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Generation No. 3-a

Note: Due to its size, Generation 3 has been divided into two pages

6. NELLIE BARTLETT, born ca 1797 Jessamine Co. KY, died 1833 TN, buried Bartlett Graveyard, Putnam Co., TN; married 1820 White Co. TN JOSEPH E. BARTLETT, born 1796 Boonesboro, Clark Co. KY, died 14 Mar 1876 Dumas, Tippah Co. MS, buried Bartlett Cemetery, Tippah/Union Co., MS, son of Joshua BARTLETT and Winifred HERRING.

Children of Nellie BARTLETT and Joseph BARTLETT:

38. Elizabeth BARTLETT, b. 19 Aug 1821 White Co. TN, d. 02 Nov 1885 Harrison Co. MO, m. 15 Apr 1849 White Co. TN John Irwin WOOD.

39. William BARTLETT, b. 08 Jan 1824 White Co. TN, m. 06 Mar 1847 White Co. TN Arnella ROBINSON.

40. Nathan BARTLETT, b. 24 Jun 1826 White Co. TN, d. 01 Apr 1901 Tippah Co. MS, m. ca 1854 White Co. TN Mary Jane BARTLETT.

41. Hester BARTLETT, b. 07 Jun 1829 White Co. TN, d. 1900, m. 26 Nov 1856 Mattison BUCK.

42. Peggy BARTLETT, b. 1833 White Co. TN, d. 1843

9. WILLIAM BARTLETT, born 1801 Jessamine Co. KY, died 1864 MO, married ca 1827 TN MARGARET C. ROBERTS, born aft. 1801 TN.

Children of William BARTLETT and Margaret C. ROBERTS:

43. Elizabeth BARTLETT, b. 1828 TN

44. James BARTLETT, b. 1829 TN

45. Robert BARTLETT, b. 1831 TN

46. Nathan BARTLETT, b. 1833 Putnam Co. TN

47. Charles BARTLETT, b. 1835 TN

48. William BARTLETT, b. 1837 TN

49. Henrietta BARTLETT, b. 1839 TN

50. Sarah BARTLETT, b. 1841 MO

51. Alexander BARTLETT, b. 1844 MO

52. Zachary BARTLETT, b. 1849 MO

10. JOSEPH A. BARTLETT, born 03 Jan 1802 Jessamine Co. KY, died 03 May 1880 Oakville, Live Oak Co. TX, married   1) ca 1824 TN BETSY/ELIZABETH BARTLETT (#22), born ca 1806 Jackson Co. TN, died bef. 1855 Henderson Co. TX, daughter of Joseph BARTLETT and Millicent RICE;   2) 22 Jun 1874 Live Oak Co. TX MARY ANN (MOLLIE) MCWHORTER, born aft. 1802 GA, died in Oakville, Live Oak Co. TX.

On Sep 4, 1837, Joseph BARTLETT, of Taney Co, MO, sold his portion of "Father" Nathan BARTLETT's estate to his brother James BARTLETT. At the same time he gave power of attorney for James to collect what he was due as one of the heirs of Nathan BARTLETT, dec'd. [White Co. TN DB L: 360-362...cas]

By 1840, William and Joseph BARTLETT, sons of Nathan, had moved to MO. Only son James BARTLETT was recorded in the 1840 White Co, TN census. [1840 MO Census. Taney Co, Swan Twp, p. 115].

By 1845-46 Joseph A. BARTLETT had settled in Texas in a town called Fenton (which no longer exists) on the banks of the Trinity River as part of the C. F. Mercer Colony. He was there operating a ferry across the Trinity River by 1846 and advertising his services in two newspapers, including the Northern Standard, and was one of the founders of Henderson County which was formed in 1846 from Nacogdoches and Houston Counties. [1850 Census, Henderson Co, TX; occu. Merchant]

Joseph owned 640 acres of land on a bluff on the East side of and overlooking a large bend in the Trinity River, with his property extending down to the river, and his son, John R., owned 320 acres of land adjoining his father's property on the North, also with water frontage on the Trinity River.

Joseph's wife, Elizabeth died while the family was in Henderson Co. and is likely buried somewhere on Joseph's property. She is not listed in any cemetery sites in Henderson or Navarro Co. and since Joseph stated in his will that he wanted to be buried on his property in Live Oak Co., we assume he buried Elizabeth on his property in Henderson Co. in the same way.

