape Girardeau, MO. After he died,
Mary moved to Bedford Co, TN, where she later died. Will your book follow John's line at all?
me know when it's published.

Subject: Re: Another South Carolina Mag. of Ancestral Research Article
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 00:21:46 EDT
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

For those of us who, believe it or not, aren't 'connected' to the Internet, would it be too much
to quote from this article including some dates, and also the same from the previously mentioned
article from the same magazine that mentioned John Elam of Edgefield County? I did 'borrow'
Internet time from a friend, but would not give me anything except a lot of
undocumented names and dates. Perhaps one has to be a member to get substantive information.
Anyhow, I didn't find how to access the below mentioned magazine, which, BTW, is an excellent
journal. If you could just tell me the volume number for the issue mentioning John Elam, I can get
them via my local library. TIA,

Subject: Census info
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 08:34:39 -0600
From: "Patricia Medford" <>

Broken Arrow is what was originally the town of ELAM in OK.

1910 Census Town of Broken Arrow, Ward 4, OK
ELAM, Samuel C. H M W 40 M1-16 IL US US Traveling Advertiser
Laura W F W 37 M1-16 2-2 IN IN IN Milliner
Homer S M W 10 S KS IL IN
Carl S M W 8 S KS IL IN

Lynn Lane Township
ELAM, Deloria SD F W 14 S KY KY KY
living with mother and stepfather

Hope this helps someone.


Subject: Re: Another South Carolina Mag. of Ancestral Research Article
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 11:20:20 -0400
From: Vickie Elam White <>


<< For those of us who, believe it or not, aren't 'connected' to the
Internet, would it be too much trouble to quote from this article
including some dates, and also the same from the previously mentioned
article from the same magazine that mentioned John Elam of Edgefield
County? >>

That is usually a violation of copyright.

The article about the Edgefield John ELAM and the case surrounding the slave Lydia was in
5, pages 268-273 I believe. Hopefully you could get a copy from the Edgefield Historical Society
or something.

Good luck.

Vickie Elam White

Subject: Another South Carolina Mag. of Ancestral Research Article
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 11:27:10 -0400
From: "Earl H. Elam" <>

RE: Chester Co., SC. Martin Elam of Chester Co. had two sons: George
Phillips Elam and Richard Elam. George went to Georgia in 1820s about the time of his father's
death. Richard stayed in Chester Co., was administrator of his father's will, and purchased land
one of his sisters. I believe he also was a J.P. about 1830 or so. As far as I know he never left
Chester Co. and may have been the last of the Elams there to carry on the name of his lineage.

Subject: Re: Another South Carolina Mag. of Ancestral Research Article
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 23:49:55 EDT
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

If you cite the source, it is not a violation of copyright. Else, how could the article be on Public record information quoted by anyone is not covered by copyright law,
But no matter - thank you for the volume and page citation. Annette Elam Wetzel

Subject: Re: Another South Carolina Mag. of Ancestral Research Article
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 00:33:50 -0400
From: Vickie Elam White <>


<< If you cite the source, it is not a violation of copyright. Else, how
could the article be on Public record information quoted by
anyone is not covered by copyright law, anyhow. But no matter - thank you
for the volume and page citation. >>

Some sites actually say that what is there may not be reproduced in any way. I don't know about, but some do. But actually, I mistakenly read your message too fast and thought
wanted someone to quote the entire article. Obviously that would be a copyright violation. What
you asked, maybe only quoting a small paragraph or something, would be fine as long as there
no prohibitions posted at the site (which I haven't checked).

Sorry I spoke too soon. <G> I was trying to answer messages in between
customers at my tag sale. It was a very drizzly, gray day and not too many people stopped by, so
could sit here and answer mail. But that will teach me to do so when I'm not giving it 100% of

Take care.

Vickie Elam White

Subject: ELAMS IN VA & NC
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 09:35:47 -0700
From: "W. M REED" <>

Rachel Elam, widow of Carlton Nicholas Elam, living in Powhatan, VA sent me the following
information. She is 89 yrs. old and since her memory is not great, she contacted some people she
thought might help but the following is all she could give me.

ELAM, Joel b. 1736 m. Phoebe Hill and Mary Ann Easter. Joel d. 9/6/1798 in Mecklenburg.

ELAM, William Henry b. 12/21/1865 NC d. 7/8/1929 in Mecklenburg m. Annie Ola Mason, d/o
James Shelborn Mason. She d. 11/9/1838 in Suffolk, VA.
Elizabeth Walker Elam, b. 10/28/1888 in Mecklenburg m. Dr. Reamer L.
Willie Ola Elam b. 8/28/1892 in Mecklenburg m. William Holland.
Belle Hutson Elam b. 8/9/1897 in Mecklenburg m. Cecil Conrad Graves.
Carlton Nicholas Elam b. 5/31/1906 in Virginia m. Rachel Mistr 10/1/1936 in NC d. 8/15/1990 in

William inherited many acres of land from his father. When William died, he divided the land
his children. Carlton (Rachel's late husband)
inherited all the land in Virginia; the others divided the land in NC.

Rachel and Carlton lived on the plantation BELLNEMUS in Powhatan until the 1970's, when
sold it and built another home, which is where Rachel now resides.


ELAM, PETER b. 1758 in VA m. 8/8/1798 Susanna Gregory b. 1776, d. 1842 VA.
ELAM, DANIEL b. 1795 Mecklenburg d. 8/3/1864 Mecklenburg m. Elizabeth Mealer (Maeller)
WILLIAM ANDREW ELAM b. 2/9/1838 in Buffalo, VA d. 4/5/1915 m. Sophia Jane Herndon in
York, SC, d. 3/4/1907 in Baskerville, VA.
JOSEPH DANIEL ELAM b. 5/5/1875 in Mecklenburg m. 12/16/1901 Nannie Lizzie Chandler b.
4/20/1879 Person Co., NC d. 12/9/1938.

In the 1850 Mecklenburg Census pg. 144:

ELAM, Daniel 56 M Farmer VA
Elizabeth 49 F
John 23 M Overseer
Martha 19 F
Indian 12 M
Elizabeth 9 F

This is not my family so hope it helps someone else.

Mary Reed

Subject: re: Richard Elam
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 98 14:21:05 PDT
From: "Peg Powell" <>

Can anyone tell me the earlies date Richard Elam was in Campbell co? If so, can you cite the


Subject: Address list
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 16:16:08 -0500
From: Cassie Elam <>

I would really appreciate it if everyone could send me their snail mail addresses and/or telephone
numbers. Because e-mail addresses change frequently, some of our cousins get "misplaced" from
time to time and it would be helpful if I could have a backup way to contact everyone. In the
of privacy (and not clogging up the list), I would ask for that you respond to one of my personal
e-mail addresses ( or rather than the list. I promise not to give
addresses or phone numbers without getting your permission first. You don't have to respond if
rather not, but it would be helpful. Thanks.


Subject: ELAM-ROOTS-D Digest V98 #97
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 18:28:00 -0400
From: Harry Elam <>

In response to W. M. Reed's input, I am a direct decendent of William Andrew Elam and his
son Joseph Daniel Elam of Mecklenburg Co. Virginia. As a matter of fact, both a William
and a Joseph Daniel Elam of this line are living in Virginia today. Sorry, I am not a geneologist
my format must be really offensive to those dedicated among you. However, if you are interested
in finding the graves of Daniel
Elam, his son, William Andrew Elam, his son Joseph Daniel Elam, or his son and my father
William Elam, I can provide. Regards, Harry B. Elam

Subject: Address list
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 17:09:43 -0500
From: Cassie Elam <>

Thanks to all of you who have sent me your information. You never know
when Rootsweb might go up in smoke again or some other such catastrophe could occur, so it's
to have this sort of thing handy. I also wanted to say a special thanks to all of you who have
the time to write me about how you have found the list useful and enjoyable. As much as I would
love to take credit for it, all of you who have posted queries and answered questions are the ones
have made the list a success -- I just ride herd over it. Keep up the good work!


Subject: Elam As a First Name?
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 10:51:04 -0400
From: "Bill Cherepy" <>

My daughter is an Elam by marriage. I have some information from my wife's HALL family line
in it are two individuals with Elam as first names.

Charity HALL b. abt 1876 in Clay County, FL married an Elam GLISSOM in Clay County, FL.

Elam HALL b. abt 1861 Emanuel County, GA.

I have no idea where the Elam first name comes in in either individual.

Bill Cherepy
Grayson, GA

Subject: Elam As a First Name?
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 13:42:15 -0400
From: Vickie Elam White <>

Bill Cherepy wrote --

<< I have no idea where the Elam first name comes in in either individual.

Elam is one of those names that doesn't give a clue as to why it is used. It can be given because it
a family surname, but it is also a Biblical name (Noah's grandson was Elam, I believe; also, Elam
a country, the precursor to Persia).

Vickie Elam White

Subject: Re: Elam As a First Name?
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 13:52:39 -0400
From: "Marilynn Masten" <>

Just an idea, but often children during that time period, especially in the South, were named for
Preacher. My G-Grandmother was Sarah Dobbins Elam and that had me in a real tizzy until I
the preacher at that time was a Mr. Dobbins. And sometimes they were named to honor a
My husband's first name is Shuford, which is a family surname, but we don't tell people about it.
How would you like to be nicknamed 'Shoe"?


Subject: re: Richard Elam
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 98 19:28:13 PDT
From: "Peg Powell" <>


Has anyone researched the earliest record for Richard Elam? I have a copy of the 1783 tax list
has been published. If someone has an earlier land record, please tell me, so I can order it. I was
I would have to hire a researcher to actually search for these records.



Subject: Re: ELAM-ROOTS-D Digest V98 #100
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 08:30:04 -0500
From: "Janet K. Alexander" <>

I'm looking for information regarding the 1800's Elam's in Bond and Fayette counties in Illinois.
Anyone related to these or have any info on Andrew Jackson Elam?

Janet Elam Alexander

Janet K. Alexander
Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
W503 Turner Hall
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: 217/244-7387
FAX 217/244-3219

Subject: Andrew Jackson Elam
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 09:34:15 EDT

I have an Andrew Jackson listed as born in 1855 in Bond. Is this yours? If not, I can look


Subject: re: Campbell co. VA research
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 98 15:30:24 PDT
From: "Peg Powell" <>


Does anyone have the name of someone who will do a tax and land search for me? I am looking
proof that will show how long Richard was in Campbell co., VA.

What county does most of you think that Susannah came from? Perhaps there would be land and
records there. I am open to suggestions.



Subject: Re: re: Campbell co. VA research
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 22:06:45 EDT

Hi Peggy

Do you descend from Richard Elam of Campbell Co? He was listed in the 1785 census for
the only Elam listed at all. I believe he may have come from Buckingham Co., BUT that is just a
GUESS----NO proof! Also I believe his wife was Susannah Lewellen of Prince Edward County
that is another GUESS!

Perhaps we can work together on Richard!

Hope this helps a bit,
Gregory McReynolds

Subject: RE: ELAM-ROOTS-D Digest V98 #100
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 15:03:05 -0500
From: "Paul & Pam Jarosy" <>

I don't know if we are related. Susan Elam was born maybe in Illinois in
1818. They lived in the area you are referring to. I just received correspondence from other
members from the same are. He said some still live there. Do you know any other names?

-----Original Message-----
From: Janet K. Alexander []

I'm looking for information regarding the 1800's Elam's in Bond and Fayette counties in Illinois.
Anyone related to these or have any info on Andrew Jackson Elam?

Subject: Cleveland Co., NC Elams
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 21:32:54 -0400
From: "Dixon Williams, M.D." <>

Good evening all,

I've been monitoring this list for quite some time and felt that it was time
to list my Elams.

*Edward Elam, Sr. m. Jane _______
b. 1730?
*Edward Elam, Jr. m. Martha Smith
b. 1-29-1765
d. 3-24-1840
*Anderson Samuel Elam m. Latisha Weatherford
b. 10-26-1792
d. 3-24-1878
*Samuel Weatherford Elam m. Martha Jane McColl
b. 3-15-1826
d. 2-1907
*Franklin Elam m. Kate Wray
b. 9-1867
d. 2/16/1949
*Carme Nelson Elam m. Ruth Ethelda Caldwell
b. 1-26-1896
d. 2-16-1980
*Sarah Lenore Elam m. Dorman Lemuel Williams
*Dixon Caldwell Williams (me)

Family legend has it that Edward Elam, Sr. was the son of John Elam, Jr., son of John Elam, Sr.,
of Martin Elam, son of Robert Elam but unfortunately I have not been able to confirm any of this.
If you have anything to add or if I can help you please let me know.

Dixon Caldwell Williams

Subject: Re: Cleveland Co., NC Elams
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 13:56:12 -0400
From: "Marilynn Masten" <>

I am family historian for Anderson Elam organization here in Clev. Co. We
can go no farther back than Edward, being unable to connect him to any of the other Elams. Our
Elam's have been posted to the list. Pehaps you were unaware of this. But we would like to have
you send us your family from Frank on so we can keep it all up to date.

We had a Reunion yesterday. Not very well attended this time. Did you
know Bill has cancer and not long to live? First, Jim, now Bill. Bryte fell and fractured her pelvis
but is doing well. I could look at the family tree Bryte made up but find it easier to just ask you to
send me your family up-to-date, if you don't mind. Where are you located? You should attend
reunions if possible.


Subject: Re: Cleveland Co., NC Elams
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 14:21:29 -0400
From: "Dixon Williams, M.D." <>

It's good to "talk" with you. I will be more than happy to send my family.
I assume that you have my mother Sarah Elam Williams (Bill's and Jim's

Dixon Caldwell Williams (b. Shelby, NC, 11/21/1951)
m. Julie Anne McCollum (b. Winston Salem, NC 7/31/1952)
Jill Elam Williams (b. Chapel Hill, NC, 12/9/1977)
Lee Anne Williams (b. Roanoke, VA, 2/18/1981)
Abby Elizabeth Williams (b. Pulaski, VA, 1/4/1984)

Sorry we didn't get to the reunion and also sorry that the attendence was poor. I was talking
Beth (Nancy's daughter) today and she said that she just forgot about it. We'll try to make it next
year and try to get some of the younger Elams to join us.

Keep in touch. We'll all be thinking and praying for Bill. Help us please.

Dixon Williams

Subject: Cleveland Co., NC Elams
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 17:08:36 -0400
From: "Earl H. Elam" <>

The main problem with the legend is that no documentation has turned up to show that Edward
a son of John Elam Jr. However, he may have been, and he had brothers William, Joel, and
Alexander, and maybe Samuel. Martin Elam, father of John Elam, Sr., was not a son of Robert
Elam. Martin, it appears, was a son of Thomas and Mary Elam of Thurscoe Parish, Yorkshire,
England. Norman Neill in England has found record of his baptism there in 1635 as well as of his
brother Gilbert's baptism in 1630. Gilbert married Ann Elam, Robert Elam's daughter. Hope you
use this info. Earl Elam

Subject: Re: Cleveland Co., NC Elams
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 00:16:43 EDT
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

There certainly appears to have been some connection between William, Edward and Joel Elam,
were grown men in 1752, but any proof that
Edward, William, Joel and Alexander Elam were brothers has eluded me in all these years of
searching. Would make things so much easier if someone could provide that proof.

William Elam died in Edgefield County, SC ca. 1809. He had sons named
John, Martin and Soloman Harmon. Edward Elam died in Charlotte County, VA, ca. 1810. He
sons named Daniel, Edward, John and Samuel. Joel Elam died in Mecklenburg County, VA ca.
He had sons named Edward, Alexander, Peter and James.

As far as the name Alexander Elam and the 18th Century is concerned, one
Robert Elam, who died in Chesterfield County after 13 Oct 1785, had only two sons, Alexander
Augustus and Robert. (Chesterfield County WB 4, p. 2.) The other who had a son named
was Joel Elam (Mecklenburg County WB 4, p. 49). This Alexander, who died before 10 April
(Mecklenburg County WB 4, p. 180) had, among others, a son named Alexander and a son named
William - they emigrated from Virginia to Illinois.

