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James McAdams was born in either 1747 - 1749 probably in Virginia. Jermina was born around 1751.

What little else is currently known about James and his wife, Jemina, comes from the following article from the book 'Sons of Adam - the history of the McAdams Families':

"James McAdams was born around 1755, probably in Virginia. A family tradition is that the family of James McAdams of the Pendleton District, South Carolina came from Virginia. The profile of this James fits the missing son of James and Rebecca McAdams of Orange Co., North Carolina. His oldest son, James, was born in North Carolina in 1773. In addition, his oldest daughter, Rebecca was a name mentioned in the will of Rebecca to her grand-daughter in Orange Co. James was living in Tennessee in 1780 when his son, Thomas was born. He is listed as serving in the Revolutionary War, in the Virginia 7th and 11th regiments. He appears in the Revolutionary War pay voucher records in the Hillsborough Military District in N.C. in 1780 and 1783, he held the rank of Captain and was issued credits for military supplies. He was issued lands warrents for 400 acres of land in Washington Co., Tennessee in 1782. He did not stay in Tennessee and moved to the Pendleton District, South Carolina and appears in the 1790 census there. His wife was Jemina, but nothing is known about her. Her maiden name may have been Murray. In 1790, James owned no slaves, but by 1800, he had acquired six which was a large number for that area at this time. In 1802, 1803, and 1804, James purchased lands on Crooked Creek, a branch of Saluda River. His name appears regularly throughout the records of Pickens County, S.C. which was located in the Pendleton District. However, the James who appears there after about 1825 was his son, James. Another son, John, who was born in N.C. also remained in the area and died there about 1826. The Acts of Congress of 1820 providing additional benefits for war veterans prompted James to acquire 2 separate tracts of land in Ala. He and some of his sons, who were soldiers of War o 1812, received land grants in Jefferson County, Alabama in 1821. James received a land grant in St. Clair County, Ala. which was signed by, President, John Quincy Adams in 1828. The following year, the document was stolen from a trunk in his house. The theif was recorded in the County Court House and the deed was never recovered. James wrote a will in 1828 and it was proved in St. Clair Co., Ala in 1833 by his son, Thomas who was the executor of his estate. He names his wifer, Jemina, his 9 children, and 5 of his slaves."

Known children of James and Jemina are:

1) Isaac McAdams
b. ca 1788
d. ca 1834
m. Martha Anna Turner

2) Rebecca McAdams
b. ca 1772
d. Unknown
m. Maulden

3) James McAdams
b. 1773 in NC
d. 1863
m. Mary Lathum
Children of James and Mary were:
3a) James McAdams b. 1815 in SC d. 1881 in SC m. Nancy Burdine on March 5, 1839
3b) Susannah McAdams b. ca 1817 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3c) Helinda McAdams b. ca 1818 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3d) Jermina McAdams b. ca 1819 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3e) Sarah McAdams b. ca 1820 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3f) George L. McAdams b. ca 1822 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3g) Mary Jane McAdams b. ca 1830 d. Unknown m. Unknown

4) Margaret McAdams
b. ca 1774 probably in NC
d. ca 1827
m. Thomas Cantwell
Children unknown.

5) John McAdams
b. ca 1775 probably in NC
d. ca 1825
m. Mary (Teague?)
Children unknown

6) Samuel McAdams
b. 1776 in TN
d. ca 1852
m. Sarah
Known children are:
6a) George McAdams b. 1804 in SC d. Unknown m. Jo Anna
6b) John McAdams b. ca 1808 in SC d. Unknown m. Sarah

7) Thomas McAdams
b. 1780 in TN
d. 1852
m. Polly Clemmens
Children unknown

8) William R. McAdams
b. 1788 in SC
d. Unknown
m. Cynthia
Known children include:
8a) William M. McAdams b. 1818 d. Unknown m. Sarah
8b) Jeptha J. McAdams b. 1820 d. Unknown m. Amanda
8c) Thomas F. McAdams b. 1827 in Alabama d. Unknown m. Unknown
8d) Malida S. McAdams b. 1833 in Arkansas d. Unknown m. Unknown
8e) Hugh L. McAdams b. 1835 in Arkansas d. Unknown m. Unknown

9) Polly McAdams
b. 1791
d. Unknown
m. Smith
Children unknown

Many thanks to Shannon Capps who was kind enough to send copies from the book
SONS of ADAM the history of the McADAMS FAMILIES.
The book contains a great deal of information on our McAdams family.


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1850 Smith County, TX census with William R. McAdams

1850 Smith County, TX census with Jeptha McAdams

1850 Smith County, TX census with William M. McAdams

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Thanks to Joe McAdams for providing additional information on our Turners and McAdams family. Joe also provides the following insight:

"I think the Turners and McAdams go way back as they are listed together in the very early records of Scotland. However, our line of McAdams (it was McAdam and the S was added - in fact the old form of spelling in Ireland was McCadam) came from Ireland. I believe from around the Belfast area. Also, James, Isaac's father was born either in 1747 - 1749 probably in Va. The date of 1755 from Sons of Adam is not correct. Jermina was born abt. 1751. If you want to know the history of the McAdams family you should visit our web site and are welcome to put a link to it. It is "

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