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The Will of John Cupper

Note: extract from Elizabeth Wellborn Schieffelin

John Cupper probate 1584

written 8 July 26 Elizabeth (1584)
of Glympton, Oxford
to be buried Glympton parish church by Awdrye my late wife
mentions Glympton, westcott Barton, City of Oxford, New Woodstock, Chepyingnorton, Burford, Ludwell
Thomas Cupper
my eldest son
my loving & faithful Mr. William Carell
oldest friend Alexander Budde
goddaughter Joyce Alexander alias Mauncell: at the time of her marriage
cousin Margerie Gyger
cousin John Gyger her husband
to 4 of John Gyger's children: hercules his eldest daughter Katherine and Alice who calleth me husband & to each of his other children
godson John Cupper being at Cambridge
to John a boy of Tackeley
every of my godchildren not here named
Mr. Andrew Read
Margaret Fuller

cousin Ann Fowke
my servant William Alsebrook & Alice his wife
Ursala Fowke my god daughter
Vincent gets manor of Powick in Powick, Worscestershire
Richard Cupper
my late brother
to whomever is Vincent's wife at his death
cousin Edmund Cupper
exec; sons Thomas and Vincent Cupper
overseers; trusty & loving friend Thomas Martyn & John Fowke gent my son inlaw
assigns ward & wardship of the body & land of Elizabeth Cupper dau of my said son Richard Cupper
altered date of will from Jan. to July
no names of witnesses
proved 27 Feb 1584

The Will of Dorothy [Cupper] Fowke

Note: extract from Elizabeth Wellborn Schieffelin

of Gunston, widow, late wife of John Fowke of aforesaid esq., dec.
to be buried Breawood as near by late husband John Fowke esq. as conveniently may be
mention of children of Richard Creswell lately of Barnhurst esq. daughter Cassandra Fowke
Dorothy Fowke
my grandchild dau of Francis Fowke my son dec.
son Roger Fowke
son Anthony Fowke
son Gerrate Fowke
son Walter Fowke
Dorothy Fowke
my grandchild the dau of Anthony Fowke my son
Dorothy Fowke my grandchild the dau of Gerrate Fowke my son
5 children of Francis Fowke my son dec. that are now with me viz: Barry Fowke, Walter Fowke, Carroll Fowke, Roger Fowke, Digby Fowke
unto the 3 dau of Francis Fowke my son, viz: Mary Fowke, Elizabeth Fowke, Martha Fowke, my grandchildren
Dorothy Fowke my grandchild and dau of Francis Fowke my son dec.
written 5 Dec 1643
oeverseers: Roger Fowke my son
Richard Creswell my grandchild esq.
witnesses: John Hunt
Margat Barrnatt

17 June 1651 a commission issued forth unto Mary Fowke the natural and lawful grandchild of Dorothy Fowke, late of Gunston to administer the goods, chattels, debts of the said deceased according to the tenor and effect other said will the said Administrator being first sworn by Commission faithfully to administer the same Cassandra Fowke and Dorothy Fowke the executrixes named in the said will...

The Will of John Fowke

Note: extract from Elizabeth Wellborn Schieffelin

Written 7 May 1638
of Gunston Stafford esq
his ancestors are buried in Brede, he to be buried where ever he die
my deceased kinsman Richard Fowke
William ?? berford
esq deceased
my daughter Cassandra unm
money from East India Co for the dau of Richard Creswell gent dec.
son Roger
loving wife Dorothy
land in Comerforsd
good friend Mr. John Binche of Cammocke
son Gerard
exec wife Dorothy
overseers; sons Roger and Gerrard
witnesses: Margery Creswell
Margaret Creswell
Rich Trannber
of Blybrocke
memo 20 May 1641: Cassandra Fowke
Tho Steedeman

