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I. WILLIAM BOYD, 1 a native of county Antrim, Province of Ulster, Ireland,
emigrated to Pennsylvania prior to 1730, settling in Derry township. He had
a large family of children, of whom we have the following:

         i. Robert, b. 1705, who took up several tracts of land in Derry
              township; m. and had Elizabeth, Catharine, and Mary.
        ii. Alexander, b. 1707; m. and had Alexander, Robert,
              William, and Margaret.
       iii. Jennett, b. 1710; d. October 17, 1757; m. John McCosh;
              d. November, 1754. At his death he left considerable
              of an estate, which his widow disposed of as follows: To
              her brothers, William, John, Alexander, and Robert
              Boyd; her niece, Margaret, daughter of John Boyd; to
              Alexander, Robert, William, and Margaret, children of
              Alexander Boyd; to Benjamin, Joseph, and William,
              children of William Boyd; niece Catharine Boyd, who,
              we presume, was a daughter of William Boyd; to her
              sister-in-law, Jean Boyd; to her nieces, Elizabeth,
              Catharine, and Mary, daughters, we suppose, of Robert
              Boyd; to Rev. John Roan; and "the sum of twenty
              shillings to Derry congregation."
   2.   iv. William, b. 1712; m. and left issue.
         v. John, b. 1715; m. and had Margaret.

II. WILLIAM BOYD,2 (William,1) b. 1712, in county Antrim, Ireland, d. prior
to 1760, in Derry township, Lancaster county, Pa.; m. and had among others
the following issue:

   3.    i. William, b. 1733; m. Jennett Brisben.
   4.   ii. Benjamin, b. 1738; m. Jennett Elliott.
   5.  iii. Joseph, b. 1740; m. Elizabeth Wallace.
        iv. Catharine, b. 1743.

III. WILLIAM BOYD,3 (William,2 William,1) b. about 1733 in Derry township,
then Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. He was brought up as a farmer, became
quite prominent in Provincial days, and was an officer during the French
and Indian war, and the struggle for independence. He belonged to the
Paxtang Boys, whose zeal in defense of their firesides compelled them to
destroy the murdering savages of Conestoga. During the latter part of his
life, he served in the commission of a justice of the peace. He was one of
the charter members of Lodge 21, at Paxtang, and its second Master. In his
will, he left a legacy to the lodge's charity fund. Mr. Boyd died May 17,
1808, and is buried in Derry church graveyard. He m. JENNETT BRISBEN. They
had issue:

         i. James, b. 1759.
   6.   ii. John, b. 1761; m. Mary Williams.
       iii. Jennett, b. 1763; m. (???) Moore.
        iv. Mary, b. 1765; m. (???) Strawbridge.
         v. Margaret, b. 1767; m. William Williams.
        vi. William, b. 1769; d. December, 1807; m. and left issue.

IV. BENJAMIN BOYD,3 (William,2 William,1) b. 1738; d. May 8, 1803; m.
December 31, 1761, by Reverend John Roan, JENNETT ELLIOTT, b. 1737; d.
November 21, 1820; and, with her husband, lie buried in old Derry church
graveyard. They had among other issue:

         i. William, b. 1768; d. September 19, 1803; leaving a wife,
              Mary, and a daughter, Rachel, b. June, 1803.

V. JOSEPH BOYD,3 (William,2 William,1) b. 1740; d. September 20, 1781, in
Londonderry township, Dauphin county, Pennsylvania; m. in 1766, by Reverend
John Elder, ELIZABETH WALLACE, daughter of Robert Wallace, b. 1746; d. April
13, 1802, in Londonderry township, Dauphin county, Pennsylvania; both buried
in old Derry church graveyard. They had issue:

   7.    i. Mary, b. 1768; m. William Baird.
        ii. Margaret, b. 1770; m. William McDonald, of Dickinson
              township, Cumberland county, Pennsylvania.
       iii. Elizabeth, b. 1772; d. October 15, 1805.
        iv. Ann, b. 1774.
   8.    v. William, b. 1776; m. Martha Cowden.
        vi. Jean, b. 1778.
       vii. Isabel, b. 1780; d. December 1, 1789.