If anyone has clues to the relationship between these Elams, I would really be grateful if you
post them to this discussion list. Thank you, Annette Elam Wetzel

Subject: Re: Cleveland Co., NC Elams
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 08:38:21 -0400
From: "Earl H. Elam" <>

RE: Alexander Elam (d. 1789) and Edward Elam (ca. 1730-1810). While there is no absolute
that they were brothers, it is highly likely that they were. On 28 Feb. 1789 Alexander signed a
document ,probably in Edward's home in Charlotte Co., that says in part: .". . . for the love and
affection which I have & do bare toward my Brother Edward Elam of the
County of Charlotte, hath given and granted and by these presents doth give, grant, and Confirm
him the said Edward Elam and to his heirs and
assigns forever, all my Estate . . . ." (Charlotte County, VA, Deed Book 6,p. 49). Alexander
apparently never married. Witnesses were Mack Goode, James Watkins, Martin Elam, Brackett
Barnes, and John Elam. This Martin Elam was a son of William Elam who I believe was also a
brother of Edward and Alexander. John Elam was a son of Edward. Brackett Barnes was a
of Martin's wife Judith. Mack Goode was a man with whom all the Elams in the area of the
Bluestone Creek in Charlotte Co. had dealings during those years. The real mystery in my mind is
who was the father of the Elam brothers Edward, William, Joel, and Alexander. Joel had a son
named Alexander who sometimes was referred to as "Jr.," out of respect, I think, that Joel had
his brother Alexander who, until his death, lived near him in Mecklenburg County not far from
Edward and William in Charlotte County. Earl Elam

Subject: Re: Alexander Elam: Elam, Joel - Will - 1797-1798 - Mecklenburg County - VA -
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 18:43:47 EDT
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

Posted this before on the old list - but it bears repeating. Annette Elam Wetzel

Excerpted Will of Joel Elam
Mecklenburg County, Virginia
Will Book 4, Page 49

Elam, Joel. Will dated April 21, 1797; Recorded Sept. 10, 1798. Names
Wife, Maryann Elam; Children: Patty Grigg, Alexander Elam, Edward Elam, Sabery Grigg, Peter
Elam, Phebe Moore, Frankey (Frances) Graves, Polly Elam, James Easter Elam - last two children
under age. Grandson John Elam Grigg, son of Sabery Grigg. Specific bequests to children named.
Rest of estate to wife Maryann during widowhood, then land to James Easter Elam. Balance of
to James Easter Elam and Polly Elam. Executors; Wife Maryann and son Alexander Elam.
William Richards, Greenwood Harrison and William Hill.

Subject: Elam, Alexander, Mecklenburg County, VA - 1789 - Deed - Charlotte County, VA
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 18:43:47 EDT
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

Some of you may be interested in visiting the Charlotte County and Mecklenburg County
VAGenWeb pages for more postings on the Elams.
Annette Elam Wetzel

Alexander Elam, son of Joel Elam of Mecklenburg County, is believed to
have been born in Lunenburg County (later Mecklenburg County) VA in 1762. He married Janey
Norment March 17, 1785. The marriage bond, dated March 14, 1785, lists Thomas Norment as
Surety. (Page 43, "Marriage Records 1765-1810 Mecklenburg County Virginia," Collected and
Compiled by Katherine B. Elliott, South Hill, VA, privately printed, 1963) Janey Norment,
to have been born in 1764, was the daughter of William and Mary Norment. (Will of Mary
Mecklenburg County Will Book 9, Page 448) The following are believed to be the names and
possible birth dates of the children of Alexander and Janey Norment Elam: Mary Richardson, ca.
1786; William B., ca. 1788; Elizabeth, ca. 1789; Chandler Norment, ca. 1790; Charlotte, ca.
Joel E., ca. 1795; Abner, ca. 1796; Alexander, Jr, ca. 1797; and Thomas, ca. 1798.

Alexander Elam died before April 10, 1800, the date his estate appraisal was returned, listing Jane
Elam, Executor. (Mecklenburg County Will Book 4, Page 180) The estate was sold by William
Baskerville, Sheriff, on
November 12, 1813. Purchasers included Joel Elam, James Barnes, Thomas Norment and William
Richards.(Mecklenburg County Will Book 8, Page 63)

The final accounting, Jane Elam, Administrator, was completed November
18, 1813 and filed October 17, 1814. (Mecklenburg County Will Book 8,
Page 82) The reason for the gap in time is not known.

Neither is it known why Alexander Elam, married in 1785, deeded his estate to his brother,
in 1789. In the "Virginia Genealogist," Volume 20, page 206, Alexander Elam's name appears on
"List of Insolvents, 1788, Mecklenburg County," which list states that his property consists of
negro, Charlotte County."

Deed Book 6, Page 49, Charlotte County, Virginia
Elam From Elam

"Know all men by these presents that I. Alexander Elam of the County of
Mecklenburg for divers good Causes and Considerations me thereunto moving, but more
for the love and affection which I have & do
bare toward my Brother Edward Elam of the County of Charlotte, hath given, and granted and by
these presents doth give, grant and Confirm to
him the said Edward Elam and to his heirs and assigns forever, all my Estate whereof I am now
posses'd Consisting of the following Articles To
wit, one Negroe Man cald and known by the name of Bob, also one Feather
Bed & Furniture, one Brass kettle, one Iron pot rack, and Sundry ____, one Iron pot, one brass
Skimmer, also Sundry other small & _____ Articles not necessary here to Innumerate, all which
Goods and Chattels as above describ'd I give & confirm to him the said Edward Elam and to his
& assigns for ever, and the same I do hereby Warrant and forever defend against the Claim and
Demand of all and every person & persons Whatsoever. In Witness whereof I have here unto set
hand and Seal this
28th day of February 1789.
Alexander ( x his mark) Elam S.S.
Witness Mack Goode, Ja. Watkins, Martin Elam, Brackett Barnes, John Elam

At a Court held for Charlotte County the 6th day of April 1789 This Deed
of Gift was proved in Court by the Oath of Mack Goode, James Watkins and John Elam, to be the
act and Deed of the said Alexander Elam and Ordered to be Recorded.
Teste Thomas Read, CC
Truly Recorded Thomas Read, CC"

Subject: Elam, Alexander, Mecklenburg County, VA - 1789 - Deed - Charlotte County, VA
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 19:57:02 -0400
From: Vickie Elam White <>

Annette Wetzel wrote --

<< The final accounting, Jane Elam, Administrator, was completed November 18, 1813 and filed
October 17, 1814. (Mecklenburg County Will Book 8, Page 82) The reason for the gap in time is
known. >>

Usually a gap indicates so large indicates that there were several minor children. As each reached
16, 18 or 21 (depending on the laws of their state and the provisions of the will), they would
their portions of the estate. The final accounting in 1814 would lead one to suspect that the
child had reached one of those ages, which indeed seems to be the case -- Thomas was born ca

Here's a little tip that I"m sure you already know but which could help others on the list -- probate
records and deeds are sometimes the only way we can find the marriage dates and married names
daughters. If their fathers left them something in their wills, often they would "come into their
inheritance" either when reaching the above ages or when getting married. So, if the girls
prior to reaching those ages, they would receive their portions of an estate. These names and
were entered in the estate records.

I wish I could find records like this for my Martin ELAM of Chester Co. SC!

Vickie Elam White

Subject: Luallen and Samuel in Clark co Ill
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 98 17:31:51 PDT
From: "Peg Powell" <>

Hello.... I have learned much about this family since I first subscribed. Thank you so much for
sharing with me so much about Richard Elam of Campbell co, VA. Without his will/deed I would
never have proven Luallen's parentage. I am looking for Susannah's parents, no luck yet, but have
received many emails.

I wanted to share with you, the land record I received today in the mail. It is for Samuel and
Elisabeth Elam, dated 1840, Clark co. Ill. There wasn't any record for Luallen. Since it looks like
Luallen didn't have a son, Samuel. Who is this Samuel? Is he a brother to Luallen? If so, why
there an earlier record.

I am expecting a bigger package from Clark co so maybe the answers will be there. If someone
descends from this Samuel I will send this land record to them.

Does anyone on this list live in or near Campbell co., VA? I need some land and tax records.
were no known records for Richard in Bedford co (the parent co of Campbell).



Subject: Elam, Alexander, Mecklenburg County, VA - 1789 - Deed - Charlotte County, VA
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 07:29:28 -0400
From: "Earl H. Elam" <>

RE: Martin Elam of Chester Co., SC. Some details relating to the administration of his estate can
be found in Chester Co. Conveyance Book
AA, p. 2, and Conveyance Book W, pp. 352-387. His real estate was distributed on 11 December
1826 to Patience Elam, 142 1/2 acres; Mary Elam "Jr.", 139 acres; Frances Elam, 142 acres;
Elam, 119 acres; Wiley F. Coleman for his wife nancy Elam, 142 1/2 acres; Wiley F. Coleman as
trustee for Sarah Davis, 151 acres; George Phillips Elam, 110 acres; Solomon Coleman on behalf
his wife Elizabeth Elam, 102 acres; Andrew Colvin, son of Susannah Dyer Elam Colvin, 110
and Martha Elam, acreage not indicated but must have been 136 acres because she sold that
to Richard Elam in 1835. Hope this info is useful to someone. Earl Elam

Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 15:52:33 EDT

I think I subscribed to this list once before, but never got a mailing from it. So, here I am, trying

My grandfather was James Robert Elam, b.3-3-1892, OK, died.12-30-1979, OK. Married Edith
Malinda Jennings.

My great-grandfather was James E. (Dock) Elam, b.5-1863 OR 9-25-1862, Laurel County, KY,
d.4-14-1944, OK.

My greatx2grandfather, according to Dock's funeral statement, was "Tom" Elam, b.KY.

Does this ring any bells with anyone? Would be very grateful for information.

Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 00:46:03 EDT

My 4ggrandfather and down to present was in Laurel Co., Ky. Would be
interested in exchanging info with you. My 4ggrandfather was Peter Elam b. 1788 Va. married
Nancy S.. My 3ggrandfather was Daniel Elam m. Jane Stansberry, and then Jefferson Elam (am
interested in finding more info on him), he first married a lady first name America, then 2nd he
married Eveline Wiggins, and then next is Daniel Elam married Julie Travillion, and then my
grandfather George Washington Elam married Lucy Sizemore. All these people are from the
Knox, Bell Counties area. Hope to hear from you soon

Kay Chappell

Subject: Georgia Salt Lists
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 14:19:22 -0600
From: Cassie Elam <>

Just ran across a book containing the Georgia Salt Lists at One
is listed:

Elam, William R., Names of Wives of Soldiers and Widows having a Son or Sons now in Service,
1/1/62, Stewart County


Subject: Way To Go, Jason!
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 22:23:00 -0800
From: "Dave Masonhall" <>

Broncos' Elam Ties Record With 63-Yard Field Goal

DENVER - Jason Elam tied an NFL record which stood for 28 years when
he kicked a 63-yard field goal for Denver in the Broncos' 37-24 victory over the Jacksonville

Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints set the record with a game-winning 63-yard field goal
against the Detroit Lions on Nov. 8, 1970.

With the unbeaten Broncos ahead 24-10, Elam lined up his unlikely attempt on the final play of
first half. Despite a slight slip before he kicked the ball, Elam split the uprights.

Elam, whose previous longest field goal was 56 yards, became only the fourth player in NFL
to kick a field goal of 60 yards or longer. He has made 16-of-25 attempts of 50 yards or longer.

Subject: FW: Wolfe County History Book
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 16:14:51 -0500
From: "Allen-Wible, Marilyn K" <>

I think this missed the Elam list since I still had the old "address". Another message with some
information follows this one.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Allen-Wible, Marilyn K
> Sent: Friday, October 23, 1998 4:57 PM
> To: 'TaulbeeList'; 'ElamList'
> Subject: Wolfe County History Book
> I don't know who all is on the Wolfe County mailing list, but I
> thought I'd pass this along to you.
> Carolyn Lamb sent out information on a book titled, "Early and Modern
> History of Wolfe County" that gives a description of the area, how it
> was formed from four other counties, who it was named for, and
> information on the founding families. It is 411 pages, and was
> published around 1959.
> If you are interested, you can pick up a copy at the library for
> $20.00 if you're near enough to do so. If you need it sent to you,
> send them your name and address, a check made out to the Wolfe County
> Woman's Club for $23.00, and send it to:
> Billye Adams
> Wolfe County Public Library
> PO Box 10 Main Street
> Campton KY 41301
> You can call them at (606) 668-6571, or fax them at (606) 668-6561,
> for more information. They also have an e-mail address:
> I have no idea how many books they have, but since a large chunk of us
> have roots there, I thought I'd let you know about it so you can see
> about getting a copy if you're interested.
> Regards,
> Marilyn
> marilyn_allen-wible

Subject: FW: Status of New Book
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 16:15:47 -0500
From: "Allen-Wible, Marilyn K" <>

The second message.....

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Allen-Wible, Marilyn K
> Sent: Friday, October 23, 1998 5:02 PM
> To: 'ElamList'; 'TaulbeeList'
> Subject: FW: Status of New Book
> More on the Wolfe County book and its proposed update.
> Marilyn
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bill & Thelma Rice []
> Sent: Friday, October 23, 1998 4:59 PM
> To:
> Subject: Status of New Book
> *****************************************************
> Wolfe County Kentucky History Book
> <<>>
> Genealogy and articles on local history needed
> ******************************************************
> <><><>In 1860 Wolfe County was formed from Owsley, Morgan, Powell and Breathitt
Nearly 100 years later, he first Wolfe County history was published by the Wolfe County

That publication was republished and expanded in 1982 and continues to be a best-seller. Earlier
year, the Club announced it's plans to publish a volune two of Wolfe County's history and invited
submission of family genealogies and articles on local history.

Thus far, about 100 pages have been submitted for the new book. Since many more families have
indicated that they are preparing material, the Club has extended the deadlline for the submission
material until August of next year.

This will enable the Club to have the new book available in time for Christmas, 1999. The book
be dated the year 2000 and will be a nice
keepsake as well as a valuable source of genealogy for folks with Wolfe County connections.

The Club announced that the new book will also serve to correct any mistakes or ommissions in
existing book. Those wishing to correct material in the existing book can do so by providing the
with the corrected information.
Thelma Carroll Rice, Committee Chair for the new book, stressed that the Club encourges the
submision of stories and articles about Wolfe County, past and present. "Historical narrative was
a very important element of the first book," said Mrs. Rice. "We know that there are many good
writes who have researched aspects of Wolfe County and it's people and developed some very
interesting material that will provide valuable historical perspective."

Material for inclusion in the new book should be sent to:
Thelma Carroll Rice, PO Box 339, Campton, Kentucky 41301.
Guidelines for writers can be obtained by writing Ms. Rice or submitting an e-mail request to:

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 98 17:19:43 PST
From: "Peg Powell" <>

LaDonna, I learned from the Elam list that Lewellyn and Samuel, sons of Richard, left Campbell
VA; left for and was in Butler co., KY for the 1820 federal census; left there for Clark co., Ill
Lewellyn is supposed to have died and is buried.

That's is all I know.


> Peggy
> Just now getting around to writing re your post 10-23
> What I have on my line so far is:
> 1. Samuel Elam b. Abt 1780 in Virginia
> +Martha Garner b. Abt. 1780
> 2 Chester Burrus Elam
> 2 Alice Elam
> 2 Lennis Elam
> 2 Della Elam
> 2 Samuel Elam
> 2 EDWARD ELAM b. 2-27-1805 Charlotte Co. VA
> +Sarah Tucker b. 8-17-1804 Charlotte Co., VA
> 2 William D. Elam b. Abt 1810 Charlotte Co., VA
> +Elizabeth Williams McCargo b. 2-6-1819 VA
> I have reached a dead end on SAMUEL/MARTHA and do not know who Samuel married. I
heard that a group of Elam's went to Illinois and then some came into Tennessee where my 2nd
grandfather lived.
> Do you have access to census records for Clark Co.? If so, would you have time to check the
census for him? This might be the connection that I need.
> Thanks for posting the land record.
> LaDonna Elam McKelvey

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 08:00:04 EST

LaDonna - Right now I have the following on Samuel - am doing some Elam research later this
from Clark and Bond Co. IL microfilm census and will let you know what else I may come

1820 KY Census for Samuel Elam, Butler Co, p 321
Samuel Elam 3 males under 10
1 male 20-39
1 female under 10
1 female 10-15
1 female 16-18
1 person engaged in commerce.

1830 IL Census for Samuel Elam, Clark Co., p 71:
Samuel Elam
1 male <5
1 male 15-20
1 male 40-50
2 female <5
2 female 5<10
2 female 10<15
1 female 30<40
No slaves

I find the Charlotte Co. POBs that you list of great interest. Maybe these
will help us narrow down our search in VA. How firm is your source for this info?

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 09:17:03 +0000
From: "Herman D. Belcher Sr." <>

Hiya...Do you think this possibly could be John S. Elam??? Wonder if the S is for Samuel?? And
remember that he was married to Polly Garner..seems like the Garners and Elams got along real

Subject: Peter Elam/Mary King
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 22:22:39 -0600
From: Cassie Elam <>

OK gang, here's one that's had me stumped for a while. I have a Margaret King (b. 1812, Sumner
County, TN) married to a Peter H. Elam (b. 10 Mar 1811 in VA). My problem is, I have two
H. Elams with that date/place of birth. One is supposedly the son of Edward Elam Jr. and Lettice
Wallace and the other I have down as the son of Daniel Elam and Nancy Graves. Can anyone


Subject: Re: Peter Elam/Mary King
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 00:58:29 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

Daniel Elam m. Nancy Graves April 13, 1826.
Edward Elam m. (2) June 1, 1810 Lettice Chaffin Wallace. Edward and Lettice had a son named
Peter b. March 10, 1811. Have not seen the middle initial "H" before. Do not know whether the
Peter Elam who married Margaret King in Sumner County, Tn March 7, 1833 was the same as
Peter Elam who was the son of Edward and Lettice. Annette Elam Wetzel

Subject: Virginia Gazette of Williamsburg mentions Elams
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 23:53:47 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

The Virginia Gazette was a newspaper published in Williamsburg, Virginia
from 1736 to 1780. I have just begun to work with this microfilm, and found the following
advertisements quite interesting.