They sold all of their land in Henderson County in April 1854, and by 1856 Joseph and his family had relocated to Oakville, Live Oak Co, TX. This house site and other land was acquired by Joseph BARTLETT by deed recorded August 18, 1857 in Vol. A, page 131 - Live Oak Co, TX. This was the Eagle House, so named when it was built because it had a huge bronze eagle erected on the roof (possibly a weather vane). Some say the style of the roof has been changed and the Eagle has taken flight to unknown land.

Filed in Vol. A. on page 168, dated August 18, 1857, Joseph BARTLETT was given a contract to build the first Court House and Jail combination which was constructed on the square across the street from his home. Before and during the time the County's Court House was being built, the County Clerk's Office was in the BARTLETT home. This house was also used as a Hotel during the BARTLETT ownership and later served the community as the Telephone Company Exchange office.

The house is still there but is falling down and the property, overgrown with brush and vines, is in disrepair. Joseph A. BARTLETT requested in his Will that he be buried at the back of his property behind his home. His grave is located just off the Interstate frontage about 100-125 feet from the corner of the Interstate frontage and the road passing in front of the house and the old County Jail built in 1857. It is about 15 feet off the road about 5 feet south of a utility pole on the property line.

Sometime after the county seat was moved to George West, the original courthouse was demolished and the stone used for other construction. The grave and marker are still standing as of Feb 1999 after some major repair. On Joseph's monument there are engravings on three sides. North side: "Is appointed unto man once to die, and after death the Judgement". West side: Joseph BARTLETT b. Jan 3, 1802, d. May 3, 1880. South side: Erected to the memory of Joseph BARTLETT by his wife Mollie A. BARTLETT. I have a copy of Joseph’s will, recorded in Live Oak Co, TX. [Note...cas: This was Joseph's second wife, maiden name of Mary Ann MCWORTER.]

Other researcers have stated that "Elizabeth, the daughter of Joseph BARTLETT and Millicent RICE married her cousin, Joseph, the son of Nathan". I have not been able to prove this through documentation, but circumstantial evidence leads me to this conclusion also. Joseph and Millicent went to MO during the same time frame as others in Joseph BARTLETT's and Millicent’s family. Joseph and Elizabeth named their first child Milery, Mildred or Milly (could also have been Millicent). Their second child is named John R. (possibly after Millicent RICE's father, John RICE). Another thing very much of interest is that John R. had a son called "Ridder", who went with Oscar (another son) to Mexico. Members of Oscar's family said Ridder was also known as George Rice BARTLETT. This was the name I had before discovering anything about the RICE family. This would further confirm suspicion that the Joseph BARTLETT who married Millicent RICE is a brother of Nathan BARTLETT who married Peggy HUNTER. [Carol A. Selandar]

Children of Joseph A. BARTLETT and Betsy/Elizabeth BARTLETT:

53. Milery BARTLETT, b. ca 1825 TN, d. ca 1878 Travis Co. TX, m. ca 1838 Taney Co. MO David C. SHANNON.

54. John R. BARTLETT, b. Sep 1828 TN, d. 16 Oct 1906 Oakville, Live Oak Co. TX, m.   1) 18 Jul 1855 Gatesville, Coryelle Co. TX Angeline H. MOORE;   2) 1896 Live Oak Co. TX Jemima Winnifred ATKINS.

55. Joshua BARTLETT, b. ca 1832 TN, d. bef. 1880.

Joshua was in Henderson Co, TX with his father and brother when they settled there about 1845. He was granted 320 acres of land at the same time his father and brother were granted land. He is also shown in the Brand Book of Henderson Co, TX and in the 1850 census. He does not appear in Live Oak Co, TX when the rest of the family moved there, nor is he mentioned in his father's will in 1880. It is assumed that he died before 1880 and probably before 1860 and had no heirs.

56. William BARTLETT, b. ca 1835 TN, d. bef. 03 May 1880, m. 08 Nov 1857 Live Oak Co., TX Mary Jane MADDOX.

William BARTLETT took the Oath of Allegiance to the Confederate States of America and the State of TX in accordance with resolutions passed by the citizens of said county in mass meeting on the 4th of July 1861. He was Sheriff of Live Oak Co, TX from Aug 1857 - Dec 1857. According to his father's will he died prior to 1880.