proved 7 Oct 1642 by relict Dorothy Fowke

The Will of Roger Fowke

Note: extract from Elizabeth Wellborn Schieffelin

of Gunston, Stafford parish of Brewood esq
written 23 June 1649
John Fowke, my father, had given him Hattyne in Stafford, par Brewood with the hall called Gunston house, after the decease of his wife Dorothy, then wife of the said John Fowke
Gerrard Fowke
his son gets all lands in Gunston Brewood Godsall Shillington Hattyne & Binbrook for the use of himself, his Mother my wife, and Robert and Thomas & Judith Mary and Susannah his brothers and sisters
Mary his wife
witnesses: John Hope, June Hope, Judith Fowke, Robert Fowke, and the mark of John Martin
proved last day of Nov. 1649 by Gerrard Fowke

The Will of William Wilkinson

Thanks to John Wilkinson

Genealogical Records: Maryland Probate Records
Calendar of Wills, Vol 1, 1635-1685, Calendar of Wills 1635-1685
Page 26 Maryland Calendar of Wills.
Wilkinson, William 29th May, 1663;
21st Sept.,1663

To eliza: Budden, dau. of Margaret Budden, "my" last wife, personalty.
To 2 grandchild., viz., William Haton, cid. son of William and Eliza: Hatton, personalty.
To son-in-law Thomas Dent and Rebecca his wife, 1/2 residue of estate, real and personal.
To his son-in-law William Hatton and Eliza: his wife, other 1/2 residue of estate, real and personal.

Exs: Sd. sons-in-law Thomas Dent and William Hatton.
Test: Randall Hanson, Daniell Smith. 1,100.

The Will of Richard Tarvin

He left to "...his Dear and most Respected wife the plantation of Mattawoman, 'where I have lived, and all the lands belonging to it; being a Tract of land called Laurel Branch; after 300 acres have been laid out of it - at the East most end including the full breadth of the said land.' This property was to be hers for life and no longer. 'As a further sense I have of her Virtue and Honor, I shall give out of the same to my Children.' He gives to George Tarvin, his son, 150 acres of land - part of a Tract called Laurel Branch - to be laid off at the eastern most end, including the full breadth thereof, during his natural life, and then he bequeaths it to George's son, Richard Tarvin and his heirs forever. To sons Richard Tarvin and John Tarvin - he gives and bequeaths a Tract of land and Plantation at Port Tobacco called St. Nicholass, containing by estimate 300 acres, and if either should die without lawful heirs the survivor shall enjoy the whole. To son William Tarvin he gives 150 acres of tract of land called Laurel Branch, adjoining the part left to his brother, George, with the Mill which is on it. To his three daughters, Elizabeth, Ann and Rebecca Tarvin [Martha had married Joseph Noble on 3/5/1738-9] he gives and Bequeaths to each one a feather bed and furniture to be delivered to them respectively as theu arrive at age or Day of marriage. To son Thomas Tarvin, he gives the Plantation and land at Mattawoman, it being about 200 acres, which he had given to Elizabeth for her natural life. So evidently Thomas was very small. He names his Dearly Beloved wife, Elizabeth Tarvin as the Executrix -- and concludes by 'earnestly lawfull Commands, that they live in Unity and Peace among themselves, be Just in their Dealings, and Fear God, and keep His Commandments."

Will probated 12/27/1742

Witnessed by George Tarvin, James Allferd and William Theobald.

The Will of William Dent

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 3

VOLUME III. page 55
[p.55] Dent, William, Nanjemy, Chas. Co.,
2nd Oct., 1702;

17th Feb., 1704.
To wife Elizabeth during life, plantation and mill, also 500 A., St. , Barbary's, 15 A., Wheeler's Palme and 200 A., Thomkinson's Long Lookt For.

To son Thomas and hrs., dwelling plantation afsd. at decease of mother, also 894 A., Whitehaven and the lodge where Thomas Perry lives.