5 March 1752
"Newly imported to Suffolk in Nansemond County by the subscribers who
will give attendance there, an assortment of Wollen goods, amounting to
1400 pounds sterling, consisting of broadcloth, broad duthls, bearskins and frizes, narrowbroads,
kerseys, narrow bearskins and frizes, halithicks, shalloons, camblets, everlastings, serges, buttons,
twist, blankets, rugs, etc. As we were manufacturers of great part of the goods, we can afford
on reasonable terms and will take for them either ready money or tobacco or will give part goods
part money for tobacco. We have also an assortment of Manchester goods, the particulars too
to mention here. Gervas and Robert Elam"

9 May 1755
"For Immediate sale by the subscriber, who intends for Great Britain soon, a fine assortment of
European goods on reasonable terms. All persons indebted to me are desired immediately to come
and pay off their respective balances or give bond for the same. Such as delay may depend
on being proceeded against according to law, and all those who have any
accounts against me are desired to bring or send them in and receive payment. Shockoes in
County, April 30, 1755. Gervas Elam"

3 March 1768
"Cleared February 23rd: "Florida Packet," Robert Elam, for Pensacola with
163 barrels of flour."

11 August 1768
"Entered in the Upper District of the James River July 28, "Florida Packet," Robert Elam, from
Providence, with 50,000 limes, 50 dozen
pine apples, 300 wt. of turtle, 400 ft. of mohogany plank, and 12 sets of bedsteads."

6 October 1768
"We have now lying in our warehouse at Norfolk, which arrived on the "John and Mary" Capt.
McKennie, five bales and 2 boxes of the following marks and numbers, viz: [note: long
follows]. We do
not know to whom the above goods belong. Any person by making application to John
at Norfolk or the Captain on board lying there or producing a bill of lading (or if sent from John
Elam, a letter from him) will receive such as belongs to him. Storrs & Ellis"

Subject: Gilbert, James, Richard, Samuel, John
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 18:35:33 EST

Does anyone have documentation on the children of Gilbert ELAM who was the father of
1727) who was father of the Richard(b 1761) who married Winneford Walthall. Did Gilbert have
sons named Richard, John A. , and/or Samuel?

Any info would be appreciated as I am trying to disprove (or prove!) a theory.

Subject: Re: Gilbert, James, Richard, Samuel, John
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 02:06:25 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

Chesterfield County, VA, Will Book 1, page 29
Will of Gilbert Elam 22 July 1750
To wife Mary, plantation I live on for life, and afterward to daughter Mary Elam, 200 acres. If
daughter Mary die, then to daughter Elizabeth. [Other bequests]: to daughter Elizabeth, son
son James, son Robert, daughter Ann, daughter Lucy, daughter Judith. [Will proved 2 March,

Chesterfield County, VA Will Book 3, page 435
Will of Gilbert Elam 18 September 1771
Lend to wife Susanna items and use of my plantation below the Spring Branch, and my daughter
Martha to have liberty of the house while single,
then after death to son Robert, and if he die without heirs of his body, then to his brother Walter.
to wife 1/2 my household stock, and then to her children then living: Bille Cannon Elam,
Elam, Benjamin Elam, Robert Elam, Walters Elam, Susannah Elam and Jeremiah Elam. To son
Elam and Lodwick Elam and Gilbert Elam and Godfree Elam and
daughters Ann Godsee, Martha Elam, Susan Keill, and part of daughter Martha Elam shall belong
to her daughter Bette Ann Elam. Rest to be divided between my wife Susanna and my children
named. To son Burwell, land above Spring Branch up to Flournoy's line. To daughter Jane Elam,
Executors: Richard Elam and Barkley Elam.
Witnesses: Math'w Farley, Dan'l Elam, Wm. Sims, Dan'l Elam, Jr.

Chesterfield County, VA Order Book 6, page 525
Court 7 May 1784: Will of Gilbert Elam proved; Matthew Farley and Daniel Elam, witnesses;
Susannah Elam, widow of Gilbert Elam, relinquishes her claim to estate.

Chesterfield County, VA Will Book 3, page 542: Inventory of Gilbert Elam, value not totalled,
November 10, 1784 by James Elam, Robert Haskins, Aaron Haskins.

Subject: Morgan Co., KY Marriages
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 20:56:49 -0600
From: "REMeyer" <>

Hope this will help someone:

Daniel Elam m. Nancy Lykins, 18 Feb 1841
James Elam m. Rebecca McGuire, 11 Sep 1823
James S. Elam m. Mary Howerton, 3 May 1848
Jeremiah Elam m. Elizabeth Nickell, 7 Feb 1830
Joshua Elam m. Nancy Keeton, 18 Oct 1843
Robert S. Elam m. Rodah May, 4 Feb 1847
Sam Elam m. Margaret Cottle, 25 Jul 1829
Walter Elam m. Jincy Ann May, 2 Feb 1843
William Elam m. Mary Cottle, 15 Feb 1838
William Elam m. Demandy Melvina Kasee, 7 mar 1848
William H. Elam m. Nancy Easterling, 24 Sep 1840
Elizabeth Elam m. Andrew Lykins, 28 May 1833
Joannah Elam m. Thomas Easterling, 13 Apr 1824
Nancy Elam m. Isaac Lemaster, 15 Oct 1829
Nancy Elam m. Archibald McLain, 7 May 1846
Nancy Elam m. Richard E. Rouse, 31 Oct 1850
Rebecca Elam m. William McGuire, 16 Oct 1823
Sarah Elam m. James Fugett, 15 Jan 1841

Subject: Royster Kinard
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 18:44:49 +0000
From: "Herman D. Belcher Sr." <>

Can anyone tell me where Sarah Jane Elam ..Married to Ollie Kindard son
Royster Kinard is buried??? I understand it is in Georgia..either Banbridge or Valdosta...

Subject: Query re Gilbert ELAM Chesterfield co VA d. 1774
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 12:30:07 EST

Annette E. Wetzel kindly sent to the list this summary of the will of Gilbert
Elam. I would be interested to know just how this family was constituted--did Susanna and
have 15 or 17 or whatever children, or was she previously married to an ELAM ["her children"]
were there children who are his but not hers ["my daughter"]? Is Bille a female? And is Walter
same person as Walters? Many thanks to Annette or anyone else who can explain this family that
sounds [I don't mean to be disrespectful] like something from a soap opera.....

Subject: Re: Query re Gilbert ELAM Chesterfield co VA d. 1774
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 1998 15:41:34 -0700
From: Marlin and Joyce Aker <>

I show 8 children by his first wife, name unknow, and 6 by Susannah HILL. Walter, Waltus and
Walters are all one person, I have various spelling on different references, he married Nancy
Bille is definitely William Cannon ELAM, married Jul 24 1792 to Susannah Raines.

One of his descendants has a massive file on ELAMs and won't touch the
NET on a bet. He lives near Kingsport TN. They have a big ElAM/NICKLES reunion in
every year.

Marlin Aker Jr.

Subject: Keziah Elam d/o Gilbert Elam IV & Elizabeth Scott
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 22:11:08 -0600
From: "Barry Michie" <>

Dear "Cousins":

I put the term cousins in quotes because my tie to the Elam line is fairly tenuous and unproven.
Elam "line" branches off of a fairly well proven
Nunnally line that is contemporaneous with the Elams in VA. I would like
very much to prove or disprove the following concerning Keziah Elam b/o
Josiah Elam and d/o Gilbert Elam IV and Elizabeth Scott.

Josiah Elam (1753-1821) born in VA and migrant to OH, is the progenitor of the Ohio Elams and
ancestor to many of the Elams in this group. He had a sister, Keziah , who is mentioned in
Elam's book, The Elam Family, but without mention of what happened to her - marriage, death,

Interestingly, Harvey Elam writes that these two came of age in the household of their step-father,
Archelaus Nunnally who married Elizabeth
Scott, their mother.

I have found on a website - with no proof, discussion, or documentation -
that one James Franklin Nunnally married a Keziah Elam. The author of that website does not
respond to my enquiries.

Independently I know that:

(1) this James Franklin Nunnally (1760-1830) was born in VA and moved to GA. His first wife
named Keziah who died in Elbert Co GA in 1810.

(2) James Franklin Nunnally was the first cousin, twice removed, of Archelaus Nunnally the
of Josiah and Keziah Elam, children of
Gilbert Elam IV and Elizabeth Scott. James' father was born in Chesterfield Co VA and was
at least until 1782; he died in Elbert Co
GA in 1838. Thus there is every reason to believe that this James Franklin
Nunnally knew Archelaus and his step-daughter Keziah Elam.

However I have no proof that James Franklin Nunnally's first wife Keziah is Keziah Elam d/o
and Elizabeth.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem and possibility????

Barry H. Michie
Manhattan, KS

Subject: Gilbert ELAM m. Sally SIMS Chesterfield county VA 1785
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 23:39:22 EST

A Minister's Return from the Rev. John Goode that says he married Gilbert ELAM and Sally
on 16 March 1785 in Chesterfield county, Virginia. Who were the parents of THIS Gilbert Elam?
Does anyone know more?

Thanks for any help you can offer--
Laura Keyes Perry

Subject: James ELAM, Joanna ELAM of Chesterfield co VA, 1700s?
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 23:42:32 EST

The Chesterfield County, Virginia, Marriage Bonds contain a section of "undated" marriage bonds
that contains the following, complete with Freudian slips:

"This is to certify that I have know objections to Bartholomew Blunt, Marring my Daughter
Joanna the clark of Chesterfield county..." [signed] James /his mark/ Elam"

Can anyone identify which James Elam this was, and the date of Joanna's
marriage to Mr. Blunt? Were there children?

Laura Keyes Perry

Subject: Phebe ELAM m. John LAPRAD, Chesterfield co, VA 1785
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 23:44:21 EST

Hello again ELAM researchers--

Can anyone out there tell me the parents of the Phebe ELAM who married John Laprad
on 8 December 1785 in Chesterfield county? --or anything more about the couple?

Thanks--Laura Keyes Perry

Subject: Re: James ELAM, Joanna ELAM of Chesterfield co VA, 1700s?
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 21:35:04 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

Chesterfield County, VA Marriage Register, p. 495: 26 March 1796
Bartholomew Blunt and Joanna Elam, daughter of James Elam. Married by Rev. Benjamin

Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 10:21:48 -0600
From: (Thomas E Van Ness)


Hi folks,

I am married to Jimmye Ruth Brashier whose Elam descent is (I think) as
below. Please understand that I just started the Elam side about 3 months ago and do not have all
my documentation in my FTM file. I have no
personal experience of the Elam family and since this is 1/4 of my wife's
ancestry, I am trying to document, gather stories for our children and just make contacts.

Please notice, I have only included 5 living persons and have not included any info. If I don't have
permission to distribute the information, I don't. Jimmye has 2 brothers with families and several
cousins, but since I lack their OK, I will not distribute. If this upsets someone, I apologize in
advance. Ancestors, of course, are fair game. On With the Hunt.

I have not added any of the information from Herman Belcher's website. I felt that you would
my info before I added his. My father-in-law, James Brashier, brought me a copy of some of the
descendants with dates
of Benjamin Little. John Monroe Elam married Elizabeth Little and of course his family is
included. I do not have the name of the person that brought the LITTLE info to the Elam family
reunion, does anyone have his/her name and address? I have also just recently found Hiram's
marriages on the Bibb Co. Genweb site. Did he really marry Ruth Parker twice? His federal land
grant records are interesting, too.

Descendants of Hiram Elam

1 Hiram Elam b: Abt. 1805 Tennessee Census-1: 1850 Bibb Co., AL
p10 Fam#
127 Census 8: 1850 Bibb Co., AL p10 Fam# 127
. +Unknown m: Bef. 1829 Prob. AL d: Bef. 1837
.... 2 Martha Elam b: Abt. 1829 Census-4: 1850 Bibb Co., AL p10 Fam#
.... 2 Mary Anna Elam b: Abt. 1836 Census-2: 1850 Bibb Co., AL
p10 Fam# 127
*2nd Wife of Hiram Elam:
. +Ruth b: Abt. 1820 NC m: Abt. 1837 AL Census-5: 1850 Bibb Co., AL
p10 Fam#127
.... 2 Isaac Elam b: Abt. 1838 Census-2: 1850 Bibb Co., AL p10 Fam# 127
.... 2 John Monroe Elam b: 05-31-1839 Bibb Co., AL d: 04-25-1922
Lauderdale Co., MS Burial: Goodwater Baptist Church Cemetery near Meehan Jct Lauderdale
MS Census-2: 1850 Bibb Co., AL p10 Fam# 127
....... +Elizabeth Little b: 08-17-1839 Bibb Co., AL m: 07-14-1861
Bibb. Co., AL d: 07-07-1917 Lauderdale Co., MS Burial: Goodwater Baptist Church
near Meehan Jct Lauderdale Co. MS Census-1: 1998 Info from Benjamin and Epsey Little's
Bible held at the time by Della Yerby
.......... 3 Mary Ella Elam b: 10-03-1866
.......... 3 Mattie Judson Elam b: 12-13-1867
.......... 3 Wm Benjamin Elam b: 06-01-1869 d: 02-10-1944 Burial:
Goodwater Baptist Church Cemetery near Meehan Jct Lauderdale Co. MS
.......... 3 John Henry Elam b: 01-24-1871 Lauderdale Co. MS d:
08-20-1959 Clarke County, MS Burial: Buried in a small cemetery north of McGowan's Chapel
about 150 yards
............. +Martha C. Brown b: 04-23-1877 m: 12-20-1891 Lauderdale
Co., MS d: 02-13-1947 Clarke County, MS Burial: Buried in a small
cemetery north of McGowan's Chapel about 150 yards
................ 4 William Monroe Elam b: 1897
................ 4 Beatrice Elam b: 1911 Fact 1: Child #10
................... +Risher
................ 4 Floyd Leon Elam b: 1916
................ 4 Roland Edgar Elam b: 1918
................ 4 Leila Pearl Elam b: 10-17-1903 Lauderdale Co., MS
d: 04-01-1998 Hinds Co., MS Fact 3: 04-05-1998 Buried in McGowan's Chapel Cemetery
................... +James Arthur Brashier b: 10-28-1894 Clarke Co., MS m: 03-19-1921 Quitman,
Clarke Co., MS Marriage license: listed as James and Lula d: 07-06-1974 Clarke Co., MS
Census-2: 1910 Jasper Co., MS, ED 22 SH 17 Ln 10 (Microfilm has ED's mixed up) Census-3:
Clarke Co. ED 3 SH 8 LN 71 Source 1: 1997 Interview with James Harold Brashier
...................... 5 James Harold Brashier
......................... +Eula Neal Jacobs
.......................... 6 Jimmye Ruth Brashier
ME ME ME ME +Thomas Edgerton Van Ness
...................... 5 Charles Warren Brashier b: 01-19-1923 Clarke
Co., MS d:09-14-1991 Clarke Co., MS Fact 1: Postal Clerk Fact 2: Buried in McGowan's
Cemetery Fact 3: Served in U.S. Navy WWII
......................... +Doris Hargrove
...................... 5 Doris Eloise Brashier b: 12-05-1924 d: 10-16-1995 Jackson, Hinds Co., MS

......................... +Ottis Brandon Castle
...................... *2nd Husband of Doris Eloise Brashier:
......................... +Robert Jay
...................... 5 Hazel
......................... +Alfred Moss b: 1914 d: 1969 Fact 1: City Bus Co.
...................... 5 Bobbie Jean Brashier b: 02-06-1929 Clarke Co.,
MS d: 07-03-1929 Clarke Co, MS Fact 1: 1929 Buried McGowan's Chapel Cemetery Clarke

...................... 5 Joe Edward Brashier b: 07-06-1933 Clarke Co,
MS d:05-17-1934 Clarke Co, MS
...................... 5 John Elam Brashier b: 07-06-1933 Clarke Co, MS
d: 05-22-1934 Clarke Co, MS
.......... 3 James David Elam b: 07-07-1872 d: 07-18-1942 Burial: Goodwater Baptist Church
Cemetery near Meehan Jct Lauderdale Co. MS .......... 3 Preston Brooks Elam b: 02-25-1874
.......... 3 Fannie Bell Elam b: 11-09-1875
.......... 3 Allie Lee Elam b: 03-21-1877 Lauderdale Co., MS d: 11-02-1921 Lauderdale Co.,
Burial: Goodwater Baptist Church Cemetery near Meehan Jct Lauderdale Co. MS
............. +Brown
.......... 3 Walter Lee Elam b: 09-17-1878
.......... 3 Bryan Lafayette Elam b: 05-13-1880
.......... 3 Leila Pearl Elam b: 11-09-1881
.......... 3 Paul Edwin Elam b: 03-27-1883
.... 2 William Elam b: Abt. 1842
.... 2 Nancy L. Elam b: Abt. 1844
.... 2 Felix Elam b: Abt. 1847
.... 2 Analysis Elam b: Abt. 1850

Good Finding,
Thomas E. Van Ness

Subject: Re: SUBSCRIBE
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 16:38:40 EST

In a message dated 11/10/98 12:13:02 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

> I have also just recently found Hiram's marriages on the Bibb Co. Genweb site. Did he really
Ruth Parker twice? His federal land grant records are interesting, too.