57. Nathan BARTLETT, b. 15 Nov 1836 MO, d. 09 Nov 1862 GA, m. 01 Jan 1857 Oakville, Live Oak Co. TX Melissa Lodusky JAMES, b. 03 Jul 1839 Grimes Co. TX, d. 17 Mar 1909 Oakville, Live Oak Co. TX, dau of John JAMES and Lodusky FULTON.

58. John Dabney BARTLETT, b. ca 1840 AR, m. aft. 1861 AR Mary Ann ADAMS.

12. JAMES BARTLETT, born 09 Mar 1809, died 21 Mar 1885 Putnam Co. TN, married aft 1830 TN ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" VERBAL, born 04 Oct 1816 NC, died 17 Mar 1891 Putnam Co. TN, daughter of Henry VERBAL and Susannah DARR. James and "Lizzie" are both buried in BARTLETT Graveyard, Putnam Co. TN.

Children of James BARTLETT and Elizabeth VERBAL:

59. Nathan BARTLETT, b. ca 1830 TN

60. Joseph D. BARTLETT, b. 02 Sep 1834 Putnam Co. TN, d. 14 Aug 1891 Putnam Co. TN, buried BARTLETT Graveyard, Putnam Co. TN. His gravestone reads "Joseph D. - son of James and Elisabeth Bartlett - Born Sept 2 1834 - Died Aug 14 1891-God gave - he took - he will restore - he doeth all things well". Joseph never married.

15. JAMES BARTLETT, born ca 1786 Henry Co. VA, died July 1815 Dry Valley, White Co. TN, married aft. 1806 Nancy (Unknown).

James BARTLETT, the first child of Joseph, became one of the early members of the Big Springs Baptist Church in Claiborne Co. In March 1806 he obtained a letter of dismissal from the church and in May of 1806 he was received by letter in the Spring Creek Baptist Church in Jackson Co, TN. He went there with Thomas HILL and his son Abner HILL who had planned to locate a home in White Co, TN. In the fall of 1806 the HILLs returned to Claiborne Co. to bring their family out. James BARTLETT joined them in going to Claiborne Co. On the return trip all three of the BARTLETT young folks came along, viz: James, John and Sarah. During the trip Abner fell in love with Sarah and they were married in Dec 1806.

James BARTLETT decided not to return to Claiborne Co, but to join his uncles, Nathan BARTLETT and Joshua BARTLETT, in Dry Valley, White Co, who were brothers to his father, Joseph BARTLETT. Actually Joseph BARTLETT had moved from Hawkins Co. to Dry Valley, White Co, TN by 1810. James was a very active man and soon married Nancy (maiden name unknown). He also made an entry of 227 acres of land in Dry Valley adjoining Joshua BARTLETT. It wasn't long until he started a family in which he had two boys, Thompson Martin and John. We do not know their exact ages. He obtained the grant on the 227 acres by 1812. In Dec 1814 he sold 167 acres to Joshua Bartlett leaving him with 60 acres. Also at this time his health began to fail. As a result he made a Will on June 18, 1815 in which he was leaving his land to his boys and all the rest of his property to Nancy. He died in early July 1815. The executors of his Will were Joshua Bartlett and Thomas Bounds. White Co, TN - Wills and Settlements - Microfilm Roll #153 Page 39. [Ref: Hobart BARTLETT, descendant of James BARTLETT]

Children of James BARTLETT and Nancy (UNKNOWN):

61. Thompson Martin BARTLETT, b. 1802 Caswell Co., NC, m. 19 Jun 1826 Caswell Co. NC Susan MOORE.

62. John BARTLETT, b. aft. 1809.

16. JOHN BARTLETT, born ca 1785 Henry Co. VA, died 27 Jan 1848 Claiborne Co. TN, married 23 Dec 1808 Claiborne Co. TN NANCY MASON, born 1794 Bedford Co. VA, died Dec 1867 Claiborne Co. TN, daughter of Reuben MASON and Cathy RICHARDSON, both buried Pleasant View Cemetery, Claiborne Co. TN.

Note: The following biographical notes were written by Barbara Bartlett Thomas from her notes and many years of research on her family.

