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The Will of George Tarvin

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I George Tarvin of the state of and county aforesaid being of sound health mind and mempry but aware of my mortality and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die do make ordain, and publish this my last will and testament in manner /// and form following. First of all recommending my soul to the care and protection of Almighty God and my body I commit to the earth to be buried in a decent Christianlike manner.

Item 1- I give and devise to my wife Martha H. Tarvin all the half of that tract of land lying and being in the county of Dooly of said and known and distinguished in the twentieth district of said county of Dooly by number Seventy two (73) containing one hundred acres of land more or less and adjoining the town of Berrien and two land lots distinguished in the plan of said town by the numbers 23 & 24 and to hold all and simgular the said land and every part thereof with the appurtenances to her the said Martha H. Tarvin her heirs and assigns forever. Which said legacy given my to my wife Martha -- Tarvin as afiresaid I hereby declare is intended to be and is so given to her in full satisfaction and -- parts of and for her dowry (dower) and third which she may or can in anyway claim or demand and if my said wife should claim or demand her dowry (dower) and thirds out of my estate. Then the foregoing legacy is to be null and void and the lands and town lots in the said Legacy given back in that event are hereby given and divided to my children to have and to hold the same with the appurtenances to them and their heirs forever.

Item 2- I give and divide to my yougest son George Franklin Tarvin to be delivered to him by my executors hereinafter named when he shall become of lawful age all that lot or tract of land lying and being in the tenth district of the county of Houston aforesaid and known and distinguished in said tenth district by number fifty four (54) and containing two hundred and two and one half acres of land more or less to have and to hold the said lot or tract of land with the appurtenances to him the said George Franklin Tarvin his heirs and assigns forever.

Item 3- It is -- will and desire that my estate be kept together on my farm on said lot one hundred and fifty four (154) in the tenth district of Houston County and not be rented or hired out during the minority of my said youngest son George Franklin Tarvin and that my said farm be carried on for the joint use and benefit of all my children to wit: William (M. or W.), David D., Martha, Clarissa J., Mary A., George Franklin. My property which I desire to eb kept together on my said farm during the minority of my said youngest son is as follows to wit: my negro woman Fair and her child Jasper and her increase (if there be any after this time) and my negro man Lowry and all my mules, horses, cattle, hogs and sheep and also my farming and plantation tools of every description and my household and kitchen furniture.

Item 4- I hereby direct and authorize my executors hereinafter named to sell and despose of my negro man John either at private or publick sale whenever they shall in their descretion decide it necessary or and advantageous to my esatete so to do and to divide the proceeds of said sale among my children aforesaid as they shall become of age but if my said executors should not sell my negro man John as they are above authorized and directed. He is in that case to be kept with my other negros and property on the plantation as aforesaid; and for the use and purpose mentioned in the thire item of this my last will and testamnet.

Item 5- When my son George Franklin Tarvin shall have arrived at the age of twnty one (21) years or as soon thereafter as practible I desire my executors hereinafter named to sell and despose of to the best advantage my said negros Fair and her child Jasper and increase if any Lowry and John (if he should not be previously sold) together with all and singular my said mules, horses, cattle, hogs, household and kitchen furniture and all other personal property whatever belonging to my estate and not hereinafter given by me and bequeathed to any of my said children and after reserving the sum of one hundred dollars out of the sale to be laid out in the purchase of a horse or horses bridle and saddle for my said son David D. Tarvin in the balnce to be equally dicvided among all of my said children as they get married two cows and claves, and a sow and pigs.

Item 6th-It is my will and desire taht all my notes and all debts due me either by note or open account and all evidences of dept in my favor of whatsoever kind be collected by my executors and the money on the paper aforesaid in case they should not be collected to be equally divided among my said children.

Item 7th- My wife Martha H. Tarvin having received a yoke of steers and cart and also a dark gray mare and other property out of my possessions I shall make no disposition of the same by will other than to instruct my executors to have nothing to do with said yoke of steers and cart and dark gray mare and other items of personal property which may be in her possession at this time but to evidences of debt which may be found in her possession and belonging to my estate and to dispose of the same as provided for in the sixth item of this my last will and testament.

Item 8th- I hereby niminate and appoint my trusty friend Simon Bateman and my son William (M or W) Tarvin to be my executors and to carry into full effect and operation this my last will and testament. XX

In witness whereof I the said George Tarvin have hereunto set my hand and XXXX affixed my seal this 28th day of June in the year of our Lord 1830.

Signed, sealed and published

Wm. B. Ball
James E. Duncan
James M. Kelly