VI. JOHN BOYD,4 (William,3 William,2 William,1) b. about 1761, in Derry
township, Lancaster county, Pa.; d. April 6, 1799, at Harrisburg, Pa. He was one
of the first settlers in the new town, locating there in 1785--the year it was laid out
--and became quite prominent and influential. He m., the year previous, MARY
WILLIAMS, dau. of George Williams, b. 1761, in Paxtang township; d. September 25,
1844, at Harrisburg, and there buried. They had issue:

         i. Mary, b. July 21, 1785; d. s. p.
        ii. William, b. November 12, 1786; d. s. p.
       iii. George, b. July 17, 1788.
        iv. Elizabeth, (twin,) b. July 17, 1788.
   9.    v. James-Rutherford, b. October 13, 1790; m., first, Margaret
              Emerson; second, Eliza Keller; third, Eliza Sloan Baird.
       vii. John-Brisben, b. June 27, 1793; d. s. p.
  10. viii. George-Williams, b. November 12, 1796; m. Elizabeth S. Mish.

After the death of John Boyd, his widow m. STACY POTTS, concerning whom, as
he was a man of mark, we have this information: Thomas Potts, the ancestor
of Stacy Potts, was a Quaker, who emigrated from England with his wife and
children, in company with Mahlon Stacy and his family, in the ship "Shield,"
and landed at Burlington, N. J., in the winter of 1678, she being the first
ship that went so far up the Delaware. Stacy was a leading man in the
Society of Friends and in the government of West Jersey. At Trenton, 1731,
Stacy Potts was born. He received a good education, and learned the trade of
a tanner, a business which he successfully carried on at least up to the
time of the Revolution. Mr. Potts seems to have been a very enterprising and
public-spirited citizen. In 1776, besides owning a tannery, he built the
steel-works on Front street, Trenton, and after the close of the Revolution
was largely interested in the erection of a paper-mill in the same locality.
This was prior to the publication of Collins' Bible. In December, 1788, it
was advertised by its proprietors, Stacy Potts and John Reynolds, as "now
nearly completed." About this period Stacy Potts removed to Harrisburg, Pa.
It is difficult to divine what were his motives in leaving his native town,
where he was very popular, and with his ample competency, to settle in the
then new town on the Susquehanna. His second marriage may, perchance, have
had somewhat to do with his removal from Trenton. Going to Harrisburg, he made
large purchases of land, and whether it was due to this fact, or his
agreeable manner, Stacy Potts became quite prominent; was chosen to the
Legislature in 1791 and in 1792. During the mill-dam troubles of 1794-95,
Mr. Potts was quite active, and was one of the committee of citizens who
were willing to take upon themselves all responsibility accruing by the
destruction of the obnoxious dam. He served as burgess of the borough, and
was a member of the Town Council. From 1799 to 1803 he again represented
Dauphin county in the State Legislature. About the year 1805, he returned to
Trenton; subsequently became mayor of that city, an office he held for
several years. He died in that city April 28, 1816, in his eighty-fifth
year. Mr. Potts was thrice married. We have no knowledge as to his first
wife. He married, secondly, Miss Gardiner, of Philadelphia, a Presbyterian
lady of superior intelligence. She died at Harrisburg in 1799. His third
wife was Mrs. Mary Boyd. Upon the death of Mr. Potts, his widow removed to
Harrisburg, where she resided with her son, George W. Boyd, until her death
in 1844.

VII. MARY BOYD,4 (Joseph,3 William,2 William,1) b. 1768, in Derry township,
Lancaster county, Pa.; d. 1866, in West Hanover township, Dauphin county,
Pa.; m. WILLIAM BAIRD. They had issue, (surname Baird:)

         i. James, b. 1794.
  11.   ii. Joseph-Boyd, b. October, 1796; m. Mary Todd.
       iii. William, b. 1798; m. (???) McNair.
        iv. Elizabeth, b. 1800.
         v. John, b. 1802.
        vi. Wallace, b. 1804; d. September 2, 1858; m. Martha Todd,
              (see Todd record.)

VIII. WILLIAM BOYD,4 (Joseph,3 William,2 William,1) b. 1776; removed to, and
died in, Cumberland county, Pa.; m. June 4, 1807, MARTHA COWDEN, daughter of
James and Mary Cowden. They had issue:

         i. Elizabeth, m. (???) Dallas.
        ii. James, m. (???) McMurray.
       iii. Joseph.
        iv. Matthew.
         v. William.
        vi. Edward.
       vii. Martha.
      viii. Mary.

