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About the Turner name

The children of Johannes Pehrsson and Ingjerd Svensdotter were born in Tubbamåla, Vislanda parish, Småland, Sweden. They took the name Turner when they emigrated. Others in Tubbamåla took similar names, Turnblad and Turnquist.

The Family in Sweden

Tubbamåla is a collection of four or five very small farms in Vislanda parish. At one time, the houses of those working the farms were clustered together in a village about 200 meters from the Turner ancestral farm at Tubbamåla Södregård (Tubbamåla South Farm). Each farmer had their own house and barn. They lived very tightly because of the government storskiftet or parceling. The fields were very small and narrow, maybe 5x25 meters. The farmers often had to walk over their neighbor's fields to come to their own. They were lucky if they ended up with better land than the others. Houses were later built on the individual farms, and on Tubbamåla Södregård in 1851. The Turner family started emigrating in 1853.

A photo of the church in Vislanda was sent by Tore Sandrell of Sweden to Mary Swanson, descendant of another Tubbamåla family. It was visited by my cousin, Linda Knochenmus. There are currently no graves for family members in the cemetery, because a burial spot may only be retained for a set time before someone else is buried in the same spot. I don't know what then happens to the remains, but I've heard in other places that the bones are placed on top of the new coffin and eventually are reclaimed by the earth.

Tore Sandrell's grandfather bought the home in 1914. Tore sent some Tubbamåla photos to Mary Swanson, and some Tubbamåla Södregård photos to me.

Turner in the USA

My Emigrant Turner Family






Johannes Pehrsson

16 Jan 1790

Trasten, Vasterfard, Vislanda, Småland, Sweden

did not

23 Aug 1845

Tubbamåla, Vislanda, Småland, Sweden


Ingjerd Svensdotter

 2 Jan 1789

Slattebacken, Slatelov, Sweden 

did not

23 Oct 1842

Tubbamåla, Vislanda, Småland, Sweden 


Peter Johannesson

10 Jan 1810

Tubbamåla, Vislanda, Småland, Sweden

did not

28 Jan 1876

Karhult, Agunnaryd, Småland, Sweden


Marta Johannesdotter

m. Olaf Månsson Turnblad

 01 Jan 1814

Tubbamåla, Vislanda, Småland, Sweden

did not

31 Jan 1850

Ulvsboda, Vislanda, Småland, Sweden



Samuel Johannesson Turner

08 Sep 1819

Tubbamåla, Vislanda, Småland, Sweden


 27 Apr 1912

at home, Vasa Twp, Goodhue Co, MN


Vasa Lutheran Cemetery, Vasa, MN

Katarina Johannesdotter Turner

m. Jon Pehrsson

25 Nov 1821

Tubbamåla, Vislanda, Småland, Sweden

 05 Jul 1866

25 Apr 1887

Vasa Twp, Goodhue Co, MN

Vasa Lutheran Cemetery, Vasa, MN

Ola Johannesson Turner


Tubbamåla, Vislanda, Småland, Sweden



Vasa Lutheran Cemetery, Vasa, MN

Sven Johannesson Turner

2 Feb 1830

Tubbamåla, Vislanda, Småland, Sweden


 23 Oct 1915

at home, Templeton, CA


Vasa Lutheran Cemetery, Vasa, MN

Swan (or Sven) was the first in his family to come to America and adopt the Turner name. He stopped in Geneva, IL and moved to Vasa, MN in 1856. Samuel and Olof (Ola) arrived in 1863. Katarina and husband Jon Pehrsson arrived in 1866 with daughter and son-in-law Ingrid and Magnus Jonsson Ekblad. Though Martha (Marta) died in Sweden, husband Olof Månsson Turnblad arrived in 1868 with his second wife and family. She was Martha's cousin.

from Vasa Illustrata 1905

Samuel Johannesson Turner and Stine Petersdotter

Sven Johannesson Turner and Elin Carlsdotter

Samuel Johannesson Turner & Stina Petersdotter

Sven Johannesson Turner & Elin Carlsdotter

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