To son George, plantation at Portobacco where Richard Edgar lives and adjoining lands 300 A. (unnamed), bought of Thomas Warner, 109 A., part of Harrison's Gift, bought of Thomas Baker, 118 A. (unnamed) bought of Anthony Smith and wife, 118 A. (unnamed) bought of Thomas Baker, 2 tracts 118 A. and 125 A. (unnamed) bought of Andrew Baker, and residue 888 A. of Harrison's Gift at Pope's Creek.

To sons Thomas and George and hrs. afsd., residue of land Lawrell Branch at Mattawoman.

To son Peter and hrs., 1/3 of tract of 1569 A., Friendship taken up jointly with Col. Addison, Mr. Hutchinson (son afsd. having already received 1/3 of sd. tract by conveyance from Mr. Hutchinson afsd.), also Ginsbrough 400, inherited by testator at death of brother George Dent.

To little dau. Elizabeth and hrs., plantation at Mattawoman and 500 A. adjoining it. To young. son Phillip and hrs., St. Barbary's, Wheeler's Palme and Thomkinson's Long Lookt For at decease of wife. Jonathan Matthews to collect all moneys due testator, and to dispose of ships, cargoes, etc.; sd. money to be equally divided amongst wife and child. afsd. Sons to have their estates in this country at 17 yrs. and money in England at 21 yrs. Daughters at marriage or majority. Wife and child. afsd., residuary legatees.

Exs.: Wife Elizabeth and sons Thomas and George. In event of wife's marriage she to continue in executorship if she wishes to keep her child. and sufficient security be furnished.

Trustees: Phillip Hopkins, Richard Harrison, Gerard Fowke, Thomas Stone.

Test: Jno. Beale, Gerard Fowke, Sam'll Peele, Thomas Evans.

1st Mch., 1703-4.

By codicil testator leaves land bought from Peter Anhilles to son Thomas and that at Popes Creek to son George. Mrs. Ann Fowke, mother of wife Elizabeth, is provided for.

To Thomas Dent, silver bowl given testator by Gov. Blackistone.

Rest of will confirmed. 3. 475.

The Will of Elizabeth Dent (Tarvin)

In Will Book Liber 31 Fol. 118-119.

Elizabeth Dent Tarvin's will is dated 16 May 1759. after the preliminaries, she bequeaths to her daughters -- Elizabeth -Ann-Rebecaa Tarvin -- all of he land to be divided equally among them as long as they remain unmarried. She desired the land not to be divided -- so in case one does not marry -- the land shall remain in possession of the other two; but, they should pay the married one 1000 pounds of tobacco and 6 pounds sterling. In case one of the others marries, the one unmarried is to pay the second that is married the sum of 1500 pounds tobacco and nine pounds sterling; and to the last remaining unmarried daughter shall be given the whole of Elizabeth's land. She gives her daughter Martha Noble, she gives a young heifer. To her son William, she gives a young heifer. She then gives to daughter Elizabeth, a negro boy and a negro girl, and a silver Tumbler. To daughter Ann, she gives a negro woman and a negro girl, and a large silver spoon and 3 small spoons. To Rebecca she gives a negro boy and a negro woman and a negro girl, and 3 large silver spoons. After all of her debts are paid the remaining part of her estate is to be divided equally among her 3 unmarried daughters. Daughter Elizabeth is appointed her Executrix.

The Will was probated 13 November 1760.

Note: the land mentioned in Elizabeth's will is the land she inherited from her father William Dent.

The Terms of the Will & Abstract of Will of Gerard Fowke, Jr.

According to William Neal Hurley, Jr. in "The Fulks Families", Gerard Fowke gave his wife Sarah a tract of 500 acres. He gave property to his daughter Anne (wife of Robert Alexander) and Chandler, his son. He gave his daughter Frances (wife of Dr. Gustavus Brown), lands at Nanjemoy, MD, and other lands. An engraved silver tankard went to his grandson Chandler. Roger's son, Gerard, received a tract called "Poynton Manor" with stipulations as to Gerard's having a male heir. Jane, a granddaughter (daughter of Roger) is also named.