John BARTLETT, who spent all of his adult life in Claiborne County, Tennessee, was the ancestor of all the BARTLETTs who have their roots in Claiborne County. In addition to farming, John was involved in land trading, the deed records showing he bought and sold many parcels of land. He was a member of the Big Springs Baptist Church and about 1840 John and his family left that church and were part of a group that started the Little Sycamore Missionary Baptist Church located along Little Sycamore Creek. The land that the church was built on was donated by John MCNIEL, father of Anna MCNIEL who was the wife of Martin BARTLETT, son of John. He was also an active member of the community, serving on juries and mentioned in many estate appraisals and settlements in the court records of Claiborne County.

The following information is from J. Hobart BARTLETT (his g-grandfather was Joshua BARTLETT, half brother to John, James, and Sarah. Much of his information came from many years of research and from the diary of Abner HILL, husband of Sarah BARTLETT.
     "Abner, his father, and his brother James went from White County in the fall of 1806 to Claiborne County to bring the family out. In bringing the HILL family, three young people were also brought along. Their names were James, John, and Sarah BARTLETT. During the move Abner fell in love with Sarah and they were married in December 1806. Their father was Joseph BARTLETT whose wife had died leaving him with 3 young children. He married again and left the children with their Grandmother SIMS and Aunt Lucy CHISHOLM."
     "By 1810, John had moved back to Claiborne County. He purchased his first property in 1810, his second in 1812, four more in 1829-1831. In 1830 he was the father of 11 children and was at least 40-50 years old. He died in 1848. His will was dated October 28, 1847. The executors were his wife, Nancy BARTLETT and Reuban MASON. His wife was the former Nancy MASON a sister to Reuban MASON, Jr. Her father was Reuban MASON who died in 1808. Her mother was a RICHARDSON. This last data was according to P.G. FULKERSON."

John served his country in the War of 1812. His name, John BARTLETT, Private, appears in the Muster Roll in Captain Solomon DOBKINS Company, Col. Samuel BUNCH's Regiment (1814), East Tennessee Militia. On May 24, 1851 his widow, Nancy, applied for bounty land due him for his service in the war.

On October 28, 1847 John made his will out in Claiborne County. He died January 27, 1848 and he, Nancy and son, Martin, are buried in Pleasant View Cemetery in Little Sycamore, Claiborne County, Tennessee. No doubt other family members may also be buried there in some of the unmarked graves. In July 2000 descendants of John and Nancy had a BARTLETT Family Weekend at Cumberland Gap, Claiborne County, Tennessee. We visited many of the places where our ancestors lived, worshipped, and died. I had tried to find their graves on a previous trip but the cemetery was so overgrown and many of the stones could no longer be read so I gave up looking. This year however, someone had mowed the area where we were searching when my brother located the graves of John and Nancy. It was amazing that the etching of the stones could still be read. The sun hit the etching at just the right angle. It was such a thrill for my dad and two of his cousins as well as the other descendants. I have been able to visit Claiborne County about six times in the last three years and each time it has proven so rewarding. I can certainly understand why they would have loved the area. (Barb Thomas 2002)

In August 2005 some of the children and grandchildren of Alva Young BARTLETT (Papaw) placed new stones on the graves of John, Nancy and their son Martin. I made signs that indicated the original stones when we took the pictures. Each year that we returned to TN it was harder and harder to read the etching on them. I made a decision to get new stones to go with the original rocks. Perhaps some day, we can add the military marker that John earned in the War of 1812. (Barb Thomas)

It was previously believed that John and Nancy had 13 children: Mary E. (Polly), James, William, Betty, Manila, Isaac, Martin, Elizabeth, Malinda J., Claiborne, Phoebe, Wiley, and Nancy. [Information given at the Bartlett Reunion 1991, Middletown, Ohio by Everett Bryant and Anita Bryant Bridges]

***Since this information was shared, further research confirms some errors. According to census records, John and Nancy were the parents of 15 children. The names of three of them are not known at this time. Another error is that Malinda was NOT their child but was their grandchild who lived with them along with her mother Mary/Polly in the 1830 census. Additional census records along with oral family history from Malinda's half brother William/Bill confirm this. (Barb Thomas notes)

Children of John BARTLETT and Nancy MASON:

63. Mary E. (Polly) BARTLETT, b. ca 1809 Claiborne Co. TN, d. 1842-1850 Claiborne Co. TN, m. ca 1832 Claiborne Co. TN John BOLES/BOWLS, b. IRE..

