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NameFrederick HARTLE, GGGG Grandfather
Birth26 Jul 1747, ?, ?, Germany
Death1811, ?, Blair, Pennsylvania
FatherHans George HARTLE (HERTEL) (1722-1776)
MotherAnna Margaretha GRAMLICH (ca1722-ca1791)
Misc. Notes
Nine of their sixteen children were baptized at the Zion Reformed Church in Hagerstown. He later moved to Bedford County, Pennsylvania purchasing a farm in Woodberry Township in 1796,63 later to be made a part of Blair County

Frederick was a teamster in the Revolutionary War and was paid with continental currency issued in 1777. After purchasing some land in Maryland, he had a few pieces of this script left. On the reverse side of this money is the inscription, “To counterfeit this money is death.” Jacob’s son, David Hartle, had a piece of this currency which he treasured as a priceless heirloom. It probably was the only piece of Continental currency in Darke County.64

Birth: Circa 1748; Rank: PS; Service: MA (should be Maryland); Death: Pennsylvania 12/ /1811; Spouse: Margaret; Spouse: Catherine Beard65

For a long time it was not known which son of my immigrant ancestor was the eldest. Frederick was the eldest child whose date of birth was recorded in the family Bible, albeit not on a flyleaf where there was other writing, but at the bottom of an introductory page preceding the Old Testament.

Sometimes one is able to surmise the order of birth of children from the order in which they appear in their father’s will. Frederick’s father did leave a will [Will of George Hartle, Maryland State Archives Original Wills, Frederick Co., 1776, Box 6, fldr 38], but it does not give the names of his wife or children. In it he appointed as executors his two eldest sons. Their names appear in the heading of the record of final distribution of the estate with Frederick’s name first of the two executors [Estate Settlement, Maryland State Archives Balance Book, Wash. Co., Vol 1778-1805, folio 8]. However, in the list of children in the distribution, martin’s name is first, then Frederick’s. Two daughters were listed last, although Bastion (Sebastion) is known to have been the youngest child.

It was not until 1999 that I was able to resolve the question. A professional genealogist in Germany found the emigration tax record of Hans Georg Hertel, and by knowing the name of the town from whence he emigrated I was able to obtain the church records on microfilm at the LDS Family History Center.

Johann Friderich was the second born child of Hans Georg Hertel and Anna Margaretha Gramlich [Baptismal Records, 1747, Kirchenbuch 1552-1903, Church Records of Eberstadt-Buchen, Baden, Evangelical, LDS microfilm #1189268]. He was born in the village of Eberstadt, Baden, which is located about 60 km directly east of the city of Mannheim in the present state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The baptismal record of 1747 states that he was born at 7:00 a.m. on 26 July and was baptized on the seventh day of the current month, which was August. There were three sponsors at the baptism, who are believed to have been a co-worker of the mother and one cousin each from her father’s and mother’s side of the family. The time when Frederick’s birth was written in his father’s Bible, and by whom, is of course unknown. The year is the same as the baptismal record, but the date is 23 June. In must be assumed that the baptismal record is a more primary record, having been recorded at the time of the event, and therefore should be more accurate.

When he was two years old, Frderick and his older brother, Martin, left their home with their parents to venture to the new world. At Rotterdam they boarded the ship Patience, captained by Hugh Steele. The ship stopped briefly at Cowes, England, and then proceeded across the Atlantic arriving at Philadelphia on 19 September 1749 [Ralph Beaver Strassburger and William J. Hinke, Pennsylvania German Pioneers, 1934 (Rept. Baltimore: Gen. Pub. Co., 1966) Vol I, p. 408]. We have no record of the family over the next ten years, but by 1760 they were settled along Antietam Creek a few miles northeast of Hagerstown, Maryland. It was there that Frederick met his first wife, Catharine Beard. They were married in the early part of the 1770’s.

