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American Colonial Origins: Descendants of Robert Bartlett/Mary Warren. Surnames include Bartlett, Bowles, Coats, Curtis, Dutton, England, Graham, Hearst, Patton, Rogers, Rowe, Starr and Williamson. Webmaster: Curt Rowe.

American Pioneers from the 1600s: John Light's homepage. Bartlett line surnames include Ames, Farwell, Johnson, Francis Cooke, Lanphear, Jacobs. Great photo of the George Jacobs house built in 1677, and the story of his trial in Salem for witchcraft.

Bartletts of Pendomer: The ancestors and descendants of Robert Hamilton Bartlett of Australia and the United Kingdom, including extensive history and research on the Berthelot, Bartelot, Bartlett surname. Webmaster: Martin Bartlett.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

The Bartlett Society: Descendants of Robert Bartlett and Mary Warren of Plymouth, MA. Also includes information on the line of Richard Bartlett of Newbury, other Colonial New England Bartlett Families, and how to obtain a search of their databases.

Descendants of Jesse Bartlett and Frances Callaway Bartlett: Covering descendants of Major Jesse Bartlett (1791-1838) and Frances Callaway Bartlett (1792-1840), who married in Tennessee and emigrated to Texas in 1831 when it was still part of Mexico. Webmaster: Roger Bartlett.

Descendants of William Bartlett, Jr. and Mary Crane: of Virginia, Kentucky and westward. A branch of the Team 7 family; well-researched and documented. Webmaster: George Allison.

The Mayflower Web Pages: Caleb Johnson's "Mayflower" site, an excellent site with much history included.

Rich Turnblom's New England Ancestry: Over 100 Bartletts from Richard Bartlett of Newbury, and lots of associated names from Newbury, Amesbury, Salisbury (all MA), and Dover, NH.

Twigs and Branches: The ancestors of Kathy Fenton, descendant of Judge Liberty Bartlett of Massachusetts and Arkansas.

Our Bartlett Family: Descendants of John Bartlett of Green Co., KY. Much history and many original source documents in image form. Webmaster: Mike Bartlett.

Pam's Genealogy: Longtime researcher and descendant of the Team 11 Bartletts, Pam White. Site includes pages from the Winthrop Medical Journal.

John Clement's Homepage: Experienced genealogist and descendant of the "Richard Bartlett of Newbury" line, this site includes sources.


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