Yes, Hiram Elam married Ruth Parker twice. He apparently did not realize that to be final his
divorce from Cely Council had to be granted by the State Legislature. There is a document in the
court records of Bibb Co. where Hiram declared his first two children by Ruth as legitimate heirs
his estate. I'll be glad to send you a text file of what I have if you'd like or you can contact Dan
His file is probably more complete than mine. We also have a picture of Ruth Parker Elam.

Subject: James ELAM & daughter Joanna VA c. 1796
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 18:56:17 EST

Annette E Wetzel kindly replied to my request for information about Joanna ELAM, who married
Bartholomew BLUNT in 1796, with this clarification:

<< Chesterfield County, VA Marriage Register, p. 495: 26 March 1796
Bartholomew Blunt and Joanna Elam, daughter of James Elam. Married by Rev. Benjamin

I am still wondering "which" James ELAM this was. The one born in 1727 had just died [will
6 Feb 1796]. For his son James [b. 1755] I have no wife or children's names. James ELAM b.
clearly would be too young to even write the permission, much less have a daughter. It looks as if
it might be the middle one, born 1755--can anyone fill in the gaps?

Thanks again to Annette and to you for reading this--

Subject: Virginia Elams
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 22:34:12 -0500
From: "Edward U. Elam" <>

I had a long telephone conversation this afternoon with Edwin E. Nickels
of Blountville, TN, who had just returned from a genealogy trip to eastern Virginia and who may
have some answers to questons about the Chesterfield Co., VA Elams. He tells me that he has a
computerized, cross-indexed list which contains some 14,000 Elam names, and he is very
interested in Elam genealogy. Unfortunately, he does not have e-mail and
apparently doesn't intend to join the web. His post office address and phone number are below; he
tells me that he will be glad to talk or correspond with interested Elam genealogists.

Edwin E.Nickels, 682 Rock Branch Road, Blountville TN 37617. Phone: 423-323-2009

Edward U. Elam

Subject: My Line
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 23:23:01 -0500
From: "Edward U. Elam" <>

1. Robert Elam
Ann Elam (daugher)
2. Ann Elam (daughter of Robert)
md. Gilbert Elam
3. Gilbert Elam, Jr.
md. Mary Hatcher
4. Robert Elam, Sr.
md. ?
5. Lodowick (OR Lodwick) Elam
md. Jane ?
6. Joel Elam, Sr.
md Mary ?
7. Joel Elam, Jr.
md. Susan Bradley
8. John O. Elam
md. 1st. Mary A. Moore
9. Abner Moore Elam
md. Iola Ford
10 . John Brooks Elam
md. Grace Underwoon
11. Edward U. Elam

Subject: Morgan Co. KY
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 07:20:10 -0600
From: "REMeyer" <>

Hi Everyone!
At this point I only have one ELAM and practically nothing on her. My great-grandmother was
Miranda S. ELAM. All I have is her marriage info:

Groom R.R. Hamilton (Richard)
Bride Miranda S. Elam
Date 15 Dec 1881
County Morgan
Married By R.C. Maxey
Marriage Book/Page 2/188

Can anyone help me with ANY other info? I'd appreciate anything I can find out.

Subject: WDC GenWeb Project
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 13:31:19 -0600
From: Cassie Elam <>

I just ran across the WDC GenWeb Project located at

It is a compilation of descendant charts submitted by various genealogists. You might want to
a look at it. No Elams, but there are about 31,000 other names.


Subject: Spam, An Alternative, & My Elams
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 18:25:07 -0600
From: Jen Bawden <>

At 03:07 PM 11/11/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Is this an example of spamming? I do not want to see messages like this
>on the rootsweb e-mail.

It sure is. Things like this are the exact reasons I've got the lists I maintain (there are 6 of them)
closed lists. People have to subscribe to post.

Also, might I suggest to the listowner to change the setting to prepend "Elam-Roots" at the
of every message. It makes identifying incoming mail easier.

Now...just to make sure this is genealogical in nature <g>, my Elam is a stickler. My adoptive
grandfather was Lemuel Emmet Patterson Elam. He was born about 1872, probably in Fayette
IL. He died in a auto accident on his way to southern Texas 10 Mar 1928 in Valley View, Cooke
Co., TX. He's buried in Fairview Cem, Callisburg, Cooke Co., TX. It was said he was on his
to visit a half sister.

All I know of his lineage further back is that he had an aunt who married a man by the last name
Sands. They were living in Naylor MO in 1942.
According to a letter written by this woman, she states "I am Lem Elam's
aunt. My grandfather, Alexander Elam, was a Virginian, but lived in North Carolina before
to Illinois. My mother, his daughter, was about 2 years old as well as I remember what she said
it. She was born in Aug 1824. Lem's father died when Lem was 5 or 6 years old. Maybe not that
old." Other records indicate that after Lem's father died, his mother married a George Francis.

Does anyone have a clue as to who Lem's father was. He and his wife divorced in the late 1890's
my adoptive dad's family only saw him once after that.

Thanks for any help you can give me on this.


Subject: John Daniel Elam
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 21:52:55 -0600
From: "Kent A. Elam, Jr." <>

My great great grandfather's name was John Daniel Elam (1852-1933). The great mystery in the
family is where did he come from. The only thing really known about him is that as a young man
came to southern Illinois (Union County), liked the area and settled there. Some rumor has it that
came from Virginia. I would appreciate any help on this matter.

Subject: ELAM/COIN and other names in Illinois
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 11:20:33 -0600
From: Jen Bawden <>

Hi Herman and all,

I've checked a variety of sources, including the Bond & Fayette Co., IL sites. I reread my query
night and do apologize to all as I didn't include more information as I normally do. My only
is hubby and kids were hungry and it was customer appreciation nite at Little Caesars...$2.99 for a
medium pizza...limit 6 <g>

Anyway, here we go on Lemuel -

Lemuel Emmit Patterson ELAM was born sometime about 1872 probably in Fayette Co., IL,
although the family bounced between Bond and Fayette Co. According to sources, his father
(unknown) died probably about 1878. His mother remarried a man named George FRANCIS.
not been able to find this marriage though.

Lem married Sarah Elizabeth COIN in Fayette Co., IL on 04 Oct 1891. Source of this was
State Genealogical Society, Illinois Marriage Record Index, Microfiche #40, Original Source:
Co. IL Marriage Register Book A, page 270. Sarah Elizabeth was the d/o Ruel Birdle COIN and
Anna Mariah WARD who were married 11 Jun 1871 in Grand Tower, Jackson Co., IL. This
is found on the 1880 Fayette Co. IL census.

Lem and Elizabeth had the following children:

William Birdle Elam was born 11 Jul 1892, Seminary Twp, Fayette Co., IL and died 09 Jun 1972,
Gilbertsville, Marshall Co., KY. He married Orpha Mae Perkins on 13 Oct 1913 in Bond Co., IL.
Orpha was born 03 May 1895, Bond Co., IL and died 05 Sep 1983, Clifton, Bosque Co., TX.
was the d/o George PERKINS and Alzada EDWARDS who were married in Bond Co., IL 08

Cora Jane Elam was born 26 Jan 1894, Prob. in Fayette Co., IL and died 06 Oct 1988. She
a gentleman by the last name of WICKAM.

There was also a baby who did not survive who was born about 1896.

Sometime between 1896 and 1899, Lemuel and Elizabeth divorced as Elizabeth married
UPTON 09 Jan 1899 in Fayette Co., IL. They had several children.

Elizabeth died 30 Jul 1940 in Vienna, Johnson Co., IL and is buried in Vienna Fraternal Cem.,
Vienna, Johnson Co., IL.

After the divorce, Lem went west, spending some time in MO and then going to Oregon. He's
in the city directory of Cottage Grove, Lane Co., OR in 1910 and 1912. He served in the Army
09 Feb 1915 to 28 Feb 1919 and left with an honorably discharge. He was with the 75th Coast
Artillery as a cook.

When Lem was killed in the auto accident, he was believed to be a resident
of Cabool, Texas Co., MO. We do know that he was on his way to San Marcos, TX, to visit a
sister when his car was hit by a gas truck. He was killed instantly and is buried in Fairview Cem,
Callisburg, Cooke Co., TX.

I've got quite a bit of information on the other lines in this family, but we have next to nothing on
Elams because after the divorce, Elizabeth would never speak of Lem. She even cut him from all

If anyone connects with the other lines mentioned here, I'll be glad to give you what information


Subject: Update on Lemuel Elam
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 16:39:35 -0600
From: Jen Bawden <>

Hi everyone,

When I sent mail this morning, I also mailed the Fayette Co & Bond Co. IL lists thinking, "Why
I'll try again."

Within 3 hours, I'd received 3 responses showing Lemuel as the son of William Thomas Elam and
Sarah Ann Rogers. These also showed William as the son of Samuel Elam and Sabra Jane Elam.
With this information, I've been able to gather quite a bit on Sabra's side, but nearly nothing on

The information received this morning showed Samuel as being born Nov 25, 1817 in NC and
Nov 20, 1860 in Bond Co., IL. Burial was in Hastings Cemetery.

Cassie, I know you've got some information on Lem at your site. If you'd
like, I can send you the revised information for the site.


Subject: Josephus ELAM B:1807 NC>>TN>>IL
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 18:35:36 EST

Does anybody know who the parents to Josephus ELAM are? He was born 3 August 1807
NC, married 8 February 1832 in Sumter, Tennessee, and died 12 May 1867 in Bond, Illinois. His
was Avarilla Ridley TURPIN.
They had 8 children:
James Anderson, John Edward, William Edmond, Elizabeth, Richardson, Nancy Jane,
and Elijah.

Any information would be appreciated

Subject: Samuel ELAM born: 25 November 1817 NC>>>IL
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 18:37:12 EST

Does anyone have information about who the parents of Samuel are? He was born 25
November 1817 in North Carolina. Me married Sabra Jane ELAM, daughter of Alexander Elam
and Elizabeth GRIGG, on 8 July 1841 in Bond, Illinois. He died on 20 November 1860 and is
in the Hastings Cemetery in Bond, Illinois.
I would appreciate any information.


Subject: RE: Samuel ELAM born: 25 November 1817 NC>>>IL
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 21:18:27 -0500
From: Robert Christensen <>

I don't know but I do know that a Samuel Elam came with brothers Richard
and John from Scotland. There might be a connection. Try checking out THE ELAM HOME


Subject: RE: John Daniel Elam
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 21:31:57 -0500
From: Robert Christensen <>


Have you studied the Bible records on THE ELAM HOME PAGE? It's a wonderful page. I
come across several Daniel's there. The Elam clan had a thing for naming their sons after their
brothers. Daniel is a commonly used one.


Subject: RE: Update on Lemuel Elam
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 21:21:59 -0500
From: Robert Christensen <>

I would love to have this information. I am researching the Richard, James, James Henry Elam
that connect back to Campbell and Bond
Counties in VA.



Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Re: One more note about spam... and a question about the list
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 08:18:40 -0800
From: Bob George <>

I am still looking, after three years, for the John Elim who is my biological great grandfather. He
a daughter, Delora, with Emily Bailey in Lee City KY about 1895. Have seen letters refering to a
divorce, but can find no acutal evidence of a marriage or a divorce. Like to run the critter to earth
and capture him.
Robert L. George, Surprise, Arizona
The Census on Line and Taulbee Pages

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Jack Elam
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 10:01:23 -0800
From: "Dave Masonhall" <>

Happy 82nd Birthday today (11-13-98) to Jack Elam, actor, "How the West Was Won," "City
Slickers" and many other movies.

Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Jack Elam
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 01:05:02 -0600
From: (Mary A. Kunkle)

So far I haven't had the courage to speak up about Jack Elam but since it
is his birthday...

My grandmother, Mary Adeline ELAM Forkner always said Jack was her
cousin. I know very little about my grandmother's family. For some reason, this side of the
did not want to discuss their ancestors. I hesitated to post anything because I have so little thus
All I know is my grandmother was born May 16, 1902 somewhere in Missouri and died February
1985 in Siloam Springs, AR. She and my grandfather, Artie Claude FORKNER, b. March 2,
in Missouri; d. May 10, 1985 in Siloam Springs, AR, are buried in a cemetery in Siloam Springs,

My Ggrandfather ELAM died at an early age. He was plowing a field with
the reins over his neck and shoulder. A loud clap of thunder scared the horses. The horses bolted
and dragged my Ggrandfather to death. My GGrandmother ELAM lived with my grandmother in
the mid-1940's, when I was a baby, and then moved to Colorado to live with a son. As far as I
she died in Colorado, My grandmother ELAM had a sister who lived in Oregon. I have come
possession of a number of letters, postcards and pictures and am attempting to put them in order
I can find out more about this side of my family.

Happy Birthday, Jack ELAM. Glad you're still truckin!

Mary (Brown) Kunkle

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Re: ELAM-ROOTS-D Digest V98 #128 JACK ELAM
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 07:57:26 -0700
From: "Patricia Medford" <>

I thought some might enjoy this.

Jack Elam, actor, Mini Bio found on internet:

Colorful American charactor equally adept at vicious killers or grizzled sidekicks. As a child he
worked in the cotton fields. He attended Santa Monica Junior College in California and
became an accountant and, at one time, manager of the Bel Air Hotel. Elam got his first movie
by trading his accounting services for a role. In short time he became one of the most memorable
supporting players in Hollywood, thanks not only to his near-demented screen persona but also to
an out-of-kilter left eye, sightless from a childhood fight. Birthday: Nov 13, 1916; Height: 6'2";
Spouses: Margaret Jennison 1961 - ?; Unknown 1937 - 1960, (her death).
Biography writer Jim Beaver

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] John Daniel Elam (1852-1933)
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 20:32:25 -0600
From: "Kent A. Elam, Jr." <>

I have some new information since my first post on 11/11/98.

An older cousin of mine lived with John D. when he was a boy in the 1920's. He believes that
D. came from Ashville, NC, but admits that he is not sure. If the county lines are the same today,
would be Buncombe county. Anybody have any info from that area? He said he would try to
a death certificate for John D. This might shed some light on place of birth as well as parent's

Kent Elam

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] ELAM's
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 01:47:47 -0600
From: (Mary A. Kunkle)

Cassie, this is the message I received from Monica. As I told her in my reply, I recognize some of
these names. I'm not sure of the place of death of Aunt Lottie. My mother corresponded with
for years and I have most of those letters. My mother died in 1996 and I have lots of letters and
photos to sift through to put the puzzle together. I swear I read a letter of Aunt Lottie's daughter
saying Lottie had died, within the last few years. She and her family had lived up and down the
northwest coast from Oregon upward ever since I was a child. I can't imagine her dying in
Maybe her body was returned there for burial.

Anyway, it's a start. If it hadn't been for my one tiny post about my Grandmother always saying
Elam was her cousin, I wouldn't have this. I am so grateful to all you fine people out there who
the time to
help us fledgling genealogists.

Happy Hunting.
Maru (Brown) Kunkle --------- Begin forwarded message ----------
Subject: ELAM's
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 21:02:45 EST

I am related to Mary Adeline through her great grandfather. Basically, your line goes Mary
Adeline>Moses Benton ELAM>William T. ELAM>Richard H. ELAM.

My live goes Robert Lee ELAM>Robert Columbus ELAM>John Combs ELAM>Richard H.

My Elam line left Missouri and went to Texas, finally coming to Arizona where we still are. I
of a few others that went to Arkansas. I can't
find what happened to Richard H. Elam. He was in Greene County Missouri in the 1860 census
his second wife and their 2 daughters. Then in 1870 he was gone and I can't find him or his two
daughters from that point on.

Anyway, I would love to hear more!!! I get so excited to meet new cousins,
especially Elams out of Missouri as I have lost so many of the families after this point! I do think
one other Elam family remained in Missouri. I have corresponded with a descendent at Christmas
for a number of years. How exciting that you found the photos. I wish our family had more of
kind of special keepsakes! A lot of that kind of things got left behind when they moved!

I don't have anything on the Forkner family other than possibly having a copy of their marriage
certificate. I'd have to check in my files. I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. What a loss. It is
that you have your aunt who might be able to identify the photos. You might want to send her
copies rather than the originals. I had some photos get lost in the mail once and that would be a
terrible tragedy! I was really upset!