IX. JAMES RUTHERFORD BOYD,5 (John,4 William,3 William,2 William,1) b.
October 13, 1790, at Harrisburg, Pa.; d. December 29, 1865. He learned the
trade of cabinet-making, at Trenton, New Jersey, and for many years
successfully carried on that business. He served as third sergeant in
Captain Richard M. Crain's company, the Harrisburg Artillerists, in the war
of 1814, and for a long time was a member of the borough council. Mr. Boyd
was thrice married; m., first, MARGARET EMERSON; d. May 24, 1824. They had

         i. Mary, d. (???); m. Dr. William S. Cresap, d. (???); had
              Mary, Boyd, Nade, and William.
        ii. John-R., b. December 26, 1815; d. March 26, 1862; m. Caroline
              E. Truman, and had Annie, Truman, Margaret,
              Albert, Peter, and Caroline, d. s. p.
       iii. Sarah-Ann, b. May 29, 1818; d. October 8, 1854; m. John
              B. Bratton, and had Laura and Edward.

Mr. Boyd m., secondly, ELIZA KELLER; b. June 12, 1803; d. February 27, 1828;
daughter of John Peter Keller and Catharine Shaeffer, (see Keller record.)
They had issue:

        iv. Peter-Keller, b. 1826; m. Caroline E. Barnitz; resides at
              Harrisburg, Pa.

Mr. Boyd m., thirdly, February 3, 1831, by Rev. William R. DeWitt, ELIZA
SLOAN BAIRD; b. 1800; daughter of Richard Sloan and Sarah McCormick; resides
at Harrisburg, Pa. They had issue:

         v. Robert-Sloan, d. 1884.
        vi. Isabella-McCormick, b. October 4, 1833; d. February 10,
       vii. George-William, m. Nettie Hershey.
      viii. Eliza-Potts, m. James Murphy; reside in Philadelphia.
        ix. Maria; resides at Harrisburg, Pa.
         x. James-Alexander, m. Dessie Spahr; b. September 28, 1847;
              d. February 13, 1870.

X. GEORGE WILLIAMS BOYD,5 (John,4 William,3 William,2 William,1) b. November
12, 1796, in Harrisburg, Pa.; d. August 31, 1863. He was a chair maker, and carried on
the business many years at Harri??. Was also a member of the council of that ?? and
a man of ?? in the community. He m., October 31, 1822, by Rev. William R. DeWitt. D.
D., ELIZARETH S. MISH, b. November 23, 1802; d. March 26, 1849, in Harrisburg,
Pa., and, with her husband, there buried. They had issue:

  12.    i. John-Bris??, m. Elizabeth J. Carson.
        ii. Jacob-Mish. m.
       iii. Elizabeth, m. William S. Rowson, civil engineer; reside
              at Perth Amboy. New Jersey, and had Mary and William.
        iv. Mary-Ellen, m. John B. Bratton, of Carlisle. Pa., and
              had Mary, Bessir, John-Bris??n, and G??.
         v. Catharine-Mish.
        vi. Caroline-Virginig, m. John H. Tennent, of Alabama;
              reside in New York city.
       vii. George-Williams, b. December 21, 1836; d. January 6,
              1867; served in the quartermaster's department during
              the Rebellion.

XI. JOSEPH BOYD BAIRD,5 (Mary,4 Joseph,3 William,2 William,1) b. October
1796: removed to Franklin county, Pa., where he died; m., October 7, 1834.
MARY TODD, b. November 1, 1805, in Hanover township. Dauphin county, Pa. In
1880, was residing in Franklin, Warren county, Ohio. They had issue (surname

         i. Martha-Ann, b. February 3, 1836; m., October 12, 1854,
              John Smith; reside in Taylorsville, Christian county,
        ii. Harriet-Jemima, b. May 12, 1838.
       iii. Caroline-Todd, b. May 14, 1841; m., January 11, 1866,
              Manlius T. Leachman; reside in Christian county, Illinois.
        iv. Francina, b. March 12, 1841.

XII. JOHN BRISBEN BOYD,6 (George-Williams,5 John,4 William,3 William,2
William,1) b. September 4, 1824, in Harrisburg, Pa., where he resides; m.,
in 1849, ELIZABETH J. CARSON; b. in Harrisburg, Pa.; daughter of William M.
Carson and Sarah Kunkel. They had issue:

         i. Emma-Louise, m. William H. Henderson, and had Anna.
        ii. Elizabeth-Carson.

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