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Whynot, Lauderdale County, MS

Dana at Turner Falls Aug. 2002

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Dana at Turner Falls Aug. 2002

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Unnamed, uncared for cemetery near
Whynot, Lauderdale County, MS
Surveyed by Dana Thomas Feb. 18, 2002

"The abandoned Whynot cemetery you transcribed, where Robinsons, Spinks, and Brewsters are buried is known as "The Old Brewster Cemetery". It may have another name, but it was identified as such by James Dawson in his book HISTORY OF WHYNOT, vol II. Supposedly, it is on property once owned by James Madison Brewster, one of my ancestors." -- Judy Gilmer

Unnamed, uncared for cemetery near Whynot, Lauderdale County, MS
Surveyed by Dana Thomas Feb. 18, 2002

Interviewed my brother who found this cemetery and he says in 1996 many more headstones were present. Those still remaining on this date are listed here. Also note that there are many graves marked with large iron ore rocks.

Josephine Brewster wife of Berry Robinson
Born March 21, 1842
Married December 14, 1865
Died September 24, 1905

Berry Robinson
Born February 4, 1843
Died September 28, 1929

Warren Berry Robinson
Born March 30, 1870
Died October 5, 1875

James Boen Robinson
Born March 21, 1860
Died July 18, 1870

Enoch Marvin Robinson
Born December 25, 1877
Died Dec 1879

James Brewster
Born April 7, 1788
Died March 20, 1866
Also has a military marker which reads:
Pvt. 1 Regt. US VOLS
War 1812
April 7, 1787
March 20, 1866

Jane E. Edwards
Died September 26, 1862
Aged 33 years

Isaac Spinks
Born April 23, 1813
Died April 23, 1857

Charlotte Spinks
Born June 6, 1811
Died November 12, 1867

This cemetery is located on the side of Rabbit Road, Lauderdale County, MS near Meridian Naval Air Station. It is unnamed and uncared for. No evidence of unmarked graves but there is plenty of space where there could be unmarked graves.

Hattie S. Speed
July 18, 1875
Jan 4, 1966

Daughter of
J.H. & Hattie Speed
May 16, 1917
October 11, 1918

Annie Elizabeth Segars
March 6, 1852
February 18, 1931

John Burrel Segars
February 22, 1849
May 25, 1933

Richard Elias Segars
December 28, 1873
January 13, 1951

Brookie Barrett
Daughter of
J.B. & A.E. Segars
Aug. 29, 1888
September ??, 1892

Son of
J.B. & A.E. Segars
May 5, 1894
September 25, 1897

Lizzie Lee
Daughter of
J.B. & A.E. Segars
May 19, 1882
September 22, 1884

Mary Blance
Wife of R.T. Miller
March 25, 1880
September 9, 1911


Isacc Spinks

Thanks , I went to that cemetery about 10 years ago and a man took us there by tractor ,it was very wet that day and couldn't get there by truck or car that day. Isaac Spinks was murdered on the Tombigbee river in Choctaw Co Alabama comming home from Mobile after selling his cotton , they killed him and robbed him also Isaac Spinks was aunt Charlotte Jones second husband she married Austin Lacy first in 1830 back in Marengo Co Al , she had children by both husbands , also i 'm related to several folks in Whynot through the Jones , Ranier and Clarkes, i live here near Mobile Alabama but my great grand mother was born in Whynot Mary Jones 1856-1926 her father moved to Jackson Co Miss by 1860 he was John R Jones 1812-1864 and was a justice of the peace in Meridian and Pascagoula Miss and a brother to Charlotte Jones Lacy Spinks , John R had 2 more sisters there Lucinda Jones 1818 wife of William Clarke burried at Betheney at Whynot and Mary Ann Jones 1815-1903 ? wife of Henry Clark and she 's burried at Stinson Cemetery her daughter Charlotte was married to Capt John Stinson.

David Sprinkle

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