Similar to the situation with Frederick and his brother, Martin, we do not know for certain the order of birth of Frederick’s and Catharine’s children. That they had three daughters we know from a document that originated during the settlement of Frederick’s estate [Petition dated 29 Feb. 1812, Microfiche Estate Records File 811-022, Frederick Hartle, Bedford County Courthouse, Bedford, PA]. In the baptismal records of Zion Reformed Church in Hagerstown is a record that adds to the difficulty. On 16 December 1775 appears ghe baptism of a child, born 12 June 1775, but whose names was not recorded. The father was recorded as “Fridrich Hertli” and the mother Margretha. Sponsors were “Georg Clambert” and wife Eva (Frederick’s sister and her husband) [Baptismal Records, Kirchen Buch Von die Reformirte Gemeinde ihn Hoegers Stadt Oder Elisabetha Stadt in Canageschck Fridrich County in der Province Mereland, Anno Domini 1771, p. 20, Zion Evangelical and Reformed Church, Hagerstown, MD]. Later in the record is the baptism of Margretha, whose parents were “Fridrich Hertha” and “Cath.” The date of birth was 15 December 1776 and the baptism was on 10 May 1777. Sponsor was “Margretha Hertlin,” Frderick’s mother [Baptismal Records, Kirchen Buch Von die Reformirte Gemeinde ihn Hoegers Stadt Oder Elisabetha Stadt in Canageschck Fridrich County in der Province Mereland, Anno Domini 1771, p. 23, Zion Evangelical and Reformed Church, Hagerstown, MD].

The three daughters of Frederick and Catharine were Elizabeth, Margaret and Catharine. We know this from the document previously mentioned in which they, with their husbands, contested their father’s will and petitioned the court to have it thrown out [Petition dated 29 Feb. 1812, Microfiche Estate Records File 811-022, Frederick Hartle, Bedford County Courthouse, Bedford, PA]. They were listed in that document in the above order. The baptismal record shows that a child was born on 12 June 1775 and baptized 16 December 1775. There were three baptisms performed on 16 December 1775. The name of the mother of the child whose baptism was recorded on that date just prior to the child of “Fridrich Herdli” was Margretha. It would appear that the minister forgot not only the name of the child, but also the name of the mother, possibly confusing the mother’s name with the mother of the previous child, or with the name of Frederick’s mother. He would not have known in 1775 that Frederick would have a second wife named Margaret.

On 14 November 1779 Frederick’s eldest son, Jacob, was baptized. The date of birth was 11 Oct. 1779 and the mother was Margretha [Baptismal Records, Kirchen Buch Von die Reformirte Gemeinde ihn Hoegers Stadt Oder Elisabetha Stadt in Canageschck Fridrich County in der Province Mereland, Anno Domini 1771, p. 27, Zion Evangelical and Reformed Church, Hagerstown, MD], Frederick’s second wife and the mother of the rest of his children. We must assume, then, that his first wife, Catharine, died after 10 May 1777, when daughter Margaret was baptized, and before 11 October 1779, when Jacob was born. I believe that the death of Frederick’s wife, Catharine, may have been related to the birth of her third child, who Frederick then named Catharine in memory of her mother. It is doubtful that this question will ever be resolved.

We know that Frederick was a farmer as was his father. On 20 August 1777 he purchased land in Washington County, Maryland from Wendell Light [Deed Book A, p. 96, Washington Co. Courthouse, Hagerstown, MD]. This is the first record of land purchased by him, and perhaps he was farming with his father until his father died in 1776. When his father’s lands were divided by survey in November 1781, Frederick made an arrangement of some sort for his share to be divided between his brothers, Martin and Michael [Deed Book C, p. 14, Washington Co., MD].

A fourth daughter, Susanna, was born on 5 May 1781 and baptized seven weeks later [Baptismal Rec., p. 29, Zion Ref. Church]. The pastor at Zion Reformed Church in Hagerstown neglected to record the names of Frederick’s next two children. Born 7 October 1784 and 5 November 1786, they were baptized at seven and six months of age, respectively [Baptismal Rec., p. 32, Zion Ref. Church]. It is believed that the child born in 1784 was the next daughter, Mary. Frederick’s second son and namesake, Frederick, was the child born on 5 November 1786 as confirmed by his age at death written on his tombstone.

