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Maynard Smith's Family Photos


Delbert Vernon Smith's patent for Engine Primers
Hog Killing at Shakerag Farm Sarah Adams
John Thomas Fridy John T. Fridy in Uniform
Fridy Siblings Baling Hay, 1943
Clarence Fridy Fridy Women
John Wesley Cobb & Mary Talitha Timmons Mary T. Timmons Cobb & her Daughters
Vitula & Jess Bradford Cobb Family Children of John W. & Mary T. Cobb
Fridy Homeplace Clarence Fridy Family
Cobb-Fridy-Smith Family Waldo & Christine Fridy Smith
Family Gathering, 1950 Greenberry Cobb II & Mary Pierce
Waldo & Christine Smith's 58th Anniversary Party Catherine P. Dodge Timmons
The Purple Opera House in Sebree Birthday Dinner 1955
Birthday Gathering - 1915 Opera House Performance
Opera House Performance Waldo Smith
Maynard Smith & Earnest Quinn Waldo Smith & Friends - 1917
Flossie Cobb Bossecker & Froy Marie Smith Mcalister Smith Brother and Sister
Flossie Cobb Bossecker & Delbert V. Smith Emery Edward Smith
Nathaniel A. Smith Annie Elizabeth Furgerson Fridy

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Submitted by Maynard Smith.
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