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Formed 1721 from Essex, King William, King and Queen Cos., VA


A portion of the following abstracts was first typed by Carol A. Selander from her copy of Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800 by William Armstrong Crozier and shared with the BARTLETT-L group in early 1997. I have added some additional selected abstracts from my copy of the The page number is the page the document is on in the record book.

PLEASE NOTE:   The small "d." before dates in the Will Records is NOT the date of death. It is the date of the Will. []

WILL BOOK A (1722-1749)

Page 202. JOHNSON, Jael, Spotsylvania Co., d. July 7, 1733, p. Sept. 4, 1733. Wit. Antho. RHODES, Junr., Wm. CALL, Junr., Sarah GARTON. Ex. Richard TUTT. Leg. my son Richard TUTT, articles of personal estate, among which is a chest called "Elizabeth TUTT’s"; my son James WILLIAMS; legacies to William WILLIAMS, Betty MARSHALL, Sarah CAVENAUGH, Jael CAVENAUGH, James WILLIAMS, Richard TUTT, Philemon CAVENAUGH.

Page __. ALLEN, Thomas, St. George’s Parish, d. Nov. 10, 1743, p. Feb. 7, 1743. Wit. John HAWKINS, James JONES, Nick JONES. Ex. Wife Elizabeth and son Nathaniel. Leg. son Thomas; son Nathaniel; daughter Elizabeth; grandson Robert HALL; wife Elizabeth; son John.

Page __. TAYLOR, James, Spotsylvania Co., d. Jan. 25, 1743, p. Mar. 6, 1743. Wit. John TAYLOR, Thomas GRAVES, William JOHNSTON. Ex. Wife Betty TAYLOR. Leg. wife Betty TAYLOR and daughter Milly TAYLOR.

WILL BOOK B (1749-1759)

Page 109. STUBBLEFIELD, George, Gentl., Spotsylvania Co., d. Sept. 11, 1751, p. June 2, 1752. Wit. W. ROBINSON; Agatha ROBINSON, Jo. BROCK. Ex. Brother, Thomas STUBBLEFIELD; wife, Catherine STUBBLEFIELD; friend, Majr. Rice CURTIS, Junr. Leg. son, George, land and plantation whereon I now live, which I bought of Edward HERNDON, Junr., also 100 acres adjoining which I bought of James RIDDLE; son, Henry, land which I bought of Mr. Joseph BROCK; sons, Beverley and Robert; wife, Catherine and the child she now goes with.

Page 134. COLLINS, Thomas, St. George’s Parish, d. June 3, 1751, p. Sept. 1, 1752. Wit. Thomas COLLINS, Junr., Benjamin GLAZE, William COLLINS, John COLLINS. Ex. Wife, Elizabeth COLLINS and brother, Joseph COLLINS. Leg. wife, Elizabeth, sons Thomas Junr., William, Richard and Joyx.

Page __. CARR, William, Gentl, Spotsylvania Co., d. Aug. 2, 1760, p. Nov. 4, 1760. Wit. A. FOSTER, William ELLIS, John GORDON. Ex. Wife, Susannah CARR, Edward HERNDON, Joseph BROCK. Leg. wife, Susannah, land bought of Thomas SHIP and John QUARLES; son Thomas; son William, land in Louisa Co., daughter Ann CARR, land adjoining Nicholas CRENSHAW; daughter Elizabeth; daughter Phoebe; son, Walter Chiles CARR, land in Louisa Co., son, Charles Brooks CARR; daughter Agnes Brooks CARR; son-in-law Mordacai HORD; son, Charles CARR; daughters Susannah, Sarah and Mary. Codicil to the foregoing will, dated Aug. 12, 1760.

