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The "orphans" are Bartlett families who have been unable to connect to the next generation or an immigrant ancestor and research by the submitter is continuing. It is hoped that by posting their known families here, connections to others will be made, so please be sure to contact that person if you recognize any of the names.

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of Maine

Generation No. 1

1. ALONZO M. BARTLETT, born Jan 1837 ME, married 17 Sep 1859 Lewiston, Androsoggin Co. ME FRANCES A. FAIRBROTHERS, born Sep 1838. Alonzo served in Co. B of the 30th Maine Volunteers during Civil War.

Children of Alonzo M. BARTLETT and Frances A. FAIRBROTHERS:

  2. George F. BARTLETT, b. ca 1861, m. 23 Jun 1888 Lewiston, Androscoggin Co. ME Sadie L. ROWE.

  3. Orrin M. BARTLETT, b. ca 1863, m. 26 Jun 1886 Lewiston, Androscoggin Co. ME Ethel JEFFREY.

  4. Ennil BARTLETT, b. ca 1866.

  5. Frederick Arthur BARTLETT, b. 1868 Grafton, ME, d. ca 1931, m. 28 Jun 1890 Lewiston, Androsoggin Co. ME Georgie Anna ARRIS.

  6. Della G. BARTLETT, b. ca 1871, m. 21 Feb. 1888 Lewiston, Androscoggin Co. ME George M. BEAN.

  7. Alonzo N. BARTLETT, b. ca 1873.

Generation No. 2

5. FREDERICK ARTHUR BARTLETT, born 1868 Grafton, ME, died ca 1931, married 28 Jun 1890 Lewiston, Androsoggin Co. ME GEORGIE ANNA ARRIS, born Mar 1872 Lewiston, Androsoggin Co. ME, died ca 1944, daughter of John ARRIS.

Children of Frederick Arthur BARTLETT and Georgie Anna ARRIS:

  8. Arthur Leroy BARTLETT, b. 29 Mar 1891 Lewiston, Androsoggin Co. ME.

  9. Margie M. BARTLETT, b. 20 Mar 1892 Lewiston, Androsoggin Co. ME, d. 11 Jun 1895 Lewiston, Androsoggin Co. ME.

10. Harold Eugene BARTLETT, b. 31 Dec 1893 Lewiston, Androsoggin Co. ME.

11. Annabelle BARTLETT, b. 1 Jan 1896 Lewiston, Androsoggin Co. ME.

12. Jennie BARTLETT, b. 10 Mar 1897 Palmyra, Somerset Co. ME.

13. Martha BARTLETT, b. Sep 1899, d. bef 1910.

14. Francis BARTLETT, b. 1900.

15. Claras BARTLETT, b. 1902.

16. Willard Theodore BARTLETT, b. 7 Apr 1903 Palmyra, Somerset Co. ME, d. 28 Nov 1990 Somerville, Somerset Co. NJ.

17. Infant BARTLETT, b. 8 Jun 1904 Auburn, Androsoggin Co. ME, d. 14 Jun 1904 Auburn, Androsoggin Co. ME.

18. Doris Ann BARTLETT, b. Dec 1909, m. 18 Nov 1924 Harry L.GLOVER, b. ca 1896

19. Parker W. BARTLETT, b. ca 1914.

20. Gerdine BARTLETT, b. 1916.

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