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Longsdorf or Langsdorf?

Some of the early records listed Langsdorf, Lansdorf, or Longstaff, as well as Longsdorf. All of our known later generations appear to have accepted the Longsdorf spelling. An entry in the New Dictionary of American Family Names by Elsdon C. Smith defines it as "one who came from Langsdorf (long village), in Germany". It is possible that other lines without a proven link may have retained Langsdorf.

Its use as a placename

cemeteryThere is a village of Longsdorf in Luxembourg and a village of Langsdorf in Germany. Longsdorf is also the name of a residential area in Cumberland Co, PA. Longsdorf Way is a street in Carlisle, PA, and Longsdorf Hollow is a valley in Lycoming Co, PA. Longsdorf Depot was located south of Centerville/Dickinson in Penn Twp, Cumberland Co and named for Dr. William H. Longsdorf.

Longsdorf Cemetery is in Silver Spring Twp, Cumberland Co near New Kingston, and is the burial place of the early family members. It is recorded that Heinrich Longstaff (probably Longsdorf) deeded two acres of land to the Lutheran Congregation of East Pennsborough Twp, Cumberland Co, Province of Pennsylvania on 2 Mar 1771. This included all buildings and improvements at a cost of five shillings. This land was used for a church building (called Longsdorf Church) and the burial ground. The church continued for about 70 years before being torn down, as the congregation split into three churches. The current church is St. Stephen's Lutheran Church in New Kingston.

Arrival in America

Heinrich and Elizabeth Longsdorf arrived in Philadelphia, PA on 30 Sep 1754 from Palatinate in Wurtenberg on the ship Edinburgh. Ship records also show Daniel and Conrad Langsdorf arriving on the same ship, but we don't know if they were brothers. Henry and Elizabeth settled near Carlisle, PA in Cumberland Co. Henry's name appears on the Allen Twp tax list in 1762 thru 1766. He appears on the East Pennsboro list in 1767.

Longsdorf articles

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The papers of Lisle L. Longsdorf donated to the University of Maryland.

Zatae Longsdorf is mentioned in the history of Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA.

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