(Will Book C Missing)

WILL BOOK D (1761-1772)

Page 44. FOSTER, Anthony, Spotsylvania Co., d. Feb 4, 1763, p. Jul 4, 1763. Wit. Isaac DARNETT, Thomas CRUTCHER, Edward HERNDON. Ex. my son, Anthony FOSTER and my son-in-law, James FRASHER. Leg. son, Thomas; son-in law, James FRASHER; grandsons, Anthony BARTLETT, Edmund BARTLETT, and their father, Thomas BARTLETT and Mary his wife; grandson, Anthony CRUTCHER and his father Thomas CRUTCHER and Martha his wife; grandson, Thomas CRUTCHER; son, Anthony FOSTER; granddaughter, Mary FOSTER, daughter of Edmund FOSTER; grandson, Henry FOSTER, son of John FOSTER; son, John FOSTER, my wife's daughter, Sarah SPARKS; my wife, Sarah FOSTER; grandson Robert FOSTER, son of Thomas FOSTER. [Transcribed Will.]

Page 61. LEWIS, William, Fredericksburg, d. Jan. 17, 1763, p. July 4, 1763. Wit. Hugh MERCER, Wm. KNOX, William HARTWELL. Ex. Wife, Sarah LEWIS; Charles YATES; Joseph BROCK; Edward HERNDON. Leg. son, James LEWIS, the lot which I purchased from Anthony STROTHER; sons, John, William, Benjamin and George; wife, Sarah LEWIS.

Page 318. GRAVES, Thomas, d. Oct. 17, 1767, [no probate]. Executors Bond dated June 6, 1768. Wit. Francis MERIWETHER; James SMITH; John GRAVES, Junr., James SMITH, Doctor; William MACKGEHEE. Ex. Son, Thomas GRAVES; son-in-law, William PETTUS; nephew Joseph GRAVES. Leg. wife, Ann GRAVES, land whereon I now live in Spotsylvania Co., and one-third profits issuing from my mill, and after her death to all my surviving children or their heirs.

Page 386. DUERSON, Thomas, Spotsylvania Co., d. May 5, 1768, Executors Bond dated Aug. 7, 1769. Wit. Joseph WILLOUGHBY, Thomas BARTLETT, John WIGGLESWORTH. Ex. wife, Mary; son-in-law Edward HERNDON; son Joseph DUERSON. Leg. wife Mary; children Joseph, Thomas, William, Lucy, Henry; daughter, Sarah WIGGLESWORTH.

WILL BOOK E (1772-1798)

Page 86. CRANE, John, Spotsylvania Co., d. Jun 4, 1773, p. Nov 17, 1774, Wit. H. GOODLOE, George DURRETT, Robert DURRETT. Ex. sons John and James CRANE; son-in-law William WOOD. Leg. wife Elizabeth; sons John, James, William; daughter Ann, wife of William WOOD; daughter Mary, wife of William BARTLETT; daughter Elizabeth, wife of Mordacai REDD; daughter Sarah, wife of Harry BARTLETT; daughters Phoebe, Rachel and Frances.

Page 139. BARTLETT, William, Berkeley Parish, d. Oct. 13, 1774, p. Dec 21, 1775. Wit. Edward HERNDON, Joseph Willoughby, Charles POWELL. Ex. Susannah BARTLETT and son Harry BARTLETT. Leg. son Harry BARTLETT; my wife Susannah; my five children, viz; Thomas, William and Harry BARTLETT, Ann MONTAGUE and Isabel GRAVES.

Page 175. MINOR, Thomas, Spotsylvania Co., d. Apr 9, 1776, p. Dec 19, 1776. Wit. Ann SMITH, John Jesse, James REDD. Ex. wife, Alice MINOR and James TUTT. Leg. son John; daughter Agatha, wife to Mordacai REDD; daughter Lucy, wife to James CRANE; son Owen; son Thomas, land leading from LEWIS' Bridge to Fredericksburg, and from said bridge to Carloine C.H. whereon are two plantations known by the names of "Pharess" and "Gravilly Run," also my land in Spots. Co; daughters, Ann, Clary and Elizabeth MINOR; to wife lands in Spots. Co.

