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                Boyds in Panama

                             From Leo and Sarita Cannon

    Sarita's Panama Boyd family begins with Archibald Boardman Boyd, Scot
Irish immigrant to Panama via NYC about the time of  the gold rush.  In
1852, he co-founded the Star and Herald, an  English language newspaper and
later became the sole proprietor.  Prior to that he had a small ship and
engaged in trade between Central and South America. He also acted as US
Consul in Aspinwall, the Carribean Port where the Panama Railroad began its
way to the Pacific.  It was only partially finished at the time.

    Archibald B. Boyd married a Panamanian lady, Mariquita Lopez.  Their
children were: Archibaldo de las Mercedes Boyd L., Federico Augusto Boyd L.,
Samuel Boyd L. and Adelina Boyd L.  Note: In children's names, wives
surnames follow husband's surnames in Panama.  The initial is often used as
a discriminating abbreviation. In the Briceno name there is a tilde above
the n and it is pronounced Bricenyo.

    Sarita's G Grandfather was Federico Augusto Boyd L..  Federico was one
of the 10 Proceres(founders) of the Republic of  Panama and one of the three
members of the governing Junta.   Federico married Teodolinda Briceno
Arosemena.  His children were: Delores Boyd Briceno, Archibaldo Boyd B.,
Federico Osvaldo Boyd B.,  Laura Boyd B., Ernesto Boyd. B., Herminia Boyd
B., Alberto Boyd B., Alfredo Boyd B., Jorge Boyd B., Augusto Samuel Boyd B.,
Delia Boyd B., and Enrique Ismael Boyd B.

    Ernesto Antonio Boyd B., Sarita's grandfather, married Berta Arias
Revello.  Their Children were: Berta Boyd Arias, Roberto Boyd A., Olga Elena
Boyd A., Delia Ines Boyd A., and Irma Raquel Boyd A.

    Sarita's father Roberto Boyd A. married Ena Victoria Sasso Sasso.
Their  children were:  Sarita Boyd Sasso, Ernesto Antonio Boyd S., Roberto
Boyd S., and James Boyd S.

Frederico Boyd (1851-1924):

 Member of the revolutionary junta of 1903 (in Spanish they call him
"Procer" with an accent mark over the o.  AOL does not allow for special
symbols).  There were 9 proceres; one that might be of interest to you is
Carlos Constantino Arosemena.

Member (there were 4) of the ruling junta (1903-04);

4th President of Panama (Oct. 1, 1910 - Oct. 4, 1910). He was caretaker
President following the death of the 3rd. President until such time as the
5th could return from Chile, where he was serving as ambassador.  Boyd had
been 2nd VP and the successor was the 1st VP.

Boyd also served as ambassador to the U. S. directly after the revolution and
at the time of his death, either in NY or Wash., D. C. whatever story you want
to believe.  I have not been able to confirm either story.  See "The Path Between
the Seas" by David McCullough, Simon and Schuster, 1977, an excellent history
of the founding the republic and contains a photograph of the proceres.

Dr. Augusto Samuel Boyd (1879-1957), son of Frederico and Teodolinda, was the
18th President of Panama from Dec.18, 1939-Sept. 30, 1940.  He had been the 1st
VP and took over the primary job following the death of Dr. Juan Demostenes

The Arosemenas are a distinguished family in Panama.In addition to the ones I have
already mentioned, the 5th President was Dr. Pablo Arosemena; the 13th President
was Florencio Harmodio Arosemena; the 24th President was Domingo Diaz Arosemena;
and, the 27th, Alcibiades Arosemena.

The history book of Panama I have only goes to 1962, so there may be more.

My Grandfather was Ernesto Antonio Boyd, son of Frederico, brother of
Augusto, born May 10, 1874, died February 15, 1941.  My Grandmother was
Berta Arias, daughter of Tomas Arias and  Albertina Revello, b. Feb. 23, 1884,
d. Dec. 24, 1963.  Tomas Arias was also one of the proceres.