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 7 page 118
Fowke, Gerard, Charles Co.,
6th Aug., 1734; 20th Jan., 1734.

To wife Sarah, extx., plantation, being 500 A. of "Poyaton Manor," during life; and personalty.

To son Chandler and hrs., plantation in Virginia where he now lives.

To dau. Frances, wife of Doctor Gustavus Brown, and hrs., lot at Nanjemy; and personalty.

[p.118] To dau. Ann, wife of Robert Alexander, grandsons Gerard and William Chandler, sons of son Chandler, and granddau. Jane, dau. of son Roger, personalty.

To grandson Gerard, son of son Roger, and his male hrs., 500 A. dwelling plantation afsd. at decease of wife; sd. grandson dying without male hrs., sd. plantation to son Chandler and male hrs., and for want of such hrs. to rightful hrs. of testator, and for want of such hrs. to rector, vestry and wardens of Durham Parish. Also "Boughton's Disappointment," Burdetts Creek; and personalty. Residue of estate to wife Sarah.

Test: George Dent, David Stone, Augus Mackintosh. 21. 269.

Varied Transactions regarding Thomas Dent, son of William Dent and Elizabeth Fowke

With thanks to Carol Mitchell

Dent, Thomas heir of Philip Dent his brother a minor decd son of William Dent (gent) On 9 Oct 1707, from Philip Lynes, two adjacent tracts at head of Burdicts Creek called Roseberry, 287a, also Esston Hills 500a. (Ct. & Land C#2.73)

Dent, Thomas (gent) conveyed on 3 Feb 1710 to James Moncaster (planter) parcel of land on Burditts Ck, which William Dent, father of Thomas Dent bought of Peter Achilles, during the life of James & the life of Mary his wife & the life of James son of James & Mary Moncaster (Ct. & land C#2.229)

Dent, Thomas and Ann his wife conveyed on 14 Mar 1709, a parcel of land earlier sold to William Dent father of said Thomas called Tomkinson Long Looked For 200a and on 2 Dec 1717 a parcel called Lawrel Branch on Mattawoman Fresh bounded by Elizabeth Dent, 192a. Deed of mortgage dated 4 Sep 1722, for 80 lbs on a tract of Thomas Dent at Nanjemy lying on w side of Nanjemy Creek, 650a conveyed on 14 Mar 1709 called Wheelers Paltrie lying on Piscattaway above Maryland Point 150a. (Ct. & Land C#2.182; Dent, Mr Admr / Ex: John Scott. (Inv/ 36B.62;13 Oct 1714)

Dent, Thomas, Indenture 18 Feb 1717 or 1718 to Joseph Harrison the younger a parcel being part of a tract Cow Spring on Portobacco River nr mounth of Nanjemy Ck. One acre purchased from Martin Campbell decd by William Dent father of Thomas Dent, Richard Harrison father of Joseph Harrison and Benony Thomas decd. (Ct & land H#2 .127)

Dent, Thomas brother of Peter Dent Assignment of personal estate at Nanjemy to his borother 4 Aug 1718. (Ct & Land H#2.201)

Dent, George & Elizabeth his wife conveyed on 12 Mar 1721 a parcel Haphazard 50a . (Ct. & ladn H#2.201)

Dent, Thomas. Deed dated 4 Dec 1724 To Anne wife of sd Thomas Dent, tract of w. side of Nanjemy Ck, 650a including bro or sister (born of sd Anne's mother) and failing such, to heirs of John Bayne, laet of Chars Co. decd (Land L#2.189)

Dent, Mrs Anne Dent. Release of dower dated 6 Dec 1722. See Liber H#2.184-186, 187-188 (Land L#2.61)

Dent, Thomas. Deed dated 4 Dec 1724 To Anne wife of sd Thomas Dent, tract of w. side of Nanjemy Ck, 650a including bro or sister (born of sd Anne's mother) and failing such, to heirs of John Bayne, laet of Chars Co. decd (Land L#2.189)