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Webster County Family Album
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         " I have an autograph book that belonged to my great-grand aunt, Viola Francis Parker, who lived with her family outside Providence, Kentucky on what is now Hwy. 120. The white two-story house still stands on the right side of the road past where the Green Grove Church was located and shortly before what is now Hwy. 1525. I don't know her father's first name, he was Mr. Parker. He married Annie Eliza Cullen. These are the Parker children: Viola Francis; Ernest Amon; Johnny Thomas; Annie Ellen; and Nola Belle. I think (the autograph book) would be a good source, because it contains many Webster County names with dates between 1891 and 1910. In transcription, I kept the spelling and punctuation exactly as it was in the autograph book."

         The above message, along with the material below, was sent to me last week from Dianne Byers, one of our Webster County researchers. Dianne's father got this book from his grandmother, Viola's sister, when he was a young man sometime in the 1950's. He never let anyone read it because " it is falling apart and he didn't want it to be destroyed." He gave the book to Dianne ten years ago and she has not let anyone read it or even know of its existence for the same reason. So far as Dianne knows, this book has only been viewed by two people in about 40 years.

          Thank you, Dianne, for sharing Viola's autograph book with us. It warmed my heart to read the old-fashioned sentiments expressed by Viola's friends and relatives.

This is the autograph book of Viola Francis Parker

July 1th 1891

When my heart is Sad And Lonely
Sweetest Solace it will be

Lawrence Smith

When on this page you chance to look
Think of me and close this Book

Lizzie Jennings

Remember me in bearing Mind
a good true friend
Is hard to find
Remember you so will I
Remember you until I die

Your Friend
Hollan Yarbrough

oh how it Makes Me snigger and laugh
for you to ask Me to write in your Autograph


When you are Sitting All aloan
reflecting of The past
Remember that you have A friend

Yours Truly

Some love one
Some love too
I love but one
and that is you.

Yours Truly

Jan. The 29 1893

Remember me is all I ask
If remembrance be a task
forget me not

Written by
Maeis Dunbar

Remember Well Han Bare in mind
That true Friends ar hard to find

A friend
Belle Robertson

Miss Veola P

Kind friend
When we get old we'll smile and say
we had no Care in child-hoods day.
But, twill be false,
twill Not be true
___, this Much care I care for you

Your best friend
Mattie A. Clark

he who ever can pretend
to flater me is not my friend.

writen By Annie Fugate

A Many a wish to a friend is given
but my love to you
is gain a home in heaven

Your Friend

Miss Veola

May you live a long and happy life
get A good husband and make A good wife.

Yours ever Annie Skinner

May 9, 1893

Dear Veola
Bees love honey
Flowers love dew.
Angels love heaven
And I love you.

your Aunt Tildie

sow many cities were
given to the levites

W.C. Smith

July 24, 1893

Dear Friend:
When you are far away
dont forget to look over here.
And you will think of a friend
and me who loves you.

Your loving Friend
Jennie Brooks

July 24 1893

Miss Veola Parker
remember me at morning
remember me at night
remember me my darling
and dont forget to write

yours truly
Tilda Cullen

Passing through fields of
Lest we part before its end
Take with in Your modest
Volumn this moment

>From a Friend

Dear Cousin

When you married
and live up stairs
for my sake Vola
dont put on heirs.

Your Cousin Lizzie

July 24, 1893

Remember me when this you see
though many miles apart we be.

Your friend
Cora Brooks

Love no Man
Not even your Brother
if girls must Love
let them Love one another.

Your Cosin W. H. Cullen

Sept. the 22, 1893

Miss Veola
In the golden chain of friendship
regard me as one link

your Friend
G. A. W.

the rose is red
the stim is green
my love to you
i wish to keep.

minnie mensey

Were you My love a blossum
from you Ide never part
Ide place you in my Bossom
and ware you near my heart

Yours Truly
Charles E. Glenn

Dear V

May you be Happy
May you be pleased
and have a kind husband
as do as you please

Your friend, Bettie Givens

June 10, 1894

Remember me when you get old
and cannot See
Just put on your specks
and think of me.

Your friend
W. D.

Dear Veolia

Live a good life
Marry a good husband
and make a good wife.

