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Cemetery at The Forks of the Little River Baptist Church, Montgomery Co., NC (Cochran Data)

This cemetery data was donated by Franklin Broderick, Jr.  Please send email to Frank at Thank you, Frank for sending this to me!

Church was organized in 1760 and rebuilt in 1930.  Located approx. four miles north-east of Troy, N.C.  This is not a complete list of the graves there but only those which appeared relevant at the time.

Atlas Jones Cochran

B. 24 mar. 1819 D. 16 Jan. 1864

This is a memorial grave as he was killed in the

Civil War and was buried in a Confederate Cemetery

in Gordonville, VA.

Wincy Ann Cochran

B. 23 Feb. 1845  d. 23 Feb. 1908

Daughter of Atlas Jones Cochran and Mary Harriet Allen Cochran

Thomas S. Cochran

B. 8 Feb. 1852  d. 4 Mar. 1907

Son of Atlas Jones Cochran and Mary Harriett Allen Cochran

David O. Cochran B. 21 Aug. 1887  D. 9 Nov. 1980

Sgt. USMC, Probably W.W.I.

Common Headstone

Virgina W. Cochran B. 26 Oct. 1908  D. 28 Nov. 1978

Carson L. Cochran

B. 22 Dec. 1906  D. 7 Sept. 1984

Common Headstone

Elmer Burke Cochran  B. 10 Apr. 1900  D. 1 Apr. 1978

Laura Kern Cochran  B. 26 Mar. 1900  D. 1 July 1984

Common Headstone

David Calvin Cochran  B. 30 Apr. 1848  D.  3 Apr. 1929

Son of Atlas Jones Cochran & Mary Harriett Allen

Catharine Elizabeth Leach  31 Oct. 1855  D. 2 Apr. 1931

Atlas Jones Cochran II  B. 7 Jan. 1855  D.  15 Apr. 1937

Son of Atlas Jones Cochran and Mary Harriett Allen

Turner Headstone

John Leslie  7 Mar. 1913

Mary Cochran  B. 25 Feb. 1902  D. 24 July 1983

William Alexander Cochran  B. 4 Feb. 1872  D. 23 Sept. 1939

Son of David C. Cochran and Catharine E.

Benjamin Franklin Cochran  B. 17 Jan. 1876  D. 8 June 1951
Mary Cochran  B. 9 June 1823  D. 21 Sept. 1912

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