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Thomas N. Moore 1835 Power of Attorney

Know all men by these present that I Thomas N. Moore of the county of

Hickman and state of Kentucky hath this day nominated, constituted and

appointed Wesly Hancock of the County of Wilson and the State of Tennessee,

my trust and lawful attorney for me and in my name and for use and behalf

and benefit to ask off, demand and receive from the executors of my father,

Thomas Moore of Montgomery County, State of North Carolina, all monies due,

rents, leases and bequeaths that may be coming to me by virture of the last

will and testament of the said Thomas Moore, deceased: as foresaid and my

said attorney constituted and appointed as foresaid, is hereby authorized

and in forced to sell, lease and convey by deed with covenant of warrantee

any lands that may have descend to me by law as devised of my said father

Thomas Moore.

As foresaid, hereby ratifying and confirming whatever my said attorney may

lawfully do on the premises in as full an ample a manner as I could do

myself was I personally present. Given under my hand and seal this 21st day of October 1835.

Thomas N. Moore


( Microfilm of the 1835 Court Orders, Hickman County, Kentucky. Located at

the Historical House, Clinton, Hickman County, Kentucky. Copy of the Order

as on file at the Hickman County Court House, Clinton, Kentucky.)

Commonwealth of Kentucky

Hickman County

I Henry L. Edrington clerk for the county aforesaid do certify that this

day the foregoing power of attorney from Thomas N. Moore to Wesley Hancock

was produced to me and acknowledged by the said grantor to be his act and

deed for the purposes therein mentioned. Where upon the same is certified to

all to whom it may concern and also to the proper office in the State of

North Carolina for record of testimony that I have recorded in same together

with the forgoing certificate in my office, I have herewith set my hand and

affiixed the seal of said office this 21st day of October, 1835.

H. L. Edrington (seal)

( Same as above mentioned source. Copy also in personal file. Court Orders, 1835, page 22)

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