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The "orphans" are Bartlett families who have been unable to connect to the next generation or an immigrant ancestor and research by the submitter is continuing. It is hoped that by posting their known families here, connections to others will be made, so please be sure to contact that person if you recognize any of the names.

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Descendants of

North Carolina/Georgia

1. HARVEY BARTLETT, born ca 1809 NC, married ca 1840 ELIZABETH (DUPREE) PAINE/PAYNE, widow of William PAINE/PAYNE, daughter of Rev. War Vet Jeremiah DUPREE, b. 16 Nov 1754 Brunswick Co., VA, d. 8 Sep 1838 Houston Co., GA.

Harvey and Elizabeth are listed in the 1850 Census, Sumter Co., GA with three children. He has been found in some records with his name misspelled "Henry".

Children of Harvey BARTLETT and Elizabeth DUPREE:

 2. Rebecca BARTLETT

 3. William BARTLETT

 4. James Edward BARTLETT, b. ca 1845 Lee Co., GA, d. ca 1918 Bacon Co., GA


4. JAMES EDWARD BARTLETT, born ca 1845 Lee Co., GA, died ca 1918 Bacon Co., GA, married 1) MARTHA RAINES;   2) ALICE ISADORA BYRD, born 17 Sep 1867, died 31 May 1943.

Children of James Edward BARTLETT and Martha RAINES:

  5. William Franklin BARTLETT

  6. James Thomas BARTLETT

Children of James Edward BARTLETT and Alice Isadora BYRD:

  7. Anna Inez BARTLETT, b. ca 1909

  8. Arthur Walker BARTLETT

  9. Clara Essie BARTLETT, b. ca 1896 Waycross, GA

10. Harvey George BARTLETT, b. 14 Jan 1892, d. 11 Dec 1974

11. Charles Goode BARTLETT, b. 13 Jun 1894, d. 19 Mar 1975

12. Elisha King BARTLETT, b. 17 Jul 1900 Crisp Co., GA, d. Jan. 1989 San Diego, CA


12. ELISHA KING BARTLETT, born 17 Jul 1900 Crisp Co., GA, died Jan. 1989 San Diego, CA, married IONA MAY HOLTON, born 21 Jun 1902 Alma, Bacon Co., GA, died 26 Jun 1982 San Diego, CA.

Children of Elisha King BARTLETT and Iona May HOLTON:

13. Christelle Bartlett

14. LaRue Vivian BARTLETT, b. 29 Aug 1926 Jacksonville, Duval Co., FL, d. 24 Aug 2002 San Diego, CA, m. Joseph Nelson DUNCAN, Jr.

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