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Abstracts of Major Family Lines

Index of Abstracts:  Streich, Lewis, Hohnke, Kramp, Russell, Hartley I (Houtzdale Hartleys) , Hartley II (Gearhartville Hartleys)Dawson

STREICH or STRIKE/ Posen/ PA/ 1881.
Karl or August STRIKE (?- 1885), aka. STREICH, emigrated from Posen, Prussia (now, Poland) in early 1880's and settled in Peale, Clearfield Co, Pennsylvania, USA. Mr. Streich died shortly thereafter in 1885.  Surviving him were his wife, Henrietta, born HOHNKE (1841-1922), and at least three children: Otto (1877-1946), Julius (1880-?), and Martha (1883-1933).  The family then migrated short distance to coal town of Houtzdale, PA. In 1888, Henrietta remarried Karl Michael WAGNER (Wegner), who had emigrated from Danzig (Gdansk), a free city on eastern edge of Pomerania. This was third marriage for Wagner who had 3 or 4 children from previous marriage. Henrietta's biological children: Otto Strike married Emily RUSSELL (1880-1918); Martha Streich married Robert KRAMP (1873-1963); and Julius Strike was last seen in 1904 at Houtzdale before he skipped town. However, it appears he married and then abandoned a wife, Leah LEWIS, and a daughter, Martha Strike. Martha Strike married James SMITH in 1920 and both are buried in South Fork, Cambria Co, PA. Julius Strike's former wife, Leah Lewis, remarried a LININGER in 1920.

Update:  Amelia Streich (1868?-1892) has been identified as a  possible fourth child of Mr. Streich and Henrietta Hohnke. She married Joseph John STEMPFLY (1862-1925), and they had three children: John, Mary and William. John added an "e" to his surname, STEMPFLEY, and migrated from PA to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in early 1900s. Meanwhile, Joseph Stempfly took a second wife, Annie LORENZEN (1867-1915?), after his first wife died.
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STRIKE, LEWIS, LININGER, SMITH/ Decatur and Morris Twp's/ 1890-1920.
Leah LEWIS (1885-?) of Decatur Twp, daughter of Job and Ellanor, married Julius STRIKE (1880-?) in 1903. They had a dtr, Martha Strike, b. 1904 at Chester Hill, Clearfield Co; d. 1987 and buried in South Fork Cemetery, Cambria Co, PA. In 1920, Martha Strike married James SMITH (1894-1937), son of Archie and Catherine, of Ashcroft (1900 census) and Gearheart (1920) Precincts. Also in 1920, Martha's mother, Leah Strike, born Leah Lewis, re-married a Lininger (first name unknown). Need information on ultimate fate of Leah and her second husband, Mr. Lininger.  Return  to Index

HOHNKE/ Posen/ 1841-1880
Frederick (?-?) Hohnke and Augusta (1814-1907) had at least three children- Julius, Henrietta, and Wilhelmina- who were born in Province of Posen (today, Poland) and died in Clearfield Co, PA.  The first child, Julius Hohnke (1840-1908), married Ottilie "Tillie" SUNBURG (1841-1923) in Prussia, and they had at least 6 children, one of whom changed the spelling of surname from Hohnke to Hohnka. He was Lewis HOHNKA of Philipsburg, PA. Julius' oldest daughter, Bertha, married first, George HAAS and secondly to TURNQUIST.  Frederick and Augusta Hohnke's second child, Henrietta Hohnke, (1841-1921), who was my great grandmother, settled in Cooper township, Clearfield Co, PA, in early 1880's.  Henrietta Hohnke's first husband, Karl or August STREICH, died in 1885, shortly after they arrived in America. Nothing else is known of Karl Streich including his place of interment.  Henrietta and Karl Streich had three children and probably a fourth. The three known children were Otto and Julius, both born in Pr. Posen, Prussia, and Martha, born in PA. Additional child was probably Amelia Streich who married Joseph STEMPFLY.  Frederick and Augusta's third child, Wilhelmina "Minnie" Hohnke (1848-1937), married first to August SHESKY or SCHESKIE (?- 1870) and secondly to Friedrich SROCK or SCHROCK (1845-1917) of Clearfield Co, PA.
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KRAMP/ Stolpe,Pomerania (Ger= Pommern)/ PA/ 1843
Johann KRAMP (1843-1907) and Johanna MARSH (1845-1891) emigrated from Stolpe, Hinterpommern (eastern Pomerania), after 1880. They settled in Ramey and Houtzdale in Clearfield Co., PA. They had eight children: Marie (m. BERNDT), Frank, Robert, Bertha (chr. in Beckel, Hinterpommern), Charles, Paul, William and Hermann (Harry). First 6 were born in Stolp; last two, in PA.  All but Paul, grew up, lived, and eventually died in PA. Paul died near Detroit, MI, where he owned a grocery store in Mount Clemens. Third child, Robert William Kramp, married Martha STREICH (or STRIKE) in 1902. Spousal surnames for Frank, Charles, William, and Harry Kramp were respectively: REHBEIN, SECHINGER, HARRIS, and ALLAYAUD- all marriages occuring in Clearfield Co, PA. I need information regarding collateral family- siblings, parents- of my earliest known ancestors, Johann Kramp and Johanna Marsh. Return  to Index