64. Betty BARTLETT, b. ca 1811 Claiborne Co. TN, d. 1842 enroute from MO to TN, m. ca 1829 Claiborne Co. TN Harmon NUNN.
Note: Betty's death may have been caused by complications from childbirth. Son John NUNN was born 08 Jul 1842 on that return trip back to TN.

65. William BARTLETT, b. 1813 Claiborne Co. TN, d. aft 1880 - bef. 11 Apr 1900* prob. Webster Co. MO, m. ca 1835 Claiborne Co. TN Mary (Polly) COLE.
Mary is buried Good Hope Cemetery, Webster Co. MO. William and Mary were members of the Big Springs Baptist Church in Claiborne Co.
*date of 1900 census, wife states she is a widow.

66. James BARTLETT, b. ca 1815 Claiborne Co. TN, d. 1845 Claiborne Co. TN, m. ca 1833 Claiborne Co. TN Rebecca BOWLS.

67. Manila BARTLETT, b. 1816 Claiborne Co. TN, d. ca 1845 enroute to MO, m. ca 1833 Thomas Jefferson HARPER.

68. Isaac BARTLETT, b. 1818 Claiborne Co. TN, d. ca 1846 Claiborne Co. TN, m. 1836 Claiborne Co. TN Elizabeth A. HARRELL/HERRELL.

69. Martin BARTLETT, b. 08 Dec 1820 Claiborne Co. TN, d. 25 Aug 1850 Claiborne Co. TN, m. 08 Jan 1843 Claiborne Co. TN Anna MCNIEL, b. 10 Jul 1825 Claiborne Co. TN.

70. Unknown Male, b. ca 1822 Claiborne Co. TN, d. aft. 1830 Census.

71. Unknown Female, b. ca 1824 Claiborne Co. TN, d. aft. 1840 Census.

72. Unknown Female, b. ca 1826 Claiborne Co. TN, d. aft. 1840 Census.

73. Elizabeth BARTLETT, b. 1829 Claiborne Co. TN, d. bef. 1899 Claiborne Co. TN, m. 03 Apr 1851 Claiborne Co. TN Silas Henderson WILLIAMS.
The death date of Elizabeth appears to be before 1899. In the 1900 census her husband, Silas, has remarried and indicates that he has been married for 1 year.

74. Claiborne BARTLETT, b. 1831 Claiborne Co. TN, d. Nov 1897 Grayson Co. TX, m.   1) 20 Jul 1854 Clairborne Co. TN Lucy C. BLANCET/BLANSETT;   2) 08 Dec 1879 Clairborne Co. TN Mrs. Amanda Mariah (Campbell) BROCK.  Claiborne Co. TN Land Records.

75. Phoebe BARTLETT, b. 20 Jan 1834 Claiborne Co. TN, d. 19 Feb 1914 Claiborne Co. TN, bur. Campbell Cemetery, Claiborne Co. TN, m. 02 Oct 1872 Claiborne Co. TN Benjamin Joseph CAMPBELL.

Phoebe and Benjamin had two children, Joseph CAMPBELL and Leona CAMPBELL. Family history says that Phoebe took care of wounded soldiers during the Civil War at the Little Sycamore Missionary Baptist Church which was converted into a hospital. Many of the soldiers who died are buried nearby.

Buried in the Campbell Cemetery which is located 1/2 mile west of Little Sycamore Rd. on the Campbell Cemetery Road. Birth and death dates taken from headstone. This cemetery is just across from the Little Sycamore Baptist Church upon a hill. Little Sycamore Creek separates them. We took a narrow gravel road just down from the church to get to the cemetery. There are numerous other Bartlett descendants buried there. (Barb Thomas)    Her Obituary.

76. Wiley BARTLETT, b. 11 Jan 1836 Claiborne Co. TN, d. 15 Oct 1864 Richmond, Henrico Co. VA, m. 03 Dec 1859 Claiborne Co. TN Sarah ROUTH.