In 1787 Frederick may have moved from the farm into town. At least on 31 March 1787 he bought a lot from Jonathon Hager, the founder of Hagerstown, Maryland. It was lot #213 measuring 82 ft. by 248 ft. for a price of L5 plus an annual rent of 4 shillings 6 pence [Deed Book E, p. 360, Washington Co., MD]. At that time it was known as Elizabethtown, named after Jonathon Hager’s wife. Perhaps Frederick did not buy the lot for his own home, as in less than a month later he purchased a plot of 12.5 acres from his brother, Martin [Deed Book E, p. 367, Washington Co., MD].

Frederick’s next child was probably Juliana as she was the next child named in his w3ill. There is no record of her birth or baptism, but she may have been born in 1788. The next child with a baptismal record was Barbara, born 10 April 1789 [Baptismal Rec., p. 42, Zion Ref. Church].

The first census of the United States was taken in 1790. Only heads of families were named, and Frederick was counted, but the census taker must have been an Englishman. His name is shown as Frederick Artle [Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790, Maryland, 1907 (rept. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1972) p. 122]. There was one male over 16 (Frederick), two males under 16 (Jacob and young Frederick), and nine females. That is one more female than his wife and living daughters, so his wife, Margaret, probably had a servant girl to help with all of those children. It was not Frederick’s widowed mother, as she was counted separately in the census, although it could have been his mother-in-law.

Perhaps Frederick did move into town, as on 2 May 1790 he sold 139 acres in Washington County to Martin Schitz for L1260 [Deed Book I, p. 649, Washington Co., MD]. This was probably a part of the land previously owned by his father as it included parts of the patents of The REsurvey of Well Taught, Scant Timber and Tryal, which were patents that his father had owned. If he had gotten this land from his father prior to the death of Hans Georg, it would explain why he relinquished his share of the land in his father’s estate. He still would have owned the 141 acres that he bought in 1777, however.

The next child that Frederick listed in his will was “Sally” or Sarah. She was probably born around 1791 or 1792, but we have no record to pinpoint the year, let alone a date. The next daughter, Eve, was very likely born in 1794 from her age in the 1850 federal census [1850 US Census, PA, Blair Co., Huston Twp., p. 111]. Previous researchers have her year of birth as 1793, however I have never found anything to document that. A baptism cannot be found in the records of Zion Reformed Church of hagerstown for either Sarah or Eve. The next baptism for Frederick’s children, and the last found in any records was for a daughter, Nancy, born on 24 August 1795 and baptized the following May [Baptismal Rec., p. 58, Zion Ref. Church]. We do not know how long she lived, but she was not living when Frederick made his will.

On 16 april 1796 Frederick bought 251-3/4 acres of land in an area known as Morrison’s Cove in Bedford County, Pennsylvania [Deed Book D, p. 549, Bedford County Courthouse, Bedford, PA]. At that time Frederick’s sister, Peggy (Margaret), and her husband, Conrad Nicodemus, were already settled in Morrison’s Cove with their family. Frederick appears in the tax record of Woodberry Township the following year as Frederick harkle. In 1798 he appears as Frederick Heckle and in 1799 as Frederick Hartley. By that time he had cleared 50 acres of land and was taxed on 3 horses and 3 cows. The land was valued at $870, and Frederick was assessed a tax of $2.60 [Tax Records, Woodberry Twp 1797, . 118, (other years unpaginated), Pioneer Library, Bedford Co. Hist. Soc., Bedford, PA].

