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John Washington of Surry County, VA.

John Washington arrived in Surry County, Virginia, some tome before September 1658. He was not transported, but paid his own passage, thereby depriving researchers of a record.

On September 15, 1658, a Marriage Contract was made between himself and the widow Mar"fford", making provisions for Mary's son Thomas Blunt, son of forst husband, Richard Blunt (Surry Co., Va. Book 1645-1672, f. 126)

John and Mary Washington had one son Richard, who was "of full age 5 September 1681", showing that he was born on, or before 5 September 1660. (Surry C. O. B. 1671-90, p348)

It has been thought for years that John Washington of Surry County was the son of Sir John Washington of Thropstone, Northamptonshire, but a more thorough study of the family wills showed that the crucial point was in the will of Dame Margaret Sandys, 11 October 1673 (Dycer 118, P. C. C.) printed by Waters in the New England Historical Register 1889. Margaret Sandys was the sister of Sir John, Sir William, the Rev. Lawrence Washington , and five other brothers.

Sir Willliam died 1643, leaving an only daughter Elizabeth, and no sons. Dame Sandys' will says, "I give to my nephew John Washington , my dear eldest brother;'s son, Twenty pounds". In one sentence she shows that Sir John must be older than Sir William, who had no son living, and that Sir John's son was alive to receive the twenty pounds in 1673.

Therefore Sir John's son John did not die in Virginia in 1660, as did John Washington of Surry County, whose widow married fourth, before 1661, Henry Briggs.

It can be accepted that John Washington of Surry could be the son of Richard, the younger brother of Sir John. No records have been found to connect John of Surry to this family, but it can be theorized that since John Washington named his son Richard, that John himself may have been son of Richard, the younger brother of Sir John.

Richard Washington was a freeman of the Clothworkers' Comapny of London. Their record shows that on the "7th July 1614 Richard Washington , son of Lawrence Washington of Wickammond Co., Northanmptonshire Gent (appreticed) to Richard Brent.

This Richard Washington was born about 1598, and was married at St. Martin-in-the-Fields 27 April 1627, to Frances Browne. They had a duaghter Amy baptized 21 October 1628, and a son John baptized 14 March 1631-2. Richard, the father, died and was buried 8 January 1641-2; Frances, his widow, married second 17 January 1642-3 Ralph Hall.

The will of Ralph Hall, dated 30 July 1658 (Nabbs 186) P. C. C.) named his wife Frances and left several leagcies to "Mrs. Amy Washington , my wife's daughter". John was not mentioned. No marriage has been found for Frances Washington -Hall or for Amy Washington or a will for either one; nor a will for Richard Washington or guardianship for his very young children.

Richard Washington, the son of John Washington of Surry County, Virginia, was born 5 September 1660. He married 1682 Elizabeth Jordan, the daughter of Arthur Jordan and Elizabeth Bavin, widow of Richard Bavin. The Marriage Contract of Arthur Jordan and Elizabeth Bavin was dated 22 April 1654, in which he proovides for her in a very generous way. The Jordan family were early settlers of Virginia and were important men in the Colony, holding many high offices.

Children of Richard and Elizabeth Washington:

Arthur 1653 -- before 1702
George 1685 -- 1763 m. Mary Wright
1687-1765 m. Patience
1689-1773 m. Sampson Lanier
1691-1754 m. Elizabeth
1693 -- 1748 m. Agnes
1695 -- 1763 m. Sarah Tynes
1697 -- 1766 m. Joyce Nicholson
1699--before 1764 m. Robert Lanier
1701--living 1760 m. Josiah Barker
1703 -- 1770 m. Robert Hart
1705 -- living 1738 m. Sarah
1707--1749 m. John Stevens

My notes: Sampson Lanier and Robert Lanier, both of whom married the Washington sisters above, were brothers and sons of John Lanier and (Alice ? Katherine / Sarah?) Sampson. They were brothers of my own John Lanier who married Elizabeth Bird.

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