77. Nancy BARTLETT, b. 01 Jan 1838 Claiborne Co. TN, d. 18 Jun 1913 Claiborne Co. TN, m.   1) 19 Sept 1859 Claiborne Co. TN James VENABLE;
2) 07 Jun 1866 Claiborne Co. TN John H. CARR.

17. SARAH (SALLY) BARTLETT, born ca 1790 Henry Co. VA, died 08 Dec 1808 Caney Fork, White Co. TN, married 01 Dec 1806 Caney Fork, White Co. TN ABNER BETHANY HILL, born 20 Aug 1788 Rockingham Co. NC, died 1868 Parker Co. TX, son of Thomas HILL and Katherine SHROPSHIRE.

Children of Sarah BARTLETT and Abner HILL:

78. Joshua Bartlett HILL, b. 25 Nov 1807 Caney Fork, White Co. TN, d. 08 Apr 1868 Parker Co. TX, m. Cynthia MCCARTY

18. ISAAC B. BARTLETT, born 05 Feb 1797 Jackson Co. TN, died 22 Mar 1857 near Iconium Village, Appanoose Co. IA, married bef. 1814 Jackson Co. TN NANCY JOBE/JOB, born 22 Mar 1798 TN, died after 1850 Appanoose Co. IA, daughter of Caleb JOB and Elizabeth (UNKNOWN).

Children of Isaac B. BARTLETT and Nancy JOBE/JOB:

79. Caleb BARTLETT, b. 1814 Jackson Co. TN, d. 1821 Sparta, Overton Co. TN.

80. Mary (Polly) BARTLETT, b. 31 Mar 1818 Jackson Co. TN, m. Joe WHEELER.

81. Eada BARTLETT, b. 24 Jan 1822 Sparta, Overton Co. TN, d. 11 Apr 1863 Walker Twnship, Garnett, Anderson Co. KS, m. 20 Jan 1844 Davis Co., IA Richard HARDESTY.

82. Joseph BARTLETT, b. 11 Jun 1824 Sparta, Overton Co. TN, d. 30 Oct 1862 Keokuk, Lee Co. IA, m. 12 Mar 1843 Lee Co. IA Catherine CHILDERS.

83. Matilda BARTLETT, b. 21 Mar 1826 Jackson Co. TN, m. 03 Feb 1842 Lee Co. IA in Isaac's home William BEALER.

84. Elizabeth BARTLETT, b. 1828 Jackson Co. TN, d. 1828 Jackson Co. TN.

85. James BARTLETT, b. 08 Aug 1830 McDonough Co. IL, m. 14 Oct 1849 Appanoose Co. IA Mary Jane STARK.

86. John Wright BARTLETT, b. 05 May 1832 McDonough Co. IL, d. ca 1834.

87. Melissa BARTLETT, b. 06 Jul 1842 Independence Twp., Appanoose Co. IA, m. 02 Dec 1856, Putnam Co. MO Henry DYKES.

19. NATHAN BARTLETT, born ca 1799 Jackson Co. TN, died 1862 Appanoose Co. IA, married   1) 1821 Overton Co. TN AMANDA (UNKNOWN);   2) aft. 1825 MATILDA BARTLETT (#13), born ca 1811 TN, daughter of Nathan BARTLETT (#2) and Peggy HUNTER ;  
3) 02 Apr 1843 IA KEZIAH GRAVES, born 1811 TN or KY, daughter of William GRAVES and Annie PERKINS.

Note: Keziah Graves was supposedly born 1811, probably in TN but possibly in Ky. However, either the date of her first marriage or her birth date is wrong, since she would have been only 10 at the time of her marriage to William CHILDERS (or CHILDRESS) on 7 Nov 1821 in Floyd Co., Ky. She secondly married Nathan Bartlett on 2 April 1843.

Children of Nathan BARTLETT and Amanda (UNKNOWN):

88. Mary Ann BARTLETT, b. ca 1822 Overton Co. TN.

89. Elijah B. BARTLETT, b. 16 Jan 1823 Overton Co. TN, d. 3 Mar 1900 Minneola, KS, m. 21 Apr 1852 Appanoose Co. IA Sarah Ann (Anna) Throckmorton STARK.