During this time a third son, John, was born on 6 april 1798 [Date calculated from age on tombstone located at Spring Hope Cemetery, Martinsburg, PA]. At the time of the census of 1800 Frederick’s household appeared as one male under 10 years (John), one 10-16 (Frederick, Jr.) and one over 45 years (Frederick, Sr.). Jacob had already left home and was married about the same year. The census showed four girls under ten years. That would have been Barbara, Sarah and Eve, but we cannot be certain about the fourth. Nancy may have still been living then, but another daughter, Esther, was born around that time. Esther was less than fourteen years old in 1812 when a guardian was appointed [Docket Book #2, p. 269, Bedford Co. Orphan’s Ct., Bedford Co. Courthouse, Bedford, PA], and she would have been born between 1799 and 1802. The census also listed one female 10-16 (Juliana) and two 16-26 (probably Mary and Catharine as the other older girls were married before 1800). The one over 45 would have been their mother, Margaret.

Frederick still had land in Maryland, as he sold 141 acres to Christian Light on 1 april 1801. This was the same land that he had purchased in 1777 from Christian’s father, Wendell [Deed Book N, p. 466, Wash. Co., MD]. On 26 april 1803 he bought more land in Woodbury Township, Huntingdon County (also a part of Morrison’s Cove) from Jacob and Catharine Snowberger [Deed Book I, p. 309, Huntingdon Co. Courthouse, Huntingdon, PA].

Frederick and Margaret’s last child is believed to have been born in 1803, and they called her Franey, a nickname for Frances.

In the 1804 Bedford County tax record Frederick was assessed on 251 acres of land, 2 horses and 3 cows valued at $1090 for which he paid a tax of $3.67. In the 1808 assessment he had the same amount of land with 3 horses and 4 cattle. The valuation had dropped to $666, but the tax had increased to $6.66. In the triennial assessment of 1811 Frederick, Sr. was taxed on 250 acres of land, 2 horses and 3 cattle with a value of $1004 on which the tax was $5.02. He apparently had given a horse and cow to his son, Frederick, who was listed and taxed separately [Tax Records, woodberry Twp., 1811, Pioneer Library, Bedford Co. Historical Society].

By 19 April 1811 Frederick must have been having some health problems, as on that date he made his last will and testament. We do not know the date of death, but the will was probated on 21 December of the same year. Frederick had some rather strange provisions in his will as was presented in a previous issue of Hartle Heritage [Hartle Heritage, Vol. III, Spring 2000, p. 6]. The family contested the will, and the land was sold at auction.

The settlement of his estate involved a rather prolonged course. The son, Frederick, and a friend, Jacob Snowberger, were the administraators of the estate. After the matter of the contested will was resolved the home farm was sold for $6545.50 in 1814 [Deed Book I, p. 185, Bedford Co., PA]. Then Jacob Snowberger died before the property in Huntingdon County was sold. That 125 acre farm was finally sold by the son, Frederick, and the administrators of the estate of Jacob Snowberger in 1820 to Jacob’s son, John Snowberger, for $800 [Deed Book S-1, p. 437, Huntingdon Co., PA].

Although a record signed by the heirs showing the settlement of Frederick’s estate was dated 8 January 1814 [Settlement paper dated 8 Jan 1814, Microfiche Estate Records File 811-022, Frederick Hartle, Bedford County Countyhouse, Bedford, PA], the court did not award the letter of administration to five young Frederick full authority as executor following the demise of Jacob Snowberger until 24 December 1844 [Docket Book #6, p. 567, Orphan’s Court, Bedford Co., PA]. By that time one of the administrators of Jacob Snowberger’s estate had died and an acting executor had been appointed for that estate.

After Frederick’s death, Margaret bought a house in nearby Martinsburg [Deed Book K, p. 308, Bedford Co., PA] where she lived the remainder of her life. Her date of date is uncertain. Although it is recorded in a card file at the State Library of Pennsylvania that she died in march 1832, there are deed records at the Bedford County Courthouse showing that Margaret Hartle purchased another lot in Martinsburg on 17 August 1839 [Deed Book T, p. 320, Bedford Co., PA], which she subsequently sold to Frances Hartle “for services and attendance and one dollar” on 29 December 1840 [Deed Book V, p. 411, Bedford Co., PA]. The distribution of an estate was recorded on 10 June 1845 by “John Skyles Esq. Administrator of the estate of Marg’t hartle late of Martinsburg Borough deceased” [Docket Book #7, p. 52, Orphan’s Court, Bedford Co., PA].