Your friend
Etta Williams

July 22 1894

I         thee     read       See.
love     is         up         will
but      that     and       you  
one      and     down     and  

Yours truly
Mary Fox

Dear Cousin

The fairest rose blooms but one day
and you and I will have to say
good day a last good by.

Alice Williams

Bernie Mc
August 20, 1894

You may melt with fair faces
some may Say I am not true
but dont you blieve them
no one loves you as I do

Lockie Fugate

Long May you live
and happy may you be
when you get married
come and See me.

Your Cousin Ellie

When this you see
Remember me
Though on earth I may not be
But if the grave
shall be my bed
Think of me when I am dead.

Your Friend
Jennie Parker

Veola Parker

When The golden Sun is sitting
And your Mind from Yore is full
When of others you are Thinking
Will you sometimes Think of me

Written By a friend
Mary Parker

Oct. 21, 1894

Miss Veola
Love many
trust few
All ways paddle
your own canoe.

Your Friend
Lina Givens

Oct 21st 1894

Dear Friend
Many bright birthdays
may you See,
Each one bring
kind thoughts of me.

Your Friend,


Dear Neice,
May your life be happy and free
as the dancing waves of
the deep blue sea.

Yours truly Rachel

March the 9 1895

Some Roses red
and Some Rose yellow
you are the girl
that stold my feller.

writen By your True Friend
Dellar Shady

July 14, 1896

Miss Veola
When on some far and distant plane.
Turn here your eyes and read my name.
Think of a friend who has been true
Who never more may meet with you.
Your friend,

Bettie Givens

this dec 26th 1896

remember well and bear in mind
that a goode true friend
is hard to find
ritten by

J.W. Wade

Miss Veola P.

Look   and     an    may   that   love   as    love
up       down   you   See   I        you    you   me.

No       can   our     in
knife   cut   love     to

Your Friend
Cora Oakley

Feb. 13-1897

Miss Veola,
Dear friend
you Have my best Wishes
as long as Life endures.

Ella Eades

Dec. 25-1897

Friend Veola
May the hinge of our
Never rust

Mattie E.

Feb. 18, 1898

Dearest Veola
Four long years We have been
To-gather in friendship and in love
if we never meet on Earth
let us meet in heaven Above


Miss Veola

When I am far away
And you no more I See
Just take Your pen And Paper
& write one line to me.

Your friend
Lillie Young

April 26, 1899

Miss Veola Parker
Dear friend
Remember Well and bear in mind
A kind true love is hard to find,
if you find one kind and true
Mary him if he Will you.

Written by a friend
Pasy. Clark

Oct 10th, 1899
Vienna, Ill.

Dear Cousin Veola P.
Compliments of Your Cousin

Jennie Ragains
With best wishes.

Oct. 14 1900

leaves may wither
and fowers Die and
may for get you
but never will i.

C. C. K. written by a friend.

Jan the 6 1901

Miss Veola Parker
Love Many
Trust Few
but always Paddle
your own Canoe

Yours Truly
Heuston Webb

Dec. 22, 1901

Miss Veola P
ive look this book of pages over
and over to see what others may
of wrote and in this lonely spot
ive write forget me not

C. C.

Dec. 22, 1901

Miss Veola Parker
Bees love honey.
flowers love dew
Angles love heaven
and I love you.

E.L. Chambers

Dec. 22 1901

Chesley Rice

Miss Veola

May your cheeks retain There dimples
and your Heart be just as gay
until Some manly voice shall whisper.
Dearest will thou set the day.

Your friend

July 7, 1902

Dear Cousin
Some Roses are Red
Some are yellow
But I'll never forget
the girl that stole my Fellow.

Your True Cousin A. E. W.

May your life be long And happy.
Your Sorrows Be but few.
And may you find a home in heaven
When your Earthly task is through

Yours truly

Oct. 15, 1905

A feast of flowers Here behold
A thing of joy to see
But oh! to me tis sweeter Far
to feast mine Eyes on thee.

(writer's note: Nola Belle Parker)

Oct. 17, 1910

Remember me
when reflecting Over the past
remember me
as a friend that will forever last.

Writen by Your bud
J. T. Parker

Copyright © M. Dianne Byers, 1997
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