I'll look around on what stuff I do have and see if there happens to be any
Forkner stuff. For now, I have typed in a family group for Mary Adeline.
Please do add to it and correct it if you can. Also, the 3 children in the end were probably mixed
with the others as far a birth order goes. Census info indicated that she had lost 3 children. I
not located graves for them, though. That's about the only way to get information on babies or
children who died.

I look forward to hearing back from you and sharing our family information. I was excited to find
name on the list!

Let me know if all of this sounds correct! I added in stuff from your query
in bold face type!


Moses Benton ELAM
Born: 18 September 1865 in Greene, Missouri
Married: 10 March 1891 in Neosho, Missouri
Died: 12 May 1924 in Neosho, Missouri and is buried in the Elm Springs

Margaret Isabel EDENS
Born: 23 January 1874 in Hancock, Tennessee
Died: 2 November 1946 in Neosho, Missouri and is buried in Elm Springs

1. Macon Mason "Mack" ELAM Married: Peggy Smith JOINES
Born: 5 April 1892 in Barry, Missouri
Died: 8 October 1966 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma and is buried in
Elm Springs

2. Bessie E. ELAM Married: Emery BETTES
Born: June 1895 in Arkansas
Died: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

3. Charlotte Ann "Lottie" ELAM Married: Lee DOTY
Born: October 1899 in Missouri
Died: Fairview, Newton, Missouri

4. Mary Adeline "Addie" ELAM Married Arthur FORKNER
Born: 1904 in Missouri 16 May 1902
Died:` 28 February 1985 in Siloam Springs, Arkansas

5. William Daniel "Billie" ELAM Married: Arleen AMES
Born: 1906 in Newton, Missouri
Died: 28 May 1948 in Ouray, Colorado

6. child ELAM

7. child ELAM

8. child ELAM

Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Jack Elam
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 11:10:56 -0500
From: "Earl H. Elam" <>

According to a response Jack Elam gave to an invitation to a reunion of my
branch of Elams a few years ago, he was born in Arizona, son of Hi Elam, a sheriff who originally
lived in TX. I have a copy of Jack 's letter that was addressed to Rudy Elam of Tullahoma, TN.
Earl Elam

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Mississippi Elam Marriages
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 13:24:30 -0600
From: (Thomas E Van Ness)

I have appreciated the Elam information you have passed on to me. I hope
to add my share over the years. This is a list of Elam marriages I created from a set of microfilms
found in the Mississippi State Archives in Jackson, MS. It may be used in any way consistent
accepted genealogical practice. If it is used, it should contain the opening informational

ELAMS From Film 15 E162 to F246, Film 18A E163-F200 and other Sources courtesy of the
State Archives

Note: This listing came from index cards sent in from the counties to the
state. Some counties probably did not send any at all and some probably
did not send all. The WPA in the 1930's and 40's put the cards in Soundex order by the Groom's
name (Sorry no Brides) just like the Census index cards and them put them to microfilm. It may
seemed like makework at the time, but is now a priceless tool for the Mississippi genealogist. It
comes in two parts. The "White" marriages and the "Primarily Black" marriages. The "White
Marriages are about 99.9% white, but the "Primarily Black" marriages are about 50-60 % white.
was not always possible to determine which was which, so I didn't try. I just put them all down.
Remember also that the spellings come from the interpretation of the County Clerk's office of the
entry in the marriage book. Often the cards were themselves faded and/or the clerks had awful
handwriting. If I was not 90% sure, I wrote down the Book and page number, if they were
Some would say, why not all of them? The answer is, "It was too much work." The books were
generally organised by a time period such as 1876-1884, so the marriage date will get you zeroed
on the correct book most of the time. The original books are mostly still in the County Clerks'
Offices in their respective counties. Unfortunately, some of the cards had no county, or it was
illegible. These are listed as "NCL", No County Listed or "CUR", County UnReadable. Some
marriages did not get sent to the state at all and I found them elsewhere in the archives and added
them to the list. These would be the Who married Whom books, the Hunting for Bears marriage
books, etc... The dates given often were the license date. Sometimes the license was issued, but
marriage never took place, the paper for the officiating officer was never returned, or the marriage
book was simply not updated when it did come in. I just used the date on the index card. Use
as an index for further reference rather than as a "SOURCE". Good Hunting.

The grooms' last name is Elam unless otherwise noted.

Thomas E. Van Ness

Mrg or
Groom Bride Lic. date Source
Bk Pg
Allen Elizabeth Wyatt 7/26/1852 Desoto
Allen Ella Crum 11/14/1922 Alcorn
Allen Love Crum 3/23/1911 Alcorn
Allen Mattie Russell 3/17/1914 Alcorn
B. J. Pagie Hester 2/26/1899 Holmes
Arthur Effie Coleman 7/26/1905 Marshall
Charles Martha Brown 7/25/1890 Bolivar
E. C. Julia Harris 7/15/1909 Lee
Elmo F. May Henry Dillworth 12/12/1916 Alcorn
Fate(Boy) Bettie Mills 8/26/1918 Alcorn
F. H. Margaret Willis 5/19/1901 Alcorn
Feelin Louisa Streate 3/21/1879 Carroll
Frank Minnie Prince 6/22/1909 Prentiss
G. M. Melinda Coleman 12/13/1899 Alcorn
George R. Elem R. E. Martindale 5/6/1860 Lafayette
Henry Earnest Mattie Ruth Mosely 10/26/1919 Clarke
J. S. Lelia McCormick 2/5/1916 Carroll
J. D. Laura Hearn 11/29/1919 Newton

ELAMS From Film 15 E162 to F246, Film 18A E163-F200
courtesy of the Miss. State Archives

Mrg or
Groom Bride Lic. date Source
Bk Pg
J. E. Carol Prine 11/13/1923 Alcorn
J. H. Eldora Acres 6/24/1881 DeSoto
J. H. Martha Brown 12/20/1891 Lauderdale
J. H. Tillie Tindell 1/18/1899 Carroll
J. P. Mattie Elam 9/22/1921 Prentiss
James Martha A. Burroughs 4/6/1873 DeSoto
James W. S. Mary L. Spinks 7/1/1911 Lowndes
James W. Virginia Hutchins 8/24/1854 Adams
Jesse Holie Crum 5/17/1919 Alcorn
John Ida Mills 9/16/1913 Alcorn
John Elem Mary E. Stewart 6/22/1905 Harrison
John Ealem Dul Seams 11/29/1891 Jackson
K. W. Marian Manning 7/13/1921 Hinds
L. L. M. A. Berryman 2/5/1887 Alcorn
Lafayette Annie L. Hilburn 10/3/1906 Alcorn
P. Catharine Neely 7/26/1831 Jefferson
Robert Carine Rawlings 6/29/1918 Adams
S. L., Jr. Anna Cochran 6/7/1902 Scott
T. H. Elem Kate Elem 1/7/1906 Lincoln
Victor Mable Woodham 10/5/1922 Newton
Thomas A. Maria L. Wood 4/28/1835 Jefferson
W. B. Ella Elam 12/18/1915 Lauderdale
W. B. Ella Easterling 7/26/1903 Clarke
W. C. Sarah E. Henard 2/21/1866 Desoto
W. L. Bettie Burrage 11/28/1907 Lauderdale
W. S. Valie Cobb 12/11/1866 Desoto
W. M. Georgia R. McMullian 7/16/1922 Warren
William M. Edna Merrill 8/8/1917 Jasper
William Caroline Pearce 7/1/1851 DeSoto
William R. Elizabeth Cunningham 1/7/1846 DeSoto

ELAMS From Film 15 E162 to F246, Film 18A E163-F200
courtesy of the Miss. State Archives

>From the Primarily Black Film 18A E163-F200, see note at the beginning

Mrg or
Groom Bride Lic. date Source
Bk Pg
Aaron Alsie McComb 12/20/1902 Sunflower
Ad Henrietta Willson 1/13/1887 Yazoo
Anderson Elem Elmira Cole 12/23/1900 Panola
Anderson Elem Viola Harris 3/31/1919 Panola
Aron Mary Benjamin 1/31/1892 Leflore
Arthur Bettie Adams 12/18/1907 Yazoo
Arthur Elem O. D. Mans 2/10/1915 Sunflower
Buck Ida Carroll 2/10/1895 Tate
Buck Liddy Colbert 2/10/1887 Tate
Buck Mollie Halett 12/26/1873 Tate
Buck Sarah Holland 12/20/1870 DeSoto
Butler Jennie Jones 3/18/1898 Holmes
C. B. A. Patterson 12/8/1889 Tate
C. M. Willie J. Johnson 8/12/1880 Tate
Carl Richard Allie Kirkwood 1/12/1911 Holmes
Carl Dora Riley O'Neal 6/2/1923 Holmes
Charles Emily Harris 1/21/1884 Hinds
Charley Josephine Walker 6/3/1916 Tate
Charley Mary Anderson 4/15/1899 Yazoo
Charley Virginia Curtis 12/2/1923 Sunflower
Charlie Annie McAfee 7/11/1915 Sunflower
Charlie Daisy McGee 12/28/1920 Tate
E. W. Elom Carrie Hathcock 12/23/1908 Monroe
E. W. S. E. Hathcock 1/10/1895 Monroe
Eli Manerva Hunter 11/9/1916 Adams
G. R. Rosa Lockland 10/15/1876 Tate
H. L. Dela Hurst 10/10/1917 Neshoba
Henry Letis Vaughn 3/9/1921 Monroe
Henry Lydia Burnell 2/28/1898 Yazoo
Henry, Jr. Melissa Hooker 1/16/1914 Holmes

ELAMS From Film 15 E162 to F246, Film 18A E163-F200
courtesy of the Miss. State Archives

>From the Primarily Black Film 18A E163-F200, see note at the beginning

Mrg or
Groom Bride Lic. date Source
Bk Pg
Henry Mittie Pembleton 11/16/1898 Holmes
Hezekiah Alice Ford 9/13/1919 Yazoo
Howard Ressie Richard 1/25/1874 Tate
Isadore Ola Thurmond 3/6/1912 Holmes
J. D. Elom Maudie Nelson 5/5/1912 Smith
J. O. Elam Sallie Thompson 8/18/1880 Tate
James E. Harriet Elkinson? 3/3/1880? Yazoo A
James C. Mandel L. Owens 10/3/1920 Monroe
Jasper Mary Jane Willis 5/5/1861 Tippah
Joe Elum Kissie Brooks 11/3/1917 Sunflower
Jno Carrie Brown 12/20/1904 Holmes
John Mary Heard 1/1/1885 Yazoo
John Theodora Elam 2/5/1913 Holmes
John Nora Arener 12/24/1896 Holmes
John Sallie Garrett 6/2/1884 Tate
Johnnie Jesse Wade 12/21/1921 Holmes
Lewis Sarah Harris 1/17/1896 Panola
Mack Susan Rush 5/9/1878 Tate
Osborne Susie Minion 1/7/1909 Yazoo
Phill Ida Simmons 10/1/1910 Yazoo
R. A. Etna Turner 1/21/1892 Tippah
Robert Alice Williams 12/20/1876 Tate
Robert Almeter Archer 12/25/1912 Holmes
Robert Ella Young 1/28/1919 Holmes
Robert Ealem Leola Goff 12/28/1916 Washington
Robert Maggie Hoskins 12/14/1919 Holmes
S. N. Anna Ledbetter 12/9/1879 Yazoo
Sam Susie Williams 2/28/1925 Sunflower
Spencer Elum Tennesee Anderson 12/7/1883 Panola
Thomas Agnes Haskins 1/3/1872 Issaquena

ELAMS From Film 15 E162 to F246, Film 18A E163-F200
courtesy of the Miss. State Archives

>From the Primarily Black Film 18A E163-F200, see note at the beginning

Mrg or
Groom Bride Lic. date Source
Bk Pg
W. A. Lizzie Whisanton? 6/25/1917 Yazoo E
W. F. Emma Moody 7/13/1881 Leflore
William E. Claudine Dunn 4/18/1910 Washington
William N. Margaret J. Medford 12/2/1852 Tippah
Winfred Flossie Jefferson 11/30/1924 Holmes

Thank you,
Thomas E. Van Ness

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] 1800 - 1820 US Census age groups
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 15:34:35 -0600
From: "Paul A. Carter" <>

I recently got copies of some 1800, 1810, and 1820 US Census pages. They do not have the
headings for each of the columns for the various age groups. Does anyone know if they are the
as the 1830 US Census columns and that the males are listed first and then the females?

If they have some other grouping, I would appreciate it if someone would
provide me with the correct ones.

Paul Carter

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] ELAMs in Texas Handbook online
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 22:53:33 EST

A search for ELAM on The New Handbook of Texas at yields 24 references, some of them just index
but others with data that is at least interesting and may help someone's search for family. Here are
2 examples:

PLEASANT GROVE, TEXAS (Dallas County). Pleasant Grove is a residential neighborhood in
Dallas city limits, eight miles southeast of downtown Dallas in southeast central Dallas County.
The first settlers in the Pleasant Grove area in the 1840s included W. B. Elam, who held the
land grant, Richard Bruton, and Cornelius Cox. [rest of article, omitted here, does not mention

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Dallas Morning News, November 26, 1967. Pleasant Grove Shopping News,
April 14, 1971. article above by Lisa C. Maxwell
An article about Falls County says in part:
George Elam, a Republican, was elected county judge in 1871 and 1873, perhaps with the help of
enfranchised freedmen. He could not be considered an outsider, however, since he fought in the
Confederate army from Falls County.

Those of you with Texas connections may want to check the website, which I suppose should be
cited as The New Handbook of Texas [online].

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Re: Southern Missouri ELAM's
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 07:07:26 -0700
From: "Becky Sievers" <>

Just thought I would add my line to the list and see if anyone has a connection.

My GGgrandfather
William A. ELAM m. Mary Emily McCAFFERTY This is all the info I have on them

One known child my Ggrandfather
Oscar Burton ELAM b. 11 Jan 1871 in Douglas Co.,KS moved to southern MO as a small child
30 July 1956 in Weston, MO

Oscar B. m. Nettie Loretta WHEAT Jan 1897 Nettie is the daughter of Nathaniel Mc Cloud
WHEAT and Mary Elizabeth (ELLIOTT) WHEAT of Aurora, Lawrence Co., MO

Their children:

Harold Lawrence ELAM b. 28 Nov 1897 Aurora, MO d. 12 Sepy 1916 Springfield, MO never

Ruth ELAM b. 28 Nov 1899 Aurora, MO m. Harmon I. MURPHY 12 Jun 1926 d.late 1970's

William Edwin ELAM b. 11 Sept 1901 Aurora m. Mae TOBLER prior 1933 d. 26 Aug 1963
Lawrence. KS they had 2 duaghters that I know of.

Ralph Loyd ELAM b. 33 Dec 1903 Aurora, MO d. 17 Mar 1912 Aurora. MO

Anna ELAM b. 5 Aug 1907? m. Dale CARR d. 15 Oct 1980 Medford, OR they had 2 daughters

Elizabeth ELAM b. 13 Jul 1909 Aurora, MO m. Omer L. JACKSON 19 Oct 1929 (they are my
grandparents) grandma still living, grandpa d. 10 Sept 1975. They had 2 daughters

Oscar Burton ELAM Jr. b. 17 Nov 1911 Aurora, MO m. Verda MONTON don't have a date of
marriage or date od Oscar's death, he died in OK, I believe in Tulsa. They had 1 daughter and 1

Charles Raymond ELAM b. 16 Nov 1913 Aurora, MO m. Gladys BURGER 15 Sept 1935
Lawrence, KS. d. ?

Loretta ELAM b. 15 Mar 1918 Springfield, MO m. Rev. Charles F. MITCHELL. Loretta is still
living. They had three children, 2 sons and 1 daughter.

If you noticed none of Oscar's daughters had middle names, he didn't feel it was necessary. Oscar
was a lawyer, traveled all over the state of Mo with
his practice. Oscar and Nettie divorced in the late 1920's or early 1930's.

Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Re: Southern Missouri ELAM's
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 10:34:23 +0000
From: "Herman D. Belcher Sr." <>

Hiya..don't know if he is the same,but I have a William Albert Elam born
November 22, 1872 and died May 25, 1917 buried Elam Cem. Bibb County Alabama..but this is
i know about him..He was Annalissi Elam and Sarah J. Mitchell's 2nd child..