The following is a transcript from the microfilmed estate records of Frederick Hartle at the Bedford County Courthouse at Bedford, Pennsylvania: “Whereas Jacob Snowberger and Frederick Hartle by Order of the Orphan’s Court of Bedford county, have been appointed Administrators of the real and personal Estate of Frederick Hartle, late of Woodberry Township, Bedford County, deceased; and in Pursuance of the order of said Orphan’s Court have sold two Tracts of Land, formerly the Property of said Frederick Hartle, deceased the first Tract lying in Bedford County containing 251. Acres, the second lying in Huntingdon County containing 125 Acres. We the Subscriber Heirs to the Estate of the said Fredrk Hartle deceased, do hereby certify that we are fully satisfied with the Sale of the said lands and with all the Proceedings of the said Administration in that Case done. In Wittness whereof we have hereunto set our hands, January the 8th 1814. Witness: Johannes Mark/Johannes Kerber

Johannes Schneberger
Christian Huber
Adam Straher
Christian Roth, gardin
Heinrich Schmidt
Sam -X- Roth
Eva Hertel
Margret -X- Hertel
mark witwe”

I have shown the spelling of the signatures as near as I could determine that they were written in the German script.

The signatures show that these were all German speaking people, and the spelling of the names was often quite different than the interpretation shown in many documents as well as the form which their descendants adopted. Shown below are the same names in the form usually seen in later documents and the surnamed as spelled by their descendants:

John Snowberger
Christian Hoover
Adam Strayer*
Christian Rhodes (guardian)
Henry Smith
Sam rhodes (his mark)
Eve (or Eva) Hartle
Margaret Hartle (her mark, widow)

*This name has not been found in later records.66

"From 1763 to 1775 the following persons came into what is now Taylor Township: Jacob Neff, Christian Hoover and Martin and Jacob Houser, and up to 1787 this additional list is given: John Brumbaugh, Daniel Ellrich (perhaps Daniel Ullery), Christ Markle, Abraham Plummer, Jacob Plummer, Peter Hoover, Philip Stoner and Peter Stoner. Between 1790 and 1800 came John Ullery, Jacob Shoenfelt, Edward Cowen, Neterer, John Lower, Adam Lower, Frederick hartle, John Morgan and Tobias Shiffler."67
Died age 64
When the call of arms came to throw off the yoke of British rule, Frederick took the Oath of Fidelity to the State of Maryland and the revolutionary cause [“A Copey [sic] of a True List of persons who [sic] have Taken the oaths of Fidelity to the State of Maryland”, p. 3, microfilm, Maryland Historical Society Library, Baltimore, MD.]. He served as a private in Captain Daniel Clapsadle’s Company in the First Battalion of the Washington County militia [S. Eugene Clements and F. Edward Wright, The Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War, (Silver Springs, MD; Famioly Line Pub., 1975) p. 238]. In the same company was his brother, Michael, and his brother-in-law, Conrad Nicodemus. A family legend relates that Frederick was also a teamster in the Revolutionary War and was paid with Continental Currency issued in 1777. A piece of the currency was reportedly handed down through his descendants, but I have not been able to confirm that.
Page 307
Frederick Hartle of Woodberry Township, dated 19th April, 1811; proved December 21, 1811. Wife Margaret one third of all rents arising from tract on which I now live during her widowhood. Children: Frederick, Elizabeth, wife of Michael Lane; Kitty, wife of Daniel Hoover; Jacob; Daughter Margaret, wife of Daniel Stoneker; Daughter Susey, wife of John Snowberger; Polly, wife of Henry Smith; Julian, wife of Adam Shoyer; Barbara, wife of Samuel Roads; Sally, wife of Christian Hoover; Eve, Ester, Fanny. Son John a tract of land situate in Huntingdon County where I hold by deed of conveyance from Jacob Snowberger and Catharine his wife, executed 26th April, 1803, and containing one hundred and twenty five acres. Executers: Two confidential neighbours Conrod Martin and jacob Houser. Witnesses: John Wareheim, Joseph McCune.276

Page 315 - 7th April 1812. Appeal from decision of the Register on probate of the last Will and Testament of Frederick Hartle.