90. Peggy BARTLETT, b. ca 1824 Overton Co. TN.

91. William BARTLETT, b. bef. 1826, m. 21 Dec 1846 Davis Co. IA Mary Ann (UNKNOWN).

92. Ellen BARTLETT, b. ca 1826 Overton Co. TN, m. 08 Feb 1844 Lee Co. IA Alfred PATTERSON.

93. John BARTLETT, b. 24 Dec 1829 Schuyler Co. IL, m. 14 Oct 1849 Appanoose Co. IA Martha Ann STARK.

94. Jane BARTLETT, b. ca 1832 Schuyler Co. IL, m. 12 May 1850 Davis Co. IA Nimrod MARCHBANKS.

95. Hester Ann BARTLETT, b. 1833 Appanoose Co. IA, m. 09 Oct 1851 Appanoose Co. IA John R. MORRIS.

96. Sarah Elizabeth BARTLETT, b. 1834 Appanoose Co. IA, m. 07 Oct 1855 Wayne Co. IA James B. COOK.

97. Maria BARTLETT, b. ca 1836 Schuyler Co. IL, m. 14 Aug 1853 Davis Co. IA Philip H. COOK.

98. James J. BARTLETT, b. ca 1828 Overton Co. TN, m. 20 Jan 1850 Appanoose Co. IA Martha HASKINS.

20. JESSE BARTLETT, born 24 Dec 1801 Jackson Co. TN, died 20 Nov 1861 Daviess Co. MO, married   1) 1828 Jackson Co. TN ELEANOR SMITH, born 29 Jun 1800 Scotland, died 19 Jul 1848 Daviess Co. MO;   2) 12 Nov 1848 Daviess Co. MO ADALINE VENDERELLE or VENABLE, born aft. 1802 Jackson Co. TN.

Children of Jesse BARTLETT and Eleanor SMITH:

  99. Malinda BARTLETT, b. 09 Jan 1831

100. Isaac Rice BARTLETT, b. 20 Dec 1832

101. T. J. BARTLETT, b. 11 Sep 1834

102. Lucinda BARTLETT, b. 31 Jan 1837, d. 15 Apr 1872

103. Minerva BARTLETT, b. 22 Feb 1839

104. Mariah (Maria) BARTLETT, b. 28 Jan 1842

105. John S. BARTLETT, b. 05 May 1843, d. 1880, m. Emma Jane MESSENGER

106. Nanna BARTLETT, b. 24 Mar 1847

Children of Jesse BARTLETT and Adaline VENDERELLE/VENABLE:

107. Eliza BARTLETT, b. 05 Sep 1849

108. Adaline BARTLETT, b. 22 Jun 1851 Daviess Co. MO

109. Mary Francis BARTLETT, b. 28 Aug 1855

110. Oliver BARTLETT, b. 14 Nov 1856, d. 03 Nov 1874

111. George BARTLETT, b. 15 Feb 1859 Daviess Co. MO

21. WILLIAM BARTLETT, born 17 Jan 1804 Jackson Co. TN, died 26 Nov 1871 Putnam Co. TN, married 1824 Jackson Co. TN HESTER (EASTER) LYNN, born 14 Feb 1805 NC, died 1884. William was in McDonough Co. IL in 1831. He and Hester returned to TN and both are buried in Cookeville, Putnam Co. TN.

Children of William BARTLETT and Hester LYNN:

112. Elizabeth (Betsey) BARTLETT, b. 30 Nov 1825 Jackson Co. TN, d. 1841, m. 02 Dec 1841 Joseph MCBRIDE.

113. Mary (Polly) BARTLETT, b. 03 Aug 1827 Putnam Co. TN, d. 16 Jul 1908 Putnam Co. TN, m. Marion Nathan Jackson JUDD, b. 1829, d. 1901. Mary is buried in the Daniel Bartlett Graveyard between Silver Point and Buffalo Valley.

114. Nancy BARTLETT, b. 01 May 1829 Cookeville, Putnam Co. TN, d. 14 Feb 1901, m. abt. 1846 Cookeville, Putnam Co. TN Jacob (Jack) Hamilton DAVIS.