Page 190. GATEWOOD, Henry, Spotsylvania Co., d. Jan. 28, 1777, Executors Bond dated Dec. 18, 1777. Wit. Edward HERNDON; Edmund FOSTER; John FRAZER; Henry CRUTCHER; Anthony FRAZER. Ex. son Richard GATEWOOD. Leg. wife Tabitha; sons Dudley and Henry; son William and Ann his wife, and their sons William, Austin and Ambrose GATEWOOD; sons Peter, Larkin and Richard GATEWOOD; daughter, Keziah SANDIDGE; daughter Dorothy FOSTER.

Page 208. CRANE, William, Spotsylvania Co., d. July 8, 1777, Executors Bond dated May 21, 1778. Wit. Robert DURRETT; John CARTER, Henry GOODLOE. Ex. Henry BARTLETT, William WOOD. Leg. wife Sarah; daughter Elizabeth TURNER; money arising from the sale of land devised to me by will of my late father, Col. John CRANE, deed., to my wife and child.

Page 349. HAZELGROVE, JOHN, Fredericksburg, d. June 13, 1780, Executors Bond dated Sept. 21, 1780. Wit. Wm. HOPSON, Jn. GREEN, John DAVIS. Ex. Richard YOUNG and Capt. Thomas BARTLETT. Leg. wife Frances, estate real and personal until my son Benjamin be twenty-one years of age; to my mother-in-law five hundred pounds; to Linamah HOBBY of Stafford Co., five hundred pounds, to be held by Mr. Richard YOUNG of Fredericksburg, and Capt. BARTLETT, Inspector at Fredericksburg Warehouse; nephew Jessey HINSON, eldest son of my wife’s sister Elizabeth, and to Sarah, her eldest daughter, five hundred and fifty pounds each.

Page 535. REDD, Mordecai, Spotsylvania Co., d. Aug 23, 1782, Executors Bond dated July 17,1783. Wit. William WOOD, Philip Dudley REDD. Ex. Harry BARTLETT, John WOOD, brother Allen REDD. Leg. wife Elizabeth; children, Elizabeth; Lucy, James, Mildred and Susannah; son James, land and plantation as by a deed from my father James REDD to me.

Page 551. FOWKE, John, late of Fredericksburg, but now in the service of the United and Independent States of America, as Adjutant to the 10th Continental VA. Regt., dated Delaware State, Newcastle Town, Apr. 22, 1777. Leg. all balances due on my books which are now in possession of my sister, Mary FOWKE, now in Fauquier Co. VA., shall become her sole property. Wiley ROY, Admr. of the Will of John FOWKE, decd. With William FOWKE and John TANKERSLEY, his securities. Bond dated Oct. 16, 1783.

Page 639. REDD, James, Spotsylvania Co., d. Oct 10, 1784. Executors Bond dated Dec 7, 1784. Witn. John BULLOCH, James OWEN. Ex. son Phillip D. REDD, Thomas MINOR. Leg. sons Allen REDD and Philip D. REDD, land which I now hold in Spots. Co. after the death of my wife Elizabeth; daughter Lucy REDD; daughter Fanny MASSEY; son-in-law William MASSEY.

Page 944. CUNNINGHAM, Ann, spotsylvania Co., d. Apr. 23, 1789, Executors Bond dated Aug. 6, 1789. Wit. Elisha HALL, John CHEW, Jesse HAYDON. Ex. my brother Edward ELLEY, friend James LEWIS and son James CUNNINGHAM. Leg. my children Elizabeth, Ann, James, Henry, George, Nelly and William, to be equally divided between them that tract of land in the Co. of Fayette on Kentucky River, by Patent bearing date 17th of Aug. 1786.