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] John Elam
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 08:21:26 +0000
From: "Herman D. Belcher Sr." <>

ELAM, JOHN (?-?). John Elam, one of Stephen F. Austin'sqv Old Three
Hundred settlers, was in the Austin colony as early as April 20, 1824, when he voted for the
de Bastrop as deputy to the Constituent Congress of the eastern division of the Provincias
Elam's title to a league of land was granted on August 7, 1824. The census of March 1826 listed
as a single man aged between twenty five and forty. In October 1830
William Munson advertised lumber for sale on the land granted to Elam, and on December 15,
the ayuntamiento of San Felipe de Austin declared the Elam league on the Brazos River vacant
because he had abandoned the country without improving the land.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Eugene C. Barker, ed., The Austin Papers (3 vols., Washington: GPO,
Eugene C. Barker, ed., "Minutes of the Ayuntamiento of San Felipe de Austin, 1828-1832," 12
Southwestern Historical Quarterly 21-24 (January 1918-October 1920). Lester G. Bugbee, "The
Three Hundred: A List of Settlers in Austin's First Colony," Quarterly of the Texas State
Association 1 (October 1897). Texas Gazette, October 9, 1830.
The Texas State Historical Association, 1997.

Anyone have any idea to which John Elam this is??

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Daniel Elam in Rutherford Co.,Tn.
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 10:58:33 -0800
From: "sue wallace" <>


Can anyone tell me who the parents of this Daniel Elam are?In his will he
mentions his wife Jane. His children , Edward Elam, William Elam, John Elam, Robert Henry
George Foster Elam (my line), Elizabeth Elam, Lewis Wills Elam, Henrietta Elam Jetton, Emily
Stallings, Nancy Elam Malloy and grandson Daniel Jetton.Would love to correspond with
descending from this family.


Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam Marries Looney
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 17:42:19 -0600
From: (Thomas E Van Ness)

I was working on my Emails for the various lists I am on. Kiva Purkett sent this in hopes of
a Looney connection. I haven't been able to
do that, but I noticed the Elam name and thought the Elam list might be able to help. She is not
the Elam list, so replies need to go directly to her as well as the list.

Thank you,
Thomas E. Van Ness
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From: kpurkett <>
Subject: my Looney line
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 98 07:44:36 -0800

Awhile back you asked me for my Looney line. I am just getting caught
up with my mail so I apologize for the delay. This is what I have so far. William Russel Looney,
about 1820 in TN
m. Sarah Elam, b. 1822 in TN
Isaac, 1840
William, 1842
Martha, 1844
Robert Taylor, 1846
m. Alice Neely
Cora, 1870
Anne, 1872
Agnes, 1874
Robert Elmore, 1876, d. 10 Dec, 1929
Polly Esma, 4 Aug, 1879; d. 22 Feb, 1970
m. George Arthur Line
Esma Margarette, died as infant
George Dewitt
Milton Arthur, 1907
m. Pauline Adams, 1907; d. 1994
Barbara Ruth
m. Frank Cochrane
Diane Frances
Vicki Irene
Amy Pauline
Milton Earl
Kiva Addison
m. George Purkett
Sienna Ly
Hue Caan
Ruth Elizabeth, 1911
John R., 1850
Isola, 1854
Sallie, 1860

That is all the further back I have. Thanks for sharing yours.
--------- End forwarded message ----------

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam book
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 11:23:57 -0800
From: Harry & Amy Wareham <>

I spent Monday at Sutro Library in S.F. Came away with more questions
than answers as usual. Did come across the name of a book (info follows) that sounded
Has anyone seen it, or better yet, own it?
Amy Elam Wareham

The Elam Family
by Regina E. Evans
c1990, 342 pages
Mary Adair Chapter, SC DAR G.R.C. Report: Series 2, Vol 3

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Ancestors of Sarah Elam Looney
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 23:26:47 EST

In a posting to the List on Nov. 19th, Kiva Purkett ( listed
descendants of William
Russell Looney and Sarah Elam. I didn't know if Kiva knew Sarah's ancestry, so I sent her what I
have. I thought that maybe some on the List might also be interested. It is also on my Elam
Here goes:

First Generation
1 Sarah Emily ELAM. Born on 23 Jan 1822 in TN. died on 24 Feb 1891.
She married William Russell LOONEY, on 23 Apr 1839.

Second Generation
2 Chandler Norment ELAM. Born in 1790 in VA. died in Robertson, TN in 1862. Sometime
their marriage in 1813, Chandler and Tabitha moved from Virginia to North Carolina. The 1820
census shows Chandler residing in Rutherford county, North Carolina. By 1830 they were living
Davidson county, Tennessee, which is the north central part of the state, adjacent to Kentucky.
They had eleven children. The census shows his occupation as a miller and living in Sumner
in 1850. He was living in Robertson county in 1860. All three counties are contiguous to each
He married Tabitha Catherine HARRIS, on 18 Nov 1813 in Charlotte co., VA.

3 Tabitha Catherine HARRIS. Born on 6 Mar 1795 in Charlotte, VA. died on 25 Oct 1860.
in TN.

Third Generation
4 Alexander ELAM. Born in 1762 in Middle Bluestone, Lunenburg co., VA. died in VA in 1799.
Alexander Elam served as a private in the second Virginia state line militia for three years during
Revolutionary War. He enlisted 19 March 1777 and was discharged 1 May 1780. The following
property of Alexander was taken by the State of Virginia for the war effort:

325 pounds of beef
71 pounds of bacon

Like his father, Alexander was a slave owner. He married Jane NORMENT, on 14 Mar 1785 in
Boydton, Mecklenburg, VA.

5 Jane NORMENT. Born in 1764 in Mecklenburg co., VA.

7 Sally.

Fourth Generation
8 Joel ELAM. Born in 1736 in VA. died in Mecklenburg co., VA on 6 Sep 1798. He fought in
French and Indian War (1754-1763) in the Virginia Militia. Joel also rendered patriotic (as
distinguished from military) service during the Revolutionary War. In 1777 Joel and his son
Alexander signed a petition directed to the Virginia House of Delegates which urged the
from the state of all British natives who were not loyal to the Revolutionary cause. In May 1780
Virginia General Assembly passed an Act authorizing the purchase, and if necessary, the
seizure of goods from the citizenry for the purpose of supplying the state militia, the Continental
troops and its allies with needed provisions in the war against England. Pursuant to this Act, the
following property of Joel Elam was taken:

7 1/2 bushells of wheat
325 pounds of beef
20 pounds of bacon

Joel was a charter member of Meherrin Baptist Church in 1771. He owned land on the Middle
Bluestone creek in Lunenburg county, Virginia. This land became part of Mecklenburg county
it was formed in 1765. Joel owned a slave named Jerry. He married Phebe HILL, in 1758 in St.
James, Mecklenburg co., VA.

9 Phebe HILL. Born in 1738 in Lunenburg co., VA. died bef 1790.

10 William NORMENT. died in Mecklenburg co., VA in 1787. His will shows he owned 11
and money in the amount of 422 p 4s 7 p. He married Mary.

11 Mary. died in Mecklenburg co., VA abt 1823.

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] John Daniel Elam (1852-1933)
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 10:32:46 -0600
From: "Kent A. Elam, Jr." <>


I have some new information concerning my great great grandfather John
Daniel Elam. I obtained a copy of his death certificate yesterday while visiting an older cousin.
death certificate lists his father as Daniel Elam (no information on his mother). Daniel Elam's place
of birth is listed
as Virginia. I would guess the time period to be between 1820-1830. This is only a guess, it could
be earlier or a little later. John Daniel's place of birth is listed as North Carolina. My cousin had
written some information
down years before that indicated that John Daniel was born in Virginia and
then moved at a young age to North Carolina. There is a little conflicting
information here, but I have more than before. Does anyone have any information about this

John Daniel had 14 children. I will list their names in case they are a clue to Daniel's other sons or
daughters. They are Silas Gregory, John Otis, Dovie E., Charles Cleveland, Blanche Idell, Jennie
Francis, Lessie Edna, Oscar Randolph (my great grandfather), Zella Rose, Ruby Eve, Roy Virgil,
Gladys Laura, Nannie Bell, Alice Marie.


Kent Elam

PS I would also like any tips anyone has on where to go from here.

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Re: Samuel ELAM born: 25 November 1817 NC>>>IL
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 15:07:55 -0500
From: "Marilynn Masten" <>

Contact "". I think this is his Elam line.


Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Two Elam Confederates
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 12:45:22 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

The Confederate Soldiers Home in Richmond was established in 1885 as a home for disabled and
indigent veterans. Admission was by application to the Board. Those who lived there were offered
burial in the Soldiers Home Lot at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA unless the family wished
make other arrangements.

>From Record Group 52, Robert E. Lee Camp Confederate Soldiers Home,
1884-1941, Va State Library:

ELAM, RICHARD JAMES: Admitted March 18, 1903 at age 62. Born Chesterfield County, VA.
Residence Chesterfield County, VA. Admitted for 'general disability." Unmarried, a canvassing
by occupation. States he enlisted at age 48 in Company K, 6th Virginia Infantry. Dishonorably
dismissed from the Home on August 14, 1903. Readmitted August 8, 1905 at age 68. Partially
Address at time of admission, Mattoax, Amelia County, VA. Notify in case of death: Mrs. Sarah
Flournoy, Skinquarter, VA and Mrs. B. A. Phaup, Pilkington, VA, phone @ Paynes Siding,
VA. Died May 8, 1924 at 8:30 PM. Buried Hollywood Cemetery.

ELAM, THOMAS HARDIN: Admitted April 25, 1931 at age 83. Born Richmond, VA January 4,
1848. States he is single, occupation salesman, nearest relative is unknown. Residence at time of
admission, Freeport, Stephenson County, Illinois. Admitted for blindness. States he served in
the Fayette Artillery, Co. D, in Wise Legion and in the 46th Regiment VA
Infantry. No record of service in the Fayette Artillery. T.H. Elam, Musician, Co. E, 46th
VA Infantry (1st Regiment, Wise's Legion), discharged at Chaffin's Farm by reason of expiration
Thomas H. E. Elam, private, Daniel Shank's Company, VA Horse Artillery, enlisted July 8 (date
stated) at Reams Station. Captured at Mt. Jackson March 7, 1865; sent to Ft. Delaware; released
May 2, 1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance. Notify in case of death: Mr. and Mrs.
George Ford, 224 West Washington Place, Freeport, Illinois. Died November 29, 1934. Buried
Hollywood Cemetery.

Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Daniel Elam in Rutherford Co.,Tn.
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 12:45:22 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

Sue, I believe that the men who executed the document quoted below were
sons of Edward and Jane Elam of Charlotte County, VA. Edward and Jane
also had sons Edward and Samuel, and daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah,
Nancy and Rebecca.

Mecklenburg County VA Deed Book 14, page 399: "Know all men by these presents that I, John
Elam of Mecklenburg County, State of Virginia, do appoint my brother Daniel Elam of
County, State of Tennessee, my lawful attorney to sue for, recover and receive a small parcel of
(not exceeding 20 acres) for which I entered into a written agreement with Joel Childress of
Rutherford County, State of Tennessee, which parcel joins a tract of land which I purchased of
said Childress
containing 200 acres. My brother has authority under this power of attorney to make a sale of the
acres plus what he can get from the said Childress." Dated 13 April 1811, Recorded 20 May

On Thu, 19 Nov 1998 10:58:33 -0800 "sue wallace" <> writes:
>Can anyone tell me who the parents of this Daniel Elam are?....

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam Land - Selected Virginia Counties
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 15:24:25 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

Was recently given Roger Ward's "1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners
and Gazetteer," Vol. 2, South Central Region, Iberian Publishing Company, Athens, GA, c.
The author abstracted info from county land tax lists and states the location of the land in
of miles and direction from the 1815 courthouse." Found the following Elams listed:

Bedford - None
Brunswick - None
Campbell - Courthouse was at Rustburg
SAMUEL ELAM, Button Creek, 8 miles SE.
Charlotte - Courthouse was at Marysville, now called Charlotte Courthouse
ANDERSON ELAM, Meherrin River, 15 miles S; Main Road, 14 miles S;
EDWARD ELAM ESTATE, Bluestone Creek, 18 miles SE;
HARMON ELAM, Horsepen Creek, 11 miles E;
SAMUEL ELAM, Bluestone Creek, 15 miles S;
SOLLOMAN H. ELAM, Bluestone Creek, 18 miles S; Meherrin River, 12 miles E.
Franklin - None
Greensville - None
Halifax - Courthouse was in village of Halifax
PHOEBE B. ELAM, Aarons Creek, 15 miles SE;
WILLIAM M. ELAM, branch of Hico River, 12 miles SE;
WILLIAM ELAM, Difficult Creek, 10 miles NE.
Henry - None
Lunenburg - None
Mecklenburg - author states "Courthouse was at ?area of ?The Ridge"
JAMES ELAM of Halifax County, Big Bluestone, 16 miiles W;
JOEL ELAM ESTATE, Irbeys Branch, 16 miles W;
JOHN ELAM, Persimmon Tree Branch, 16 miles W;
PRUDENCE ELAM of Halifax County, Big Bluestone, 16 miles W.
Patrick - None

Pittsylvania - JOSHUA ELAM, no description.
Prince Edward - Courthouse was at the village of Worsham
JOEL ELAM, F Creek, 12 miles W;
ROBERT ELAM, Vaughans Creek, 13 miles W;
THEODERICK ELAM, no description, 15 miles SE.
[choices for "F" Creek are: Fork Creek, Falling Creek, and Fort Creek -
all are described by the processioner in numbers of miles West.]
Southampton - None
Sussex - None

Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam Land - Selected Virginia Counties
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 15:53:21 +0000
From: "Herman D. Belcher Sr." <>

Heyyyyyy who is this Solloman H. Elam...Hiram??

Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam Land - Selected Virginia Counties
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 18:56:16 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

He was Solomon Harmon Elam, son of William and Judith Elam. Lived all his life in Charlotte
County, died in 1843, about age 82. He was a Revolutionary War soldier. Married Pheobe
daughter of Reps Osborne. Can't remember all his children - something about William, Harmon,
Repps J., Lucinda, Betsey, Osborne and Edna Elam Gregory. Harmon Elam married Nancy
and died in Henderson County, KY about 1830.Edna married Thomas Gregory, and moved to
Tennessee. Repps married (1) Mary Gregory; (2) Elizabeth Stokes. Solomon, and later, his son
William, made regular accounts to the court for the care of Betsey and Osborne, who were listed
censuses as "lunatics." Betsey and Osborne died shortly after their father. Haven't found a
record for
Lucinda, and I'm not sure who William married. That's about all I can remembr. Annette

Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Daniel Elam in Rutherford Co.,Tn.
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 20:45:29 -0500
From: Barbara Dooley <>

Annette, do you know anything about the daughter Mary you mentioned in the message below?
still searching for the parents of Mary ELAM who married Henry LONDON in Mecklenburg Co.,
VA, on 13 Dec 1802.
Barbara Dooley

At 12:45 PM 11/22/98 EST, you wrote:
>Sue, I believe that the men who executed the document quoted below were sons of Edward and
Jane Elam of Charlotte County, VA. Edward and Jane also had sons Edward and Samuel, and
daughters Mary....

Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Daniel Elam in Rutherford Co.,Tn.
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 23:55:51 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

The daughter mentioned in my post, Mary (Polly) Elam, married James Elmore in Charlotte
on June 8, 1786 and died before 1810, leaving six Elmore children. As for the Mary Elam you
mention, in Mecklenburg County, I will check my notes against the originals, of course, but right
now, I have that she married Henry LENNON, marriage bond 13 Dec 1803, Philip Ryan, surety;
marriage 15 Dec 1803, Edward Almond, minister. I really don't know who she was. Neither can I
identify the Mary Elam who married Gideon Freeman in Mecklenburg County 19 Jan 1803,
Hurt, surety, William Richards, minister, but I have a strong suspicion that one of those two may
have been Mary Ann Easter Elam, the widow (and second wife) of Joel Elam, who died in 1898.
Perhaps someone else may have other ideas? Annette

Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Daniel Elam in Rutherford Co.,Tn.
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 00:12:02 -0500
From: Barbara Dooley <>

Thanks, Annette. The bond below is the correct one. The spelling I've seen is Henry LONNON,
which is a spelling sometimes used, but eventually they used LONDON all the time. For a long
I had hoped Mary ELAM who married Henry might be the Polly in Joel ELAM's will, but you
have been the one who filled me in on whom Polly married, and it was not Henry LONDON. I'm
interested in all the ELAMs who left VA for Rutherford Co., NC, because Mary and Henry were
there (in Rutherford) by 1805, if my memory serves me correctly, and I wonder if the other
there might not be related to her. Mary ELAM LONDON died 18 May 1860 in Cleveland Co.,
(Cleveland Co. was formed out of Rutherford Co.)

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Re: ELAM-ROOTS-D Richard Elam
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 08:18:13 -0700
From: "Patricia Medford" <>

Richard Elam has been missing since the 1860 census Ashley County, AR. I rcently found the
Richard Elam - Private - enlisted in Company A, 3rd Arkansas Infantry at
Hamburg, Arkansas, March 20, 1862; captured at Chickamauga,Georgia, September 20, 1863;
to US Military Prison at Camp Douglas, located just outside Chicago, Illinois; enlisted in 6th
States Volunteer Infantry at Camp Douglas, Illinois, May 5, 1865. I understand that the US
government offered the confederate POWs the opportunity to escape the conditions in the Federal
prison camps by joining the US army for frontier service, understanding that the Confederates
not be fighting against their comrades but would serve exclusively on the frontier. Does anyone
how to find out about the 6th US Volunteer Infantry and it's soldiers?
Richard's wife, Barbara A. Engler Elam, moved from Ashley County, Arkansas to Lamar County,
Texas in the late 1860's and is on the 1870 census for Lamar County without Richard.