115. Nathan BARTLETT, b. 07 Apr 1831 Jackson Co. TN, d. 08 Jul 1879, m. 30 Oct 1851 Jackson Co. TN Mary Ann TERRY.

116. Inga (Annie) BARTLETT, b. 16 May 1833 Jackson Co. TN, m. 24 Jan 1871 Smith Co. TN Henry Douglas GASS.

117. Martha Patsey BARTLETT, b. 12 Oct 1835 Jackson Co. TN, d. 24 Feb 1876 Putnam Co. TN, bur. Daniel Bartlett Graveyard, Putnam Co., TN, m. William J. WELCH.

118. Catherine (Katie) BARTLETT, b. 1838 Jackson Co. TN, m. James Lowry DAVIS.

119. Millie BARTLETT, b. 1840 Jackson Co. TN, m. Francis Marion GASS.

120. Pleasita BARTLETT, b. 1842 Jackson Co. TN. Never married.

121. Joseph Leroy BARTLETT, b. 01 Oct 1844 Jackson Co. TN, d. 31 Mar 1929 Bridgeport, Wise Co. TX, m. bef. 1877 Harriet Addie Carr PENDERGAST.

122. Evan Jacob BARTLETT, b. 24 Feb 1847 Jackson Co. TN, d. 31 Oct 1933 Dawson Co. TX, m. 10 Mar 1868 White Co. TN Lucetta Butler HAMPTON.

123. Daniel Morgan BARTLETT, b. 17 Nov 1849 Jackson Co. TN, d. 08 Apr 1904 Putnam Co. TN, m.   1) Mary Francis ALCORN;   2) Putnam Co. TN Nancy Ann MAYNARD, b. 09 Mar 1855d. Putnam Co. TN.

22. BETSY/ELIZABETH BARTLETT, born ca 1806 Jackson Co. TN, died bef. 1855 Henderson Co. TX, married ca 1824 TN JOSEPH A. BARTLETT (#10), born 03 Jan 1802 Jessamine Co. KY, died 03 May 1880 Oakville, Live Oak Co. TX, son of Nathan BARTLETT and Peggy HUNTER.

Children of Betsy/Elizabeth BARTLETT and Joseph A. BARTLETT: (See Joseph A. BARTLETT)

(53.) 124. Milery BARTLETT

(54.) 125. John R. BARTLETT

(55.) 126. Joshua BARTLETT

(56.) 127. William BARTLETT

(57.) 128. Nathan BARTLETT

(58.) 129. John Dabney BARTLETT

23. EVAN BARTLETT, SR., born ca 1806 TN, died aft. 1880, married ca 1826 TN MARIAH MAXWELL, born ca 1809 VA, died 26 May 1882 Greene Co., IL, daughter of Joel MAXWELL.

Children of Evan BARTLETT, SR. and Mariah MAXWELL:

130. Joseph BARTLETT, b. 1827 Overton Co. TN, m. ca 1848 TN Elizabeth TERRY.

131. Milley BARTLETT, b. ca 1829 Overton Co. TN.

132. Emiley BARTLETT, b. ca 1832 Overton Co. TN.

133. Elizabeth BARTLETT, b. ca 1833 Overton Co. TN.

134. Matilda BARTLETT, b. ca 1833 Overton Co. TN.

135. Nancy BARTLETT, b. 20 Oct 1835 Overton Co. TN, d. 18 Feb 1908 Seymore, MO, m. ca 1856 TN Joseph Jobe MORGAN.

136. Mary Ann BARTLETT, b. 1840 Overton Co. TN.

137. Sampson BARTLETT, b. 17 Mar 1842 Overton Co. TN, d. 16 Nov 1911 Munday, Knox Co. TX, m. ca 1864 TN Elizabeth MAYBERRY.

138. Evan BARTLETT, b. 22 May 1844 Overton Co. TN, d. 22 Aug 1883 Wrightsville, Greene Co. IL, buried Jones Cemetery, Greene Co. IL, m. 1865 Jackson Co. TN Sarah Jane SMITH.

139. Peter BARTLETT, b. ca 1845 Overton Co. TN.

140. Francis Marion BARTLETT, b. 01 Mar 1847 Overton Co. TN, d. 02 Nov 1919 Vernon, MO, m. 1868 Green Co. IL Amanda Catherine CAIN.

141. Mariah BARTLETT, b. 1849 Overton Co. TN.

142. Joshua BARTLETT, b. ca 1838 Overton Co. TN.

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