The Application and petition of the subscribing heirs and representatives of Frederick Hartle, late of Woodberry Township. The subscribers and all the other heirs of the said Frederick are well satisfied that the deceased was not of a sound and disposing mind at the time of the execution of the paper purporting to be his last will.

Margaret Hartle
Fredrick Hartle
Eve Hartle
John Hartle, by his Guardian Ch. Rode
Francy and Esther Hartle by their Guardian C. Rode

April 8, 1812. Margaret Hartle, widow of Fredrick Hartle, late of Woodberry Township, releases right etc. to administer on estate of her late husband to her son Frederick Hartle.276

“Know all men by these presents, that whereas John Beard of the County of Frederick, State of Maryland, made his last will and testament in weighting bearing date the 26th day of August AD, 1763, did, among other legacies therein contained, give and bequeath unto his daughter Catharine Beard, who intermarried with Frederick Hartel late of Morrisons Cove in Bedford County deceased, an equal share of his Estate and, of his said Will, made and constuted Nicholas Beard, senior, and George Lambert Executors, as in and by the said Will may appear. Now we, Elizabeth Hartel, intermarried with Michael Lance, Margrate Hartel, intermarried with Daniel Slonaker, and Catharine Hartel, intermarried with David Hoober, being the only children that our father, the said Frederick Hartel, had by our Mother, and she dying in our minority, do consider ourselves the lawfull heirs to that part of the estate bequeathed to our mother as aforesaid.

“Now know ye that we, Michael Lance, Daniel Slonaker and David Hoober, do hereby confess and bind ourselves to release and discharge the said Executors of John Beards Estate, as well as the Estate of our father, from paying any part of the same to us or our heirs or assigns, on condition that the last will and Testament of our Father, Frederick Hartel, be disennuled, revoked, made void and of no effect, said will bearing date the 19th day April in the year of our Lord 1811 and approved of by the Regester the 25th day of December 1811, and that Letters of Administration be granted, and that his whole Estate, real and Personal, may be equally divided between the widdow and all the heirs according to Law, deducting from each one share whatever our father may have given them, or charged them with, and allso alowing our Brother Frederick and extra ases of one hundred and twenty five Dollar for his expenses of building a house and feeding the cattle, and the release to be executed when the will is revoked, and for the true performance of Releasing, as aforesaid, we bind ourselves individuly in the penal sum of one Thousand Dollars each to be paid to the heirs belonging to said estate, that may best comply and obtaine the will being revoked in case of our default or refusing to alow all claim to the aforesaid devise of Beard.

“In Witness whereof to these presents we have hereunto set our hands and seals this twenty nigh day of February in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and twelve.”

Signed sealed and
delivered in the presents of us.
Danial Slonaker [seal]
Geo Lingerfelter
Jacob Snowberger
William Entrelin
David Hoover [seal]
Michael Lansg [seal]277, Estate Papers of Frederick Hartle
Deathbef 11 Oct 1779
Marriageca 1773
ChildrenElizabeth (1775-1846)
 Margretha (1776-)
2Margretha, GGGG Grandmother
Marriagebef 5 Oct 1779
ChildrenJacob (1779-1850)
 Susanna (1781-ca1781)
 Susanna “Susey” (1782-1843)
 Frederick (1786-1861)
 Juliana (1788-)
 Barbara (1789-)
 Sarah “Sally” (ca1791-)
 Eve (1794-1870)
 Nancy (1795-ca1798)
 John (1798-1841)
 Esther (1799-)
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