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These marriages have been compiled by Sandra G. Taylor from microfilm, microfiche, marriage CDís, books, courthouse records, the IGI, etc., and arranged chronologically for ease in determining possible generations. Please use them only as a guide to where you can obtain the originals, as there are likely errors in some of them. If you donít wish to obtain a certified copy of the original, you can usually get a photocopy from microfilm through the LDS Family History Centers. There are undoubtedly some Iíve missed, and your additions or corrections would be very much appreciated.



Sarah to James FUGETT Dec. 13, 1849
Jane to Morgan KITSMILLER Mar. 16, 1850
Norman Eichelberer to Josephine SMITH Jul. 9, 1910, Cumberland


BARTLET, Agnes to John SIMPSON Jul. 18, 1810, Baltimore, First Methodist Episcopal Church

John to Elizabeth CHANCE Oct. 14, 1731, St. Peters Parish
Samuel to Dorcus FREEMAN Jul. 23, 1795, Baltimore, First Methodist Episcopal Church
John to Ann GORE Sep. 15, 1804
Ann to Thomas MATTHEWS Jun. 13, 1807
Isaac Cook to Elizabeth TULL Dec. 18, 1810, Baltimore First Methodist Episcopal Church
Samuel to Mary WINEMAN Apr. 20, 1811, Baltimore, Zion German Lutheran Church
Geo. to Vashta ROBERTSON Nov. 2, 1824, Baltimore
Rufus B. to Margaret MASON Jul. 9, 1833
James to Margaret Elizabeth HOOVER Sep. 17, 1835, Baltimore
John M. to Mary A. J. INLOES Feb. 21, 1856, Baltimore
Charles Wesley to Margaret NEWHOUSE Dec. 15, 1859, Baltimore
Abner T. to Mary M. COLE Mar. 2, 1863, Baltimore
Charles G. to Mary LeBaron ANDREWS May 2, 1863, Baltimore
James Frederick to Annie Catherine NITSEL Feb. 14, 1864
Charles A. to Ella M. HOLMES Sep. 8, 1864, Baltimore
William L. or S. to Charlotte Catherine FRANCIS Sep. 14, 1864, Baltimore
Edward L. to Julia A. FARLAND Dec. 6, 1866, Baltimore
John P. to Rebecca T. BARTLETT Dec. 27, 1866, Baltimore
Francis J. to Mattie C. or Lettie C. SHIPLEY Oct. 12, 1870, Baltimore
Joseph T. to Charlotte A. PRICE Dec. 31, 1872
Charles Wesley to Sarah Sophia STINNETT Dec. 23, 1877


Leah to William CHARLES May 13, 1770*
Solomon to Mary VICTOR Dec. 10, 1775*
Thomas to Biddy PRINCE or PRICE Nov. 13, 1798
Thomas to Mary EATON Dec. 28, 1798
Solomon to Mary NUNAM or NUMAN May 13, 1799
Daniel to Trippinah COHIE [COHEE?] Feb. 8, 1804
Daniel to Elizabeth HARRIS Nov. 15, 1806
Celey to Nathan SLAUGHTER Mar. 27, 1808
Peggy to Jesse EATON May 20, 1808
James to Mary ROE Sep. 20, 1808
Mary to Absolom ADAMS Jan. 3, 1815
Elisha to Sarah PRICE Nov. 21, 1817
Edward to Mary START? Aug. 5, 1820
Jonathan to Louisa JACKSON Aug. 6, 1821
Mary to Thomas SYLVESTER May 31, 1826
James to Elizabeth Ann CHEESUM [CHISUM?] Dec. 30, 1827
Joseph to Cressy HINSON Feb. 3, 1830
Julia Ann to Charles LAIN May 5, 1832
Elijah to Matilda BARWICK Jan. 28, 1834
Elizabeth to Peter WILLSON Jan. 19, 1839
Elijah to Elizabeth KINNAMONT Oct. 12, 1839
Daniel to Rebecca JESTER Mar. 3, 1840
James W. to Lydia M. WILLSON Oct. 31, 1840
Margaret or Mary to John PLUMMER Jan. 12, 1841
Ruelina to John K. SKINNER Jan. 24, 1843
Francis A. to Martha Jane STACK May 25, 1852
Hester Ann to William NOBLE Mar. 14, 1854
Turbit? K. to Mary E. NOBLE Mar. 28, 1859

*Source is a family file; needs to be verified.


Sarah to George FOOKS Mar. 21, 1783
James to Mary TAYLOR Nov. 11, 1806, Frederick German Reformed Church
Elizabeth to John BOWERMASTER Mar. 11, 1815
Daniel to Sally HANCOCK Oct. 14, 1815
Sarah to John MCKINNEY Apr. 16, 1819
Minor to Caroline TAYLOR Jul. 28, 1836
Margaret V. to Martin MADDUX May 25, 1847


BARTLET, Ann to Christopher CHIN Dec. 17, 1779


BARTLETT, Edward to Rebecca PARKER Dec. 24, 1878


Nicholas to Rebecca GILBERT Jul. 15, 1752, Church Hill, St. Lukes Protestant Episcopal Parish
Lucretia to George ELLIOTT mar. 26, 1756, Church Hill, St. Lukes Protestant Episcopal Parish


Hester [Esther] to Howell POWELL Feb. 2, 1704, she dau of Thomas and Mary (see MD Wills)
John to Elizabeth CHANCE Oct. 14, 1731, Saint Peters Parish
John to Sarah RENNOLDS Jan. 4, 1745 or 1746 [two]
Daniel to Rebecca THOMPSON Aug. 10, 1748
Sarah to James MACMAHAN Jan. 10, 1782, Saint Peters Parish
James to Beckie BRINDLE Nov. 30, 1796
Thomas to Elizabeth BUCKLEY Nov. 3, 1808
Jonathan to May BAYNE Jun. 8, 1810
Joseph to Ann GOSSAGE Aug. 23, 1816
Jonathan to Mary Ann JORDAN Apr. 7, 1817
Rebecca to Thomas ORAM Nov. 2, 1819
Joseph to Rebecca MATTHEWS May 21, 1823
Joseph to Rachel NEIGHBOURS Sep. 9, 1828
Ann to Thomas MCCLAYLAND Apr. 30, 1829
John to Sarah Paschall KEMP Apr. 28, 1831
Sam to Henrietta LEE May 31, 1834
Elizabeth to Edward DAVIS Jun. 18, 1835
Rebecca to David MACMAHAN Jun. 18, 1835
Samuel to Mary LEE Sep. 19, 1839
Joseph to Susanna KEMP Dec. 19, 1840
Henrietta to Joseph NEWMAN May 3, 1841
Sarah Ann to William NEWMAN Sep. 3, 1842
Elizabeth Ann to Andrew O. OXENHAM Apr. 10, 1843
James to Sarah A. CAULK Feb. 1, 1844
James R. to Eliza Ann BATCHELOR Dec. 18, 1847
Hester E. to Samuel WRIGHTSON Feb. 6, 1849
Edgar William to Nellie Virginia BAKER Jan. 9, 1894, Trappe M. E. Church [he son of Joseph Henry BARTLETT and Nancy]

BERKLEY, Arnold to Eliza FAIRBANK Oct. 12, 1816


Richard to Mary NEWELL Feb. 24, 1807
Richard to Mary MCMECHEN Feb. 15, 1812
John to Eleanor FELKER Apr. 12, 1817
Mary to Theodore MALETT Jun. 17, 1823

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