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The "orphans" are Bartlett families who have been unable to connect to the next generation or an immigrant ancestor and research by the submitter is continuing. It is hoped that by posting their known families here, connections to others will be made, so please be sure to contact that person if you recognize any of the names.

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John Newman BARTLETT, born 10 Dec 1805 in VA, died 1852 or 1853 in MO, married 19 Dec 1833 in Gasconade Co. MO Sarah Pursley BARCLAY, born 21 Jan 1813 in MO, died 1878 in Hopkins Co. TX. After John's death Sarah moved to TX to be with her family who had already located there.

Children of John and Sarah BARTLETT:

1. Mary Ann BARTLETT, born 15 Jun 1835 MO, died 5 Jan 1927 Hopkins Co. TX, married 23 Aug 1857 Hopkins Co. TX Wesley D. FRANCE.

2. Martha Harriett BARTLETT, born 15 Jul 1837 Pike Co. MO, died 16 Feb 1912 Hopkins Co. TX, married 10 May 1855 Nelta, Hopkins Co. TX Harvey Lee HARGRAVE.

3. Emily Jane BARTLETT, born 22 May 1839 MO.

4. Henry Thomas BARTLETT, born 26 May 1842 Gasconade Co. MO, died 23 May 1930 Nelta, Hopkins Co. TX, married 7 Sep 1865 Hopkins Co. TX Celia A. PICKLE.

5. Mildred Mariah BARTLETT, born 9 Apr 1844 MO, married 25 Aug 1866 Hopkins Co. TX James Perry CLARK.

6. Susan Frances BARTLETT, born 1 Mar 1846 MO, married 26 Oct 1867 Hopkins Co. TX John Luke CLARK.

7. Harriett Rachel BARTLETT, born 17 Jul 1848 MO, married   1) 19 Oct 1865 Hopkins Co. TX William Jasper SHRODE   2) Charlie MARSHALL.

8. Elijah Rufas BARTLETT, born 22 Nov 1850 MO, died ca 1880. Never married. Was robbed and murdered between Hopkins Co TX and Jefferson TX.

9. Polina Elizabeth BARTLETT, born 16 Sep 1852 MO.

Submitted by Roy L. Jobe   (RoyJobe(AT)prodigyDOTnet)
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Aaron BARTLETT, died 16 Oct 1827 in MA, buried in Granby, MA, married Anna LOTHROP. died 3 Jun 1825.

Children of Aaron and Anna BARTLETT:

1. Lydia BARTLETT, born 25 Feb 1781 Granby, MA.

2. Sibbel BARTLETT, born 25 Nov 1784 Granby, MA.

3. Aaron BARTLETT, born 14 May 1787 Granby, MA.

4. Henry BARTLETT, born 18 Sep 1789 Granby, MA.

5. Asa BARTLETT, born 24 Mar 1782 Granby, MA.

6. Alvah (Alva) BARTLETT, born 27 Sep 1794 Granby, MA. My GGGGrandfather.

These children are listed in Granby, MA records, Book 1- page 414.

Submitted by Barbara   (DollEDear(AT)aolDOTcom)
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Edward BARTLETT, born 2 Aug 1745, died 17 Feb 1842 Killingly CT, married Rebecca (UNKNOWN), born ca 1760, died 1 May 1814 Killingly CT

Children of Edward and Rebecca BARTLETT:

1. Rebecca BARTLETT, born ca 1786/87 Killingly CT, died 3 Jul 1820 Killingly CT, married 17 Mar 1810 Killingly CT Nathaniel G. LIPPITT, born 30 Dec 1784 RI, died 30 Oct 1874 Putnam CT.

2. John BARTLETT, born ca 1796/97 Killingly CT, died 22 May 1861 Killingly CT, married 26 Nov 1820 Killingly CT Patty SMITH, born 14 Feb 1803, died 24 Feb 1844 Killingly CT

Children of John and Patty BARTLETT:

3. Richard BARTLETT, born 5 Mar 1823 Killingly CT, died 27 May 1886 Killingly CT, married 24 Jan 1847 Thompson CT Phebe Holden LIPPITT (daughter of Nathaniel LIPPITT, above, and his 2nd wife, Persis PHIPPS), born 20 Apr 1823 Killingly CT, died 14 May 1906 Providence RI.

4. Albert BARTLETT, born 1825 Killingly CT, died 2 Jun 1904 Killingly CT, married 29 Dec 1862 Killingly CT Louisa MILLER, born ca 1845 Glocester RI.

