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Submission Guidelines

Please hold your photo submissions as I will be unable to start any new photo projects in the near future.

Please use this guide to assist you in submitting photos to the Webster County Family Album or headstone photos to our cemetery pages. We are sorry, but because of space limitations, we cannot accept photos that do not reference Webster County families.

-- Refer to your scanner's instruction manual for help on using your scanner. While we are willing to help as much as possible, we simply do not know enough about all of the possible scanners out there to provide tech support.

-- Photo scanning tips

-- Save your photograph as a jpg file. Send each photo in a separate email as an attachment. Jpg is a file extension for graphics that you can choose from the "Save as type" drop down box in your file system.

-- Always send your photo to us with the highest resolution possible. We will probably reduce the size of your photo once we receive it, but it's impossible to improve clarity from a small and low-resolution image. Your best bet is to send the file as it is originally scanned from your scanner software.

-- Once your image file meets the above criteria, there is one other step before e-mailing it to me as an attachment.

Always let me know via e-mail that you will be sending an attachment to your next e-mail. In order to protect my system from viruses, I am not opening UNEXPECTED attached files.

Attach each photo to a separate e-mail and include the following information in the message area of the e-mail:

-- Full name of the attached photo
-- Full description of the photo, including date and location of the
   photo, if known; if date isn't known, guesstimate the time frame.
-- Names of all persons in the photo, if known.
-- Additional information you want to appear on the page with the

Mail all the above information or any further questions to Carole Palmer via the E-Mail Registry

When your pages are ready, you will be able to check them for errors. When you are satisfied the pages are correct, the final link will be made public, so others may view your photos.

Thank you for taking the trouble to share your historic photos with other researchers!

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