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Rutherford/Cleveland Co. Elams
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 22:11:51 -0500
From: "Harold R. Gollberg, M. D." <>

Barbara: saw your note on the Elam Roots forum. I am not an Elam descendant but my daughter
married a Bell boy who is an Elam descendant of Anderson Elam who migrated to Cleveland Co.
data is mixed on the early Elams but I have much data on Anderson's Descendants in Cleveland
Ron Gollberg., Asheville, NC.

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Re: Update on Lemuel Elam
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 21:13:30 -0600
From: Margaret Lawrence <>

Could you tell me more about this Lemuel Elam? Where did he live? Is this the Lemuel Elam
Warren County, Tn?

Margaret Lawrence

Jen Bawden wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> When I sent mail this morning, I also mailed the Fayette Co & Bond Co. IL > lists thinking,
not? I'll try again."<

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Lewallyn (Lou Allen) son of Richard
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 22:19:27 -0500
From: "Robert Christensen" <>

I am new to genealogy and VERY new to this list. I have run into a road
block with Richard. I have corresponded with several people who seem to
have the same road block. I would greatly appreciate any help that can be
offered here.

This is my line:
Richard Elam-b. 1740(?) Scotland(?)-d. 1810 in Campbell Co., VA
Wife @ death was Susannah
Lou Allen (Lewallyn) b. 1780 in Campbell Co., VA -d. 1835 in Clark Co., IL
Wife: Mary (Polly) Eans
James Elam-b. 2/25/1809 in Campbell Co., VA-d. 3/13/1901 in Benton Co., AR
Wife/Mother of James Henry: Marinda Sharp
James Henry Elam-b.12/01/1835 in Clark Co, IL-d. May 22, 1887 in Benton County, AR
Soldier in Civil War-UNCERTAIN of wives or mother of Lucous
Lucous Elam
Wife: Mary (Mollie) Harrall
Claude Elam
Murle Glen and more.

Also, if you would like more information on this line, as to what information I have, please e-mail
on the list or directly at


Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Re: ELAM-ROOTS-D Richard Elam
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 02:15:14 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

Re: enlistment in the 6th US - yes, Confederates who found themselves in
Northern prisons did sometimes join a Regular US unit, usually one assigned to the frontier, in
to escape prison life. However, you have as the date of Richard's enlistment in the 6th US "May 5,
1865." The Civil War was over by then. He would have been released to go home. He had
according to the dates, spent 19+ months in prison without availing himself of the opportunity to
out. Why take the chance to go
be killed by Indians? Why not take his release and go home? Post-war enlistment in US units was
typical behavior for released Confederates. This is interesting, and there's more to this story,

You can obtain copies of Veterans records (Confederate, Union, Regular US units, etc.) by
"NATF Form 80" to the National Archives. Don't have any, or I'd mail one to you. To obtain this
form, write to "National Archives Trust Fund, 8th and Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC
20408"- ask for several copies of the form. Fill it out as completely as you can, and return it. The
directions on the form are self-explanatory. Eventually, they'll let you know whether they have the
record, and tell you the cost. NATF Form 80 can also be used to request pension records for Rev
War and Union Civil War veterans and widows, as well as bounty land warrants that may have
issued for French and Indian, Revolutionary War and War of 1812 service. You can request
Confederate military service records, but the National Archives does not have PENSION records
CONFEDERATE veterans. Confederate veterans and widows received pensions from individual
states - not from the Federal Government.

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Daniel And Jane Elam
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 15:39:27 +0000
From: "kvlykins" <>

Daniel ELAM lived in Rutherford County, TN, at the time he made his will. In addition to his
Jane, he named their ten children in the will. The six on whom I have marriage information all
married in Rutherford County. (On a seventh, Emily, all I have is her married name.) Elizabeth
the only one of the daughters not married at the time of Daniel ELAM's will, so it should date
between 1827, when Nancy married, and 1832, when Elizabeth married.

Edward ELAM (m. Rebecca WADE 1821)
Wiliam ELAM (m. Jemima STRANGE 1830)
Robert Henry ELAM
George Foster ELAM (m. Paulina JARRATT 1843)
Lewis Wills ELAM
Elizabeth ELAM (m. Francis VANNERSON 1832)
Henrietta ELAM (m. Isaac JETTON 1817)
Emily ELAM (m. __ STALLINGS __)
Nancy ELAM (m. John MOLLOY 1827)

Thanks for any information you can give on this Elam family.

Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Ancestors of Sarah Elam Looney
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 11:09:47 -0600
From: (Thomas E Van Ness)


Thank you for your reply to Kiva. When I finally "saw" Sarah Elam among the Looney's, I
that the Elam List would probably be able to help. These kinds of connections are what we are all

Thank you,
Thomas E. Van Ness

Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Daniel And Jane Elam
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 22:14:35 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

Daniel Elam was the son of Edward and Jane Elam of Charlotte County, VA. His brothers were
Edward, John and Samuel Elam. His sisters were Mary Elam Elmore, Sarah Martin, Elizabeth
Rebecca Dunn and Nancy Duffer. My information about this Elam branch is posted on the
VAGenWeb pages for Charlotte and Mecklenburg Counties. I have no access to Tennessee
and would greatly appreciate it if someone who does could look in Tennessee records for proof of
Daniel's marriage. Also would like to know the date, Will Book and page citation for the will of
Daniel Elam referred to in the attached post. Thank you,
Annette Elam Wetzel

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Weatherford Family Bible, Prince Edward County 1802-1938
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 22:14:35 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

The marriage of John Elam to Susan Hall is shown on page 3 of the Bible
record posted below. Mecklenburg County, VA marriage records show a
marriage bond dated September 23, 1829, between John Elam and Susan M. Hall; Miles Hall,
John B. Smith, Minister. Can anyone provide a connection between John Elam and the other
entries in this Bible record? Annette Elam Wetzel

Bible Records in the Archives of the Library of Virginia
Weatherford Family, Prince Edward County 1802-1938. Virginia State Library Accession
Other names: Bugg, Elam, Harris, Newman,

Page One:
William Weatherford was born July the 19th, 1802 and died Nov. 30, 1896
Elizabeth Weatherford was born the 13th of July 1807
John Blair Richards Weatherford was born July the 10th 1829
James Samuel Weatherford was born October the 22nd day on friday 1830
Halearnd Washingting was born the 30th day of June 1833 on Sunday
Gehue Nelson Weatherford was born 21st of March 1835
Whitfield Wadkins was born the 4th of June 1837
Martha Ann Hall, Weatherford was born the 3rd day of October 1838
Roan Elizabeth Weatherford was born June the 17th 1847
Susan Arabella Weatherford was born the Sixth of March 1844 and died Apr 3rd 1906
Luiza Allen Weathrford was born the 30th of July 1846 & died Feb 12th
1938. Buried in Riverview Cemetery, Richmond, Va.

Page Two
Virginia J. Weatherford was born the first day of April 1849
My Little Son John Blair Richards Weatherford departed this Life the 18th
of June 1830 at Eleven Months and ten days
My Little Son James Samuel Weatherford departed this Life May the 15th
The Revnd John Weatherford departed this Life February 22nd 1833 in the
ninety Eighth year of his age
My little daughter Virginia Jackson Weatherford departed this life 6th of
Oct ber 1859 Ten years Five months and Eight days old Born 1849

Page Three
William {T, Z, or J] Weatherford and Elizabeth his wife was married
February 20th 1828 By John B. Smith
John Elam and his wife Susan was married September 24th 1829 By John B. Smith
[Habarn ?] William Riggins And his Wife was married the 14 of March in
1854 By Rev. R. Granbery
Albert Harris And Martha his wife was married the 6 of March in 1856 By
R. Granbery
H. W. Weatherford was married the 5th of July 1865 to Miss Mary F. Bugg By the Revd W. A.

Page Four
Robert Lee Newman and Anna his wife was married January 21st in 1897.
John William Newman and Lelia his wife was married October 13th in 1898.
Wylie Jones Newman and Pattie his wife was married January the 31 in 1900
Lewis Nelson Newman and Fannie his wife was married April 24th 1902 By Rev. R. S. Baughan
David Towns Newman and Lillie his wife was married March 28th in 1903
Heigh Hunt Newman and Essie his wife was married May 16th in 1903
Clarence Nelson Newman was born May 5th 1906. Son of Lewis N. and Fannie
B. Newman

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Heraledry
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 15:10:48 -0800
From: "aelam" <>

? has someone reviewed the coat of arms and the Peerage in Britain for the
name of Elam? or the heraldry in the Elam family?

Howard W. Elam

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam Graves, Chesterfield County, VA
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 20:50:59 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

From "Gone But Not Forgotten, Gravestone Inscriptions & Burials of Chesterfield County,
Compiled by The Cemetery Committee of the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia, Edited
Rachel Baker
Lipowicz, 1998.

Bucher-Strachan Cemetery - no location given, but the following text:
"The earliest family to be buried here was the Strattons; after them, the Battes and the Strachans
the cemetery. Later still, the Bucher and Miles families used it. The cemetery is quite overgrown
periwinkle, and there are many unmarked graves."
Elam, Florence Estelle Apr 12, 1910 - Feb 6, 1927

Elam-Markham Cemetery - no location given, but the following text: "This
cemetery was visited in the 1980's. At that time there appeared to be about 7 burials and 4 stones.
We rechecked the cemetery in 1996 and learned that 2 of the stones had been stolen and another
dragged across a field and then left there because it was too heavy. At this writing only the stones
Lily Elam and Julia Markham remain."
Elam, Fanny d. 1858
Elam, Lily Somerville Nov 4, 1855 - Aug 8, 1856
Markham, Infant d. 1855; son of V. D. & Julie Markham
Markham, Julie T. d. Aug 14, 1856, aged 20 years 7 months & 13 days; wife of V. D. Markham;
daughter of William G. and Jane A. Elam

Montevideo Cemetery - no directions, but the following text: "This was the homeplace of James
Elam. At his death in 1845 it passed to his nephew, Edmund H. Flournoy."
Elam, James Jan 13, 1789 - Feb 15, 1845
Flournoy, Edmund H. Jun 28, 1827 - Aug 8, 1917
Flournoy, Sarah Agnes Aug 17, 1828 - Jan 25, 1915
Flournoy, Winifred Jul 31, 1853 - May 12, 1924

Mount Hermon Baptist Church, Genito Road, Mosely, VA
Elam, C. no dates
Elam, E.H. no dates
Elam, J.A. no dates
Elam, Mrs. no first name; no dates

Mt. Minnis Memorial Cemetery, Woods Edge Rd., Chester, VA
Elam, William B. Jun 29, 1903-Feb 22, 1965

Note: This book includes inscriptions for many family names who intermarried with Elams -
Wooldridge, Stratton, Archer, Bass, Flournoy, Walthall, etc., so there are likely several Elam
buried by their husband's surname whom I have omitted from the above listing.

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam Marriages 1853-1859 - From the Virginia "Old Marriage
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 22:12:44 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

OMI - Wives - 1853-1859
Elam, Eliza A. to David E. Cox - 4 Aug 1858 - Scott Co.
Elam, Elizabeth M. to Eli T. Jones - 10 Sep 1857 - Mecklenburg Co.
Elam, Emily V. to John R. Tanner - 22 Oct 1856 - Appomattox Co.
Elam, Julia T. to V. D. Markham - -- -- 1853 - Chesterfield Co.
Elam, Martha H. to Thos. L. Claborne - 25 May 1854 - Appomattox Co.
Elam, Mary S. to Samuel A. Moore - 20 Apr 1853 - Prince Edward Co.
Elam, Nancy Ann to Abraham Masters - 19 Apr 1854/1855 - Scott Co.
Elam, Sarah A. to Henry W. Dabney - 4 Jun 1859 - Richmond City
Elam, Susan E. to Armistead Butler - 8 Jun 1859 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Willi A. to Wm. L. Cheatham - 24 Oct 1855 - Appomattox Co.

OMI - Husbands - 1853-1859
Elam, A.G. to Mary A. Parkhill - -- -- 1853 or 1855 - Chesterfield Co.
Elam, Alex age 25 to C. Perkinson age 25 - 31 Mar 1855 - Dinwiddie Co.
Elam, Armstead H. age 31 to Eliza E. Vaughan age 21 - 9 Oct 1856 -
Bedford Co.
Elam, George P. age 25 to Permelia D. Elliot age 15 - 26 Apr 1855 -
Bedford Co.
Elam, Joseph A. age 27 to Indiana E. Bass age 22 - 17 Dec 1857 - Prince
Edward Co.
Elam, Leander age 23 to Caroline F. Toomer age 21 - 6 Apr 1854 - Norfolk
Elam, Nimrod age 51 to Lydia Adams age 34 - 26 Mar 1857 - Russell Co.
Elam, Thomas R. age 21 to Henrietta N. Overbey age 20 - 2 Oct 1856 -
Mecklenburg Co.
Elam, Walter H. age 22 to Nancy Jane Buckey age 22 - 12 Jul 1855 - Scott
Elam, William age 28 to Nancy T. Dingus age 16 - 3 Jun 1854 - Scott Co.
Elam, William D. age 48 to Eliz. W. McCargo age 37 - 3 Sep 1856 -
Charlotte Co.

Note: The Virginia Old Marriage Index was typed during WPA years using
carbon paper. The microfilmed OMI 1853-1859 appears to have made from a fuzzy, carbon copy.
The film is dark, scratched, and incredibly difficult to read. The above is my best interpretation of
the initials, ages and dates.

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam Marriages 1860-1969 - Virginia Old Marriage Index
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 22:12:45 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

From OMI 1860-1967 - Wives *Indicates Non-White
Elam, Elizabeth to Peter Honeycut - 5 May 1863 - Scott Co.
Elam, Elizabeth B. to John C. Thompson - 19 Dec 1866 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Ellen V. to Jas. A. Cheatham - 31 Jan 1866 - Appomattox Co.
Elam, Elvira to Hillery Elam - 27 Dec 1866 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Emily M. to Isham Newton - 2 Aug 1869 - Mecklenburg Co.
Elam, Esther J. to Milton Ramey - 5 Aug 1862 - Scott Co.
Elam, Henningham E. to A. A. Phaup - -- -- 1860 - Chesterfield Co.
*Elam, Lucinda to Corneliius Toombs - 9 Jun 1869 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Lucy to Grief Elam - 27 Dec 1866 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Lucy M. to David Honeycut - 27 Nov 1862 - Scott Co.
*Elam, M. to Jas. Jones - 17 Nov 1867 - Chesterfield Co.
Elam, Mary F. to Samuel D. Bailey - 17 Jan 1867 - Cumberland Co.
Elam, Mary J. to Stephen Butler - 20 Dec 1860 - Dinwiddie Co.
Elam, Mary J. to David Jesse, Sr. - 2 Sep 1869 - Scott Co.
Elam, Mary M. to Henry P. F. Houseley - 27 May 1862 - Richmond City
Elam, Mary R. to A. C. Foster - 25 Sep 1867 - Prince Edward Co.
Elam, Nancy to John McDaniel - 18 Nov 1868 - Montgomery Co.
Elam, Rebecca to Joseph Ramey - 4 Mar 1868 - Scott Co.
*Elam, Rosetta to Shadrick Burke - 30 Sep 1867 - Prince Edward Co.
Elam, Sally E. to Cephas Morris - 22 Sep 1861 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Sallie E. to John S. Thomas - 16 Dec 1868 - Halifax Co.
Elam, Sarah A. to Amos Rude - 31 Dec 1868 - Scott Co.

>From OMI 1860-1869 - Husbands *Indicates Non-White
*Elam, Baptist, 21 to Hannah Barnes, 22 - --Dec 1869 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Claiborne, 27 to Kitty Smith, 22 - 25 Aug 1866 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Cumby, 25 to Ella Wilson, 22 - 12 Sep 1868 - Mecklenburg Co.
*Elam, Emannal, 29 to Lucy A. Gray, 17 - --May 1868 - Southampton Co.
*Elam, G.F., 24 to Catharine Isaac, 24 - -Jun 1867 - Russell Co.
Elam, Grief, 21 to Lucy Elam, 21 - 27 Dec 1866 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Henry, 22 to Dolly Lawson, 20 - 14 Jan 1867 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Hillery, 23 to Elvira Elam, 19 - 27 Dec 1866 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Jno. T., 28 to Alice J. Page, 19 - 7 Apr 1868 - Danville
Elam, R. T., 37 to Virginia A. Cox, 21 - 5 Jun 1867 - Chesterfield Co.
Elam, R. W., 19 to M. Burk, 21 - 29 Nov 1869 - Russell Co.
Elam, Robert S., 33 to Martha A. R. Barnes, 35 - 16 Feb 1865 - Charlotte
Elam, Robert S., 28 to Mary S. Bruce, 21 - 25 Oct 1860 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Thomas, 30 to Sudith Osborne, 22 - 27 Dec 1868 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Thomas J., 22 to Sarah J. Lancaster, 18 - 9 Jul 1863 - Orange Co.
*Elam, William, 26 to Lizzy Jeffress, 24 - -- -- 1867 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, William C., 27 to D. A. Poindexter, 17 - 5 Jan 1863 - Louisa Co.
Elam, William D., 51 to Ann C. Lawson, 38 - 8 Nov 1860 - Charlotte Co.