NOTE: Richard and Phebe Lippitt BARTLETT were my great-grandparents. Edward and Rebecca BARTLETT had several children (per the 1790-1810 censuses); the others may be William, Richard, Melora and Mary, but as yet unconfirmed. Also, there is a Killingly CT death record for Lucinda COOPER, a widow aged 91 when she died 6 Apr 1866, gives her parents as Edward and Rebecca BARTLETT. A birthdate of 1774 for Lucinda would make Rebecca a rather young mother; perhaps she is from Edward's second wife.

Submitted by Norma Combs

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England/Prince Edward Isl, Canada/Illinois

William H. BARTLETT, born ca 1800 prob. England, married  1) Eleanor Amelia RICHARDS   2) Mary STAPLETON.

Children of William and Eleanor BARTLETT:

1. Eunice Eva BARTLETT, born Apr 1832 Prince Edward Island, died 1 Feb 1938 Lamar MO, married James Roland RICHARDSON.

2. Henry James BARTLETT, born 18 Oct 1833 Prince Edward Island.

3. William Secabaugh BARTLETT, born 17 Sep 1837 Prince Edward Island.

4. Henry William Richards BARTLETT, born 17 May 1839 Prince Edward Island.

Children of William and Mary BARTLETT:

5. Amelia BARTLETT, born ca 1843 Prince Edward Island.

6. Elizabeth BARTLETT, born 02 Mar 1845 Prince Edward Island, died 20 Apr 1910, married Sutton, NB Gilbert VANPATTEN.

7. John BARTLETT, born ca 1846 Prince Edward Island, died KS.

8. Mercy BARTLETT, born 21 Nov 1848 IL, died 21 Sep 1883 Shelby Co. IL, married June, 1878 Western WRIGHT.

9. Alexander Charles BARTLETT, born 05 Nov 1850 Cook Co. IL, died 31 Jul 1916 Hazen AR, married 09 Jun 1878 Flora Ann CORWIN.

10. Salina Jane "Jennie" BARTLETT, born 25 Jul 1862, died 24 Apr 1949 MO (prob. Lamar), married 16 Mar 1881 Thomas Hugh GRAVES.

11. James BARTLETT, died Willow Springs MO, married Lucinda ADAMS.

NOTE: The 1850 census of Cook County, Illinois gives William BARTLETT as having been born in England. At some point he purchased land in Shelby/Effingham Counties in Illinois. He left Prince Edward Island before the 1850 census. Where he went after that remains a mystery. His children seem to have scattered, with some staying in Illinois and some traveling on.

Submitted by Lin Tucker

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New York/Illinois


Child of Josiah and Alice F. BARTLETT:

1. SOLON PUTNAM BARTLETT, born 14 Jun 1813 prob. NY, died 14 Apr 1875 Sherrard, Mercer Co. IL, married   1) MARY M. JENKS (JINKS),   2) DOROTHA (THOLA) SITES/SEIT.

Children of Solon Putnam BARTLETT and Mary JENKS:

  2. Harrison Putnam BARTLETT, born 8 Oct 1840.

  3. Stephen Amos BARTLETT, born Jul 1842.

  4. William Quincy BARTLETT, born 25 May 1844.

Children of Solon Putnam BARTLETT and Dorotha SITES:

  5. Frederick Joseph BARTLETT, born 1850 Mercer Co. IL, died bef 1865.

  6. George G. BARTLETT, born 29 Nov 1854 Mercer Co. IL.

  7. Mary Jane BARTLETT, born 24 Feb 1856, Mercer Co. IL.

  8. Charles Oliver BARTLETT, born 5 Apr 1858 Preemption, IL.

  9. Ella BARTLETT, born 20 Feb 1862.

10. Franklin Lester BARTLETT, born Mercer Co. IL, died Mercer Co. IL

Submitted by Norma Seibold   (Seiboldn(AT)aolDOTcom)
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Silence BARTLETT, born about 1750 in Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts; married 25 December 1771 at Brookfield, Worcester, MA to Peter LOVEJOY who was born about 1749 at Westminister, Windham, VT, son of Benjmain LOVEJOY and Mary MERRIAN.

Children of Silence BARTLETT and Peter LOVEJOY (all born at Brookfield, Worcester, MA):

1. Jonas LOVEJOY, born 20 March 1772

2. Ezra LOVEJOY, born 31 May 1774

3. Lucy LOVEJOY born 14 February 1776; died 5 December 1817

4. William LOVEJOY born 25 April 1778

5. Dolly LOVEJOY born 4 January 1782; died 22 January 1869 at Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts; married to Calvin ELLSWORTH by 1800 (son of Charles ELLSWORTH and Betsy BELL/BALL)

6. Betty LOVEJOY born 15 October 1785

Submitted by Audrey Cox Vogelpohl   (avogelpohl(AT)homeDOTcom)
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