Leo and Sarita Boyd Cannon


Subj:  [ClanBoyd] Boyds of Ireland to Panama
Date: 99-09-29 08:59:30 EDT
From:  Janet Jones


Back in September, 1999  you sent me an email requesting information about my
Boyd ancestors who were Presidentsof Panama for your newsletter.  I have put my
tree on rootsweb under Dayton/Boyd (if you search under John Boyd it will be the
start) since then and received this reply that would be of interest to you.  I actually
found a cousin (Sarita Boyd Cannon) thanks to this posting and she is helping with
our tree.  Hope this helps you out.  My--our family is distinguished.....still no luck on
the Irish side yet.  Please send me a newsletter of this article if you do it.  Janet Jones.

Below is all the information I have on our Boyd clan gathered from an Aunt in Panama
in 1968.

James Boyd (Boyde) eldest son of John Boyd (Boyde) of Clemenstown Co., Fermanagh,
N. Ireland married Margaret Boardman, daughter of Archibald Boardman of Lenaskea Co.,
Fermanagh, N. Ireland on Jan. 23, 1823 in Linaskea, Parrish of Aghaluocher, N. Ireland.

The marriage certificate states that James Boyd was of Ashfield Parrish, Diocese of Kilmore,
N. Ireland.

James and Margaret Boardman Boyd (d. 03-10-1860)had 10 children: (I do not have listed
by birth dates, only names)

1. Elizabeth Boyd m. Robert Breden
2. Mary Ann Boyd
3. Margaret Boyd
4. Sidney Boyd
5. Frances Boyd
6. James Boyd (b 1839)Lived in Panama City, Panama from 1863 to death 04-25-1882

7. John Boyd m. Ann Sloan  (was in New York in 1853)

8. Archibald Boardman Boyd (my gg grandfather) b. 06-27-1826 in Linaskea, N.I. d. 1869
    in Brooklyn, N.Y.

9. Hugh Boyd b. 1830 in N. I., d. 1905 in Brooklyn N. Y.

10. Frederick Moore Boyd

Archibald Boardman Boyd m. Mariquita Lopez of Panama.  He was the founder of the Panama Star
Herald newspaper in 1852.  They had 4 children:

   1. Frederico Boyd  (Spanish Language)    m. Teodolinda Briceno
They had 8 sons and 4 daughters.  He was President of Panama in 1910 and his son, Dr. Augusto
Boyd (d. 1924 in New York City) was also President of Panama

    2. Samuel Boyd (d. 05-03-1924) Never married

    3. Adalina Boyd (d. at the age of 14)

    4. Archibald de las Mercedes Boyd (b.09-24-1854, d. 08-05-1921 at the resident of his daughter,
Mrs.Arthur JV. Dayton of Ancon,CZ m. Agelica Vidal-Arasemena (she died when the eldest daughter
was 7 yrs. old)  They had 3 daughters:

    1. Angela Boyd m. Luis F. Munoz of Catagena, Columbia
    2. Carman Julia Boyd m. Alberto de Obarrio
    3. Adelina Boyd (b. 1889 d. 09-21-36) m. Arthur V. Dayton (my grandparents)

I have the rest of the genealogy to some extent but really need to know more about my James Boyd
and Margaret Boardman Boyd clan in N. Ireland.  If you have any information, please let me know.

Janet Jones

Dear Richard

Thank you so much for your information and your interest in our family.  I
regret to say I have no other information on Panama history or of the Presidents
of Panama.  Our family was so scattered in my early years, from South
America to the states and some I assume still in Ireland.  My mother's
parents died before she was out of highschool in Panama and did not remember
much about her family, i.e. grandparents.  When I became interested in
researching the Boyds/Daytons, she couldn't remember much and my aunt who is
still living doesn't remember much either.  The only person who had Panama
information is dead and another Aunt who was an Ambassador to Panama lived
in Chicago and knew allot about the family but since died so I have no
source anymore unless I can eventually find some Obarrios or Valesquez in
Panama.  One Obarrio has the family crest ring.  It had the initials JB (for
either John or James Boyd) and the words "Eternitatem Cogita", was a pink
sapphire with a hand on top in benediction form.  The only information I have
on the family was hand written by theAunt who died.  All I have is their names,
Frederico Boyd who was president in 1910 and Dr. Augusto Boyd with no date
on when he served as president very insignificant information compared to
what you have.

Janet Jones

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