Page 947. CRUTCHFIELD, Stapleton, Berkeley Parish, Spotsylvania Co., d. June 17, 1788, Executors Bond dated Sept. 1, 1789. Wit. Joseph HERNDON, John M. HERNDON, John CARTER, Jr., William HERNDON. Ex. Edward HERNDON, my sons-in-law Samuel WOODFORK* and Richard NOEL, and Edward HERNDON, son of Joseph. Leg. three eldest children, John CRUTCHFIELD, Jane LEPSCOME, Agatha WOODFORK*; son Robert; son Stapleton; son Thomas; son Achilles, to have the tract of land I hold by two patents in the District of Kentucky and Co. of Fayette, to be equally divided amongst them; wife Sarah CRUTCHFIELD the plantation and at her death to be divided amongst my five younger children, Mary NOEL, Robert, Stapleton, Thomas and Achilles. [*WOOLFOLK?]

Page 964. BARKSDALE, Daniel, Spotsylvania Co., d. Apr. 23, 1789, Executors Bond dated Dec. 1, 1789. Wit. Joseph WILLOUGHBY, Mary WHITE, Richard JARILSONES. Ex. Capt. John WHITE, Capt. Francis COLEMAN and Mr. Thomas LIPCOMBE. Leg. Son Joseph BARKSDALE, land in Kentucky located by Capt. HAYS; grandsons Daniel Basil WHITE, and Anthony BARTLET, land in Kentucky located by James HOWARD; daughter BARTLET; daughter Katy GAINS; son Daniel; daughter Polly WHITE.

Page 993. LEWIS, James, Spotsylvania Co., d. June 12, 1790, Executors Bond dated Sept. 7, 1790. Wit. G. BELL, Benjamin BALLARD. Ex. wife Hannah LEWIS, John WRIGHT, Sr. Leg. wife Hannah; daughter Betsey LEWIS; sons James, Willis, Charles and William LEWIS; daughters Becky, Clary and Ann LEWIS; daughter Mary Ann HALBERT; dau Judith NEWTON; daughter Tomesone CLAXTON.

Page 1120. MONTAGUE, Clement, St. George’s Parish, Spotsylvania Co., d. Oct 28, 1791, Executors Bond dated Dec. 6, 1791. Wit. Thomas WALLER, John WIGLESWORTH, John WALLER. Ex. sons Thomas and Clement MONTAGUE. Leg. wife Hannah MONTAGUE*; sons Thomas and Clement; daughter Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan CARPENTER, and all her children she had by James TRIGG, except her son William TRIGG; daughter Isabel, wife of James BALLARD; daughter Sarah, wife of Charles WHITING; the children of my daughter Susanna DUERSON, wife of Joseph DUERSON. [*Clement MONTAGUE, at age 70, married Widow LEWIS 22 Sep 1791, Spotsylvania Co.,]

WILL BOOK F (1798-1800)

Page 46. MITCHAM, LUCY, Spotsylvania Co., d. Jan. 16, 1797. Executors Bond dated Dec. 4, 1798. Wit. Hugh ROY, Bartlett RUSSELL, Will WALLER. Ex. son-in-law William BEAZLEY, Richard ESTES. Leg. daughter Mary BATES; mentions first husband Ambrose CARLTON; three eldest daughters, Caty ESTES, Elizabeth BEAZLEY, Mary BATES; my last daughter Dorothy BEAZLEY as provided for by the will of her late father James MITCHAM.

Page 73. FRAZER, James, Spotsylvania co., d. Dec. 15, 1798, Executors Bond dated Apr. 2, 1799. Wit. John HERNDON, Joseph CHEW, John NELSON. Ex. brothers Anthony and William FRAZER; brothers-in-law John and James SMITH. Leg. wife, Lucy,and my children.

Page 90. HERNDON, Edward, Berkeley Parish, Spotsylvania Co., d. Aug. 5, 1793, Executors Bond dated Sept. 3, 1799. Ex. my sons-in-law James LEWIS and Anthony FRAZER. Leg. wife Mary HERNDON; son-in-law James LEWIS; my children. Codicil Mar. 14, 1799, appoints his four sons John, Edward, William and Joseph HERNDON executors.

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