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam Marriages - 1870-1879 - Virginia Old Marriage Index
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 01:12:00 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

OMI 1870-1879 - Wives *Indicates Non-White
Elam, A. W. to J. O. Reynolds - 12 Feb 1873 - Prince Edward Co.
*Elam, Agness to Henry Russell - 27 Dec 1873 - Mecklenburg Co.
*Elam, Alice to David Jeffress - 29 Mar 1872 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Amy to Hillary Brooks - 13 Aug 1873 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Ann to Abram Burwell - 27 Dec 1871 - Mecklenburg Co.
*Elam, Ann to Jas. Yancey - 7 Feb 1874 - Mecklenburg Co.
*Elam, Betsy Ann to Peyton Rice - 19 Mar 1870 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Bettie to Jno. Gayle - --Dec 1873 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Bettie J. to Wm. H. Coldwell - 29 Oct 1879 - Petersburg
*Elam, Caroline to R. Gregory - 7 Sep 1878 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Catherine to Alex. Griggs - -- -- 1877 - Danville
*Elam, Dora to Thom. Brooke - 27 Nov 1877 - Mecklenburg Co.
Elam, Fannie Florida to Jno. M. Calhoun(e) - 13 Mar 1878 - Bedford Co.
Elam, H. J. to H. E. Smith - 1 Nov 1876 - Mecklenburg Co.
*Elam, Hannah to S. Ruffin - 22 Dec 18873 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Henrietta to Jno. Roberts - 26 Dec 1877 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Julia to Wash. P. Williams - 29 Mar 1877 - Dinwiddie Co.
*Elam, Kitty to Geo. Robertson - 8 Sep 1870 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Kitty to Henry Field - 18 Dec 1879 - Mecklenburg Co.
*Elam, Lucy to Jerry Moseley - 29 Dec 1879 - Mecklenburg Co.
Elam, Malissa A. to William M. McConnell - 29 Dec 1874 - Scott Co.
*Elam, Margret to Isaac Toone - 22 Oct 1873 - Mecklenburg Co.
*Elam, Martha to John Smith - 15 Jan 1879 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Mary to Lender Tynes - 20 May 1875 - Nansemond Co.
Elam, Mary to John Blizzard - 3 Aug 1870 - Russell Co.
Elam, Mary D. to R. A. Smith - 9 Apr 1878 - Scott Co.
*Elam, Matilda to Wm. Mosley - -- -- 1871 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, ? R. J. to H. S. Ramey - 16 Feb 1879 - Scott Co.
Elam, Annie C. to John H. Vaden - 4 Apr 1871 - Halifax Co.
Elam, Rebecca B. to Isaac L. Suffridge - 22 Aug 1877 - Scott Co.
Elam, Rebecca J. to Samuel F. Porter - 9 Oct 18873 - Scott Co.
*Elam, Sallie to Chas. Richards - 15 Jan 1876 - Mecklenburg Co.
*Elam, Virginia to Willie Whitehead - 1 Apr 1872 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Virginia C. to John E. Owens - 11 Dec 1878 - Richmond City

OMI 1870-1879 - Husbands *Indicates Non-White
Elam, A. D. - to Alice E. Coleman - - --Dec 1876 - Appomattox Co.
Elam, A.M., 27 to Ola N. Ford, 21 - 4 Feb 1879 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Albert, 36 to Delila Day, 25 - 14 Oct 1877 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Alfred, 29 to Jane Johnson, 35 - 30 Nov 1876 - Petersburg
*Elam, C., 21 to E.F.Gay, 15 - 26 Dec 1872 - Mecklenburg Co.
*Elam, Clem, 21 to Queen Price, 24 - 31 Dec 1874 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Creed, 23 to Nannie Chaffin, 18 - 28 Dec 1870 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, Enoch, 20 to Ellen Buckles, 17 - 4 Sep 1878 - Russell Co.
Elam, George, 20 to Lucinda Osborn, 19 - 8 Nov 1871 - Scott Co.
Elam, George P., 22 to Mollie J. Snider, 22 - 20 May 1878 - Washington
Elam, Geo. W., 25 to Eliza F. Allen, 23 - 5 Feb 1873 - Buckingham Co.
*Elam, Grief, 30 to Rachael Roberts, 25 - 12 Apr 1877 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Harrison, 30 to Jennie Thomas, 20 - 13 Nov 1875 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Henry, 23 to Laura A. Pettus, 20 - -- -- 1873 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Hillary, 30 to Fanny Young, 32 - 4 Jan 1875 - Richmond City
*Elam, J.R., 24 to Harrette Hawkins, 22 - 22 Dec 1875 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, James, 21 to Martha E. Nash, 16 - 17 Apr 1879 - Scott Co.
*Elam, James, 22 to Annie Tuck, 20 - 19 Aug 1875 - Halifax Co.
Elam, James B., 28 to Bettie E. Taylor, 26 - 14 Dec 1876 - Richmond City
Elam, Jas. M., 27 to Martha C. Buckles, 24 - 19 Aug 1879 - Russell Co.
Elam, James W., 46 to Harriett Childress, 26 - 24 Aug 1875 - Scott Co.
Elam, Joel, 52 to E. A. Brown, 41 - 5 Sep 1872 - Prince Edward Co.
Elam, John, 27 to I. E. Clayman, 21 - 28 Mar 1877 - Scott Co.
*Elam, Jno., 23 to Teter Banks, 21 - 20 Dec 1873 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, John, 23 to Sarah Wilson, 21 - 7 Nov 1879 - Prince George Co.
*Elam, Joniah, 23 to Mary Brown, 23 - 8 Sep 1870 - Cumberland Co.
*Elam, Landon, 25 to Sarah Dupuy, 17 - 29 Aug 1872 - Nottoway Co.
*Elam, Loveless, 25 to Mary T. Marshall, 18 - 1 Dec 1870 - Nottoway Co.
*Elam, Nelson, 50 to Martha Barnes, 37 - 25 Apr 1874 - Charlotte Co.
Elam, S. S., 25 to Anna P. Lee, 23 - 11 Feb 1875 - Prince Edward Co.
Elam, S. P, 20 to Emily C. Salyer, 21 - 4 Apr 1875 - Russell Co.
*Elam, Simon, 21 to Letty Wiley, 21 - 24 Dec 1872 - Charlotte Co.
*Elam, Squire, 22 to Laura Parham, 21 - 30 Dec 1874 - Petersburg
Elam, Thos. D., 25 to Lina W. Ogburn, 21 - 31 Oct 1877 - Mecklenburg Co.
Elam, Thomas Gordon, 25 to Emily Susan Arnold, 24 - 2 Jun 1870 -
Nansemond Co.
Elam, Thomas J., 42 to Landonia Gray, 36 - -- -- 1878 - Alex. City
*Elam, Thompson, 22 to Betsy A. Bateman, 17 - 26 Dec 1878 - Charlotte Co.

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam Miscellaney - Tennessee Divorce - Williamson/Bedford
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 01:03:51 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

From "Tennessee Divorces 1797-1858," Abstracted by Gale W. Bamman and Debbie W. Spero,
1985 by Gale W. Bamman, published by Van Volumes, Ltd., Thorndike, MA, 1990.

page 5:
"Batte, America R. Eliam 28 August 1833 Williamson County
America is the daughter of Edward Eliam, dec'd, of Williamson County. She was married to
P. Batte of Bedford County. They lived together 14 months. He abused and beat her.

Statements by Kinchen Pate and Polly Pate on 2 October 1833.

Statement by Jane Elaim on 2 October 1833 that she (Jane) told Batte to come get America at her
house, and he would not.

Statement by William Covington on 4 October 1833, and also by Michael
Pitman. William P. Batte also makes a statement and says that the bad reports against him are
and that he does not want a divorce."

"Batte, William P. 8 October 1833 Bedford County
William is the husband of America R. Batte. He asks that America's petition for a divorce from
be rejected. Petition is accompanied by the signatures of 28 persons, including those of Frederick
Batte, Sr. and Robert Batte.

Statement by Edward Gregory that he and Batte were gone to the 'western' district. They started
February 1823 and returned 24 February 1823. They went to sell a horse, and Batte's wife left him
while he was gone.

Statement by Edward C. Harrison that he and Batte went to the western district to sell horses on
February 1823 and returned 24 th of said month. Batte's wife had left him."

Submitters notes:
The printed book DOES read "1823" and not "1833"
This MAY be the Edward Elam who married Jenny Pamplin, marriage bond May 12, 1791 in
Lunenburg Co., VA.
Kinchen Pate married Polly Elam Jan 13, 1812 in Williamson Co., TN
America R. Elam married William Batte Nov 23, 1831 in Williamson Co., TN

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Robert and Thomas Elam
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 05:43:10 -0500
From: "Earl H. Elam" <>

To: "Earl H. Elam", EHElam
Date: 12/6/98, 4:19 PM
Re: RE: Elam Descendant Page

Thanks for this. I'll try to update my Elam website soon to reflect your new
info. Do you participate in the Elam mailing list? Others on the list would
probably like to see this.


-----Original Message-----
From: Earl H. Elam []
Sent: Monday, November 30, 1998 5:30 AM
Subject: Elam Descendant Page

Janet, this is an update. Norma Neill of Doncaster, England, informed me
by letter on 9 June 1997 that she had found the record of the marriage of
a James Elam and an Alice Shirecliffe in Brodsworth Parish on 9 May 1597, and the record of the
baptism of a son named Thomas at St. Helen's Church in Thurnscoe on 24 February 1597/98.
Norma also found the will of a James Elam, dated 1616, referring to six children, but not named.
the two James were the same, then one of the children was Thomas. Also, Norma has found
of the baptisms of three other sons of James and Alice Shirecliffe Elam: Christopher Elam, James
Elam, and Gervase Elam. In addition, Norma found the record of the burial of James Elam,
of Alice Shirecliffe, at Thurnscoe on 21 March 1619.

It is now my speculation that the Thomas who was the son of James Elam and Alice Shirecliffe,
the Thomas Elam of Thurnscoe who was married to a lady named Mary and whose children
and Martin were baptized as previously reported in the St. Helen's church in Thurscoe in 1630
1635, respectively. Contrary to information I had received earlier from various sources,
wife ,Mary, probably was not a Shireclifffe.

Norma Neill also found where a Ralph Elam and wife Margaret had a son named Robert who was
baptized at Thurnscoe on 18 September 1604. There is no documentation thus far of which I am
aware that connects this Robert to the Robert Elam who was listed on Christopher Branch's land
grant in Henrico Co. VA dated 28 Feb. 1638. However, in 1619 Christopher Branch married a
who lived at Darton, a community not far from Thurnscoe. It can be reasonably concluded that
he recruited colonists for Henrico Co. that he would have done so in areas in England with which
was familiar, including the area of Yorkshire where Thurnscoe and Darton are located. Thus, it
appears that Robert Elam of Henrico Co. (and daughter Ann) may very well have originated in

Finally, please note that I have moved, and my new address is 5408 Corto
Drive, DeCordova Bend Estates, Granbury, TX 76049. My new telephone no. is 817-910-2820.
My e-mail remail address remains the same. Thanks. Earl Elam

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Re: ELAM-ROOTS-D Tameer Elam
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 09:01:46 -0700
From: "Patricia Medford" <>

Does anyone know who this is?

1870 Census Butler Co KY, Rochester P.O., pg 365
Tameer Elam


Subject: Re: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Re: ELAM-ROOTS-D Tameer Elam
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 11:31:29 EST


I believe if you check you will see that Tamar/Tameer Elam is black. She was the slave girl left to
Obedience Elam Moore, in her father Richard Elam of Campbell County, Virginia's estate

Gregory McReynolds

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam Vasser
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 14:12:03 -0600 (CST)
From: (Ruth monteleone)

Does anyone know who this could be?

He appears in the 1830 Dallas Co AL Census as 20-30.
Femariah Elam is supposed to have m Lemuel Vasser ca 1880 in Amelia Co. Could this be her

Lemuel Vasser d 1828 in Dallas Co AL



Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 00:00:22 -0600
From: (Mary A. Kunkle)

My brother found a newspaper clipping among some old pictures that had
been in my mother's possession. The article announced the marriage of W.D. ELAM of
Montrose County, CO to Miss Aileen L. IMES of Placerville, CO. This wedding was announced
the mother, Ruth A. IMES. The wedding took place in Montrose on Thursday, 08/13/1931.

There was a handwritten notation at the bottom of the clipping that said Arleen Lucille IMES.

My brother was copying this clipping at work and a fellow employee, Ted
JOHNSON, asked what he was copying. Mr. Johnson said his grandfather's name was W. D.
He said his grandmother's maiden name was ENGLAND. He said his family came west from the
eastern seaboard, possibly the Carolinas. They were in Whitesboro, Cooke County, TX for awhile
and then migrated to northeastern OK near Tulsa. Some of the family went to CO and some went
on to UT since they were Mormons.
My brother related to Ted that our Grandmother, Mary Adeline ELAM Forkner had always said
ELAM, the actor, was her cousin. Mr. Johnson said Jack ELAM was his Grandfather's second

Can anyone tell me in what county I would find Placerville, CO? Mr. Johnson has a sister, Dixie
Wolfe in Granbury, TX. I am hoping to get in touch with her to find more info on this family.

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Elam Confederates Who Died "Up North"
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 02:11:11 EST
From: (Annette E Wetzel)

From: "Register of Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Who Died in Federal
Prisons and Military Hospitals in the North," Compiled by the Office of the Commissioner for
Marking Graves of Confederate Dead, War Department,
Washington, D.C., 1912.

Died at Camp Butler, Alton, Illinois
Elam, M. L., Private, Co. B, 24th Texas Cavalry. Died 3/19/1863. Grave
Elam, R., Private, Co. A, 24th Texas Cavalry. Died 3/13/1863. Grave #766
Elam, Robt. H., Private, Co. F, 30th Tennessee Infantry. Died 4/5/1862.
Grave #437

Died at Camp Chase, near Columbus, Ohio
Elam, Wm., Private, Co. G, 13th Virginia Reserves. Died 2/4/1865. Grave

Died at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Indiana
Elam, P.C., Private, Co. H, 4th Mississippi Infantry. DIed 3/8/1862.
Buried in the Confederate Section, Green Lawn Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN. Removed to Lot
Section #32, Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN; reinterred 10/27/1931

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Essex ELAM, VA, d. 1889
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 01:43:15 EST

ELAM, Essex, colored [sic] male, died October 1889 in Chesterfield county Virginia of blindness
[sic] at the age of 60. Parents were George W. and Mary ELAM. Born in Chesterfield county.
Occupation laborer. Married to Louisa Elam, now deceased. Reported by Ned Elam, father
[sic--could that mean "whose father he was"?]

This is not my line, but I thought someone might be looking for a record.
This is in Bureau of Vital Statistics records for Chesterfield county, reel #


Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Another Elam recognized
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 15:50:42 -0600
From: Cassie Elam <>

Happened to run across this during some legislative research I was doing
(yes, I do actually work for a living). This is off the Florida State Legislature website.

H 9493 RESOLUTION by Byrd
Elam, B. Lee/Key Citizen Award; commends B. Lee Elam for his outstanding service to
of City of Brandon, & joins in honoring him as recipient of 1997 Key Citizen Award.
04/16/98 HOUSE Adopted -HJ 00679

Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] Website with Elam and many other early Southern families
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 21:05:49 -0600
From: Cassie Elam <>

I came across a website this evening that contains some of the early Elams as well as a number of
other early Southern families. Charlotte Rowden has a database of some 21,000 names at

You might want to have a look. One note -- she has one branch of the family wrong. She has
Elam IV married to Sarah and Lucy. James
Elam, son of Gilbert III, was actually married to Sarah and Lucy. Happy


Subject: [ELAM-ROOTS-L] NE 1860
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 13:50:02 -0700
From: Bob George <>

1860 Census Nebraska Territory, St. Johns Dakota County

362 220 Elam, A. M. 44 m Farmer 3000 2000
Elam, Catharine 33 f Illinois
Elam, Anomente [?] 12 f Illinois
Elam, Mary Alice 10 f Illinois

Bob George Surprise, Arizona
The Crooked Tree's Census On Line & The Taulbee Pages
George, Taulbee, Brady, Bailey, Dressback

Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 19:42:45 -0800
From: "aelam" <>