RUSSELL, Lanarkshire, SCT, Durham, ENG, Houtzdale, PA. 1847-1930.
My great grandfather, Thomas W. RUSSELL (1847-1928), b. Holytown, Bothwell parish, Larnarkshire, Scotland, and son of Thomas Russell, the elder, (1824-1880) and Jane McNELLEY, had 10 siblings: William (abt 1845-?), Robert (1849-1940), Mary, 1851-? (m. CLEMENT), Jane, Janet, John (1860-1914), Sarah Rebecca (1864-1892) (m. DAWSON), Alma Emma (m. FORSYTH), David, and James Frederick. The family migrated from Holytown and settled in Wingate, Durham Co, England, 1850-1881; and from there, some members and their families emigrated to Houtzdale, Clearfield Co, PA.  T.W. Russell married Ellen HARTLEY, dtr of William and Ann Hartley. David Russell may have been personal secretary to president of The Berwind and White Coal Co.  James Frederick Russell, who m. Mary Ellen HUGHES, and Alma Emma Russell, who m. Alexander Forsyth, moved to Syracuse, NY, in abt 1910. Return  to Index

Hartley Family I/ Durham Co,Eng/ Houtzdale, PA/ 1823-1906
William HARTLEY (1823-ca 1900) was b. Summerhouse, Durham Co, England, and probably married twice. In the 1861 England census, he was a widow with 4 children. Twenty years later, in 1881 and still in Durham Co, William and his wife, Ann, were enumerated with one son, Thomas.  I believe William Hartley fathered 5 children: Ellen (1845- ca.1892), my great grandmother, Mary Ann, (1847-1938), Robert (1850-1948), Thomas (1853- aft 1920) and John (b. 1856).  Ellen m. Thomas W. RUSSELL (1847-1928); Mary Ann m. William Thomas HESELTINE (HAZELTINE, HESALTINE), (1842-1906); Robert m. Alice THOBURER, and Thomas m. 1st to unknown and m. 2nd to Emma FELLOWS, nee. DAINTY.  Emma had a child, William A. Fellows, by her first husband. The families immigrated to Clearfield Co, PA, in 1880's, and lived in Houtzdale or Morristown. Some family members moved to Barnesboro after 1900. I believe William Hartley is a brother of John W. Hartley, who immigrated to Decatur Twp, but can't prove it. Return  to Index

Hartley Family II/ Durham Co, Eng/ Gearhartville Precinct, Decatur Twp, PA/ 1832-1910.
John W. Hartley, b. Summerhouse, Durham Co, Eng (1832-1903) and his wife, Ann Wilson (1835-1906), had 7 children: Mary Ann (m. Joseph Stockley) William Edward (1859-1902), Thomas H. (1864- ?), Sarah J. (1865-?), John (1872-bef 1950), Elizabeth (1869-?), and Robert Wilson (1871-1922). The progenitors, John and Ann, are bur at Philipsburg cemetery as well as their son, Robert W(ilson) Hartley and Edith (FRAGGATT). In 1900 US census, William Hartley and his married sons, John and Robert, were all living in Gearhartville Precinct, Decatur Twp. I believe John W. Hartley is a brother of William Hartley who settled in Houtzdale.  Return  to Index

Dawson/ Durham Co, Eng/ PA/ 1860
Thomas DAWSON (1860-1945), son of John Dawson and Elizabeth Smith, was born in Sacriston, Durham Co, England. He married 1st to Sarah Rebecca RUSSELL (1864-1892) and had 6 children. He married 2nd to Hannah MATHA (1863-1932) who had 3 daughters from her previous marriage to Samuel GILROY (?-1895). Thomas and Hannah then had 4 more children. Thomas, Hannah, and their combined families immigrated 1905 to Barnesboro, Cambria Co, PA. Thomas' mentioned 12 children in 1945 probate of will. Two children, John R, and Emma Dawson (who m. Thomas WATSON) moved to Galt (Guelph), Ontario, Canada, somtime after 1912 and were living there in 1945. At least two children, Elizabeth Jane and Thomas Russell Dawson, remained or returned to England to live out their lives. Need information on the Dawson children who migrated from PA to Canada or who remained in England. Return  to Index

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