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 My GG grandfather Archibald Boardman BOYD was born in Lisnaskea,
County Fermanagh 22 June 1827 to Margaret Boardman Boyd and
James Boyd. Margaret's father Archibald Boardman's family had land in a
townland called Coolbeg near Lisbellaw and Enniskillen in County Fermanagh.
Archibald also had lands in Aghamore North and South.  These lands,
among others, were mentioned in a deed of assignment (to her children)
in Sep 1853.



    Attached is a photo of  Federico Boyd (Lopez).  He was a member of
the 3 member Junta's Provisional Governing Committee along with Jose
Augustin Arango and Tomas Arias.  The names in parenthesis are surnames
of  the mothers and usually follow the father's surname.

     They were the three, who along with Manuel Amador (Guerrero), new
President and Felix Ehrman (local banker and Vice Consul of the USA)
proceeded to Cathedral Plaza to formally proclaim the Republic at a mass
meeting.  They were among the brave revolutionists who risked their
lives and fortunes.   These three members of the Governing Committee
signed the Manifesto of Independence.

The revolutionists met in either Boyd's House down town or at the Panama
Electric Light Plant after midnight.

    I will also send you a photo of  Federico's son Dr. Augusto S. Boyd....another
very distinguished Boyd.   Regards.......Leo

(Photos Courtesy of Leo and Sarita Cannon)

    Archibald appears to have had a brother John Boardman who also
inherited land in Coolbeg and whose descendants still live on the site
of the old family homestead along the shores of Upper Lough Erne, today.

    James and Margaret had a large family....Archibald and his brothers
John, James, Hugh migrated to the USA circa 1850.  Frederick Moore Boyd
remained in Ireland in Cootehill, Co. Cavan.  John and Hugh stayed in
New York in the NYC and Brooklyn area.  Archibald ended up in Panama
circa the Gold rush epoch.  Brother James followed him to Panama where
they acquired and ran an English language Newspaper. Sara's Ancestor was
Archibald Boardman Boyd's son Federico and the Dayton relations were
descended from his brother Archibaldo.

    James Boyd was the son of  John Boyd of  Clementstown, County
Cavan.  His baptism (assumed to be his) was recorded in Ashfield Parish,
Church of Ireland Anglican) nearby to Cootehill, Co Cavan.

   Father,  John Boyd was shown as a merchant and some legal documents
show he had a brother Hugh, merchant living in Dublin in 1823.  John
also had children named John, jnr. and Elizabeth..possibly others.  He
appears to have farmed in Corbeagh and been a landlord also near
Clementstown, Co. Cavan.  John BOYD sr. died in April 1866.  His will
showed a worth of less than 450 pounds.

    His grandson Archibald B. Boyd had a signet ring with the Boyd
family crest.  The motto shown was Eternitatem Cogita.  I believe that
motto belonged to a Trochrig, Scotland branch of the Boyds.

 I believe John Boyd of NYC who died in 1868 was the oldest of James'
sons.  His wife survived him until 1882.

His son Hugh J. Boyd was born in NYC in 1858.  In January 1881 James
Boyd, sole proprietor of  The Star and Herald of Panama, formed with his
NYC relatives the NY Corporation Star and Herald Printing and Publishing
Company.  His nephew Hugh J. Boyd became a substantial shareholder  and
Treasurer of the Company.

In 1882 James Boyd, Archibald Boardman Boyd's younger brother died.
In 1885, Hugh journeyed to Panama to attend to Company affairs.  Sadly,
during his visit he contracted Yellow fever, the scourge of the tropics.
He died 30 May 1885.  He was survived by his younger brother
John F. Boyd, only surviving member of that branch of the family and his
mother(whose maiden name I don't know).

Another branch of the family, was headed by Archibald Boardman
Boyd's brother Hugh Boyd.  This information  is taken from the obituary
in the 19 December 1905 Brooklyn Eagle.  Hugh, a youngster of 15 yrs of
age,. travelled to the USA, in 1845.  He worked in a dry goods business
and eventually became the the head of that company.  He married Alletta
Journeay.  He died on 18 Dec 1905 at age 76 yrs.  He was survived by
four sons, John Frederick Boyd, Henry Burnham Boyd, Frances Hubert Boyd
and Archibald Boardman Boyd. I assume they are in order of age.  Hugh
lived at 179 Amity St. in Brooklyn.

I believe Hugh had a grandson Hugh who lived at 907 Rivard Boulevard
in Grosse Point, Michigan in May of 1969..  Son Archibald B. married a
second time.  He had a daughter Genevieve who married Robert McDougal
Brown.  Apparently she like Barbara better and went by the nick name
Bobbie.  Eventually, I tracked her down by visiting an old Miami address
on a letter to Fanny Boyd Carrew ( Mrs. George) a sister of  grandson
Hugh in Grosse Point, Mich.  Her neighbor was a famous author who wrote
childrens books.  One of those is entitled Encyclopedia Brown, named
after a very informative neighbor.  I finally met Bobbie and her husband
Bob Brown at their lovely home in Oilville, nearby to Richmond,
Virginia.  She is now deceased.  They have 3 sons named Doug, Rob, and

Another correspondent was Joan Scott, a lady who looked into the
ring and motto.  The Sir Walter Boyd, Privy Counsellor, and High Chief
Justice of Ireland was the person who in 1916 petitioned to use the
Eternitatem Cogita motto.

 How about it Boyd Cousins....can you help with finding our New York
area (branches) cousins??

Leo and Sarita Boyd Cannon

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